Saturday, November 16, 2013

Blessings are in the air….worlds best oh yes Caramel turtles….

It's that time of year when brisk winds are being swept in
and snowflakes are ready to fall upon our window sills.

Our lovely felines are getting their winter coats…
Although primarily indoor cats, they do love roaming our property
even when the white stuff covers our lawn...
Nature provides them with the FUR!  ( and humans with a lint brush) 

We are putting away all the furniture and as you see, both wanted to help out…

Sumatra above and below here just was not ready to do anything but pose
for the camera and gosh she does that well. 
2 shots and VOILA…She is rather smitten with the composition of her profile….

She so swells my heart….and she knows it...

Now T-cup is never really an advocate or willing participant  for being my muse 
 but she was feeling gracious this day…And how beautiful she looks…
she is a Main Coon, and 14 years old, although moments
like this she is still a kitten…

I keep telling David she appears smaller and she is getting 
ready for the long goodbye. We will never be ready, 
however we know her lungs are not what they used to be…

She has her moments….like this one below…obviously 
upset that Sumatra is not sticking around for some play time…

She has filled me such tender moments…this one I will remember most! 

I shared, "It's too cold, I am not wearing a fur coat, time to prepare
some Christmas Candy Making…
 If I leave with the camera…you can be sure SHE will follow me…wink

Sunday update:

I happen to be sitting on my window bench 
when I was able to capture these.

Only a glass window kept us separated and a great lens on my camera….

The Blue Jays and Woodpecker knew I was there…
guess they were hungrier than frightened of me...

Each year I make shortbread with lemon curd and although it is still
a favourite, this year I had an overwhelming request for my 

So all week I made arrangements to get the proper ingredients..
I have a recipe from SCHOOL that the SISTERS had taught us by heart
to memorize on how to make our own caramel….
It is very important to have a creme fraiche like this English Double Devon,
I do believe it is the main ingredient that makes these turtles sooooo desirable…

So today I will be in the kitchen for hours, with my candy thermometer,
and my felines under foot…They love when I am baking…
candy making

Christmas tunes are playing in the background…

Took a snapshot of my favourite  Itunes….
I will have them on continuous play
which will drive my David nuts…
but my furry friends love it…

Can't please everyone…

Deonn, will be pleased I have a few Mormon Tabernacle
pieces which she is a member of…I swear I can hear her voice…

Ohhh and do yourself a favour…pull up CEE LO GREEN
Mary, did you know?

He sings like an angel…well at least for this piece….

Does MTC do this piece?

What does your Christmas music look like?
What are your favourite tunes…
LOVE TO KNOW…I will add them to mine..

 Now for the caramel turtles…we freeze ours, and every couple days take a couple
out for a late snack..but only 1 each….they are most satisfying to the palette….

They make great Christmas gifts…I have such lovely containers too…out to purchase more this weekend...

And I will be serving a few cups of JOE….

Have you started your Christmas Baking..what is your "MUST HAVE TREAT"?


thanks for the tips on the fray or frey tool or glue or whatever it is ...


  1. Love the beautiful kitty pictures! My Oliver will be 18 soon and his days are numbered..... what a hole he will leave in my heart but my memories will last forever. Our fur babies bring such joy to our lives. Enjoy your baking! I admire your ability to only take two of those goodies out of the freezer each day.....I don't think they would last that long at my house!

  2. WOW what beautiful kitty's!! Can't wait for the recipe, they look delicious. I'm not ready to listen to Christmas music yet, LOL!!

  3. I love Christmas music and have already been listening daily! :) My favorites are my Burl Ives and Bing Crosby (oldies, but goodies) CDs I have had for years. It reminds me of being a kid and my mom playing the old records. Enjoy your baking. I am going to try to make gluten free peanut butter star cookies for my son. If I get it right...he will be ecstatic, if not, we will keep trying. ;)

  4. I would love to try your turtle recipe

  5. I don't bake, but my SIL goes above and beyond - and she just is across the street. Lovely photos of you sweet babies. Mine are getting 'coat heavy' too and yes, I picked up some new lint brushes. I have been playing sounds of the season since maybe 2 weeks before Halloween.

  6. What? No Bing Crosby? Happy holiday candy making!
    PS... Ho, Ho, Ho! Did you know? Only 38 sewing days left to go!

  7. I have only used Fray Block by June Tailor so far, it certainly works but is a bit of a bore as you have to run the tube under hot water for 2 mins., shake tube etc. & follow instructions. I read all the previous posts hoping someone would recommend something you can apply instantly. Oh this modern world! Thanks for your Christmas song list, I live in Venezuela (hence my Google name) and have all my CDs on my iTunes but could do with some new stuff to listen to.

  8. Busy lady our Madame....you candy looks delightful!! Oh heavens...38 days; I am still quilting like crazy here...lol. But I'll be ready early; always am.
    For Christmas tunes, I love anything by the Oak Ridge Boys. The get me in the mooooooood...lol

  9. Good morning Madame Samm! it looks so cold up your way... brrr... Just right to get the holiday spirit flowing! Turtles are my favorite above all candy! ... well, those and chocolate covered coconut... I cannot choose a favorite between the two.

    I have never used any product for fraying but I googled and came up with this page of reports for Fray Check and Fray Block..


  10. I;ll be over for hot chocolate and turtles. Yum. I love your Christmas music list. ANYTHING by the Piano Guys. Heart them. I love Carol of the Bells. Another group, Pentatonix, does Carol of the Bells wonderfully.
    My favorite memories are those in the kitchen baking with my Mom and Grandmother. We always baked goodies for gifts. One year we made 52 batches of cookies, that included fudge and divinity. Everyone got something, the mailman, teachers, coworkers, neighbors and family. Love Christmas baking. Thanks for all you have done in the Blog Hops. I enjoy them very much.

