Friday, October 4, 2013

Last day of twist to the 60's in batiks with Island Batik and Reliable as our sponsors


My first thought is an overwhelming appreciation for all who participated and
 especially our lead cheerleader Mary.. She was one groovy, neat awespiring LADY!  
YOU all brought back such colourful memories. 
Even if you were not from that era, you researched it
and came up with some really lovely pieces...
And Mary kept us all together...no easy task at times! 

WELLLLL by now you have visited all those I shared my day with...
I can just imagine what they have surprised you with, all of them
soooo neat in many ways!

October 4

And here is my SPIN on the 60's. I was away at school where 
TV, radio was not available. ( like in forbidden!).  The only singing I ever heard
came from  choirs at mass  and our music room. 
I guess you could say, I was isolated a bit. :)
It wasn't until years ago, I was watching some stations that had
old sitcoms...I came across                                            and I just identified with her 
on so many levels. She was a real lady from the 60's who had
that flipped up hairdo. So of course I went searching for her
in Barbie form...found her. Came across an old TV guide.
( gosh I miss those)  and decided to make a tea cozy with her image...
ohhh and even though ruffles were not a 60's fad....I could not help myself! 
 I am sure you may have been expecting
 something more GROOVY from me....
I was no hippie, had no idea who Jim Hendrix was...do now...:)
I never wore bell bottoms, did not go to Woodstock, 
never did drugs, never drank, still don't...
so perhaps you will  understand my spin on the 60's ....

 On, and my next project...
Funny thing about POT PARTY in the 60's. It was the late 60's I had just returned home 
for the summer, and I got an invitation to a POT PARTY. I was thinking like pots and pans...
I was just thinking of getting an apartment....
OK, I can see you smiling and laughing...POT PARTY was not what I thought, it was real POT
not like POTs and Pans or a Pot for a PLANT...noooo POT :)...

Soooooo on that note, I thought I would create something of a Pot cover for my real
plant of Geraniums....to remind me of how naive I was then....
Paper Pieced hearts to remind me of the 60's POT PARTIES ....
yes that will do! 

So that is all I have...with exams next week
and studying to all hours of the night, I feel lucky
to have these completed...

Ohhh but I do have a bit of a giveaway..
I did make some New buttons yesterday from Shelly's buttons and More..
Someone we know just won a couple hundred dollars of buttons..
( mmm she will show I am sure someday)  
Shelly has such a lovely variety...you could never tire of them....I love my buttons...

and I have a cute pair of scissors from Anita Little Stitches
Anita has a wealth of notions in her store...and look at all of her scissors..
this pair will be for YOU!

big thanks to them....

 Yes for one of you...and nooooo Ms Kennedy, is staying behind!

and all you have to do is leave a comment 

And we have to have some giveways....Island Batiks sent over these
bountiful bundles...

 Island Batik.. they have such a wide variety of textures, designs, colours...welllll look and see.
thanks so much for being our sponsor....YOU add so much colour and texture to our quilting lives...

And as much my idealism of the 60's is more in par of  Jacqueline Kennedy style, I can certainly embrace the need for colour in our surroundings...

So as it goes...HOW CAN YOU WIN?

#1 for participating, all those who were in our hop have a chance to win one of these bundles..
#2 for being in our top 2 each day...top 1 and most creative...
#3 for leaving comments..

all winners will be announced on MONDAY

 Our top in Peace

this lady had us spinning in India ....what a delight her post 60's project is...

and our Grooviest Creativity

And don't you just love this cover of a magazine...?
This lady always stretches her creativity and fills us with smiles....
and you know...I may still have this dress....lol

What an absolute delight this hop has been..
big thanks to all of YOU who made it extra special...

Our next hop coming up is WICKED
and our sweet WICKED WENDY is ready for us all

BEGINS ON 22nd....

JUST a reminder...we are still accepting 
YOU for our it's for the boys blog hop..

Amy's info is in the post
and she is cheering for this one..

