Thursday, September 5, 2013

Of course we don't have a BARN , but since when has that STOPPED ME...lol

I am blaming this one on Mary at I piece too Mary..
Our Cheerleader for 
the Twist to the 60's in Batiks..
She had me in a spin---apparently we have a few dozen barn quilts in our own backyard
and I had no idea....
In fact with her permission, I used her photo and photoshopped it a bit 
to add my 
 SPIN on it..

WElllll you get something into my head and then there is no stopping me...
I had to make a BARN Quilt...problem is I don't have a  BARN...

Well do you think that stopped me....???? NOOOOO...

I designed this first..
( actually looked at a few spin blocks...have no idea
what you call this...but I drew the pattern in my software
and coloured it up) 

and then I had David cut me an 18 inch square piece of wood...
I gave it the first coat in white before I left...
now he is gone...( so I am burning the candle so to speak..
well as long as you keep me away from the BARN we don't have,
I should be fine ..) 
And how did I transfer my diagram to my wood? 
Giant NEEDLE or you could use any pins..
stab it through the pattern
onto the wood and then draw all the lines
and match the needle holes...

                             Note the holes...then just use a ruler and draw the lines with a HD pencil 
I painted the red sections first, then add the red gingham pieces...

I saw it all in my mind....David is used to that by now...
In the past he just thought I was a math whiz or engineer...
Yeah--- like I would have time to go to engineering school, while I was in Nursing,
Nutrition and Pharma...GET REAL.lol
I have always seen things in my head, and I never doubt it 
will go wrong...it is soooo weird actually...

Ok here I drew out P for Pink, R for Red, to help me iwth the gingham pattern.

I used some acrylic paints by Martha Stewart ...she has 
a really great red...then I took some white and red and mixed
them to make pink..and dabbed them alternate of the pattern
to make a gingham look..

Looks messy I did that on purpose...
to give it that gingham affect from far....

 I wasn't even finished yet...
All those bleeding lines, were fixed easily..
Wait for the paint to dry...wait.....
and then use some white paint to cover the bleeds..
Tried tape that was just making a bigger mess...
And then I outlined it all in black....

Still needs a coat of varnish...and I may touch  it up maybe one more time...and  I have convinced
David to put HER up on our Peaked Garage roof....at the front of the house..NOBODY will be that close to see the imperfections.... Besides look on the BARN you can hardly tell....wink....

Oh the dry eraser by Mr Clean was the perfect solution to erase the pencil lines when I made
some wee mistakes lol

I think we should consider for the future a  BARN Quilt BLOG HOP!....
We would all have to show and tell our WOODEN piece...cost by the way less than $10.00 and that was with the piece of wood.

Mary's BARN Quilts
please copy this url below to get to Mary's Barn Quilts


I know Deonn, has made a couple and was it one or two that won you REWARDS with Accuquilt?

"I will always be behind you, gently pushing you forward..." mdm samm

Of course mine would be red and white and gingham pattern....What else would it be? WINK.

Thanks Mary for INSPIRING ME!


What colour, what block would yours look like?

I have got to get back to homework .

Next week we all will be showing lot's of PINS as in PIN CUSHIONS....
I ammmm so looking forward to Kristen and her cheering and of course all of your creations...

Here is a pretty one to inspire you...Mary from I piece too Mary, created this gem...Are you joining us in BATIKS? Connecting Threads- SALE ON BATIKS 

OHHHHHHH as a little incentive to encourage you to try BATIKS for Twist to the 60's

LOOK what RELIABLE YES our FAVOURITE IRON peeps...want to share with you..

ONE OF the PARTICIPANTS will be able to win this.....They ( RELIABLE) wants to shine their LIGHT on one of U...

All you have to do is SIGN UP with Mary! at the end of the HOP
one of you ladies will be shining sooooo much brighter...

An LED light that has a light expectancy of 60,000 hours
 I may need 2 of them LOL

 Value 99.95


  1. I o want to make one someday. I should just get to it!!! I want a Swoon block for mine. =)

    Yours is spectacular!!

