Monday, November 4, 2013

A touch of FROST this morning means…..

For some of you I am sure the thought of winter months around the corner
just gives you a chill. Well not me. I love the winter, always have, for me
it is a time to plan... study, create, bake and warm up to what this season
really brings to me.

Take for instance this morning, I woke up  to our very first frost. Although many
of our leaves have not dropped yet, the colours have been hue of fall…
burgundies, yellows and pastel greens…add some ice crystals and I think it is just
beautiful. Ok, to get these shots this morning, I was in my nightie and bed jacket
and slippers….a bit cool at 7 degrees below 0….

The birds were busy singing or pleading for me to start topping off
the feeders…it is that time of year. 

This is one of viburnums, I don't remember such lovely colours…
this one stands about 8 feet tall now…we have quite a few of these on our property…

 I took this yesterday, our fire bushes are turning almost the same fire engine red as our front door….OHHHHHH it is fall, soon I will be replacing our halloween wedding couple with a 3 tier snowman all dressed in top hat and fur…gotta have some fur...

I have already been stitching Christmas presents, this year, I will be stitching up Tammy Bags, door stoppers, pin cushions, ruffled kleenex box covers from Jan's design and Bed Jackets..( more on them later). One of my dear friends, just loves Green, so this one is for her. Each day now till a few days for Christmas, I will be planning a project to complete…. Have you started plans on that yet? SEEEEE this
is what a few crystals on our leaves did for me this morning…Filled me with such gratitude that I can plan on some beautiful things for some beautiful friends… YEP, our world is really a delightful place isn't it…YOU are here…topping it all off…Thank you...

We have for the boys blog hop starting up this week…so I must complete
another project for that one…OHHHH I am loving this one…

I bet many of you will be inspired, if you have boys of all ages in your life..
see you then… btw we added a couple more days onto this hop to accommodate everyone..
I will change date later lol

Now I am off to have some breakfast, get out to mail some winnings from 
last week and I have a couple classes before I start stitching…

Oh I created this as a skin for my sewing machine..should be here next week..
Imagine some OOAK cling on on your sewing machine...


  1. Good morning lovely lady. We haven´t had any frost yet here in the south of Sweden. It has been several gray days with raining and a lot of winds. But as I could´t go out, because of my severe cold, I have enjoyed stitching up some things and to plan for the hop with Vickie.
    I hope that we will have frosty days here too, much better with the crisp air.
    Have a great day, Samm and thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures of today.

  2. First frost? Ya, I remember that...we've had snow already but gratefully it melted. Wednesday I have an appointment to put snow tires on my van...time to face reality, the snow is coming, won't be long before we are shoveling it around ;) Still have a few outdoor things to do, but I am planning, planning, planning on sewing. For the boys is well in the works, and planning for Black Tie. Oooh the inspiration abounds. Have a great day!!

  3. So beautiful, Samm !!! In Poland, we have Spring in this Fall :) Sunny and warm days... We have 10-15 C everyday.
    Have a great day, My Dear:)

  4. I live just a bit north of you and woke to the exact same thing! My husband grumbled about it, I squealed with delight. I'm so glad someone else shares my excitement for the coming season!

  5. I too love this time of the year. Living in the great state of Washington near the coast, the chill has become frost, the smell in the air is the sweetness of firewood with fresh fall air, while at Costco last week right after a wind storm pine boughs had fallen and the parking lot was filled with the smell of fresh pine. I am praying for our first snow to come soon, nothing better than quilting in the window and seeing the snow fall!

    1. That is when I do my best sewing too! bring on the snow!

  6. We are cool here this morning, for Louisiana anyway, at 58. But I love the cloudless sky.

  7. I am busy making Christmas gifts also... they are fun to give away! Great cling on - love all your drawings. Mine would look like an army of stick figures!

  8. umm...what BELOW WHAT???
    crazy! I do love a roaring fire though! Very adorable Christmas items there missy!

  9. It was frosty here this morning too and it made me so very happy!! I LOVE winter :) Any excuse for jumpers, boots, hats, scarves and cuddling under a quilt!

  10. Someone has to love Winter and cold and freezing body parts therefore I am so happy it is YOU Mdm Samm. I would much rather be too hot. Lovely photos of ice crystals on the beautiful Fall colors. Ours were the most brilliant almost neon colors I have ever seen. Love your Tammy bags...they are uber cute and practical. Congratulations to the winners of Wicked hop. I am looking forward to "For the Boys" hop. Your hops are over-the-moon fabulous. Thank you dear. Creative Bliss and Ice Crystals Frozen Joy...

  11. Today brought our second day of snow for the season already....nothing grand, but wonderful just the same. I truly love fall and winter. The giant pine our by our front gate is giving off the smell of Christmas tree as I walk to the mailbox. I LOVE the rural life that I have been gifted with in what is becoming our rested 'retirement-years'. Your projects are wonderful! Am eager to see your "more about that later" bed-jacket! Have a wonderful week!

  12. We haven't had a frost yet Samm but the days are cool and the nights are cooler - we will be down in the 40s this week. That's a good bit warmer than you! blessings, marlene

  13. I'm still dragging my feet into winter. I really do not like these short days.

  14. Winter? What is this winter you speak of? Ha Ha. I miss the frost and the bitting wind of winter since we moved from Alaska to Texas several years ago. Ah, now I am homesick in my air conditioning!

  15. I was always one who loved winter because I am so hot natured. But now you will find me turning on the heat in November instead of january so my arthritis doesn't make my knees hurt. arggg

    Oh well, it usually doesn't go over 65. I love the winter... everything feels much cleaner in the winter and the air is so much better for breathing. I say bring it on... I will wear my coat... something I used to never do.. Maybe that is why I have arthritis now. eeek!

  16. Hi Samm, love the skin you created for your machine! I still love my beautiful "roses" skin on my Bernina! I have to "borrow" your first shot here..I will only use it as a screen saver for me..I know you won't mind :) I will think of you each time I see it! it's just lovely!, like you sweet friend. XOXOX Christel

  17. Hi Samm,
    We had frost and snow here in Stratford about ten days ago. It actually snowed enough to stay on ground for a day or so in shaded areas. Snow is just around the corner. Blessings Sandra

  18. Frost, it's coming I know.... Your Tammy bag is darling - the black & green are striking partners.

  19. Your pictures are so beautiful but no matter how pretty, I am not a fan of the cold weather. Having my feet and my hands painfully cold is no fun at all.


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