Anyone and everyone can join our hops..
there are many opportunities for prizes,
and who is not ready for more cheerleaders in their life..
WE cheer you all the way....

That is what we do! 

all have been contacted

Colette for participating
Joan for top 2 
Josie for comments left
Joyce bonus winner of scissors and buttons..

yes allllll winners...congrats ladies...


  1. I expected a groovy project from you but not two, although I can't think why not...I loved That Girl, too! Boy my memory is going, I couldn't remember the names of any songs from that time of my life, but I could remember names of groups...I am always sad to get to the lat day on your hops. They are so much fun and I always learn a lot!

  2. Marlo Thomas herself would love your tea cozy... sew cute ! I loved that show too...awww those were the days when TV was...clean. And your pot party...yes I am giggling !

  3. Your tea cozy is perfect and the story of the POT party is sew funny! What a great hop this has been!

  4. So pretty. The flower is getting this way. It is realy gets power. Thanks for sharing

  5. Oh my goodness - I love That Girl - I used to watch reruns after school for years. Poor Donald - he had to put up with so much.
    I love the barbie too - And your Pot Cozy is groovy!
    good luck on your exams although I am sure you won't need it!
    xo jan@sewandsowfarm
    Love the pins and little scissors.

  6. That is a riot...pot party! Thanks for the smile and for all the fun on the blog hop!

  7. Your "That Girl" is just perrrrfect! Your pot party made me laugh. I would have been just as naive as you. The geranium pot is more my speed. Just lovely.

  8. I tried leaving a comment on Beverly's Bquiltin Studio but for some reason I couldn't get signed into the google plus comment form - Don't know if it is me messin up or if something is wrong with Google plus. Anyway - I loved her lovebug if someone can leave a comment for me on her site.
    Thanks yall xo jan@sewandsowfarm

    1. I wasn't able to comment either and her post was just wonderful. God Bless her brothers for their military service. Her memories were very touching and meaningful. Thanks, Beverly!

  9. Oh yes, THAT girl! Sixties allright! :D

  10. Your tea cozy is so lovely! Thanks for sharing your 60's stories, they brought a smile to my face :)

  11. I have so enjoyed this hop and being it was with batiks made it even better :)

  12. A great hop and I love your projects. I especially love your tea cozy. That Girl was one of my favorite shows. I though Ann Marie was just beautiful and funny. So enmeshed in my memory, when instructing a fellow worker how to load tape into a scale printer I said you roll it up from underneath, just like That Girl's hair flip do. lol

  13. I loved That Girl.... I always wanted her apartment with those different levels. And your pot party was a hoot! Love your pot cover and tea cozy.....the 60's represented in the way you were living it! Thanks so much for sharing today and for the hop topic of the 60's. I just soooo enjoyed each and every day of this hop!

  14. Love your creations, but love that vintage Barbie doll the most. She appears everywhere and gives personality to your pics (tho they have plenty of it by themselves!) Pot parties? I was just as naive as you were and somehow made it out of the 60s (and 70s) without going down Drug Lane, going to pot!

  15. I remember watching That Girl! We all loved her! and I had to giggle about your "pot party". I would have been just as naive as you... My friends took me to a bar in my mid-teens... my first and ONLY trip to a bar... I ordered Mountain Dew... I was quickly informed that bars do not sell mountain dew... So I settled for a 7-up. My friends all laughed at me.

    I told them that beer smelled like cow pee. One friend asked me how I knew what cow pee smelled like and I said "I don't, but I bet it smells pretty darn close". lol

  16. What a wonderful hop this has been. So many memories stirred up. I've loved every blog. Thanks so much.

  17. Your "That Girl" tea cozy is very groovy indeed! And I'm lmao at the pot party story; the pot cover project is quite clever.

  18. Well; I love your version...it is a sweet one. And fun pot story too....lol

  19. Your pot story is so funny. Been there, done that. I too was a little sheltered and didn't know a thing about drugs til I left the nest. Your projects are delightful. I think my mom was "That Girl" and I may need to borrow your idea. Thanks for a great hop!

