Friday, September 20, 2013

Just try to BUTTON me up!

 pin cushion compliments by  Amy, sew incredibly crazy

After our PIN it Blog hop that Kristen so well managed, I possibly 
got as many emails about my  BUTTON PINS than I did about my PIN cushions.
And that was fine with me....and after  21,337 emails on how to make them..
I suppose I felt some pressure to do a TUT...just  a wee bit..

Shelly's Buttons and More has kept me in buttons for as long as I can remember.
When I was a doll maker ( still am, wait and see what I have planned for you all in 
2014) sorry got sidetracked ...She was my one online store that I knew
would always have the theme I was looking for..

A few years ago, I was gifted with some pretty pins, the price
was left behind the card...I was shocked to read prices from anywhere
from $5.00 to $21.00 a PIN ...we are talking one PIN.
Sure some of them made them out of clay, but really, it was 1 PIN....

Sooooo as trouble shooter that I am...I took a peak  at  some of my buttons
and thought, " I can make pretty BUTTON PINS for maybe 12 cents a piece...
Now here is where I had to do some searching...if it is out there.
I can find it.

First you need a special glue, and after trying many many glues
I settled on this one E6000, and I know Shelly carries this now..
It is an industrial glue, so it is very wise to do this in an area
where there is some air flow...LIKE OUTSIDE! ( read a comment from Nadine)
I cannot emphasize this enough...( do it outside) lol
it smells pretty strong, but once completely dry, takes about 24-32 hours
no smell. What I like about this glue it is colorless and those pins will never fall
off the buttons. Yes, very reliable. 

( see the little silver girl, she is from Thearica's store)

YOU also need 1 7/8 inch PINS, now those are almost impossible to find.
Took me quite awhile and then I came across these from 
They have all kinds of great supplies for sewers and quilters
and their pins are very reasonable priced too! 
These little pearl buttons barely show on the backs too! 

And their customer service is superior..

Ohhhh yes I pricked myself a couple of times..they are very sharp
so that is my bandaid pin wink..

Now that you have the supplies. buttons, glue and pins..you are ready to start making
get an old pair of scissors, and cut off the shanks...those little pieces that you thread your needle through, don't need those..they are easy to cut off... Dab some E6000 on the back of them and add your pin...that is it...

  As you will note, I made a few last evening...less than an hour of my time, and all well spent, 
I made about 80 pins. Now if I was selling them, well let me just say, I would make myself a nice
profit...I likely would sell them for $1.00 a piece....wink...
remember it is only cost me less than 12 cents a piece.

Pretty in pink...I had quite a few pink buttons, so I put together this collection...note the wee daisy,
cup of tea, teddy bear, I LOVE YOU...I adore all of these..

I will be placing a couple of these in YOUR WINNINGS.
a lot of these buttons are one of kind as some of them 
are no longer available...

These are some of my favourites, sewing themes...these are still available.
and I have located another Button company, and as soon as their
collection of buttons arrive I will make more buttons and talk about them too..

Scissors, needles, threads, buttons, sewing machines, thimbles...great
choice for any quilter..

This is my Christmas collection...Shelly has some very 
nice new ones available now...these are from many years ago...
look at the good and bad list, the glasses, the snowman..
so many possibilities...

 And what great Button PIN maker would not have some HALLOWEEN theme ones..
I adore these...from mice, to cats, frogs and spider webs, pumpkins and candy corn..
Well Shelly has many Halloween treats for you..
 Ohhh and here are some that are very dear to my heart...the silver pot is from Thearica, 
Pig tales and quilts. She has some delightful charms that would also make terrific pins..
You can link to her charms from the link above!  The rest of the coffee and cookie and bandaids are from Shelly...cute...super cute for me..

 So there you have it...you now can make your very own BUTTON PINS a la Mdm Samm, I have
told you all the companies involves, what I use, nothing held back...

ONE MORE little thing...

While I was seeking buttons, and I needed a new pair of Dovos that were stolen from me a month ago. I came across Anita from Anitaslittlestitches. Oh my what a delight she is. She has almost everything us Quilters are looking for. She is a divine owner who is all about service...Besides getting my Dovos , she has some pretty unique buttons, bohns needles some great looking wrist pin cushions...

Welllll you will just have to check her out yourself...I LOVE sharing GREAT People, GREAT shops and GREAT items....

