Sunday, September 29, 2013

FREE ADMISSION to Chatauqua Quilt Show! ( lot's of pics)

I seldom venture out...but would you believe I ended up in Chatauqua Quilt show
over the border! Yes and I was on a BUS, very first time I have ever been on a BUS! 
What a day it was.... The weather was picture perfect, not too hot, not too cool.
A perfect FALL day! 

Ok, with all good news, something had to go wrong right? ...
WElllll I was with my very dear quilting friends...all 6 of us
were on the bus with  25 other ladies...great ladies too boot!

WE get over the border with very little delay, when we get
to Chatauqua, there were mini buses to take us to each event...
After we all visit the powder room, I head outside from the main gate..

I get on one of the buses, I thought I saw one of my gf's 
and everyone else was ahead of her...NOOOOO, I was on the bus
filled with complete strangers...ok, so they were quilters...
I was among FRIENDS...but still 4 hours later, I finally
caught up to my ladies....

Meanwhile I roamed around and took a few pics...
This is what many of the GUILDS in the area are making....

This was from the event planner of our event...this was in her store...
since I am Canadian, and we have flying geese always in our neighbourhood, 
I thought this was quite appealing... Great for a MAN quilt...mmmm

This one was kinda cutesy, but still well done..
not sure I would have added some nice ruffles on the curtains..

These were flannel pieces! 

scrap apples with a worm at the bottom...

This was quite lovely, the photos were not great - apologies for that..
the lighting was terrible and the crowds were welllll very close...
these were some of the best I took...
Don't you just love that border..?

I was very pleased to see one of our Dear Designers Cori Blunt's pattern
all put together....LOVE this quilt...I am going to have to get this pattern CORI! lol

This was lovely...the amount of work in this one, really was breathtaking..
the photo does not do it justice...

I rather liked this booth...ABE never looked soo good...complete with log cabin border..

This lady seemed rather occupied lol

Now this one would have surely made our Twist to the 60's top spot! 

These were rather cute...they stood by the door, all quilted
in patch like dressings! yep I would have taken those home
in a flash..
Saw very few men there....except for security and bell porters..nooo men who
were quilting..

if anyone knows who makes these type of patterns...
love to have some of these patterns

Sadly this one did not turn out well...it was stunning...all pieced
and beautifully stitched...

This was just a HAPPY quilt...

I did like this...the bandaid on the middle snowman did bring a smile
or two to onlookers..

This was very classic, I did like this one a lot! 

This one I was not sure if it was paper pieced or appliqué or was
it a panel that someone stitched...I could not get close enough to view...

I really liked this one...perfect for a fall quilt show..

And this I hearted...

A perfect very busy rooster quilt....lot's to view...

Some closes up...

This Hen -possibly my favourite..

This one was really cute...all done with Dick and Jane fabric, yes ?
There were quite a few of these...but these were the only ones that came out clear...
This was allll paper pieced..I did enjoy this one..
 A holiday treat....this was 23 x 26 a nice one for a table topper! 

a nice pattern this was....very warm

some 3 D quilts, very child like...great for babies...

AND I have to admit....this was my FAV, it was 3 D, very bright, very different..
where would someone put something this large in their home...
it had to be at least 5 feet long by 3 feet wide...
and very puffy....what it needed was some
bubbles above it's head....

Now wasn't that worth FREE admission?
Glad you roamed with me...I knew I would not be alone for long.

OHHHH Twist to the 60's continues this week..
SEE you then...

And our BOY Quilts sign up..take a peak at yesterdays post..

by the way..TEA with MISS C
won GRAND CHAMPION, we are now entering her into the next class
for Regionals.. WE are soooo proud of her!


  1. There are some wonderful quilt here. What inspiration! By the way, how did Christine's quilt do, Teas with Miss C? That is such a beautiful quilt. Loved seeing the quilt show pictures.

  2. Wow so many wonderful project. Thank you for showing these pictures

  3. Teas with Miss C won the big one, super. I did love the Porch quilt.

  4. Fantastic quilts! Thanks so much for being our eyes at the show. I think my favorite quilt is the Dick and Jane quilt...love the way she used all those little squares for the background. So sorry to hear you were a little lost, but you were definitely among friends with all those quilters there! Thanks for sharing your wonderful day!

  5. What amazing quilts! The guild sure has talented people, no to mention the wonderful vignettes. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Thanks for the free tour! There were so many lovely quits.... I'd choose the paper pieced sewing shelves and the bright roosters as my two favorites. Sorry about your bus woes..... at least it was a great day and you got to meet even more wonderful quilters. Glad that Tea with Miss C is moving along to the next competition!

  7. I really enjoyed the show. Thank you for taking me along. That fish is so fun, but I wanted to go sit on that porch. It doesn't look windy there...

  8. Oh I really wanted to go to that show but it was way too far of a drive for this year. It is definitely on our list for the future. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  9. I've been singing "Wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round...." ever since you said you rode on a bus. What a fun trip that must have been and such treat to see so many gorgeous creations. There is no way I'd even attempt some of them, but I do love to look at all the details. Thanks for taking me on a little quilt trip. :O)

  10. Thanks for sharing! I love Evening Stars and Bonding the most.

  11. Breathing beauties! Looks like a beautiful trip with friends.

  12. Wonderful, thank you very much for taking me along on that trip just now! Coincidentally, our quilt show was this weekend too, in Walla Walla, WA. I had to go twice to actually SEE everything, took my husband the first time, my mom the second, and it was totally worth seeing all the techniques and ideas up close and in person. Congratulations on the Grand Champion, and best wishes for Regionals!

  13. Thanks for taking us along on the bus trip...and free admissiong, what a bonus...loved the paper pieced wall hanging with the sewing machine, Wake Up with the chickens and Frost Bite with the snowmen...sEw simple and I luved it. Congrats to Tea with Miss C...it is gorgeous and good luck at the Regionals!

  14. Oh how much fun you must have had! I went thru the photos thinking, ohh I like this one, ohh I like that one... What the heck I love em all! I must say "Memories" sure got my attention though. I love that fabric, but just couldn't quite see how I would put it in a quilt. That one is fabulous! Then the fish at the end. Now that one is just right up my alley!

  15. Fabulous quilts. Definitely worth the time to attend. The chicken quilt you labeled Wake Up is actually a BOM called "A Country Journal" by Maggie Walker Designs. The quilter at this show embellished it some. I like the spider web she/he? added. I've had those patterns for a while now and one day I'm going to make it. :D

  16. Did your Quilt group make the Tea with Miss C.??? It is so lovely! How or who did the quilting? Hand or machine? I'm just interested in how your entire group participated? My group has such varying skill levels that I struggle with group projects and how to enter them for competition.

  17. Beautiful -- I LOVE those geese!!! What a fun adventure. :)

  18. Thanks for taking me to the quilt show it has been so long since I have been to one. I enjoyed it immensely and didn't even get tired like I usually do. The quilts were beautiful and the company excellent.

  19. Thank you for sharing the quilt show. It is wonderful to see quilts from other areas. Congratulations on the win for Miss T.

  20. Beautiful..... great to browse.... before I begin my work day!

  21. I was at the show too and thought it was great. The setting is so beautiful. Will be attending next year also!


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