Sunday, November 3, 2013

winners announced for lovely generous giveaways….with Wyndham Fabrics, Reliable and Bird Brain Designs as our sponsors...

Ok, I have been KNOCKED out by the Wickedness of this hop…
So please someone pick me up lol

  Bless your wicked hearts, so pleased you swept  in to see the last contributor of the day...
 oh that is ME! of course….always the last to show and tell…. I suppose you could say I am a bit overwhelmed at all the WICKED contributions 
in our 3rd year of this Wicked HOP.
It really was 3 years ago, when I had this vision for this blog
that someday we could possibly pull off being an exquisite

Wellllll together we certainly have done that. I am just filled with  Wicked GRATITUDE!
Without Wicked Wendy hosting and cheering again, I don't think for a moment
it would be this successful. She is Wickedly Talented and Wickedly Organized...
What more could you ask for...welllll possibly she returns to be even more
wicked in 2014 :)

With exams a couple of weeks ago, Canadian Thanksgiving,
Quilt retreat and board meetings I did manage to create a few wicked

READY to see?

But first did you see all those I shared my day with...?
NOOOOO, oh please go see them first...
I hear that other lady is on the same day as ME.....

Do you know how many she got done?
Quick tell me before I go out to see everyones....
I want to come up with a creative response to her WICKEDNESS!
And I heard that Wicked Wendy was just sooooo full of bravery
or possibly some hocus pocus brew, she joined us too on this 
day of Halloween! She is soooo wickedly brave lol

It's HALLOWEEN, October 31st

Why-Knot-Kwilt Oh could this be Wicked Wendy?
Just Let Me Quilt  and yes here she is THAT OTHER LADY
Sew We Quilt ( in all of my wickedness, I am ready)

Ahhhhh what is Halloween, without a WITCH? I created 
Mesmerelda, from a ball of fabric and stuffing, added arms, legs and head, took
a dowling, painted it black, wrapped some hay, tied with string..
and VOILA, a Wicked Witch of the NORTH! 
Ohhh added some wired specs, she is getting up there in age! 

And as we will be doing up a CROSS STITCH hop in the new year,
Have you been CROSSED!
I thought why not create a wicked humour one for show and tell…
I have stitched  dozens of cartoons over the years….always over a cup of brew…
go figure….

Next I wanted to create some new PUMPKIN PIN cushions with some added
fur and with the adorable buttons from Shelly's Buttons and MORE,
had to create some 

How to make both button pins and pin cushion...

I created them from fabric from Wyndham bundles
they have supplied for our giveaway...
LOVELY fabric choices...
( for possibly next year's wicked hop)
One of these is on its way to Wicked Wendy 
as token of appreciation for being a Wicked Cheerleader! 

And really, we have got to have a spider, using the same pattern,
I enlarged it slightly, added a few openings to sew in some pipe
cleaners, added some Buttons for eyes from you guessed it Shelly's Buttons and MORE.
And look, she has some button pins too...
ohhh those things above her eyes...EYELASHES, why would you even ask lol

Next, well you know how much I love my morning BREW,
welll I thought a lovely purple corset complete with spider fringe..
Wicked Wendy had sent me the spiders last year....perfectly suited
for my mug, don't you think? and PRACTICAL, of course KNOT,

This lovely pin cushion is on it's way to Shelly from Shelly's Buttons and MORE,
I thought she has to have something to remind her of US....

This is my second PUMPKIN PIN CUSHION,
this one I think will stay behind, I have come somewhat attached to it...
wink!  NO just checked same pic as the above one..
well trust me, I made 2 of them…but one is already in the mail .

Each Year Regina in Germany, who is a masterESS ( is that even a word...well today it is) 
 in paper piecing creates unique crows, ravens...I JUST had to add this
one to my collection of paper piecing, I have over 42 completed
blocks now, I think it is time to piece them into a quilt...
She is matched so well with my collection, don't you think?...

I had one more bit of wicked left in me, so late last night
I completed this Wicked Tammy bag.OHHHHH I just love
gingham…did you know that? Well I do especially if it's from RBD…
they have been my choice of gingham from all over this wicked quilting land…
So I just had to make one more Wicked project….to match with 
my very last wicked project….

OHHHHH and this tissue cover....JAN created the pattern,
her directions were perfect!  YOU can find it HERE.
YOU know how much I love 
RUFFLES, using some of the fabric supplied by Wyndham,
gotta love their orange, it has a nice sweet pattern, and 
some BAT fringe, found this in my Wicked Travels...
WELLLLL can I just say, JAN has me on covering box
of tissues now....of course they will alll be ruffled...
I am working on one for Christmas....these will 
make ideal holiday gifts....

