Thursday, October 24, 2013

Day 3 of Wicked 2013 Blog hop, with Windham Fabrics, Reliable Irons and Bird Brain Designs as our Sponsors.

Welcome to a couple weeks of WICKED Projects
from some pretty amazing Wicked Creators.
If this is your very first visit here, you are in for some very nice
TRICKS and TREATS. For those who join us with their DAILY BREW
nice to see you again! YOU know we just LOVE YA!

Ohhhh Wicked Wendy  looks forward to this year as much 
as many of us who just love any reason to be WICKED!

She is cheering us on again this year and I have heard
she has some wicked projects to share. Totally Wicked.
I got a sneak peak....Wahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh 
She is really one of the best Wicked  Cheerleader's we can find...wink...
We are in our 3rd SERIAL THRILLING year of WICKEDNESS! 

Here is a photo of our front door! 
Halloween has always been a very special day for my
DH and I... We met on Halloween at the largest Medical Show in Canada
and 10 years later
after numerous proposals...we married on Halloween...
Many would be very surprised at that...
It had been shared by many they thought we would marry on Valentines
day or Thanksgiving, very special days for us too...

HOWEVER the story is... Halloween is our DAY! 

The day we were married it was the warmest Halloween
on record, on our front door my dear friends
 found this groom and his bride...
We married in our previous home...
Every year since, it adorns our front door...

 Many of our neighbours have remarked
they think we are pretty wicked in a nice way...
I like to think we are still  WICKED IN LOVE!
Now who of thought we would begin WICKED
with such a romantic love story lol....?

We have this week and next filled
with a lot of WICKEDNESS from our Wicked Creators..

Looks who flew in on their brooms today.
( schedule is on the top right of our blog, it will take you to the 
other wicked creators who are standing by with their brooms
to sweep in)

as always a delightful wicked showing...
YOU ladies are BEST, you have to find the window treatment...Wicked!

What is WICKED without a SERIAL BAT, each year this wicked 
designer introduces a NEW BAT, meet Eleonore! 
Did you note the ear bangle lol

And what is WICKED without a WITCH, this lady always
brings something outrageous to the table.
Love her dress fabric, in fact we all love it as much
as her clay nose...


Introducing MR OCTOBER,
'nough said! 

a late entry...creeeeeek 
Bewitched you bet!
which wicked neighborhood does she reside?

And look what we have lined up for giveaways......As always our 
Sponsors are TOPS.
Wyndham Fabrics has supplied us with some lovely Halloween bundles, and will you look,
and Look Bird Brain Designswanted you to be prepared for next years Wicked....
Some lovely patterns to keep you in the Halloween spirit.
All of them a delight to work with, all of them filled with a LOVELY Wickedness that makes them 
stand above the rest....Cheer them on, Support them in the upcoming months, they will be filled 
with more Tricks and Treats, you can depend on them for that...

I also have something to giveaway on my day...what is it...welllllll wait and see !


#1 Join us in future blog hops, 1 of these giveaways is for all those who participate.
#2 Those in the top 3 each day, also have a chance at the end of the hop to win one of these prizes.
#3 All of YOU who leave comments, also can win....


  1. I love Halloween and what a great day to get married!!!
    Hugs, Jolanda

  2. I saw some wickedly awesome projects today and there is more to come. Yay.

  3. Just went through all of the haunting projects for today and what a group of talented ladies, in a wicked kind of way, you have! So much fun!! Thanks!!

  4. Lots of wickedly wonderful projects today, but I also saw some awesome fabrics used, too.

  5. Why is it we never get tired of hopping?? Having lots of fun!!

  6. Projects today were wickedly awesome. So glad I only have to enjoy them and not make any decisions about what's best. They all are. There are some super talented people sharing.

  7. Oh, I'm sorry, Madame Samm. I had my post scheduled to go up last night, but I did some editing and didn't notice that it went back to draft! It is up now!

  8. Ohhh, we always love a good centerfold! LOL!

  9. Adorable projects today! I've had so much fun this morning looking through all the inspiration. Now I'd better run put on some makeup before someone mistakes ME for a witch!

