Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 5 of Let's Twist to the 60's in Batiks with Island Batiks and Reliable as our sponsors

                ARE YOU still READY? To turn back time, to twist, embrace LOVE, PEACE....

 I am still ready to TWIST like we did last summer. ( oops sorry TWIST gotta away with me)
Mary from I piece too Mary is keeping the music on, the twister mat is on the floor and we are ready to show everything BATIKS. We certainly have something in common, white gloves, pearls, dresses...OHHHHh so us....We certainly would never ever been thought of as anything hippie... ( unless we are talking HIPS, which I certainly have.)

A couple years ago when I first saw BATIKS, my first thought...."sooo sixties"  and yes I expect
for all of our project designers to make me smile... Here is our GO-GO girls on todays line up..

and we have to have some giveways....Island Batiks sent over these
bountiful bundles...

 Island Batik.. they have such a wide variety of textures, designs, colours...welllll look and see.
thanks so much for being our sponsor....YOU add so much colour and texture to our quilting lives...

And as much my idealism of the 60's is more in par of  Jacqueline Kennedy style, I can certainly embrace the need for colour in our surroundings...

So as it goes...HOW CAN YOU WIN?

#1 for participating, all those who were in our hop have a chance to win one of these bundles..
#2 for being in our top 2 each day...top 1 and most creative...
#3 for leaving comments..

Check back later to see who are our top 2 EACH DAY!

Tops this day goes out to this neat PEACE!

Says it all, reflective, great use of batiks and most of a lllll a symbol we all could imitate more these days...wellll done !

and most Groovy CREATIVE one goes to...

And yes creative most certainly and a very large swirl that reflects a lot of the 60's
I am feeling the groove...

GREAT showings from all...YOU are alll Tops today

And congrats to one of our GO GO GIRls who won this...just for signing up..thanks To Reliable Corp
for LIGHTING our lives.

JANE from Grandmama stories  OHHHH my you won, you won...there will be LIGHT in your life...
for at least 60,000 hours anyway....


  1. Love the top 2 today, but then there were sew many groovy projects it would be hard to pick just one.

  2. Wow -- these bring back memories. As a child of the 60's, I don't always share what that meant. Those who grew up during that era would know the colors, the music, the "rebellion" of the time, war, violence in the US, discontent, and "peace and love". I find it interesting that more and more -- I am returning to the colors of the 60s. Bright. Bold. Concentrated. But not the short skirts! Thanks for a trip down memory lane.

  3. Yes, lots of memories stirred up this morning!

  4. Thanks so much, Madame Samm! I thought the projects today were all wonderful and didn't expect to be chosen. This blog hop has been especially meaningful to me and I thank you for always giving us challenges to make us think, create, and grow.

  5. Another fun day and great projects!!

  6. It seems this hop is different than others--fewer, but more distinct creations. I have enjoyed the reminisces along with the creations.

    senstrings (at) yahoo (dot) com

  7. Jeanie created a moving piece, I thought and the other choice was just plain fun with the Peas and Hominy cracking me up. Ups and downs of emotions, I guess.

  8. Oh, Madame Samm, you have put me on top of the world. The projects today were incredible and creative. I really love this hop and am excited to see more batiks this week. I've learned and grown with this hop. Thank you.

  9. The dog tags with #1 are very moving!

  10. So many thought provoking memories today with these amazing creations.

  11. Wonderful projects today and some of them were very thoughtful.

  12. An emotional day, but it was lovely to see both sides of the 60's reviewed today.

  13. loved all the works of art provided today....just beautiful and so 60's....

  14. Another day of perfect choices Samm.....I know it can't be easy to choose! blessings, marlene

  15. These are all bringing back so many memories.

  16. Love the picks today! There are sew many youngsters posting their fabulous designs, lol!

  17. I love just reading the word "Groovy", it makes me happy!

  18. This blog hop was so much fun and there are still a few more days to see more outta sight projects. Congratulations to today's top picks!

  19. Another great day of hopping and seeing these amazing creations. Thanks for hosting this hop


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