Monday, September 9, 2013

I am ready to PIN them down.... do hope you will join me....

We have come a long way in PIN CUSHIONS since
the tomato...
Not that I don't still love them...

But if you are looking for PIN Cushions..
Come take a peak tomorrow...

Kristen  from Meadowbrook.
will be leading and cheering to dozens upon dozens
of creators who no doubt will have a few PIN PRICKS...
to show for it...

NOW really has anyone found out how many =THAT OTHER LADY
is making...I heard that she has a vulture on one of them....
Goodness me, just writing that scares me....Maybe she is confused
by our upcoming WICKED HOP...

Find out for me will you...pssssst I have  FEW to giveaway...

Here are some that truly inspired me...

I liked this because it made me smile...

this one was just soooo elegant, reminded me of my wee tots

I don't usually fancy pink, but this one just screams lady...

This one, well I want to live in it ...
it has a ruffle...

and this welllll yum! 

And will you look at what our giveaways are...
more on that tomorrow..
( these are my very favourite pin cushions in the whole wide world..
all made for me by some of our ladies...
I LOVE them and my pin cushions) 
Those I keep! 

 See you tomorrow...I have been up to my ears in homework this evening...would you believe
I had an assignment already to hand in....egads...

Quick question..

What are your thought for a 

WE have "You're HOME" more on that later...( paper piecing project) 
but would like to do something just for BOYS...

It can be small quilts, sleeping bags, pillows....

leave a note here...


  1. Love the giveaway pincushions - Baa's reckons he would give a lovely home to the sheep one! ha!!

    Hope your assignment is all done, handed in and you are on to the next.

    Baa, Miss H and the Mother

  2. Those pincushions are sew beautiful. I am not as the other lady, I have only made two so far
    Have a great day lovely lady

  3. Very pretty pincushions Samm...I too keep all my pincushions and just move them around and change out when I have a feeling for something different. I love ones that were given as a gift and have a different reason for cherishing each one...Have a great day and i hope you do not get too much homework...

  4. Lovely pincushions. I am looking forward to see what every one did! A bloghop for boys would be great.

  5. I look forward to seeing some great inspiration this hop though I have to admit to being a slacker and only getting one pin cushion done but I put my heart into it ;). Glad your classes are going well! Love your pinnish inspiration shots...glad that your gifts have brought you joy, we love you too :)
    Oh, and boy projects...are these lil boys or big boys, lol! I am a fan of the busy books and hot wheels play mats as well as the crayon rolls for little guys. But my guy is 13 now so his taste runs more to the Mario and Doctor Who quilts I have yet to finish, good thing he still has the Bird quilt to tide him over while I work!

  6. A vulture on a pincushion? Crazy! LOL! Love the different pincushions you have, especially that lamb. Since I have four little monkey boys in my life, a boy hop would be right up my alley. :O)

  7. When it comes to sewing, it seems the boys often get left out, so that sounds like a great hop!
    Love all the pin cushions! Can't wait to see what we'll be shown really soon! Mine are ready, but since I was called away to babysit, I didn't make as many as I would like! You can never have too many pin cushions!

  8. OH I think a hop for the boys would be great...I have been thinking of putting roads on a quilt for a little guy who loves little cars...

  9. I am CRAZY about that little sheepy guy~ I hope you get BAAAAACK to me with news that I have won. Thanks for the chance.

  10. Good morning, Madame Samm. I love the pincushions, especially the one with the sheep on it. I am looking forward to the pincushion hop tomorrow. I really need to make me one so I would love to see what others are making.
    I am a mother-grandmother surrounded by boys so a blog hop featuring boy items would be awesome. Boys are ignored most of the time, but I admit, it is sometimes hard to sew for them. I sure could use some new ideas. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  11. Hello dear,
    I am a new follower of your blog and a pin cushion crazy too :)
    I love all of them but the little lamb is so sweet..
    Such fun giveaway..I love it.please count me in too.
    Huge thank you
    Love cuckibx

  12. Such cute pin cushions! I really need to make some of these!

  13. Divinos los alfileteros, el cordero es muy lindo.

    Costa Rica

  14. cute cute and cuter yet...Love that lil elf looking cottage pin cushion. I could live their too...How cute and peaceful looking it is. The lamb is adorable.

  15. What lovely pin cushions! A boy hop sounds like great fun.

  16. I've got quite a few pincushions but I've never made any myself! I'll enjoy this blog hop and it should provide me with some much needed inspiration (and a kick in the rear) so that I can make some. :)

  17. I have 3 small and a big boy at home, so this would be THE perfect hop for me :-))

  18. LOVE the idea of a boy-themed hop!

  19. For the Boys ... Yes!!
    For the pincushions ... all sew wonderful!
    For you ... {{{quilty hugs}}} ... :) Pat

  20. Those are some mighty cute pincushions! ♥ them all! Unfortunately I won't be joining in until after my teaching assignments ends in early December. For the Boys sounds like it would be fun!

  21. A Boy hop would probaly be good in November - since some may be making guys things for Xmas.
    Good luck on your assignment although you won't need it.
    xo jan

  22. Of course, you know I am in for a For the Boys hop. ;)

  23. nice inspiration for pincushion lovers.

  24. nice inspiration for pincushion lovers.

  25. Lots of inspiration, Samm and such a pretty collection you have. We can't have too many pincushions, can we? ;o)


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