  20. Great projects...loved seeing all the projects and reading all your experiences. What fun!

  21. Your stitching on "that girl" is gorgeous, love the bangs especially! I think I prefer your version of a pot party, lol! I signed up for the boys hop, haven't heard back but hope I am in ;). Take care of yourself and good luck on those exams! Love your presentation with those buttons...they'd be too pretty to remove from the card! I love that Anita has those fun cardboard floss keepers along with cute scissors!

  22. The hop has been spectacular! Thanks for another great theme and the inspiration to use batiks! Your projects are fabulous! Your tea cozy is quite cute and your pot cover is very clever. Wonderful way to add some unique colors to plants.

  23. And to BEVERLY..I am with the others...I could not leave a comment as google plus plays havoc on my site and mail..
    your project was delightful..please let us know your address, so we can at least send you our comments..

  24. Some great projects, again today! LOL Samm, love your take on the '60s!! Those POT holders are cute ;) And so is your cozy, of course.

  25. I remember That Girl and often think about her and that show. Great memories!

  26. Love your pot party story. That would have been me.

  27. I thought Marlo Thomas was the coolest person! Love that tea cozy. I also love your Pot Party-the story is too funny and the cover is adorable. I was in college in Boston in the late 60s and dated a fellow who played back-up guitar with local groups, so I was around the stuff - just kept saying I had asthma and couldn't smoke - everyone bought it...reality, I was petrified my brain would turn to mush! I was a bit timid in those days...probably for the best. I also got to Woodstock, but only because I had a friend who lived in the next town and we stayed with his mother - but we did walk over there and got to hear some great music...so I did go, sort of!

  28. Thanks for bringing back all the fun memories. I love the coat and hat on Barbie. I have that Barbie except she is blond. I love following along all of the blog hops.

  29. I've never heard of "that girl" but now I have a show to try to find and watch! Great job with your projects and good luck on your tests :)

  30. Your That Girl tea cozy is adorable! I used to love that show!!
    I was almost as naive as you, so I would have thought the same about the "pot party"! (Mainly because I just couldn't imagine any of my friends would have mean t the "other kind of pot".) Love your plant covers.
    This hop brought back a lot of memories!

  31. I faithfully watched That Girl and laughed at all the funny things she did. Your little cozy with her on it is adorable and so are those POT wrappers (hahaha...loved the POT party story!) Your pins are just too cute next to that beautiful Barbie and those scissors would look nice by my sewing machine. You are such a groovy chick!

  32. I loved that show to as a young girl.....
    It sure has been great to see what everyone has created and the trips down memory lane to.
    groovy pins.
    in stitches

  33. I've also never heard of the "That Girl" show...wonder what else I've missed? I have my mom's senior picture with the flipped hairstyle. In fact mine now kinda does that altho not as big a flip :)

  34. I love the tea cosy but I've never heard of 'that girl' - she obviously didn't make it as far as England!
    Thanks for another great hop!

  35. I grew up in the 60's and never attended a pot party or drank, either. I did have the long hair and loved the freedom songs and folk music of the day. I really enjoyed seeing your "That Girl" cozy and your "pot" cover. (I did have girls living above me in a house in off-campus housing growing pot in their room--wonder if they had a cover for theirs. LOL) I've enjoyed the hop and reminders of the good times and the sad times of the 60's. Thanks for having another great hop!

  36. We watched That Girl too. I love your pot party story too. Thanks for the morning smile.

  37. Wonderful memories...... to that and Every Girl..... Whitney Houston later sang.... I'm every woman!!! The 60's have been great fun.... Have a great day!

