Friday, September 13, 2013

Day 4- PIN it blog hop with PBtex and Bird Brain Designs as our sponsors

A warm welcome 
 to all you PIN Cushion ENTHUSIAST.(s)..
Yes that is what we are....aren't we?

I don't think I ever met a pin cushion I did not like
especially if it means, I won't be sticking my finger with stray pins.

WE were soooo excited to see many of you love the idea too...
EACH day you can view all of our PIN CUSHIONS here 

And big thanks goes out to KRISTEN who is 
our cheerleader for this novelty hop..
YOU can always count on her to be smiling
and keeping her Pins and Cues to herself..
She is just filled with smiles and has been a wonderful
cheerleader to us all...

Let's take a peak at our delightful line up 
are you ready? 

Be sure to check back in later to see who is our top 2 and most creative..
That is always a thrill for us all...
Be sure to cheer for all of our ladies, they certainly do this for YOU....
There is nothing nicer than hear cheers from your peers...

Top 2 today are 

This lady created a slice of pin cushion that was hard to overlook,
complete with topping and just peak at her fine stitching and satin ribbon..
YES she beats the cake with this lovely pin cushion....

This PIN cushion is possibly one of the largest I have seen, there is no way
you would lose it...and add dots to her and you have got to admit, she is striking..
so WHO is our top 2, you guessed it ...this lady's owl! 

and most creative goes to....

OK this is hard to pass, will you look at her in her bubblies...
and look at the slippers? YES this lady manages to  SPLASH
us time and time again with her creativity..wait till you see her MR....

What a delightful day...the nurses cap, the coffee cups, 
the HEART you all poured into this hop reallllllly 
is amazing...Have a delightful weekend...it continues next week...

Our sponsors, count them 2...
PBtex.com and Bird Brain Designs..
WE thank them with all of our hearts..
We have 3 fat quarter bundles to giveaway!

LINK here to see PBTEX collection
of Always Blooming by Suzy Pilgrim Waters.
very pretty. 

              and Bird Brain designs..
and Robin has donated some very lovely patterns. 
take a peak at her 
wonderful collection of red work
and embroidery. 
Check out the tomato, pumpkin, flower ones and the comb
of honey...We will choose 5 winners for these...

we have 2 hops that are still open for YOU
to join us...YOU just make one project...

IF interested please leave a note here..
someone will get back to you...

anything with BATIKS

anything that is HALLOWEEN, FALL, AUTUMN...


  1. I made it, I made it! Have a great day!!! c u la-8-er

  2. Just finished my early morning hopping... You have your work cut out for you this morning. Glad I don't have to choose. :)

  3. Such a wonderful assortment of pc's..... some are just soooooo funny and creative!

  4. I'm starving for some sweets after reading these posts each morning! Great day again!

  5. I just saw the bathing beauty's ! LOL Are those not the cutest things you ever saw ! Toaday was an awesome day !

  6. Oh my, today's pinnies are just inspiring...and we still have a few days to go! I love the bathing beauties! All that handwork and such detail and she still felt unsatisfied and wants to do more! EVeryone's work was outstanding!

  7. So many pincushions so little time. I'm glad others made so many darling pincushions so I can see them and don't have to make them all, lol.

  8. Awesome pincushions and a fabulous blog hop!!! :^)

  9. ANother wonderful day with lots of variety. But the bathing beauty - she should be on every quilter's table.

  10. uhhh these are a HOOT I'm sure you know which one I like best ;)

  11. Wow. Wow. Wow. That's all that comes to mind. Crazy awesome ladies.

  12. oh, my goodness!!! can the pincushions get any more cuter and more creative.

  13. Such a fun day of pincushions! I'm always so amazed at how creative quilters can be.

  14. Oh MY! What cuties today! I want them all but I really like the slice of dessert!

  15. Thanks Madam Samm for organising this hop. Even though I am just cheering this time I was so inspired by one of the hoppers that I just had to make my own version of their pincushion. You can check it out here if you are interested http://crafting365days.blogspot.com.au

  16. Thank you so much for featuring my cake. I'm having a blast with all those lovely comments I received. Have a great weekend!

  17. This is just a great hop--sew many great ideas for gifts on down the road.

  18. This is just a great hop--sew many great ideas for gifts on down the road.

  19. So many talented ladies...love the bathing beauties (especially the Mr.)!!!

  20. Cake and a bubble bath, who could ask for more, LOL!

  21. I love the treasure on todays hop.

  22. Oh my the owl is sew cute! Some days I think I need something that large because I would not have to take time to look where I was stabbing my pins.

  23. I didn't have to to comment on every post, but this is such a fun hop...great job ladies

  24. Love seeing the creativity of so many talented people!

  25. What a show, I am enjoying myself so much, hopping around the blogs all over the world, great pin cushions. Have a great weekend, see you monday!

  26. Wow all these girls are really outdoing themselves in creativity and inspiration. I am enjoying this hop. Thank you for having it

  27. Wow the talent continues to blow me away today...

  28. Great hop! Love the cake, what perfect whipped cream.

  29. Madamm Samm I don't know how you continue to do it...the best hops on the planet. Thank you for such great inspiration and clever stitching souls. Creative Bliss Dear...

  30. Last night I did a quick drive-by to check out all of today's pincushions. I had a good laugh when I saw the bathers Linda created. They are adorable and so very creative! What I'd like to know is how was the little white swirl made on the piece of chocolate cake? Too cute. Congrats to all of todays top 3. Now off to do my comments.

  31. I just never knew there were so many different pincushions out there. Another great day.
    Thanks for coming up with this fun blog hop.
    have a great weekend
    xo jan@sewandsowfarm

  32. Wat een prachtige speldenkussens, echt schitteren
    ook eenheel fijn weekend

  33. As soon as I saw the bathing girl, I commented, this has got to be the top creative one for Friday. Wowie! is this a fun hop or what? I am all caught up now and ready to see more tomorrow!

  34. Better late then never! I got behind reading these blogs. Loved todays pins. The cowboy was so delightful, the owl and all of them!!! This was so much fun.

  35. Better late then never! I got behind reading these blogs. Loved todays pins. The cowboy was so delightful, the owl and all of them!!! This was so much fun.


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