Thursday, October 17, 2013

Think Wicked Thoughts!


featuring our Wicked MOVIE

Ohhhh tomorrow, Wicked will be here,
I can hardly believe we can play Wickedness for a 
a couple of weeks...wink....

Ohhh so WICKED

Wicked is around the corner
it is without a doubt
the scariest time you will ever witness
OHHH ---please don't shout...

We are all trying to rest
and stitch away our days 
We are getting ready for the test
before we all fade away....

 Sew be patient as we stir
the wickedness of our brew
YOU are all in for days
of goblins, witches and goo....

is trembling, she is scared beyond the moon
I saw her biting into a staircase
instead of her lovely spoon...
She tells us everything is fine
we know that this is not  true
the only thing that is missing 
now is  YOU, and YOU and YOU..

Be back very soonnnnnnnnnnn

Here is a sneak preview.....

The Schedule is up on the sidebar where you will note our
wicked Button.

Exams are over till Christmas!

Julia at Riley Blake Designs with Cindy in her lovely orange T...
will get you in the Halloween Spirit with some Fabric Pumpkins...
Thanks Ladies...you Rock! or rather PUMPKIN...( don't think that
is right is it lol)!

I am off to a Day Retreat with my Girls...
I am teaching how to make Tammy bags...and yes of course
I am making a couple more wink....

See you next week at WICKED....

It is not to late to join us 
for Black Tie boogie...

If you love anything roosters, hens, chicks, turkeys...

Vickie would love to see you ....information is at the link...

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  1. I am ready to hop and show my wicked creations too.

  2. Oh, I try to live my live thinking wickedly!!! LOL!! Can't wait to see what wickedness everyone has been up to! :-) Best of luck in surviving your final 2 exams!

  3. My draft is ready for the first day - ready for wicked fun.

  4. Can't wait to see what everyone creates, good luck with your exams.


  5. You are the 'BOMB', tee hee... too cool... I know I do not need a blog to participate but I just can't... work is very crazy... but soon... thank you for allowing to vicariously join in... warm quilty hugs!!

  6. Creepy movie...I'm trembling with anticipation!

  7. I'm also ready with my wicked creations, buahahahaha... Can't wait for the start!

  8. Oh my goodness I better speed up, lol.

  9. This was an amazing post and a great video.....standing ovation for you Madam Samm.....

  10. Lovely Samm you gave me a big smile on my face. I love your post it is sew wicked. This year there will be no wicked posts from me!! But be sure I will enjoy following all the postings.

  11. Can hardly wait for the next hop. I made one of your pumpkin pincushions--sew cute. I, too, am a visual person. And, IK voted. Keepin' my fingers crossed.

  12. Love the video. You put sew much time and effort into all you do and I truly enjoy and appreciate it. Exams be done! Wicked is come!! BOO-tiful...

  13. Wow! Love the movie...you have so much talent to do something like that...really really neat!

  14. Perfect movie for the soon to be Wicked hop!

  15. Oh come on, why do us Wendy's always get the wicked names, ha ha, I've been copping it for years and I say enough. Good luck with your exams, look forward to the next episode.

  16. Wow - with that introduction how can you not be excited. Can't wait to see what you've come up with.

  17. Wish you luck with the rest of your exams. ;-)
    Looking forward to se what wicked projects you all will come up with next week.
    Happy Weekend.
    regards from Skåne

  18. from the truly "Wicked Wendy" ... I can say that my broom has unearthed such a wonder to behold ... a schedule of hoppers :) Love love love your video .... wicked good!! I am sure you will do/did wonderfully on your exams and Yay! they are over !! Thank you Madame Samm for all you do!

  19. I hope you feel better soon, ps. my sneak peek is I made something that you have a picture filled tutorial for :)

  20. Oh how wickedly delightful!

  21. Ewww. Spooky. Who was that scary man? That dancing witch is great! Enjoy your break!

  22. Oh my gosh do I ever love that boogie woogie witchy poo!!!! LOVE!!!

  23. I love all the goodies you are putting on your blog...you're in school learning how and we are reaping the benefits of your hard work!

  24. I love your cute video! Can't wait to see what everyone creates for this hop! I dropped and broke my camera getting shots of my project today, but, thank heavens, my DH has a good camera!


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