Saturday, October 5, 2013

Falling into Harvest time.....

* how to make this laminate basket cover

I FALL into this season, like leaves falling from our trees.
I adore this time of year.  Plans to bake all my pies this weekend
has been postponed to perhaps next week.
Spy apples are just not ready. They are the last crop
to be picked and also the BEST for making apple pies..

I chose to purchase some cortlands yesterday and did make
a couple pies yesterday. Also some butter tarts from leftover dough
- but not before playing with some photos
I took while I was at our favourite Apple Orchard.

Butter tarts to Canadians is like Apple pie is to Americans..

fill in the blank for your country..

YOUR Dessert ------------- is to your country---------------?

Lincoln line  is a few minutes from our home, since we moved
here almost 5 years ago, they are #1 choice for great fruits.

I can count on them for the best crop of apples and pears
and since we moved here, I have never baked or canned anything
unless it was their delicious fruits. 

Mary the wife and caretaker
of their store, helped to fill my basket with apples, we decided
one red apple would be soooo appropriate for this photo...
Ohhh and not surprising a ruffled gingham cover would
be in my basket...

This week, I will have a tut completed to show you how to work
with RBD laminates... so stay tuned for that...

We had some errands to run and now have returned
to our humble abode....Today on my to do list
was to can some french onion soup...

The best thing is onions at harvest time are so cheap..
20 pounds for $6.00
10 boxes of beef broth, sale 1.25 ea
14 quarts of soup  = $18.50
Cost per quart ( enough for 2 very large soup
bowls full) $1.32 for one meal...( add baguette
and cheese  $3.32 for 2 people) 

and we never forget the swiss or gruyere cheese
We usually will pick up a whole wheat
baquette, toast a couple slices..
and that is enough for our supper... cost with baquette and cheese
add $2.00 total....

I just finished roasting all the onions added 1/4 cup olive oil
in a deep clay pot and they roasted for about 2.5 hours..

Now I emptied all the boxes of beef broth into 2 large soup pots
divided the onion mixture and I have them on simmer...
( possibly another hour)

This will make at least 14 quarts of french onion soup.
Process for 15 minutes in a water bath...

And voila... Pantry now has 8 quarts of chicken soup,
8 quarts of apple and butternut soup
and 14 quarts of french onion soup will be added to the mix.
That should get us through a few months...

Now tell me YOU can do this too!

To all those enjoying this season, make it count,
create some memories- get back into your kitchens
and fill your home with HOME COOKING!

ps. we heard you about our blog hops..
we will be reducing our numbers to 70-75 and adding a couple more
days to make it much more enjoyable...
Thanks for the feedback...

this lady has exams, so I have to get back to my studies..


  1. I think those wonderful aromas are wafting all the way down to Indiana! Yummmm.....

  2. Wow! I envy you the apple crops you have and I can almost smell the onions cooking. Your pictures are wonderful. I baked a nice apple pie yesterday. A casserole baking is the oven as I type. I probably won`t be able to join a Hop till after Christmas. I sure do look forward to it. Wishing you a great weekend,

  3. Your pictures are fabulous...and I can just smell all the yumminess coming from your kitchen. I LOVE LOVE LOVE fall...it is my favorite time of year, now for the leaves to change. I'm thinking some homemade applesauce is in order! :)

  4. I just bought a half gallon of all natural vanilla ice cream to go with the fresh strawberries I froze this spring. It would go great on that apple pie too!

  5. I can smell the French onion soup all the way here. Yum!

  6. That onion soup is making my mouth water. I think I need to try that.

  7. What a busy little beaver you've been! Good luck with the exams!

  8. I used to can like that. But not any more. I really need to start doing that again. I do miss it. But ever since we moved here 2 years ago our lives have been tipsy turvey crazy I love French onion soup it is definitely my favorite

  9. Oh my Samm, that pie looks wonderful! Friday I dehydrated 9 trays of Gala apples. I'm not sure how many pounds that was but t filled a gallon jar. Well it would have filled a gallon jar if everyone who came in the door hadn't sampled them! We cored and sliced them, sprayed them with lemon juice, sprinkled them with cinnamon and dehydrated for about 12 hours. Scrumptious! blessings, marlene

  10. Keep the coffee hot tomorrow ... I'll be over for some soup and pie. ; ) The pie looks delicious! I haven't done any canning EVER. When I make a big pot of soup, chili, etc., I freeze it in individual servings and then vacuum seal them and put them back in the freezer.