  2. There are a couple of Barn Quilts between my house and my son's. Every time we pass them my husband says, "Yes, I know, you want one of those!" Think he's heard me say that a few times? :) blessings, marlene

  3. I have been dreaming of a barn quilt on the pack house in the back.. We actually have 2 old pack houses that hubby's grandfather used when he farmed tobacco plus a corn crib... and heck, we also still have the old chicken coop house standing... If you do the Barn Quilt Hop, I will have no more excuses to keep putting it off!!

    JUST DO IT!! :)

    1. I got so excited that I forgot to add that since I would most likely make 4... I guess one would HAVE to be the..

      Churn Dash in honor of my grandmother...

      Card tricks as hubby and I met in a group of 14 people who played spades together...

      Farmer Boy since hubby is a farmer...

      And you know what would be on my 4th Barn Quilt... yep... a PIG!

      Your barn quilt is fabulous Madame Samm! and perfect with the gingham!

  4. We're moving to a farm soon, but the hubby says I can't put a block on the barn... But I can on the chicken coop! Doing a blog hop would be the perfect inspiration to actually get it done!!

  5. Great Barn block Madame Samm..I like the gingham look. We don' have too many down here in the south but we do have them on buildings as part of the Appalachian trail. And if you did have a blog hop it would give me the incentive to finish mine. I only got as far the wood.

  6. A Barn Quilt is on my someday list too. I love your gingham idea. It looks great and it is a terrific pattern.

  7. I'm so jealous of your barn quilt. I have wanted to do that for some time and like you, I have no barn. I think the top of the garage peak is perfect. Your gingham block is all smiles!

  8. I hung a quilt on my front porch last week and I think one of my neighbors thought I was nuts. I wonder what she would say if I made a barn quilt???? I think I will give it a try!

  9. Thank you Madame Samm for posting about the Barn Blocks. I love them! When we are traveling, I will check that area to see if there are any as part of a trail. I have one on the front of my house. Guess I better get busy and do a post. I hope this inspires a lot of other quilters. Every barn I go past I check to see if there is a quilt, or if one would look great on it!

  10. I don't have a barn, but now I want one just so I can hang a quilt (wood or fabric) on it. Very cool! The Uber light looks like something I need...I better go shop NOW. LOL

  11. Love your barn block ! There isn't a barn with a quilt block on it within 100 miles.....probably. I would have to put one on my dog pen...hey that's a good idea. Happy studying !

  12. The barn is great and the wooden quilt block is so YOU! We couldn't have one of those on our house here because the CCR's wouldn't allow it.
    Now that light is certainly something I could and would use every day. I never even knew Reliable made a light.
    Looking forward to seeing all the pincushion creations....now those I do have at least one of in every room of the house and in my bags too.

  13. Hmmm....I've actually GOT a barn out back. I've been wanting a quilt for it, but somehow in my head it seemed a lot harder than watching you paint your piece of wood. Now you've got me inspired! If I make one, wonder if I can get Hubby to hang it?

  14. I love barn quilts! There is a Barn Quilt Block driving tour in Franklin County (the next county over from me) with over 30 barn quilt blocks to see!!! My guild made our own wooden barn blocks last year at a meeting and we all have our wooden blocks hanging on our houses or garages or garden sheds all over Lyon County as well--probably 25 or more members participated. When I moved I brought mine and have it on my front door. What fun!!!

  15. As part of the 'restore' Schoharie County after Irene's devistation - member of our quild and some local businesses started a Barn Quilt Trail thru our county - now registered with the National Barn Trail. In fact we just had Suzi Parron visit and take photos for a new Quilt Barn Trail calendar.

  16. I do believe it is okay not to have a barn and still have great desires. My heart did a skipped beat and a double sigh. Then reality hit me! I think one of these with a shabby chic frame needs to be hung on my patio... by my bathtub sofa. I think this could make a great blog hop but for now it is going on my list for things to create in October. I am starting a fairy garden in October tooo
    I would love to win toooo

  17. Ohhh what a fabulous barn quilt! You and your Gingham :-) Don't think you could have possibly managed to pick anything harder to paint! But I have to say, I love it! Mine would be purple... as for the block, hummm that's a tough one. Flying geese surrounding a moose maybe! :-)
    Cool little light, who couldn't use more light! As for the Twist blog hop... I hate to brag, but my project is done with the acception of a teeny tiny little thing that will be done today. And yes it screame 60's! :-) Spoiler alert, no moose in sight!

