Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Day 5 of Just for Boys Blog hop with Camelot Fabrics as our Sponsor...

ps. added 2 more days..

  Welcome to Day 5 of yet another pretty special HOP...Why so special?...Welllll- we all like BOYS, of all ages, we love to cheer for others, we love to stretch our creativity...These hops do just that…All those who will be participation in our JUST FOR BOYS hop, love boys too. I am so excited to see what they will come up with.

What to expect…..WE are here to challenge our very creative friends to  THINK Boys!-anything and everything BOYS, tall, small, young, old...BOYS. This HOP is exclusively for those who have some BOY things in mind... quilts, nap sacks, sleeping bags, pillows...you name it if it looks like a BOY of any age would like it, we want to see it and YOU!

Recently I made something for a YOUNG Man  (BOY) in my life. This was my theme ( Man of Steel)  and all of my attention was focused on this fabric line from Camelot Fabrics and who happens to be our sponsor for this hop as well. You will have to wait and see the completed quilt and photos, I am tickled BLUE with it...( pink is for girls)  And a big thanks to Mary who managed to find this exquisite model... I am soooo into Man of Steel now. There is a wonderful story about Kal-El that will certainly bring a smile to your lips...will share on my day of our Boy Hop!

And who will be leading us into BOY LAND.....?
AMY is our cheerleader for this hop from Sew Incredibly Crazy  ( schedule is here and on side bar)
 and crazy she is not..but she is creative, funny, committed over the top CHEERLEADER. So we think she is young enough at heart to tackle this hop...

So who will be here today to have you celebrating all the BOYS, MEN in our lives…? Well these pretty amazing ladies….
Be sure to cheer them on, they do this for YOU! 

 Boy WALL of FAME 

Tim Allen from Tool time ( old tv show that men loved)
no doubt because all the caveman grunts…I used
to hear it constantly with my boys….
WEllllll they would be grunting today…fabulous job everyone…

 Of course everyone has front loader or mini tractors on their property…which 
makes this boy quilt ideal….great colours and any young boy
would be dragging this all over the field….

This one had me howling for sure…and the model for this quilt
will just leave a smile upon your lips…no girl that I know would think
this is a GIRL quilt lol totally BOY!  love the borders...


Take this one, made for a motor cross enthusiasts…totally manly,
take a closer peak on her blog of the fabric pieces…totally suitable to any
boy, man in the making wink….

                                 Each day all of our CREATIVE BLOGGERS PHOTOS

Camelot Fabrics  is our Sponsor…ohhhh my do they have a lot of BOY collections, which is why we chose them for our sponsor for this hop… Anyone who has boys will love to win these bundles…. WE thank them from the bottom of our hearts, it is  sponsors like them
who really do create such excitement with their pretty amazing collections from their pretty neat BOY designers...

How to win?

1. Participate in our blog hops…all those who do get a chance to win ONE bundle.
2. Be in our top 3 for outstanding project, photo and creativity, all of them get a chance to win ONE bundle.
3. All those who leave comments get to win a bundle too…JUST for leaving comments……leave many, more chances….


The top collection is Naught Puppies by Heather Rosas, the left collection is Ace by Camelot Design Studio and the right collection is Ultimate Spider-Man by Camelot Design Studio J

OHHHH let's cheer on those BOYS, men in our LIVES! 

Boogeyman is a GEEK!

He came to me one night
with a sadness and a fright
Seemed the boogeyman had come out to play
and he was not letting him sleep this day…

So we went to his room with our magic wand
and swept everywhere to what seemed like dawn
When I noted his yawning and wiping his eyes
WE cuddled back to bed my little guy
and I.

I'd reach to kiss his cheek
and noted how he smelled so sweet
After washing and powdering from head to toe
it is at night that he just glows….

My little boy who during the day
has me wondering what on earth would I say
When he is older and wiser 
and memory so weak..
together we wiped out that geek! 

His Mumm x


  1. Stayed up to make sure my post was live... blogger can be a bear sometimes...I just finished hopping around today's contributions and leaving comment love. Miss Priss's blog won't allow comments unless you sign up for something... so I wasn't able to leave one.

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. I clicked the "like" button on Miss Priss's blog, but also did not leave a comment. Awesome little quilt though!

  3. Miss Priss…your plane quilt is a delight…hope you see this…none of us could leave you comments…I tried a couple of times..

  4. Looks like more great projects today! Off to hop.

  5. Very manly entries!!! I love that zig zag pattern.

  6. Beautiful quilts today. What guy wouldn't love these?

  7. Terrific manly quilts and projects today!

  8. I have to agree with your picks for today. The Wolf quilt is my top pick.

  9. You picked my favorite quilt today as the most creative too. I loved the scrappy look and the great setting too.

  10. I'm starting to feel really manly here! There were some really nice projects today!

  11. Enjoyed looking at a huge variety of projects for the boys today! Great work ladies!!!

  12. The quilts are wonderful, but I think the photography is also stunning!

  13. Fantastic picks today and the photos are top of the line!

  14. Great picks today. Absolutely great quilts. This has been a great hop so far.

  15. Great choices for today. Any guy will like these.

  16. 3 great picks for boys! Looking for a layout & fabric for my teen boy. Thanks!

  17. What a sweet poem. Lovely quilts today too. The girls really hit it out of the park today!

  18. Today I feel on top of the world-I am a fab-creator among fab-creators! Thank you so much!

    And I LOVE today's poem!

  19. Such wonderful inspiration is always to be had on each new day of the hop! The wolf quilt is my favorite for the day. Also loved the airplane quilt,but could not figure out how to comment. Great job Ladies.


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