  38. Loved That Girl! I was a fan too. Very cute 60's cozy. And I loved the "Bubble" Barbie!

  39. What a great post and I loved That Girl too!! Thanks for another fun blog hop and fun with beautiful batiks!

  40. What fun additions to our hop! Oh, "That Girl" I so loved that show. Marlo Thomas was just on a talk show recently. It was so good to see her again. And that "pot party" of yours! LOL!! So fun, and so much tamer that the "real" ones were! So I am told anyway! :-) :-) You always delight is with your talents!

  41. I loved That Girl. Love the barbies and the cozy.

  42. Piece, Love Quilt! ... to all the beautiful people who made this hop such a happening! Out of sight! ... :) Pat

  43. LOVE! your POT story, and your covers!

  44. I was so into That Girl too, lol. What a groovy tea cozy and quilted pot! You were a real square, weren't you Samm? Pots and pans? Lol!!! I can dig it. But no bell bottoms? I know you are still into Barbies too. The only Barbie I ever had was a second hand one my mom got at a thrift store. I cut her hair short and then she had this huge bald spot on the back of her head because her hair wasn't like our hair after it was cut. Lol. What can I say I was just a kid.

  45. I love your idea of a pot party!!! That is so cute. That Girl was a hit here too. It's been a great hop. Thanks so much. See you for Wicked!

  46. I remember watching That Girl when I was little but my great grandmother who raised me thought it was a bit too racy. I got to watch Lawrence Welk and learn to polka instead. Great projects. Thank you again for hosting another stupendous, fun, inspiring hop.

  47. I love your projects! You could always plant some pot in that beautiful pot cover....and hide it with the tea cosy.....Who would know? It would (or so I've heard, never touched the stuff myself and I am DUTCH.....go figure) take the edge of those exams! Just kidding! Even though I am from 1970 myself, I've had to wear bell bottoms. My mum loved them, I hated them. Still do. This hop was incredibly groovy and far-out! I loved all the stories and projects. Thank you! Good luck with your exams. I'm sure you will do great.

  48. I love Vickie's Magazine Quilt Cover! That was a favorite of mine on this hop!

  49. oh, you hit the nail on the head this time. That is beautiful! I remember watching "That Girl" when I was little. And even though I grew up in the 60's. I never went to a "Pot Party" either. In fact, my parents made sure I lived a sheltered life. I didn't know half the things that happened back then, till after the fact. I had a good life though, don't get me wrong. (I was allowed to wear bell bottoms in my senior year) Gee, thinking back, I was young and dumb when I got married. But my sister-in-law, caught me up pretty fast, LOL. Sometimes I think kids see too much. Thank you for everything, this hop was the best!!

  50. Such pretty items...again! I always watched "That Girl" and was in love with her boyfriend. For shame, I can't even remember his name now!

  51. "Thanks for the memories," as Frank would've sang. I met my husband in the 60's at CCSF but left for a more traditional college experience while he was in the Army in Germany and Vietnam. We had no TV just going to class, working, studying for that Home Economics degree was more important than protesting for me. We reunited and were married in early 70's. I had a VW bug but didn't do drugs or concerts, just enjoyed the music. fashions, hairstyles. I almost forgot about Marlo Thomas-my hair-do for high school grad pic was just like hers-the Flip! This blog hop as it has brought back many memories, mostly good. It's funny how things repeat themselves and what our children pick up on. My daughter had to have a lava lamp which she left behind when she moved out. I still have it and was going to donate it, but I think I'll keep it!. I recently used a piece of cotton fabric from the 60's a mock-patchwork to make some pot liners for my sister new pan set. How do I know-it was only 35" wide! I must have purchased it while working at JCPenny for 10 years, from high school through college and my first few years of teaching in the early 70's. That's when they sold fabric and the cottons were that narrow! Looking forward to Wicked, but intrigued by the "For the boys" as it is so difficult to find something to make for them. Thanks again to you and your hard working colleagues for a great blog hop.
    Rosemary from CA

  52. your projects are wonderful. I love the tea cozy. Used to watch reruns of That Girl. I too could so identify with her. thanks for sharing I don't remember much of anything of the 60's. This has been a wonderful hop. thanks to everyone who made it possible.