  11. Samm you have been so busy. I must follow your example and get my chutneys and pickles made. I alo want to make some brandied peaches for Christmas. Oh dear there's also the cake and the Christmas puddings to be made.

  12. I, too, love this time of year Samm. It's blackberry season here and we really need to get out and do some picking. I love filling my pantry with home canned goodness :)

  13. Oh making me hungry!! We had our annual community turkey supper yesterday. We serve about 600 people within 4 hours. It is a large turkey plate full of all the normal fall vegies and home made pies, don nuts and pickles...cranberries. I am tired now from serving for so long; but will do it all again next year. Enjoy your Fall Samm

  14. Well, I live in Switzerland, and since we have 5 different apple trees in the garden (one for spring, 2 for summer , 1 for fall and 1 for winter), you can imagine what I am baking 3 times a week for my 4 men at home: apple tart, apple crumble, meshed apples with sesame crust, it is lovely and everything is eating up in a few minutes..... :-) I just LOVE apples, in any season and combination, I use them often in curry-dishes as well..... :-))
    And my favorite dessert in winter? carrot-cake !

  15. Good Morning, I love hearing about your canning. It brings back so many memories. When I lived in farm country I canned and froze just about everything I grew in my garden. One summer even made cherry jam from cherries I pitted. Made sauerkraut from cabbage using old crocks. I loved being "little susie homemaker." Time to make pumpkin and apple pies from scratch. Have a good Sunday. I am off to the sewing machine for now.

    1. Have you ever made sauer kraut by cuting the cabbage up and go ahead and pack it in your quart jars? Add your liquid and some salt and process. Makes yummy kraut and the work is over a lot sooner.

  16. Your wonderful pictures are making me very hungry! You definitely get the most from your kitchen. Bet it smells yummy!

  17. My favorite apple is a nice ripe Gravenstein! They're great in applesauce (leave the skins on when cooking for a nice pink color), good in pies, but the best is eating them right off the tree. They're crunchy and juicy and a nice combination of tart/sweet. Even their skin is pretty, a nice mix of green and red. Why am I hungry now? lol

  18. We are waiting for apples too. I canned about 30 quarts of Tomato basil soup. Nothing better than our cream of tomato basil soup with grilled cheese sandwiches on a cold rainy day. The best part of this year in Michigan are all the lovely colors of the leaves.

  19. I've never made French onion soup, but it certainly sounds easy! (as well as delicious!) Your apple photo is beautiful! I guess the warmer than usual weather has delayed the crops!
    Good luck on the exams!

  20. Your French Onion soup sounds delicious!! You are a busy, busy girl!! Good luck on your exams.

  21. YUM! I love French Onion Soup, I never thought of canning it. I have a canning book but no canner to do the water baths, I am always inspired by you, thank you. Good luck on your Exams and smaller hops sound nice, I really liked the Batik one.

  22. OMG! Are we living in a parallel universe? Last week I showed my sister how to make French Onion Soup. Being a retired Science teacher, she had never had the time to learn. I used my new mandolin and we both cried, but it was worth it. My apple tree has been dropping apples for about a week. I just go pick them up and compost them as they are either too small or already sampled by our local squirrels. So last week I bought some organic Granny Smith at Costco. My hubby and I have been walking and went to the mall the other day. While in Williams-Sonoma I spotted a triangular shaped tart pan that's like a ravioli maker so I bought one and tried it out. While the critique was that they tasted good, I knew the dough was a little too thick, but his suggestion was to perhaps use a pasta maker to roll the dough extra thin. I also made Minestrone Soup last week, combining the best of three recipes. I love the Fall/Winter when you can make yummy hearty soups. Hubby made Chili Beans last night for dinner-warms you in more than one way!

  23. French Onion soup sounds divine on this cool Autumn evening.
    xo jan

  24. Your apple pies seem to be delicious. And french onion soup!!! During my time at the university we often made onion soup, as it is so cheap and so delicious. Have a good time in fall.

  25. A HUGE Thank-you for my Uberlight I won!!!! I just received it and I'm quite impressed. My son wants to steal it for his computer desk!! Thanks so much!!
    Gmama Jane


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