Friday, October 25, 2013

DAy 4 of Wicked Blog hop with Windham Fabrics, Reliable Irons, and Bird Brain Designs as our sponsors

Welcome to a couple weeks of WICKED Projects
from some pretty amazing Wicked Creators.
If this is your very first visit here, you are in for some very nice
TRICKS and TREATS. For those who join us with their DAILY BREW
nice to see you again! YOU know we just LOVE YA!

Ohhhh Wicked Wendy  looks forward to this year as much 
as many of us who just love any reason to be WICKED!

She is cheering us on again this year and I have heard
she has some wicked projects to share. Totally Wicked.
I got a sneak peak....Wahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh 
She is really one of the best Wicked  Cheerleader's we can find...wink...
We are in our 3rd SERIAL THRILLING year of WICKEDNESS! 

Here is a photo of our front door! 
Halloween has always been a very special day for my
DH and I... We met on Halloween at the largest Medical Show in Canada
and 10 years later
after numerous proposals...we married on Halloween...
Many would be very surprised at that...
It had been shared by many they thought we would marry on Valentines
day or Thanksgiving, very special days for us too...

HOWEVER the story is... Halloween is our DAY! 

The day we were married it was the warmest Halloween
on record, on our front door my dear friends
 found this groom and his bride...
We married in our previous home...
Every year since, it adorns our front door...

 Many of our neighbours have remarked
they think we are pretty wicked in a nice way...
I like to think we are still  WICKED IN LOVE!
Now who of thought we would begin WICKED
with such a romantic love story lol....?

We have this week and next filled
with a lot of WICKEDNESS from our Wicked Creators..

Looks who flew in on their brooms today.
( schedule is on the top right of our blog, it will take you to the 
other wicked creators who are standing by with their brooms
to sweep in)


Ohhhhhh look, now this is Ghastlie.
thx Kathy

Ghastlie it is, perhaps we can get a larger photo from 
this lady, who did not make just one....
she made 4 ghastlie quilts...allll spookacular...

Willlllll you look at all this wicked stitching...each one just sew purrrrrrfect...
This lady always rises to wickedness each year....

and most WICKED Creation!

And I am sooooo sad it is the weekend....I need a tissue
from FRANKIE...isn't this just wicked?
look at the ric rac for his stitches...
She has a pattern for it too...
This pattern has soooo many wicked possibilities...

And look what we have lined up for giveaways......As always our 
Sponsors are TOPS.
Wyndham Fabrics has supplied us with some lovely Halloween bundles, and will you look,
and Look Bird Brain Designswanted you to be prepared for next years Wicked....
Some lovely patterns to keep you in the Halloween spirit.
All of them a delight to work with, all of them filled with a LOVELY Wickedness that makes them 
stand above the rest....Cheer them on, Support them in the upcoming months, they will be filled 
with more Tricks and Treats, you can depend on them for that...

I also have something to giveaway on my day...what is it...welllllll wait and see !


#1 Join us in future blog hops, 1 of these giveaways is for all those who participate.
#2 Those in the top 3 each day, also have a chance at the end of the hop to win one of these prizes.
#3 All of YOU who leave comments, also can win....


  1. Oh, wow. These are so wonderful. I am off to explore these vonderful treats. Looks like a lot of wicked inspiration for today. What a vonderful hop this has been, so far. These quilts are over the top.

  2. I think Frankie would look great in my home- he's so cute!

  3. Oh I like Frankie too!!! And I just realized that your door is the same color as mine. I just got new steel doors put in this summer and I managed to get them painted last week. Love red!!!

  4. Your graphics are so cute Samm ! And Kathy's Kwilts and Frankie are perfect to end the week, have a great weekend !

  5. Oh how I love Hollaween! Thanks for all the insperation, we need more spooky stuff in our home this time of year! Thanks for the chance at your giveaway!

  6. It's beginning to really feel like Halloween around blogland. How fun!

  7. Another great day of inspiration and creativity. Thanks to the blog hop I am so inspired to go make something for Halloween. I still have a few days left.

  8. I have never been a Halloween person . . . until now! So many cute and fabulous ideas!

  9. I think I need to make one of those tissue covers. Darling!

  10. As you said .. spookacular :-) Well done everybody!

  11. Wickedly Wonderful Hop. Every person participating has really given their all to entertain us and I am truly grateful. Thank you!

  12. So many wonderful projects and creations, wish I had more time for halloween.


  13. Yet another day of wickedly fiendish delights!

  14. I've been so out of the loop without my internet, but now I'm catching up and having a wickedly good time!

  15. Thanks for the special honor today!! I'm thrilled to be sharing with Frankie and the Ghastlies...awesome picks. I'm having a spooktacular time....now I have to get hopping and see all the wicked and wonderful inspirations!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  16. All the projects have been Spooktacular this year!! That Ghastlie quilt has my name all over that...you know how much I love the Ghaslties especially Little Miss Hammer Girl..LOL..Have Vunterful Fall week-end. Hope your weather is a "fallish" as ours is right now. Some freinds/family in the mountains of West Virginia woke up to a little snow on their pumpkins.
    Gmama JAne

  17. The Ghastlies set my heart all aflutter!

  18. This is such a fun hop,,,but scary too!!!

  19. Absolutely love the Ghastlies quilt! All of the projects are great.

  20. I am in love! That Frankenstein's monster is sew adorable. Oh yes, I am in love. Don't tell my husband.

  21. Cute cartoon 'to a restful weekend', great spooky hop. 24Tangent@gmail.com

  22. Thanks for choosing my kwilt today for the "wall". I am honored to share my day with such great bloggers and their WICKED creations. It's all sew fun...the WICKED hop IS my favorite hop of the year. All the wonderful comments I have received today has made my GHASTLIE year!

  23. Another fun day of Halloween hopping. Wonder what treats we will see next week as each day is such a surprise. I just took the last stitches in my main piece so I'll be ready!

  24. Great choices and another fun day!

  25. My first following of the wicked blogs. so many scary, frightful and so so wicked projects. I am going to have wicked withdrawals over the weekend, Can't wait for Monday to come around. Thank you so much for this
    wickedly fun Hop.

  26. All of today's projects were such a TREAT for the eyes!
    xo jan@sewandsowfarm

  27. Such wickedly wonderful creations!

  28. another wonderfully wicked day - really loved seeing Kathy's quilts and the quilting was fabulous !

  29. All of the Wicked Wall projects are gorgeous. You have a tough job choosing.

  30. Thanks for this wickedly fun blog hop. I really appreciate all the fun you arrange for everyone!

  31. Thank you for choosing Frankenstein for Most Creative! YOU haven't seen the last of my tissue box creations. ; 0

    Can't wait until Monday to see more spooktacular creations.

  32. So many wicked projects there have been so far. It is so fun to open the computer every morning and take the posts together with my morning tea. And everyone are so good.


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