Friday, October 11, 2013

Just try to BUTTON ME up for Thanksgiving and Halloween!

In between studying and writing exams, I have been making more Button Pins
...and since Halloween and Canadian Thanksgiving is upon us..
I thought I would show you what I have been up to...

Will you look at those velvet spiders...I LOVE THEM....

and all the suppliers for everything is listed there..
I understand Shelly is researching some PIN companies
so she will have them too...

YOU know the straight pins necessary for making these

You need really tall ones...
1 7/8 inch is what I use...

WEll I knew lol 

I had some orange corduroy, which I thought would make a perfect pumpkin pin cushion...
and then I noted some orange gingham...now that is a surprise right? lol

And  since we may be sitting down to some coffee and tea, and some apple pies
and even bacon this Thanksgiving weekend...thought you would enjoy the FARM buttons...
and I know someone who loves PIGS that will love that one...
and the SHEEP, did you see how cute that one is...

and yes we will possible indulge in maybe some pizza, ( homemade of course)
and perhaps some potato chips and tacos will find themselves somewhere there lol..
not in me, but I am sure I will see them...wink...
Get used to seeing 
I will be showcasing themes for some time to come! 
Shelly assures me, that will not be a problem, theme wise..
as she has new buttons coming in every month!

the bail compliments of Roberta...
always a treat to have friends who are farmers and can drop off a bail for some photo shoots...
thanks sweet thing! And big thanks to Evelyn for making the connection

this was taken as the sun was setting!
neither one was photoshopped at all...the difference in lighting at diff't times of day!

and being it is soooo beautiful today
and I have a late addition to my garden...
Some cosmos....and some lady bugs....
makes for a delightful fall sighting...

                               Up close and personal...look at the one on the bottom leaf...

I think these bite....I certainly felt something on my legs...
and there were at least a couple dozen all over my Cosmos...

Don't you just love how blue the sky is through our fence?
These cosmos are over 5 feet tall...
and if you click the photo you will note there are at least
3 lady bugs here tooo.

OHHH and Wicked Wendy is more than ready for us all

And Amy is ready FOR The boys hop...
we had to add 2 more days to keep it to more
manageable ...YEAHHHHH

And Vickie is still accepting YOU
for our Black Tie Boogie hop..
If you like hens, chicks, roosters, and even turkeys..
WE invite you to create and have a fowl good time...
What are you waiting for...

These are our last hops for the NEW YEAR!

( all hop information for our hops is on the sidebar in 
SEARCH link) 

Happy Thanksgiving to all our CANADIANS!


  1. Adorable little pincushions and pins! I bet Santa buttons would also make good pins...giggle! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  2. I love all the cute little pins and the pincushions are so adorable. With Christmas coming up, it would be great if you could make Santas, elves, snowflakes or ornament pins. I would love to see these. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Of course all of your pins are divine!!! Have a great Thanksgiving!!

  4. I think I may be that "someone" who adores the little pig! He is darling! Cute button pins all around!

    Love that corduroy pumpkin!

  5. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! Love all the cute pins and I'm wishing I could sit down and make a few. :O)

  6. These are the cutest thing I've ever seen. I've been making some pumpkins....now I want to make some of these! You always think of the neatest things and keep inventing things! Happy Thanksgiving! Sweet hugs!

  7. Love the pins and especially the gingham pumpkin. Have a lovely Thanksgiving and lots of luck with the exams.

  8. Oh yes, that SHEEP button is adorable!!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving to you. I love the orange gingham. Do you know who makes that? I also love all the pumpkin pin cushions. Think I am going to have to make some of those. The sheep pin is to die for. My daughter knits and every time I see sheep, I think of her. Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Adorable pins and cushions. Incredible the difference the lighting makes in your photos! Have a great Thanksgiving.

  11. Great post!! I love all the pins and the pincushions!! I think you should have a new game - "Find the 3 ladybugs and Win a Million Dollars" You could have us leave a comment like, "here, here and here"!! I'd play!! Your Cosmos and ladybugs are great!!

  12. Love love it!! I have been staining, painting, barnquilting....and it was so so good to see a cute pin cushion and pins on your site!!.....next week SC farm and paint and stain and carpet and repair and HOPE good renters....then back to our blessed Indiana Cabin to Longarm again and just Quilt!! AH!!.....I wish you the best on your exams...I know you are gifted!! You rock!! ((wink)) heehee

  13. OH, YES, those lady bugs are no ladies around here!! I fought them staining and painting....even got in my shirt!! haha....cute though.....dog gone it!!. forgot to tell you I loved the pics!!

  14. Your pictures are so wonderful and still reminding me that the summer is gone and the automn is finally here. Your pumpkins are so cute I love them all.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. Happy, happy Thanksgiving! Of course I love the buttons..and the pumpkin pincushions. I hope exams are over for a while! Blessings, Marlene

  16. Happy Thanksgiving, Enjoy your apple pie ! Do Canadians also eat the traditional pumpkin pie ? That might be a dumb question...but hey...you don't know unless you ask !

  17. Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for sharing you pins. Great post!

  18. Love the pins! Have a Great Thanksgiving!

  19. Yes those cute little bugs can bite so please get them back outside.
    Happy Thanksgivingto you and Family. Blessings.

  20. Those are all so fun! I love your gingham pumpkin. Too cute Samm! Taking photos at that time of day was a wonderful tip as well as the setting on my camera. Thanks so very much!! xx

  21. In my quilt Guild we have to take a door prize gift in our birthday month, and I think I will take a pincushion with some of these pins. They are just too cute and I know I will enjoy making them. Just one question, do you have to use a well ventilated area before using the E6000 glue?

  22. Well I see all I had to do was read your tute on the pin making, which I just did. I am going to see about making the pins soon. My hands hurt all the time, so will probably need help removing any shanks...have you tried any back to back yet--if their shape allows? These pins are so very presh...they would be cute just sitting in any sewing room...thanks for the tute and the button links...

  23. Happy Thanksgiving Mdm Samm...luv your pumpkin patch and your pins. I have my glue and the scissors to cut off the button shanks. I just need the long pins and then I'll be making some cute pins just like yours. Thanks for sharing...hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. xop

  24. Beautiful photos! That sunshine one is gorgeous. Happy belated Thanksgiving!

  25. All of your buttons are simply fantastic. I could never choose a favorite but the Halloween ones would be at the top of my list of course. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  26. Blog hopping this morning and was delighted to see new interest in using corduroy since just announcing (October 3) my new Uncommonly Corduroy book, being released in February. Loving the corduroy pumpkin pincushion!!! Corduroy has been sort of a forgotten fabric or expected use in clothing only. It's fabulous for crafting, quilting, bag making. I heart it a lot!

  27. What gorgeous photos! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving a little late!


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