  11. Your kitties look so majestic in their poses and they are just beautiful. Turtles sound like a yummy thing to make on a cold day, though I'm not sure I'd be as disciplined as you to only eat one a day. LOL I've not used any fray check for years, so I'm no help.

  12. What a great song to wake up to! Thanks! I am working on crafts for my bazaar and have had Christmas music playing in my office since October. My favorite cd is a hallmark cd with placido Domingo and Glenn close. I also just bought a high school madrigals cd and love it.

  13. Would love the turtle recipe. Don't have my Christmas music going yet. Cuppa joe and turtle sound divine, and what time should I be there?

  14. The kitties are gorgeous. My husband loves turtles, that would be a nice surprise for him.


  15. Beautiful kitty cats ! I think this might be the first time I've seen Teacup, prrrr-fect name for one of your cats. I would love to have your recipe for turtles...thank you.

  16. Sweet, sweet pictures. Your T-cup reminds me so much of my Jackson, who has been gone about 3 years now. Oh my he was a good cat....loved to curl up and sleep on the foot rest of Jerry's recliner, right next to Jerry's feet. I don't make much candy, except Crock Pot Peanut Clusters which is so easy that it can't rightly be called making candy at all. Today I've got a bottle of grape juice that I've had in the cabinet for a while and I think I'll make grape jelly with it. Or maybe tomorrow. Black Tie Boogie is calling my name right now - need to finish quilting my last project. :) blessings, marlene

  17. IL DEVO has some beautiful Christmas music .... one of my favorites of theirs is O Holy Night. Here's the link for this song on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IycjXdYurL0&feature=kp. Actually, anything they sing is out of this world fantastic ... not too bad on the eyes either. ; )

    Your little furballs are too cute and very photogenic! I cracked up at your line ... "Nature provides them with the FUR! ( and humans with a lint brush) ". LOL

  18. Your kitties are so adorable, especially the one with the chocolate face...I do love kitties, but am allergic to them...Your turtles look so yummy, would you be willing to share the recipe...hope you have a great day of candy making, I know your house smells yummy!

  19. Your kitties are so very precious and beautiful. Isn't this season wonderful? We have had Christmas music playing just about every day. Out song list is very long and definitely has many that you have and "Christmas in Dixie" by Alabama is our very favorite! It is also our tradition to play "Christmas in Dixie" every July 4th as that was the last day of our moving trip from Colorado to North Carolina (2002) and we played this over and over to remind ourselves why we were moving to NC in July. Very hot and humid. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xg81vGuZx7k.

    Next on our favorite list would have to be "Mary, Did You Know" by Boney M and "Mary's Boy Child" also by Boney M, which is very upbeat and wonderful to listen to. Warning - this song does stay with you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxm1FlLSfe4

    Christmas baking is right around the corner as all of our retired neighbor ladies are having a cookie exchange and brunch this year. Can't wait to get all my red and white decorations out again and will start decorating next week. No Thanksgiving plans for here this year, so no reason why we cannot have a longer Christmas. Love and laughter to you dear friend. Judy C in NC

  20. Oh how I live that song! I went straight to it. My true Christmas has begun. Next week I'll start baking.

  21. Your are so beautiful! Carmel Turtles.....yummy. I have never made them. I should give that a try.

  22. Happy Holidays to you. I am ready to get started. One of my favorites is a tune called Mary's Boy Child. I found it on itunes by Boney M. Love it!! Not much time to bake until after Thanksgiving, but we always make peanut blossom cookies, you know, the peanut butter ones with the Hershey Kiss in it? My grown children can't live without them. When I was a kid, we made peanut brittle and poured it onto a marble slab and pulled it thin with our bare fingers. It was thin enough to see through. I still dream of that candy.

  23. Oh my, what beautiful Kitties. Sumatra makes me miss my Sam and T-cup reminds me so much of my Rocket. They They look so much alike.
    Holiday Blessings.

  24. Love, love, love your kitties! Silly girl, you need to ask if we want the recipe?

  25. The kitties are looking particularly gorgeous. Great bird photos. Homemade Caramel Chocolate Turtles ... Yum! I love my Christmas music, too ...<3

  26. Your beloved fur-children are beautiful. It has just now been 2 years that my Sasha went to kitty heaven after 18 years of unconditional love and caring. I am still very emotional. Great photos of your lovely birds. Yummy turtles you will be making. Thank you for the link to CeeLo. I would NEVER have known he could sing like an angel. Peace and Joy Dear...

  27. your babies are beautiful! We had a male maine coon for many years. Sarge was a Classic Brown Tabby w/white, he was so so pretty! Miss him so much!

  28. What beautiful photos. I just love your cats. They are both beautiful fun balls.

  29. Hi, Samm! Our quilt kitty Charlie follows me around in the sewing room and plops on any available piece of batting to curl up for naps. We are putting up Christmas lights today, and thinking about the holidays. I have been rehearsing Christmas music with the choir for over a month now, but I can't stand to listen to it on the radio until after Thanksgiving for some reason! By the way, MTC does not sing "Mary, Did You Know?", but it's a staple of my little quartet, OneVoice... And some of our favorite holiday treats around here is Huckleberry Cheesecake, Peanut butter bars, Praline Shortbread, Carrot Cake, and my girls love 5-minute microwave caramels. Mmmmm. Gosh, I'm feeling a little sweet-toothed right now. Your turtles look so delicious!!


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