Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sign up FOR THE BOYS BLOG HOP....begins now!

  Welcome to yet another pretty special HOP...Why so special?...Welllll- we all like BOYS, of all ages, we love to cheer for others, we love to stretch our creativity...These hops do just that...If you have been sitting back watching us...come on in, jump into our puddle....there is soo00 much to get excited about....

WE are here to challenge you once again, THINK Boys!.anything and everything BOYS,
tall, small, young, old...BOYS. This HOP is exclusively for those who have some BOY things in mind... quilts, nap sacks, sleeping bags, pillows...you name it if it looks like a BOY of any age would like it, we want to see it and YOU!

Recently I made something for a YOUNG Man  (BOY) in my life. This was my theme ( Man of Steel)  and all of my attention was focused on this fabric line from Camelot Fabrics and who happens to be our sponsor for this hop as well. You will have to wait and see the completed quilt and photos, I am tickled BLUE with it...( pink is for girls)  And a big thanks to Mary who managed to find this exquisite model... I am soooo into Man of Steel now. There is a wonderful story about Kal-El that will certainly bring a smile to your lips...will share on my day of our Boy Hop!

And who will be leading us into BOY LAND.....?
AMY is our cheerleader for this hop from Sew Incredibly Crazy...
 and crazy she is not..but she is creative, funny, committed over the top CHEERLEADER. So we think she is young enough at heart to tackle this hop...



Please send AMY in the subject line...FOR THE BOYS!

Your name
Your blog name if you have one
Your url to your blog.

NEED SOME BOY inspiration?

on Pinterest but no link

This was made by Carol ( and she has a pattern for it), ok take off the ruffle-
this would be a perfect boys quilt

                                                 from Pinterest to here for a YOUNG teens

and LINKs to be inspired even more....


for TEENS 

for BOYS of all ages

hate rules sew we call them guidelines...

#1 Everyone must turn off their word verification the day 
they are showing their for the BOYS Project- PERIOD.

#2 Only 5 ladies with no blogs will be accepted,
it will be a first come, first serve basis.
Amy or I will host for you! 

#3 You must have your post ready at 
midnight E.S.T. If you are not
sure how to do that, we will guide you. 
( will do a tut for you if necessary)

#4 And most important, YOU
must add the names and links from
those who are on the hop the same
day as you.  ( keep yours on too) We want everyone
to find your Boy lover quilters
as easily as they found you- PERIOD.

#5 All  Subscribed Boy lover hoppers must

put button on their blog.
( on the top right) 
copy code in gadgets
 html copy- that is it
( those who have no blogs, of course
you are omitted lol)

#6 Be a great cheerleader, you never know
how that one comment can change  someone's life...


  1. I am so up for this! It will inspire me to get my hubby's new winter couch quilt finished! :)

  2. Woohoo! I have 3 boys, and have just recieved my order for dinosaur fabric. I'm making something for my middle boy, seems like I'm just in time for this hop :)

  3. So glad you are hosting this event. Boy/Male themed are sometimes difficult to find and I'm looking forward to some great inspiration. Thank you.

  4. This sounds like fun! I have 4 brothers and I know one of them would love something special!

  5. This will be fun! I'm having my first grandson....so you know what I'll be making!

  6. I am really looking forward to all the manly creations! I think that I will be cheering from the sidelines for this one as this is scheduled during my recovery time after my eye surgery. I shall enjoy all the creativity and gather ideas. Thanks for hosting and to all who participate ... :) Pat

  7. I'm seeing inspiration to finish my son's quilt that is only a few years (uh-hum) in the making. ;)

  8. For the boys..... Well I got two beloved boys, my DH and my son
    and while ich vacuumed my house this afternoon,
    I had an idea for this hop ☺
    I'll send an e-mail to Amy right away.
    Liebe Grüße

  9. How fun! Where would we be without the boys and men in our lives!

  10. This sounds like fun! I shouldn't do this, but I want in... :-)

  11. Such a fun blog hop, but I will be cheering from the side line this time. I have some other things screaming on me to sew.

  12. I have probably seen it before, but your last rule says a million. One comment can change someones life! A good rule to remember thru all aspects of life!

  13. I Definitely have to join this one. Would you believe that the "camper" quilt is on my Quilting Bucket List? When I saw it I nearly had an apoplexy...our family loves camping and I love vintage campers PLUS, have you seen the fabric line called "GLAMPING"?? It is to die for and I've already gone through much of my last order so I will need to order more for this blog hop!!
    Hugs & IHP
    Gmama Jane

  14. Count me in for this one. Great to have one for the boys...

  15. I have 3 nephews who will be excited for this hop -their sister was the recipient for the Nancy Drew hop, so it's their turn :-P Of all the things I missed while my phone was in limbo hopping with you was at the top

  16. Okay, email sent off to Amy so hopefully I can join in. I even have an idea of what I might do even if I am too late. Got those Saturdays mixed up and thought it was supposed to be the 5th.

  17. If it's not tooo late...I want to join in on this one...I already have two sweet little grandbaby boys...and wouldn't you know it... A THIRD coming in February!!!!
    I must sign up for this one!!!

  18. I tried to link to the instructions for the "sock monkey" quilt. Do yo have a date, I'm having trouble. I think it is adorable!


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