She makes these and has patterns for them...
We may have to get her in our embroidery hop next year

Thimbles, every kind you can imagine...and will you look
at that wrist pin cushion, had to have that...
when it comes I will show you...mine will be a bit different than
this one..

and look she has great charms, again, these would make
for some very authentic Button PINS..

 Scissors, she has quite a collection and my
favourite Dovos...her prices are very good.

 She has PRESENCIA, Vivaldi, cosmo, 
bohn, John James and she too has a nice
button collection...

Sooooooo pleased to found her! YOU will be too!

 Ok, now I have homework and we have a BATIKS hop coming up with our delightful MARY
cheering for us....I have been pouring myself into a 60's project..it is coming up very soon

Upon completing another exam this is what came in my inbox...

If you too believe I am a good candidate for Quilting BEST PHOTOGRAPHY..
I would be eternally filled with GRATITUDE!

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Megan Mitzel
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  1. 80+ pins? You went a little pin-making crazy didn't you, but they are so cute! Thanks for showing us how to make them. I'll be checking out online stores today, I'm sure. :O)

  2. Fantastic post! You sure were busy and I hope you wore a mask over your mouth and nose even if you were outside. I saw several buttons on Shelly's site that I think I cannot live without. Gonna be calling her very soon! :)

  3. Thanks for showing how you make all those cute little pin accents from buttons ... :) Pat

  4. Good Morning, Madame Samm. When I was looking at your pin cushions the other day, I became more interested in all the cute little pins(sorry I got distracted from the pincushions). But they were so adorable. I kept wondering where you got them, especially the scissors. So now I know that you made them and how you did them. I have some beautiful buttons and charms that would be just right for this. Thank you for the tutorial. I have used that glue, but wouldn't have thought about making these.(You are right-the glue smell is horrible. Thank you again. Have a great weekend.

  5. Thanks for the tutorial on makeing those pins....And thank you for the names of the companies. Your pins look fabulous.

  6. Well, now what a great use for those fun buttons, I can't seem to keep from collecting! Love it!

  7. Thank you for the button pin lesson. I keep buying buttons and finding old ones and need only so many to keep me decent . What a great way to use and display.

  8. Those are just too cute!! How can I fit all of these projects into my schedule....?? Hmmmmmmmmmmm

  9. Cute! That is EXACTLY how I made my beehive button (and a few others I did not show) for the pincushion blog hop! I just used the glass pins I had at home... :-)

  10. Oh Madame'! (I gave you an accent on your name, just for fun) LOL. On a school grade of A-F, I gave you an F. FANTASTIC.
    Thanks darling! I am inspired.

  11. I admired your buttons and I'm so glad to know that I can make some! Thank you so much for the tutorial!

  12. Thank you once again for sharing some fun with us. I believe I may try to make some of these very soon. Have a lovely weekend.

  13. Awesome! All of them looking great.

  14. Oh honey--awesome pins and such fun! With the pins in the mix I might actually be tempted to make a pincushion, which I just got through telling ITMan I wasn't really interested in doing...

    Anyway, I wanted to add a lil' bit of a note about that e6000 glue stuff--okay, a big note LOL:

    Seriously folks, she's not kidding when she says to use it OUTSIDE!! Years ago--like 20 years ago--I used this glue and some spray sealant as well and made collage pins, brooches really, from those little brass charm thingys--remember those?? Well, I WAS in a pretty well ventilated room AND I had the windows open even, but despite that I woke up that night and couldn't breathe!!

    I mean, my lungs were on fire, and it felt like I had steel bands around my chest squeezing it! It was very painful! One rather long, middle of the night emergency room wait later, I learned I'd given myself pleurisy (inflammation of the lining of the lungs if you don't know what that is--I didn't) and that turned into bronchitis and then pneumonia and infections in both eyes and I was sick in bed for WEEKS, almost a month altogether.

    Great glue though--those brooches, they are still in my jewelry box and that glue is still holding them together! LOL Just...yeah, don't use it inside!

    1. Yes Nadine..and you are a no reply blogger so I will leave my comment here for you, hopefully you will be seeing it again..
      This glue is awesome but needs to be in use where there is a well ventilated area. With all the glues I have tried not one gave me the results as this one...so it is that good and that bad lol

    2. Of course I'll be seeing it again--I'm one of those people that goes back to read further comments after I've left one because I guess I've always expected the conversation to continue on at the blog level as opposed to the email level, so that others know there IS a conversation at all and can benefit from it! I guess I'm just old fashioned (and paranoid about my email privacy as well!), and plus I have no idea how Blogger works really since I use self-hosted Wordpress. I always just answer comments on my blog and figure if anyone really wants to see what I said, they'll just have to come back and look! I did fix it at my blogger profile though, so we'll see how that goes. :-)

  15. Over20,000... Wow! That is amazing! Gosh, how long would it take to read them!!

    I just asked The Mother to see if she will make some with sheep on for me !! hee..hee..