That is all of my WICKED projects for this year..
did I beat her? lol

NOW return later to see who
is in our 


It was hard not to gush all over everyone's ghastlie, wicked projects…
but you have to admit this one just screams WICKED….the colours and photos are soooo vivid!

And as I could not choose between each one of her creations and we have
a DOOR STOPPER HOP in the near future….you just got scream at the 
wickedness of this delightful piece….already got the pattern…
I will be making wellllll you will see…..

And despite moving and being sooooo wickedly busy, this lady..
THAT OTHER lady out stitched me in stitches…
this one…sooooo unique with background and all…welllll most
deserving of a wicked spot...


 And this lady..hard not to gush at how beautifully authentic it is…
I would love this for ME Lol that is wicked isn't it? 
absolutely stunning work

And look what we have lined up for giveaways......As always our 
Sponsors are TOPS.
Wyndham Fabrics has supplied us with some lovely Halloween bundles, and will you look,
and Look Bird Brain Designswanted you to be prepared for next years Wicked....
Some lovely patterns to keep you in the Halloween spirit.
All of them a delight to work with, all of them filled with a LOVELY Wickedness that makes them 
stand above the rest....Cheer them on, Support them in the upcoming months, they will be filled 
with more Tricks and Treats, you can depend on them for that...

I also have something to giveaway on my day...what is it...welllllll wait and see !

Congrats to the following….

For participation yes my dear   LEAH   YOU WON a bundle of fabric from Wyndham 
and a pattern from Bird Brain Designs…

For top 3 yes my dear       LINDA J          YOU WON a bundle of fabric from Wyndham
and a pattern from Bird Brain Designs….

And for comments left yes my Dear Marisa YOU WON the Reliable IRON…


#1 Join us in future blog hops, 1 of these giveaways is for all those who participate.
#2 Those in the top 3 each day, also have a chance at the end of the hop to win one of these prizes.
#3 All of YOU who leave comments, also can win....

 Check in tomorrow to see who won all of our giveaways...

And a very big congrats goes out to Mary Joe who won $250.00 gift certificates!
I gave her a choice after hearing of some heart ache her family had been experiencing...
So her $250.00 will be for something that needs replacing... So to all who left lovely comments..
cross your fingers...we have soooo much more to giveaway! 

         Our next hops are ( the last till January)

* link here for all the details.

*link here for all the details...


  1. Oh you wicked lady, you beat everyone with your sew many projects! Thank you for all the things you do.

  2. Well you wicked little ladybug! So many spooktacular projects that you just managed to whip up! I guess that magic wand works on witches too as Mesmerelda is so Bewitching! And all the punkin pincushions are gorgeous! And i love the Tammy!
    Thank you for sharing your creativity with us and for giving us the format to share ours.
    xo jan@sewandsowfarm

  3. Dearest Madame Samm ... you are truly wicked indeed!! What a wonder of projects you created ... each just as wickedly wonderful as the next :) Thank you for your inspiration!!

  4. Oh me, oh my! You certainly have put your wicked foot forward and created such an amazingly wicked array of projects!!! Love them all!

  5. holy moly. where did you find the time? love it all!

  6. Why didn't I think of a corset for a mug? I love it, but then again, you
    always amaze me. Great work on all these wicked projects. Thanks for the wicked inspiration and all the wonderful hopping you put together. Have a happy Halloween!

  7. Thanks Madame Sam for having the Wicked Blog Hop. Halloween is my very favorite holiday of all, and all the ladies made lovely things to inspire me to make something Halloweeny for next year.

  8. What fabulous projects - I love Mesmerelda and your spider is so cool and as for all those fabulous buttons I am far too scared to go check out the link as it will cost me a fortune! Thanks for putting together the hop and all your inspiration - I am now fully inspired to get going on a project for next year!

  9. This is soooooo nice and funny , really it is a great pleasure to look a this . Que d'imagination !!

  10. Not to touch on your competitive side (pffffft)....I think you won! I tried to find my favourite project......and failed. They are just all so wickedly cute and funny! That laced up coffee mug is amazing. But then, so is Mesmeralda and the spider is just..... The cross stitch made me laugh, you have GOT to share that recipe! Thank you for another amazing hop.

  11. What a lot of great wicked projects. I am with Heleen. Hard to pick a fave. Love the Tammy bag. Mesmerelda is awesome. The pin cushions and pins are super wicked. You hit this one out of the park! Happy Halloween.