  53. I loved that show "That Girl" Heck, we all wanted to be HER, I think. Great hair, great boyfriend, great clothes, trying to make her way in life. You are amazing to get these project done in spite of your coursework this semester. Thanks so much for another enjoyable blog hop and of course, thanks to all the wonderful participants for making it so fun. Wow, Vickie was way over the top today, wasn't she??

    I don't know how I missed the sign up post For The Boys other than I got my Saturdays mixed up and thought it was THIS one, like tomorrow. Will remedy that and put my thinking cap on for what to make.

  54. Well, I would say we had a great hop! It sure did bring back a lot of memories. Love "that Girl" We all sure did wear that flip. I had no clue what "pot" was. Love your story. A lot of us really lived in a very sheltered world. What a time in our lives. Thank you for the inspiration.

  55. Used to watch That Girl all the time also. Thank you for all the blog hops you do, really enjoy them.

  56. I knew about pot parties as I had an older brother at art college but I didn't realise they cooked it into cake. I remember eating the birthday cake at one party and wondering why my brother followed me around all night. Great projects Samm and love the stories.

  57. WOW! This has been really fun blog-hop. It was so great to read all the comments since this morning! What a great group of quilters!

    I love your tea cozy, pot holder and that doll (That Girl) is just awesome! Loved reading about your POT party too ;).

  58. Hi Samm! Great projects! Great stories too! I tried the flip hair do too, but my hair too thick to get it to curl up!
    Thanks for the giveaway to you and sponsors, those are grat scissors!
    Take care, Leslie

    1. PsL. Keep at the school work, you will ace those exams! Take care, Leslie

  59. This has been a great blog hop and brought back so many wonderful memories for me and others to. I am sorry you missed the era. Your little story about pot made me laugh because I was pretty naive about it too. But I do love your little pot covers and of course your tea cozy is really sweet to.

  60. Lovin' That Girl. Memories.... Also, I've enjoyed this hope because there were less blogs each day. This way it gave me time to search their blogs and add them to my favorites. Sometimes less is more. Great hop--thx.

  61. I just saw Camelot's Facebook post... ! Awesome job Ms. Madame Samm !!!

  62. Love your take on the hop, you innocent, you!!

  63. Pot party! LOL! I would advise against eating the brownies. I love your cozy.

  64. This was a fun hop and I loved seeing, a blast from the past, lol.


  65. Beautiful projects, Madame Samm. I like your take on a "pot party". Great post, btw. I grew up in the country so I had no idea what pot or anything else was. I remember at one time we were told not to take any candy or gum from the janitor. We just didn't know why.
    Thank you for a great hop. It has been fun walking down memory lane. There were some wonderful memories of that time but a lot of sad ones, too. Good times and bad, just as there are in every decade. Wonder what my grandchildren will remember from this one?
    Have a great weekend!

  66. Fun Hop! Love the Barbie's, didn't know they did a 'That Girl' version. 24Tangent@gmail.com

  67. This has been such a great blog hop! I was born in the 60's so the 70's were more of what I remember, but there was still plenty of tie-dye and peace signs then too. It's fun being able to enjoy all the groovyness that was created by the participants, and I don't even have to listen to my husband call me an old hippie while I'm doing it!

  68. Oh, my gosh, this was such a fun blog hop!! Everyone did such a fantiastic job and wow, did it bring back the memories!! LOL!! Good and bad!! ;-) And this post was just as cute as a button!! Thank you so much for all that you do to coordinate these fantastic hops!! You be da BEST!!

  69. I always loved it when she threw her hat into the air. I loved That Girl!

  70. Such a fun blog hop. I enjoyed seeing everyone's creative projects!

  71. Great hop. Thanks to all for sharing.

  72. Great hop. Thanks to all for sharing.

  73. Cheers to another successful blog hop - it was cool, it was hip, it was fab!! Thanks!

  74. OMG, Madame Samm, your post had me really cracking up when I read it ... pot party ... ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!! That is absolutely hilarious.