  16. Great tutorial! I can see new pins in my future. Love all yor different pins. Fun! Fun!

  17. I can't beleive you just whipped out 80 of the most adorable pins I have ever seen! So cute- thank you for the tutorial.
    have a great weekend.
    xo jan

  18. Ooooo . . . I might have to try making a few of these myself from the jars upon jars of buttons around here. Such a perfect and fun use for them. Oh, and I can confirm the holding power of the E6000 glue. This is the glue I used for many years when we were creating our holiday ornament line years ago. It works on almost any hard surface. Thanks for the mini tut Samm.

  19. Oh my, your pins are wonderful. I never dreamed it could be sew simple:) Thanks for the links as they are wonderful and awfully tempting.

  20. Those are fabulous! Thanks for all of the information and links.

  21. How adorable and how clever of you to make pins like that.

  22. Thank you so much for these directions! All my little buttons are whirling in my head like the tornado from The Wizard of OZ! Now I know what to do with all those cute animal buttons that I thought that I would use! Also thanks so much for helping us to find what we need! Sometimes that is the hardest part. I do believe that Shelly will be getting lots of hits on her shop! Thanks again and you may stick any of these little pins in an envelope for me! LOL!

  23. Ok, now for some questions that I hope you will answer for me.
    Does the pin head have to be crystal? Can it be plastic?
    Will the buttons without shanks (little holes) work?
    I really love these!

    1. This is the reply she sent me on the questions I asked her. I hope she doesn't mind that I post it here. I'm sure others wanted to know too!Hi ....plastic heads will melt with this glue...I already tried that...which is why I recommend these pins...and yes
      as I do remove the shanks...if you don't have them...that is good...I add a dollop of glue into a glass dish..again
      plastic will melt from it...and I swirl the glass bead into the glue than add it to the button..and VOILA!
      one of a kind button pin

  24. WOW, this opens up a whole new world for me. Thanks for the tutorial and links!!

  25. I am SO glad you shared, Thank you, I was admiring your pins, especially when you said you made them yourself.

  26. Why didn't I think of that. Thanks for the tutorial. I have buttons, just need to be on my way to buy some of those pins. Thank you!

  27. Oh my gosh, I did the unthinkable thing last year! Since my old 2" pins needed pliers to go thru my fabric, I chucked them! To make matters worse, I had been collecting cutsie buttons to add to my monthly themed wall hangings and gave lots and lots away, BUT still have a ton, well a few pounds, left, lol! Thank you for the great tutorial on pin making.

  28. I absolutely love your little pins Mdm Samm!!! Thanks for the tute - I will be making a few of those for Christmas gifts this year :*)

  29. Great button pins Samm - I think I might already have some of those pins...now just need the buttons! blessings, marlene

  30. Thank you, again, Madam Samm! Those buttons are so adorable! What great Christmas gifts they would make in one of those great pin cushions we saw on the hop! Thanks for the tutorial and for all of the sources!

  31. Oh I cannot wait to make me some pins for my pincushions! Too cute and the glue IS super stinky, but it works! :)

  32. Thanks, MS, you're wonderful. I've already checked out Anita and thought - cool; how cute. I'm on a time limit but will be back checking her out again soon.

  33. great idea Samm! so cute. I even have some of my own handmade buttons to put on the ends. Now to find those glass head pins, lol

  34. I can't wait to try this . your pincushions are very lovely and I'm hoping you have tutorials on your website. Can't wait.

  35. OMG. I must try this. what a wonderful gift for a sewing/quilting friend, along with a matching pincushion. Thank you so much for sharing!

  36. Oh how cute - now I must ask a question and it may seem silly but....you say to buy pins with heads such as the ones you are showing with the crystal tops, and in one sentence you say this "and cut off the shanks...those little pieces that you thread your needle through, don't need those".
    Now...I may have missed something because the pins don't have a hole to thread through. Can you help me here. I really like your tutorial and would love to do it right.
    Thanks for sharing.


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