  12. Madame, your snapshots of each one is spooktacular. Your icked Tammy and tissue cover is up there for being fashionable and utterly wicked. Thank you for providing this forum for so many of who love to quilt and sew. Happy Anniversary too! hugs MJ

  13. Such fabulous projects Madame Samm and so many of them!! I'm wondering when you find time to sleep!
    Thank you for another fabulous hop!

  14. See! We're all saying it: YOU DON'T SLEEP! I am exhausted from seeing all of these marvelous and creative projects. Now, I am asking too: how do you turn someone into a credit card? That is fabulous embroidery. While I don't generally like witches, your fabric witch on the broom is clever. Of course the Tammy bag had to have gingham. What did I expect? Loved seeing it all! Now I'm going to sleep (just kidding).

  15. Wow so many nice things yoy made. I love tem. Thanks for sharing

  16. Wow! You have so many neat projects here! Especially love the pumpkin pin cushions and that cross stitch piece...wicked good! Thanks to you and Wendy for another great hop!

  17. OK now! I do think you may have won! but shhh, don't tell << that other lady >> :)

    I simply adore your witch! I need her to keep my witch company... I need to show her on my blog today since it is Halloween... :)

    Love your Tammy Bag, pincushions and the stitchery! You have been a very busy little witch! :)


  18. Dearest Samm, such an inspiration 14 years ago, and as such today. Your creations are beautiful and your words heartfelt. All who know you are blessed to have you. Happy Halloween and a very very Happy Anniversary!

    Warmly Marisa

  19. I love those pumpkin pin cushions......and have had so much fun on this Hop. Thanks

  20. What a wickedly wonderful collection of projects! It's so hard to pick a favorite, so I won't lol. Thanks for another fantastic hop, it was so much fun!

  21. I love your wicked creations! The pumpkin pincushions, the spider, Mesmerelda, the cup cozy... The stitched cartoon is a really neat idea too. Thanks for your blog hops. They are great!

  22. You made some great projects Samm. I'm glad you had a good time with it. Looking forward to seeing the tops today.

  23. There you go again Samm, making the cutest things! I love Mesmerelda - I've never made a doll but you (almost) inspire me to try. :) blessings, marlene

  24. Love all your creations and I must make myself a pumpkin pincushion, too too cute.

  25. You are SO Very Wicked!!
    Thank you for your blog and the hops. There are very talented quilters here and such fun to see them all.

  26. Love that pumpkin pincushion. Have to make that one.


  27. No kidding, you are like the energizer bunny, lol. GREAT projects as always, and another fun Hop! :)

  28. Again, you've outdone yourself with all your wicked projects. They just kept coming and coming and coming. I do love them all. Mesmerelda, the cross stitch, the pin cushions, the raven, the bag, the tissue cover...I could never pick a favorite.

    My sincerest thanks again for a terrific Wicked hop. Although time got away from me again this year and I didn't make all the projects that I had planned to (it seems like that happened to a lot of us this time around) I thoroughly enjoyed it all and visiting each and every hop out the icing on the cake this season.

  29. Even though you made sooooo many projects..... I know the wicked in you is still going strong! Love all of the goodies, especially that cute crow. Thanks for sharing all of these wickedly good projects, as well as your wicked mind and wicked time......all of this combined makes one great Wicked Hop! Thanks so much, Madame Samm! Have a Happy Halloween/Happy Anniversary!

  30. Happy Halloween and thanks for hosting such fun blog-hops!!!

  31. These are fabulous, Mdm Samm! You have outdone yourself! They are wonderfully wicked!

  32. Oh what delightful wickedness you created .Thank you Madame Samm for another great hope with so many brilliant ideas being shared.Now I must fly as I have a party to prepare for. Need to gas the broomstick, bath the cat, buy a new hat and then get ready for a wickedly good time.

  33. A fantastic hop indeed!! You certainly know how to finish things off for us Madame!! Had a blast.

  34. Lovey wicked projects you have made. Mirror, mirror on the wall who was the most wicked of all? I think they all deserve a crystal ball of award.

  35. Love all your Wicked projects. I love, love, love this blog hop. I look forward to it every Fall. Everyone's projects were just amazing. I found many blogs that I will keep returning to so I can read them and see all the different quilting pictures. Thanks for being a cheerleader for all of us quilters.

