Wednesday, October 9, 2013

JOIN the FLOCK....Black tie Boogie Blog hop...Rooster, chicks, turkeys, hen lovers sign up now.. Red Rooster Fabrics and Radical Rooster and Shelly's buttons and more are our sponsors.

(This will be our last blog hop till the new year)

Turkeys, hens, chicks...
Ohhh I do , I do......and I know someone else who will be a perfect
cheerleader for this VICKIE at More Stars in Commanche.
Vickie is a perfect choice for this hop..

here is her OWN personal ROOSTER
and some past projects she has done..

NOW you get it why she had to be our cheerleader! 

If you lean towards this FOWL, then
we have the perfect blog hop for you...
YOU can create anything with Roosters,
turkeys, hens, chicks...
anything....kitchen accessories, 
3D roosters, as long as you use
Roosters or hens, chicks in your project...

or choose Roosters like Black Tie Boogie
or rooster fabric in your stash..
we invite you in...

Did you know hens, chicks, roosters and turkeys
are the #1 graphic to create, paint and quilt?

LINK below to be inspired

WE all know Lynn from Thimblemouse and Spouse
* she is always pretty creative in her projects too..
well she will be carrying this collection...
Here is her info...It is not in the stores just yet...
no one has it yet...so call her and let her know what you will need

Here is a link to the entire collection

check around to your LQS for this quite versatile collection...
I am sooooo excited to dig in and get stitching..
cluck cluck cluck...you will be hearing me...
I swear you will.....

LYNN's store

Country Crossroads Quilt Shop

799 Blanding Blvd. Suite 3, Orange Park, Florida 32065+1 904-276-1011Today 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

What Vickie will need...

IN subject line.. ME = Black Tie Boogie 

Your name
YOUR url of your blog
Your blog name
( if you do not have a blog, we will host 5 of you)

This is what some participants, and top winners will have a chance to win..
RED Rooster is our Sponsor
Along with ...

From the first time I saw these, I have been pecking at what or all I should make first..
She is amazing with her details .....

Ohhh look we even have Shelly's buttons and more
with some chicken, hen, roosters, birds
buttons, that I turned into pins
for some winners too...

for all those purchasing buttons 
here is a 10% discount 

Discount code:  S-Samm
Valid on any order of $10.00
T.Y. Shelly...

hate rules sew we call them guidelines...

#1 Everyone must turn off their word verification the day 
they are showing their for the Black tie Boogie day... PERIOD.

#2 Only 5 ladies with no blogs will be accepted,
it will be a first come, first serve basis.
Amy or I will host for you! 

#3 You must have your post ready at 
midnight E.S.T. If you are not
sure how to do that, we will guide you. 
( will do a tut for you if necessary)

#4 And most important, YOU
must add the names and links from
those who are on the hop the same
day as you.  ( keep yours on too) We want everyone
to find your Black tie Boogie project 
as easily as they found you- PERIOD.

#5 All  Subscribed BLACK TIE BOOGiE hoppers must

put button on their blog.
( on the top right) 
copy code in gadgets
 html copy- that is it
( those who have no blogs, of course
you are omitted lol)

#6 Be a great cheerleader, you never know

how that one comment can change  someone's life...

JOIN the FLOCK, celebrate FOWL! 


  1. Looks like this is really going to be a darling Hop!!

  2. Black Tie Boogie, sounds like a fun hop, cluck cluck! Congratulations to the winners of the Batik hop.

  3. I am ready to get down and boogie and play that funky music! :)

    Vickie's cheerleader is awesome!!!

  4. Sign me up. It looks like lots of fun.
    Marla's Crafts
    If there is anything else let me know.

  5. I'm ready to boogie so I'll be contacting Vickie. Love that fabric from Red Rooster and those Radical Roosters are just too cool!

  6. Looks like there will be a crowing good time! I won't be able to participate but I will be cheering from the sidelines.
    xo jan@sewandsowfarm

  7. I haven't Boogied with a chicken before, so I guess now is as good as time as any! The fabric is so lovely!!

  8. Love chickens, and this looks to be very fun! '-)

  9. Oh my who doesn't love chickens and roosters! Now to see if I can make up my mind to take part before it fills up!

  10. Sent an email to Vickie...super excited!

  11. A blog hop to crow about! Vickie is the perfect cheerleader for this one. Looking forward to the all the yard birds doing the black tie boogie on the hen house run way ... :) Pat

  12. Oh, I love love LOVE that chicken pincushion that the button pins are displayed on...is there a pattern???

  13. I couldn´t resist this blog hop. Chickens and hens and as the cheer leader the Vickie, that could´t be a better hop. I think there will be something for me to cluck about.
    And congratulations to a Canadian woman alice Munro winning the Swedish Nobel prize in literature. That is something to cheer about.
    Have a great day lovely madame


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