    Love your little tea cozy ... That Girl ... great TV show. Every girl wanted to be like Marlo Thomas. Pot covers, brilliant idea. It's hard to find pretty pots that don't cost an arm and a leg. This solves that problem. LOVE it.

    Sad to see this blog hop come to an end. I thoroughly enjoyed participating and also looking at everyone's interpretation of the 60's. Thank you for everything!

    I'd love to see another batik's blog hop with a different theme in the future.

    Congratulations to the top 2 picks today. The cover girl project and post was fabulous!

  75. Well, you did it again!! Lovely hop..I loved the 60's and 70's. I graduated in '64 and then got married in '65 and the rest is history!!..I have fond memories of that time in my life. Love your flower cover's...so creative, I never would have thought of that. I got behind on commenting this week but looked in and saw all the beautiful projects. The ladies were all amazing. Thanks again for all you do.

  76. Laughed and laughed at your pot party Samm. :) I never got invited to one of those but I would have been like you and thought it was a kitchen shower! I certainly did love That Girl and watched every single episode. Perfect projects! blessings, marlene

  77. Love that pot with the hearts. I so remember that girl with her flipped up hair. All the projects deserve an A* for creativity and for inspiration. Thanks for this blog hop

  78. Since I lived through the 60s I really enjoyed this hop. So many very creative people. Thanks to all for the trip down memory lane! Rcoyle at olemiss dot edu

  79. Being naive in the 60s is an OK thing, I think. In my area of the USA, things were pretty naive also. Our brothers, beaus, friends were heading off to war and we saw what was happening on the national scene but we were pretty protected. Great music, loved the fashion, and applaud that women started to be seen as identities all by themselves instead of 'needing' a man! Get back on track, LJ!
    Sweet projects and I love the pot covering. (Loved your pot party story!! lol) That picture with Barbie's shadow is fab and rather groovy, too.
    A fun, hip, hop - again. Someone mentioned in a comment lately that she liked that there were fewer blog to visit each day. I agree; I liked that also.
    Peace out...

  80. I used to love "That Girl". Such a fun show. Fun cozy, and the Marlo doll is adorable. Thanks for all your energy you share in your blog...really enjoy it.

  81. Love your pot party plant. Very nice choices for top 3. Great hop.

  82. Love your pot party. Another groovy blog hop. Thanks.

  83. I love your story and The Girl. You made me smile... :-) :-) a lot!
    Enjoyed this hop, and all the memories it brought back.
    Thank you.

  84. I LOVED watching That Girl on TV. I was just a kid, but, she was way more my kind of 60's instead of hippies. I was also naive, and enjoyed being that way. What cute pins and scissors. I purchased the proper glue to make pins while I was on vacation last month. Now to find the pins. I also got me some cute buttons to make pins with.

  85. I love your story and that girl is awesome. I have been busy at the meeting in our quilt guild all this weekend and have now some minutes to catch up.
    Thank you for a lovely blog hop this time

  86. Oh my dear Samm, somehow I missed this post and ma just now catching up! You are so unique...yes, I can never imagine you in a riot or protest but believe it or not, that is Exactly how I was and why it so UNEXPECTED to read my story (you must read The rest of the Story, Part 1) My naivety got me into some pickles over the years! I do love THAT GIRL...I Loved her hairstyle but with my naturally curly hair I could not get my hair to "FLIP" to save my life which caused much teen-age angst back in the 60's!
    Best of everything with your exams...good brain training!
    Gmama Jane

  87. I am finally getting around to internet things. Been very busy. I think the Pot Cover was such a unique idea. I enjoyed being reminded of That Girl TV show. And your Barbies are just so elegant.

  88. I love the paper pieced hearts for your pot covers. Thank you doe the chance to win.

  89. Love the Grooviest Creativity magazine cover! I enjoyed remembering That Girl with Marlo Thomas.


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