  36. Love your site, so much information and lovely ideas, Thanks for sharing

  37. The WICKED hope may be over but the WICKEDNESS will never end! Thanks for a wonderful hop and sharing you talents,

  38. You've been a wickedly busy girl. Of course it goes without saying that your projects always delight! But that cartoon stitchery is a hoot, and your mug corset! Course it's practical. If we like it, it has to be! LOL!! Thanks for...just bein you! :-)

  39. Oh, my! So many spooky projects, and as always, you do such great work. I always look forward to seeing your wonderful creations! Witches, pumpkins, spiders, all just perfect for the season! Thanks for all you do

  40. Wow! these projects are just awesome! Love the little gingham purse! Those ruffles are to die for. Very creative!

    This blog-hop has been the best days for me in the blogland. It was so wonderful to see all the wicked creations and hear from so many people. Love it totally!

  41. Happy Halloween. Happy Anniversary!! LOVE all your projects. I need some of what you drink for all that energy you have. Thanks for another wickedly great hop.

  42. OMG...your projects are absolutely "Wickedly" gorgeous! I just love Mesmerelda! I must also say I love reading your posts, you always give it your all...and it it appreciated. Hope you and your family have a "Wickedly" Great Halloween!

  43. I have heard of energy bunnies but until now never met a live one! YOU are her aren't you Madame Samm? I love everything you made however your Tammy pouch and ruffled cover has me drooling. You are so kind and funny, thank you for all of this.

  44. Thanks again for all you do, you are amazing. All the hard work is well worth it. The team are gems.

  45. What more could I say, you are sew creative and sometimes you make me speechless. I love most of all the witch, she is so adorably cute. Thank you for one more fantastic blog hop.

  46. Furry pincushions? LOL...so you! Your witch is very wicked and your crow is very cool. What can't you make? You always prove to be the queen of each hop with new and inspiring ideas. Thank you!

  47. You have SO many wonderfully creative and Wicked projects! I really LOVE your pincushions and your Tammy bag (I love gingham too!). This is my first Sew We Quilt hop, and it has been tons of fun and very inspiring! So thanks!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  48. love all those WICKED creations Mdm Samm. Looks like you have had a wicked good time making them up from your fun little witch to your Tammy and those wonderful pumpkins
    thanks sew much for sharing
    in stitches

  49. As usual, a wonderfully masterfully created blog hop. Thank-you all so much for the fun the past few days. Delightfull

  50. No wonder you go last in these blog hops Samm because it give you so much more time to create, lol!!! Wow you made so many projects. I love that corset mug cozy, lol. All your creations are wonderful, wickedly so.

  51. Hahaha, the corset and the tissue box cover are my favorite! That is one fancy tissue box! Thank you once again for having me as part of this hop, it's been fantastic! Happy Halloween!

  52. I've loved seeing all the wickedly fun projects over the past days, and enjoyed being part of the hop!

  53. Happy Anniversary ! Please give Mr. D this part of the message.......Happy Anniversary, you're a lucky fella.Thanks for sharing your honey bunny with all of us so much of the time.
    Samm, where do you find the time to make all those goodies ! And you're imagination is off the charts !! The corset is too stinkin cute ! No one but you could think that up !

  54. Wow! What a lovely bunch of goodies! I love, love, love, that mug corset!! I'm not a coffee drinker, but I bet I could come up with somewhere else to use one, very clever! All your creations are wonderful and lovely craftsmanship. It has been a great blog hop!

  55. Happy Anniversary!! I hope you have a "Spook-tacular" day! (I know. Corny!) Anyway, have a wonderful day!
    Your projects are all fabulous! You have given us so much inspiration and something to smile about today!

  56. I have enjoyed all of the Wicked Blog Hops. Such great ideas and so much fun to read about and get inspired by. Thanks so much for hosting this. I hope do start some project soon and be ready for next year!! yoyopattycakes@hotmail.com

  57. Boy, you sure were wicked busy making all of your wonderful projects! This is my first time doing the Wicked Blog Hop and have enjoyed it immensely. Found some wonderful Blogs to follow. Thanks for setting up the Blog hop and a chance to win.

  58. You are a WICKEDLY WOWZA WOMAN!!! Amazing wicked creations!! Thank you so much for this Wicked Blog Hop, I have had some wickedly wild wonderful weeks thanks to you and Wicked Wendy!!!

  59. I don't know if you BEAT her but I do believe you gave her a run for her money. Both of you were very busy in recent weeks that I am purely amazed at your output! I love how you turned your pumpkin pattern into a spider! Clever! Of course the pumpkins are adorable to start with. How sweet that Shelly will be getting one of them. I don't know that many people would think of mug corset, LOL. Also I hope that Mary Joe's troubles will soon be behind her. Sounds like she needed the cheering up.

