Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Welcome to PIN IT pin cushion blog hop with Bird Brain Designs and PBTEX as our sponsors....

A warm welcome 
 to all you PIN Cushion ENTHUSIAST.(s)..
Yes that is what we are....aren't we?

I don't think I ever met a pin cushion I did not like
especially if it means, I won't be sticking my finger with stray pins.

WE were soooo excited to see many of you love the idea too...
EACH day you can view all of our PIN CUSHIONS here 

And big thanks goes out to KRISTEN who is 
our cheerleader for this novelty hop..
YOU can always count on her to be smiling
and keeping her Pins and Cues to herself..
She is just filled with smiles and has been a wonderful
cheerleader to us all...

Let's take a peak at our delightful line up 
are you ready? 

September 10

Be sure to check back in later to see who is our top 2 and most creative..
That is always a thrill for us all...
Be sure to cheer for all of our ladies, they certainly do this for YOU....
There is nothing nicer than hear cheers from your peers...

 Top 2 today are

This lady loves to bake, and I have to admit, so worthy of a chuckle this morning
as this could be a historic dinosaur, but we all know it is a mixer, it is yes ? lol

This one is just so delicate, I would be almost afraid to pin it with anything except for a top
2 today, and she really went all out as a cheerleader wink...

MOST creative 

WEll the last thing I would ever expect is something like this...
she is just full of character and pins, she is a purse and pin cushion...
pretty cool! 

There were some pretty amazing pin cushions for our very first day..
take a peak on our PINTEREST board...a great first day..
BRAVO ladies for being great PINNNERS! 

Our sponsors, count them 2...
PBtex.com and Bird Brain Designs..
WE thank them with all of our hearts..
We have 3 fat quarter bundles to giveaway!

LINK here to see PBTEX collection
of Always Blooming by Suzy Pilgrim Waters.
very pretty. 

              and Bird Brain designs..
and Robin has donated some very lovely patterns. 
take a peak at her 
wonderful collection of red work
and embroidery. 
Check out the tomato, pumpkin, flower ones and the comb
of honey...We will choose 5 winners for these...


  1. i don't go live for 2.75 more hours, guess I can go and publish now!!

  2. Wow so much fun :)
    Please count me in for this sweet giveaway ..
    Love and happy stitches
    Cucki x

  3. I visited all the blogs and all the pin cushions are so pretty.
    Well done to all the ladies
    Thank you for sharing xx

  4. I love all the pincushions!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. ANother great Bloghop...a girl can never have to many PC !

  6. Lovely pincushions today. Great inspiration!

  7. Good morning!! Off to a great start...I woke at 5am terrified...thought it was Wed. and had forgot to publish my post. lol. Tommorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. A wonderful start of this blog hope. And top three is my choice too. I love the bird pincushion and the mixer is sew cool. And what to say about the most creative, it has made me laughing several times.
    Now out to take some pictures of my pincushions before it starts to rain,

  9. Even though I didn't join this hop, I'm definitely a pin cushion enthusiast! I enjoyed the PC's today and look forward to all of the pc's to come!

  10. All are lovely! Clever, cute and creative but I'm crazy about the mixer.

  11. I did not enter this hop either, but I'm a fan of pincushions. Made a whole bunch of them for Ch-mas 2 yares ago.....
    Still have a few left....
    Impressed by all the fantasy and cleverness in Blogland.It's a wonderful world. :-)
    Take care, all of you.

  12. This may be my favorite blog hop yet! So cute and clever!

  13. What Pinspiration today! So many cute and extraordinary ideas. All beautiful.

  14. Samm, those are great picks! I'll be sure to check out all the others participating on this hop too. I love pin cushions but couldn't join in with you on the fun, too many commitments just now.

  15. Great choices for today! So many clever and cute pincushions to choose from already.

  16. Love the whimsy and character everyone has put in their pincushions. A beautiful start to this hop. ;)

  17. Oh how creative the pinnies are! Just love the blog hops. Keep 'em coming!

  18. I love the cow..What a hungry heiffer....She just gobbles it all up pins & needles & is a purse.....

  19. Great choices for today and I was amazed at all the different pincushions I saw on the blogs!!

  20. Great start to this hop...so many cute, cute pincushions!

  21. I'm excited that another hop has started. Lots of inspiration. I, too, loved that sweet bird embroidery!

  22. Thanks for choosing Gloria to be in the creative rank today..... :-)) I am busy doing the other fellows of the movie....

  23. Those are the cutest pin cushions! I can see this series is really going to get the creative juices flowing!

  24. Lovely pin cushions and so much creativity! Anxiously waiting for tomorrow!

  25. a great start for this blog hop. I already got some good ideas.

  26. Today had some really fantastic pin cushions!

  27. So many amazing pincushions...and I just love "Gloria", she is so 'PIN-spirational!!!

  28. I just love the hops! I always see such amazing works! Love the pin cushions!
    hulseybg at gmail dot com

  29. I have been waiting to view this one. Sitting down with a cup of tea to scroll through these darling creations....my morning treat to myself.

  30. What a sweet start of this bloghop! Congratulations to the ladies who have the honour of being pick of the day!

  31. Todays choises makes me laughing out loud, wunderbar ☺

  32. There are certainly some clever sewists out there! The pincushions are great. :)

  33. Pretty good start. Thos pincushions just make me smile.

  34. I didn't see one I didn't want! Great beginning. These ladies arr so talented.

  35. What a terrific kick off. So much enthusiasim, creativity and just plain fun.

  36. I need that mixer. So cute. I have one of the tomato bird brain designs. It was purchased at an Amish store in Iowa. Love it.

  37. The KitchenAid mixer is really thinking outside of the box. Very clever, for sure. Great first day at the hop ... can't wait to see the rest of the days.

  38. I have had fun today visiting all the blogs. I am really looking forward to the rest of the hop. The embroidered birdie pincushion and Gloria were two of my favorites today. Thanks for providing the opportunity to see such wonderful work.

  39. Gee, I'm so glad that I don't have to make the picks of the day! They're all so beautiful and creative. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  40. All them beautiful!! Great Giveaway!!

  41. Great first day for the hop! So many cute pincushions and ALOT of creative ideas!
    You had a hard day today deciding on these top 3! Gotta go check the pinterest board!
    (we're back in the hayfield tomorrow...blah!)

  42. Went to visit everyone's pin cushions this evening. What fun! Glad to again have time to check out the hop, it has been such a busy summer.

  43. thanks for sharing.
    It got me looking back at the pincushions I have made. I blogged about it today. http://sue-niven.blogspot.com.au/

  44. How clever is the lady who made the mixer pin cushion! There have been some wonderful pin cushions so far.

  45. OMG, the cow cracks me up, and the little birdie is adorable, the mixer, ha, I love how she creatively used the selvedge, that is so cool.

  46. The Hop got off to a great start today... the mixer is just crazy & fun!

  47. What fun!! I love pincushions, so this is right up my street!

  48. Great creative stuff today - fun! blessings, marlene

  49. Lovely choices. Awesome hops. Thanks mdm. samm.

  50. The mixer is AWESOME! So excited about the pincushions, the hexie one from the last hop inspired me and now I'm on the lookout for walnut shells all the time... yay!
    brandizzle7133 at yahoo dot com

  51. I love that kitchenaid mixer! How unusual but then look at the most creative one too. I am so incredibly behind in hopping this week so thank heavens for the weekend. I'll get caught up tomorrow with day 3 and 4.


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