  18. What a great "barn quilt"! I think that would be a super fun blog hop! (When I taught school years ago, before I started quilting for real, I made a few wooden puzzles using quilt block patterns for my 2nd graders to put together. (Part of a geometry unit.) I used wall paper in place of cloth. I wish I still had those! I left them in my classroom for the next teacher to use. Painting them on a board would be so much easier. I can just imagine an entire wall of barn quilt designs in my sewing room! You did an amazing job, as usual!

  19. What ... no ruffles? ; ) Your barn quilt is terfiffic.

  20. That is absolutely beautiful! I love barn quilts in general, but yours is really special! :)

  21. Love your Barn Quilt. Men think we are crazy-at least my man does. I have been collecting cat fabrics for awhile and decided to make a cat quilt for my SIL for Christmas, as their kittens have passed the one year mark. I decided a Sudoku would be the best use of my large collection, so I researched it, found a completed 16 x 16 puzzle, cut out squares and now am starting to sew. When my husband realized what I was doing, he simply stated, "You are nuts!" However, he later followed that by "if he doesn't like it, we'll keep it," so I assume that's a positive indication of what I am doing! Thanks for sharing!

  22. Who woulda thought?! You came up with a great idea and it is gorgeous.

  23. Your barn quilt is awesome...great idea to have a gingham quilt block!

  24. Brilliant! I love the colors and design.

  25. Oh my, what a wonderful barn block!!! And gingham... LOVE IT!I don't have a barn either, but mine would go on the shop... of course, hubby would protest, but we know who would win, lol! Now, what I would make... something definitely vibrant and some sort of applique design! Yes! I vote for a hop on barn blocks!

  26. Love your barn block. The gingham is great. I would do a hop. I love to paint and want one of these to hang on my shed. Hubby likes the idea.

  27. You are a riot Samm. I love your barn block. So fun!

  28. Your cyber barn looks wonderful with its new block! Are you sure you are not going to build a barn ... a white one ... just to display it?

    Maybe the free standing signs on Mary's Barn Quilts blog are a good way to go for those of who are barn free. Hmmm ... isn't that a song? "Barn Free! As free as the wind blows!! As free as the blocks grow! Barn Free to follow your heart!" Quilty Heart, that is. ;)

    My "Barn Block" would have to be a painted version of my favorite block, the blue, green, yellow one that appears as my icon. Is it okay if I get my hubby to help me with the wood working part? He knows how to decoupage fabric onto wood. I have a crafty and handy hubby .... lucky me ... :) Pat

    1. Also ... I am going to try to get a batik project done in the next couple of days and if I do, I will see if there are still openings in the hop ... :)

  29. Oh, I dream of having a barn, with gardens surrounding it with a traditional block hanging upon it. But alas, only a dream, I would make one to put on the garden shed back. Sounds like fun, I love working with wood. ;). Your barn block is divine!

  30. What a beautiful block! We just got back from Minnesota and I had fun seeing lots of them. I've been wanting to get one made to hang on our little shed.

  31. How cute and how clever of you! But we already know that. I'm making a serger cover and you are making a barn quilt placard for a barn you don't have, LOL.

  32. We have a barn, and after DH saw a barn quilt picture told me we need to design one. I think it will be a nice winter project. Ours will have to be green and yellow even though my favorite colors are red.

  33. Hi Madame - I picked up a little red & white gingham gift for you this morning. Sending with the next package.;-)

  34. That is so crazy!! I have two Barn Quilts with primer on them now in the garage!! If they turn out I want to sell them too!!....I about died when I came to your Barn Quilt tutorial!!...I have been busy quilting and such and had not read blogs for a few weeks!...You Go Girl!! I am going to to the Ohio Star first (since we live in Indiana and are really Buckeyes!)....and then the Swoon block out by the road for my Shop Sign....but I do love your Spinning Block...I just saw that done for a Quilts of Valor block...very sweet!.....you keep it up girlfriend!! Hugs! Karen


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