  60. What great creations you have made....love them all. This was a very fun blog...one of my favorites.....looking forward to the next one...

  61. This was so much fun and love all of your projects, as well.


  62. Wicked Creations! Happy Halloween!

  63. Wow what Wicked Wonderfulness! I know, not a real word but it works for me. All of your wicked creations are fabooluous, but YOU know which one is my favorite. ; ) Your tissue box with the ruffles and the bat garland pom poms is really awesome! The ruffles look great and oh so you. Your tissue cover is the first one I saw that someone else made using my pattern. Such a great feeling!

  64. Your projects are wickedly wonderful and very inspiring. I keep wanting to make some of those pins too, every time i see that you have made some more, but then i forget. so this time i will get to making some, thinking ahead to winter so i will have them done in time. Thanks for sharing all those projects. I always have such a good time.

  65. Wicked spooky projects. Great Wicked Blog Hop! Wicked Halloween! Happy Anniversary! 24Tangent@gmail.com

  66. You have been a wickedly busy wicked witch. Just love the purple mug corset and the raven. Happy Halloween and Happy Anniversary. It's a pretty big day for you. Thanks for sharing and all you do to keep the blog hops just coming and coming and coming.

  67. Oh so wicked indeed. You really amaze me with all you get done along with taking classes, etc. Sew inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

  68. Love, love, love it all, but most especially that corset!! Now you have me wanting a mug like that...so that I can make a cool warmer for it! I really like your creepy spider too. I hope you and the DH are having a special anniversary day! Thanks for being the master of the blog hops--they bring joy to many. :-)

  69. Happy Halloween Anniversary. Loved all of your projects. Thanks for keeping the blog hops coming. I enjoy everyone of them.

  70. I was starting to worry when I did not see your top 3 of the day. Your lovely contribution has me green with wicked envy haha!
    I will return tomorrow, this has been a great day of wonderful treats.

  71. wow - so many wicked projects - thanks so much for the blog hop and sharing madame samm !

  72. Did the halloween ghosts take you from us? Have not heard from you all day, hope you are ok. All of your wicked sewing are amazing as is your photographer . Hugz Betty

  73. Great wicked projects and scary too. The Tammy bag is over the top. Thx for another wonderdul hop.

  74. First I want to say Happy Anniversary! Today our Wicked hostess has gone above and beyond with all your beautifully wicked creations. it's very hard to pick a favorite but I just keep going back to the pin cushions, so cut with the feathers and Halloween pins. Thanks so much for everything.

  75. Hi Samm you managed once again to knock it out of the wicked park. Love that ruffled kleenex box and thos pin cushions, would love one of those.

  76. Oh you are one very Wicked Clever Woman. Your Wicked projects are all BOO-tiful and I adore them all. Mesmerelda looks like me when I am riding my broom..."witch" is most days. Your mind must be Wicked full of Wonderful ideas. Thank you sew much for this Wicked hop that I am enjoying every single day. I think I am addicted! What ever will I do without Wicked???

  77. I love all your projects. I missed yesterdays hop and todays so I have to get busy. I had to have a stent put in my heart and just got home today. Now I am playing catchup. Thanks for having the hop. I have to go catch up now.

  78. I love your Wicked Tammy, and I am a big fan of your pumpkins, thanks again for an awesome tutorial :)

  79. Another great representation from you and all your bloggers. Congrats to winners,

  80. My google account is not working, I will try this again. Thank you Samm and everyone for that matter for a wicked hop. I enjoyed it very much and I certainly could use an ORANGE iron. luv Cindy

  81. Yet another fun and inspiring hop! Thanks to all and especially to you Mdm. Samm and Wendy ...oh and lovely Mesmeralda...


  82. Cute...cute...cute!! Madame Samm you are so talented and clever! What fun projects you have put out there for us to enjoy! And of course, your 'Wicked Wendy' is tops!! In these rough times it is so wonderful to come here and enjoy each of these talented ladies! To you all! Many thanks!!

  83. You are amazingly wickedly prolific! All of your creations brought a smile to my faces, especially Mesmerelda. Thanks for another great hop!