  10. Another fun day of quilty trick or treating through the wicked pumpkin patches and down the haunted lanes! Thanks to all ... :) Pat

  11. Ahhhh, today's entries were mahhhvelous....especially Mr. October....

  12. great pick today .... now to start hopping .......hop hop hop hop.....lol

  13. Lots of great wicked sewing in the neighborhood.

  14. Wonderful! I just love the Wicked hop! pbstrand@msn.com

  15. Nice compliments this blog! ☺ http://coccinellecreative.blogspot.it/

  16. Lots of great pieces today and free patterns, my favorite thing to do during the day.


  17. Great projects!! Absolutely love the doll, she's so cute and wicked.

  18. Oh! I loved them ALL today! It took me a minute to get the Mr. October thing...but when I did...I almost spit out my coffee all over my computer screen!!!! VERY VERY CUTE!!

  19. What a spooky day! Those batty bats are to die for, LOL!

  20. What a fun day ! I too laughed through the Mr. October and his perfect pumpkin placement !

  21. Mr. October is great. MooseStashQuilting has so many wonderful projects. Great job done by all. Happy Halloween.

  22. How very clever of every Wicked Hopper! This is BOO-tiful to see all the Wicked inspiration. Thank You Dear...

  23. I think the Wicked hop is my favorite. So many talented bloggers showing us their creations. Today had some spooktacular entries.

  24. I haunted the different ghouls of the day and all I can say is that they all did boootifully!

  25. Many talented enters today, so many clever projects. Even if we don´t have so much Halloween in Sweden I saw a skeleton today displayed in a shop. Boo hop. The shop owners try to sell Halloween to the Swedes every year, but they have not succeeded yet.
    We celebrate the first Saturday in November as all the Saints day, when we especially think of our dear dead ones and go to the grave yards and embellish the graves with flowers from the seasons and prepare the graves for winter with pine branches and light the candles when the dusk is coming. It is a wonderful sight to see all the lit candles gleaming everywhere in the grave yards.

  26. hey, i know it's thursday, but you have friday's bloggers down for today. your posting jumps from wednesday to friday. how did i miss thursday?? ahhhh, somebody wake me up, please!

    1. thx for catching that ...I was doing an update...I think I went to the wrong post...of course I did...been studying too much lol

  27. Todays projects are just fan-tas-tic, so full of creativity, one can just look at the screen and stare and stare and stare :-))

  28. Mr. October ... OMG, hilarious.

  29. What fun choices you made today. That Mr. October is hilarious!

  30. I am going to have to start trying to visit these eery creations earlier - I won't sleep a wink tonight.!
    I am afraid a Bat will fall off the ceiling fan on me.
    xo jan

  31. Another great day of hopping Loving all the inspiration.

  32. I have been out of town and unable to check email!! boy oh boy have I been missing the fun. Wicked good choices Madam Samm!

  33. I am, as usual, blown away by the creativity of the bloggers who take part in your blog hops!! It must be a result of rubbing elbows with you, right?? Thanks for another fabulous hop!!!!!

  34. Love the Wicked hops. Thank you for choosing Mr October and for working on these as well as taking on University .You must not sleep at night.

  35. Such amazing creations! These gals sure know how to embrace Halloween! Thanks to you and Wendy for hosting another Wicked hop!

  36. Thanks for including my Halloween Lane in the top, even though it was late! I actually broke my camera trying to get this shot by dropping it. Thank goodness my DH has a camera of his own that I could use! This is a great hop with so many creative ladies!

  37. Love to look at all the wickedness! Another great day!

  38. Great projects! Absolutly love all of them. Great job, ladies.
    I see that Joanna sewed another bat. Great idea. Eleonore is beautiful.
    Best wishes,

  39. Oh my goodness! The haunted houses is from our hop from last year! I just took my unfinished bit out today with the hopes of finishing it--I sprained my wrist and broke a finger last year a couple weeks before and couldn't finish. I also was going back to look at posts I might have missed while I was away from the internet! That just made my day today.


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