Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day 2 of Wicked 2013 with Windham Fabrics, Reliable Irons, Bird Brain Designs as our Sponsors...

Welcome to a couple weeks of WICKED Projects
from some pretty amazing Wicked Creators.

If this is your very first visit here, you are in for some very nice
TRICKS and TREATS. For those who join us with their DAILY BREW
nice to see you again! YOU know we just LOVE YA!

Ohhhh Wicked Wendy  looks forward to this year as much 
as many of us who just love any reason to be WICKED!

She is cheering us on again this year and I have heard
she has some wicked projects to share. Totally Wicked.
I got a sneak peak....Wahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh 
She is really one of the best Wicked  Cheerleader's we can find...wink...
We are in our 3rd SERIAL THRILLING year of WICKEDNESS! 

Here is a photo of our front door! 
Halloween has always been a very special day for my
DH and I... We met on Halloween at the largest Medical Show in Canada
and 10 years later
after numerous proposals...we married on Halloween...
Many would be very surprised at that...
It had been shared by many they thought we would marry on Valentines
day or Thanksgiving, very special days for us too...

HOWEVER the story is... Halloween is our DAY! 

The day we were married it was the warmest Halloween
on record, on our front door my dear friends
 found this groom and his bride...
We married in our previous home...
Every year since, it adorns our front door...

 Many of our neighbours have remarked
they think we are pretty wicked in a nice way...
I like to think we are still  WICKED IN LOVE!
Now who of thought we would begin WICKED
with such a romantic love story lol....?

We have this week and next filled
with a lot of WICKEDNESS from our Wicked Creators..

Looks who flew in on their brooms today.
( schedule is on the top right of our blog, it will take you to the 
other wicked creators who are standing by with their brooms
to sweep in)

And look what we have lined up for giveaways......As always our 
Sponsors are TOPS.
Wyndham Fabrics has supplied us with some lovely Halloween bundles, and will you look,
and Look Bird Brain Designswanted you to be prepared for next years Wicked....
Some lovely patterns to keep you in the Halloween spirit.
All of them a delight to work with, all of them filled with a LOVELY Wickedness that makes them 
stand above the rest....Cheer them on, Support them in the upcoming months, they will be filled 
with more Tricks and Treats, you can depend on them for that...

I also have something to giveaway on my day...what is it...welllllll wait and see !

Check back later to see who is in on our

Halloween wall of Fame

Again today was a wicked showing...
YOU did well my wicked creators...

WEBS seem to be threading themselves to our top showings...
This WEB quilt is filled with wickedness and HALLOW thoughts...

there is just something about this photo that conjures up all kinds of ghostly thoughts...
I bet there is a ghost of the CORN sitting or standing beside this wicked spools of threads..
ohhh there is that wicked threads again....BOO! 

 Wicked Hall of FAME! 

VELCOME ohhhh yes WE Velcome all the eeriness and 
wicked stitches that went into this design...look
even vampire rats...egads, I had to cancel my luncheon date
with this creator today, so afraid she would be serving up tomato soup....


#1 Join us in future blog hops, 1 of these giveaways is for all those who participate.
#2 Those in the top 3 each day, also have a chance at the end of the hop to win one of these prizes.
#3 All of YOU who leave comments, also can win....


  1. Oh my, the 31st is on a Thursday, not Wednesday, LOL!

  2. What a wicked web of creators are hopping! Love your pumpkin man!

  3. I had a scarey morning of hopping already = wow (yes, Thurs is the 31st)

  4. Got my coffee and I'm ready to be wickedly entertained!

  5. Just finished running around the graveyards seeing the scary frights... Now it is time to get some breakfast, get the house cleaned up, go to the grocery store, then the airport to pick up friends coming in for a 7 day sew in! :)

    have an awesome wicked day everyone!

  6. Wicked in love :). What a great front door decoration!

  7. Just what I need to get my blood and heart pumping fast - vampire rats!! Love all the creative projects.

  8. I need to get those hopping shoes on. Lots to do today.

  9. Oh i love all the wicked creations today. But I adore the vampire and the vampire rats!!!!

  10. There is nothing like following a blog hop of Wicked Quilters to wake a person up at the job. To days hop was a spiders dream, there were spiders webs all over the place with one lone Vampire that I would let take a bit out of me. We cannot dismiss the Witch flying across the moon, I working on my on flying witch. Great hop.

  11. I feel so inspired this morning! Those quilts are all wonderful!! There were also some great bags, mug rugs, doll, table runners and purses this morning.

  12. Not only great creations but beautiful pictures. I feel the wicked mood all around.

  13. Looks like some more great projects Ladies! I'm off to hop..

  14. Vhat a vonderful night of pro-jects. The vampires bats are so plump and juicy looking ! bwahahaha

  15. Great picks. Love all the projects so I am sure it is hard to pick, Thanks again for all the inspiration that you share.

  16. Thank you for the Hall of fame on my Cute and Spooky Spider Web quilt. This is one of my most favorite creations of all times.
    I am so honored!

    Love the front-door decoration you did. So spooky and wicked!

    Congratulations to others!

  17. Great picks and what a fun day looking at all the wicked projects!

  18. Spooktacular parade of inspiration...sEw wicked and spooky!!

  19. OMG, Just saw the orange Reliable iron. AWESOME! Who wouldn't want that in their sewing room. A touch of wickedness all year round. All the sponsors are very generous.

  20. I always love your hops, never disappointed with all of the wonderful creations that everyone has created.


  21. I love the bride and groom! What a fantastic idea!
    These have all been so cute...I must agree, Vee Vampire vas my favorite too!!!!
    ohhhhhhh AND I see something in your picture....weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! ADORABLE GIVEAWAYS!!!

  22. Super cute and super fun! :)

  23. awesome projects today! thanks for the inspiration

  24. By the pricking of my thumbs something Wicked this way come! Vhat a wicked group of crafters today!

  25. LOVE the vampire and the vampire rats ... creativity at it's best. Congrats to the top 3 today. I'll be visiting the other wicked bloggers later.

  26. Another great day of Wicked fun! There were some really cute projects today and I'm glad I didn't have to choose from all of them but do love your choices.

  27. Great hop, fun seeing all the treats everyone is showing us. Happy Halloween! 24Tangent@gmail.com

  28. Participants are outdoing themselves yet again this Wicked season. So lucky we have outlet for the talented ladies here.

  29. Just two days down and so much fun and what wonderful items that were made.....it is fun seeing each person's talent and design work.

  30. Great projects, however, the link to see all the projects on Pinterest isn't working for me. Says it can't find the page??!!!
    Gmama jane

  31. Adorable projects today! love all of them. The vampire rats are creepy!
    xo jan

  32. Bats, witches and bones, what can you say. I nearly fell out of my chair at work when the first hop I visited had Mr. October in all his bone glory at the top of the page. And how about those glorious bats in trees and just hanging around. Love it.

  33. I didn't realize that this Wicked Hop #3. How cool! I see the group keeps coming up with really neat ideas! Catching up, slowly but surely!

  34. Ah lots more lovely wicked projects to adore. Fun, fun fun.


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