  84. Love all your projects, especially the witch. Looking forward to learning doll making. Thanks for a great hop!


  85. You are always worth the wait. I have no idea how you keep coming up with such creative ideas. Love to be you for a day.
    thanks to you and wency for year 3. Abby in Utah

  86. Sew many cute projects! I love, love, love that green faced witch pin. It reminds me of my mother. When she was a teacher, she dressed up as a green faced witch every year for Halloween. Oh yea, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. OM goodness, MS, you did yourself proud with all your creations this round. How in the world you have the time...well, I have read about the time element but you're still a wonder!! Mesmerelda is just too cute and so are the rest of your projects. My favorite is the corset for your mug - how creative is that!!!
    Thanks for another great time in October. Sure glad to hear that we can look forward to Wicked 2014. Ran into a number of bloggers who said they had ideas and projects in mind for next year so it sounds like we have creations galore yet to see. :)
    Happy Halloween and A, too.

  88. cuteness and Halloween, who knew? great stuff. thanks for sharing.

  89. WOW...what a wonderful parade of Halloween wickedness...I don't know where you found the time to out stitch 'the other lady'. You are the queen of the wicked projects. Luv Mesmerelda....and the Wicked Tammy made with ginghams....sEw stinking cute!! Thanks for all the fun...I'm sEw glad I hopped along. Happy stitching hugs, Pauline

    Happy Anniversary...hope your day was wonderful!!!

  90. I love your corset. Too cute! The Tammy looks great in Halloween also. Beautiful work like always!

  91. Wow, I am just speechless (and that don't happen often!!!). Fantastic projects! That corset was so cool and the witch was awesome. But I must say I'm partial to spiders and the spider pinnie was my fave!! Thanks for everything. See ya next hop!!

  92. well this hope was jut Wickedly Wonderful ..... thank you to all the bloggers for sew many ideas and sharing their creations. It was just Awesome. And of course a special thank you to Wendy and Mdm Samm
    in stitches

  93. Wonderfully wicked projects! I just love the pin cushions and Wicked Tammy! Thanks for organizing this hop for us to "show-off" our talents!

  94. Really appreciate all these hops. I really enjoy seeing what everyone comes up with.

  95. This hop was just Awesome! I think everyone outdid themselves, and I agree with your wicked hop selections...thanks for doing the hop and thanks for sharing your own wicked creations...you know I just love that Tammy bag!!! :)))

  96. eeeeek - the halloween bats got into my system - so sorry you couldn't visit my blog madame samm !! I made one small change yesterday and forgot to make it public again !! I was looking forward to your visit as well :) I only just realised this morning which is night where you are now and it means that people on your side of the world wouldn't have been able to visit yesterday !! I have a giveaway as well so if you could mention that I'd appreciate it :) hope you come back to visit as I'd love you to see what I made for this fabulous wicked hop !!

  97. Your projects are wonderful, love the corset especially.

  98. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  99. Prize winners announced today Saturday!

  100. Absolutely amazing winners of such a great prize don't come forward to acknowledge it. http://www.sewwequilt.com/2013/10/our-last-wicked-day-with-wyndham.html#comment-form

    1. Winners were just announced this AM this morning, Leah, Linda J and Marisa….our winners always send in notes as I require their addresses to send them their prizes….YOU would not believe how excited our winners are to WIN!

  101. The girls are so excited about this iron lol.

    Thank you for my gift Samm. Warmly Marisa

  102. ( from Leah) Ooh! Thank you so much!! I am super excited! It was a such a fun hop to be a part of.

    My snail mail is:

    Again thank you so much. Can't wait to see what these next hops bring, particularly the rooster one. :)

    Have a great Saturday,

    1. Thanks again Mdm Samm!! I apprectiate all you do to keep things running smooth and for inspiring me to get behind my sewing machine and try something new.

  103. Oh my! How wonderful are these. Very, very nice job everyone. Talk about tricks and TREATS!

  104. As always your projects are wickedly adorable and I am sorry for being late on commenting but we all have been Ghastley sick for a whole month with the flu. It has been a fun hop and so many scary but creative projects. I commend you and Wendy on the wonderful job you did. Blessings and Hugs Sandra

  105. Congratulations to the lucky winners! I usually post early during a hop due to Calif. being 3 hours behind. I sew enjoy seeing what has been created. To me just seeing the creations is a win win situation!

  106. Congratulations to all the winners. I am looking forward to cheering the next two blog hops. I am not participating this time, but I can't wait to see what everyone else sews up. Such eye candy here!

  107. Congratulations to the winners! Enjoy your prizes! :)

  108. All of your projects are so wonderful. Those pincushions are so cute. The naughty coffee mug is great. Congratulations on another fabulous Blog Hop!


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