Monday, September 30, 2013

Day 4 of Let's twist to the 60's in Batiks with Island Batiks and Reliable as our sponsors

                ARE YOU still ready  To turn back time, to twist, embrace LOVE, PEACE....

 I am still twisting  like we did last summer. ( oops sorry TWIST gotta away with me)
Mary from I piece too Mary is keeping the music on, the twister mat is on the floor and we are ready to show everything BATIKS. We certainly have something in common, white gloves, pearls, dresses...OHHHHh so us....We certainly would never ever been thought of as anything hippie... ( unless we are talking HIPS, which I certainly have.)

A couple years ago when I first saw BATIKS, my first thought...."sooo sixties"  and yes I expect
for all of our project designers to make me smile... Here is our GO-GO girls on todays line up..

September 30

Quilted Delights

( 0ne of our dear participant - Dad passed away
last week, prayers to them all) 

and we have to have some giveways....Island Batiks sent over these
bountiful bundles...

 Island Batik.. they have such a wide variety of textures, designs, colours...welllll look and see.
thanks so much for being our sponsor....YOU add so much colour and texture to our quilting lives...

And as much my idealism of the 60's is more in par of  Jacqueline Kennedy style, I can certainly embrace the need for colour in our surroundings...

So as it goes...HOW CAN YOU WIN?

#1 for participating, all those who were in our hop have a chance to win one of these bundles..
#2 for being in our top 2 each day...top 1 and most creative...
#3 for leaving comments..

Check back later to see who are our top 2 EACH DAY!

 One very neat top choice

ahhhh we can just groove to this piece with our cup of joe

and one most creative groovy piece..

flower power is indeed felt with these pop fabrics and buttons...
ohhhhhhh far out..

our beloved sponsor for this hop..you will be seeing them again...! 

And congrats to one of our GO GO GIRls who won this...just for signing up..thanks To Reliable Corp
for LIGHTING our lives.

JANE from Grandmama stories  OHHHH my you won, you won...there will be LIGHT in your life...
for at least 60,000 hours anyway....

EGADS, it is the last day of SEPTEMBER....NOOOOOOOOOOO!


  1. Good morning, just wanted to apologize for my post being late! I had it on scheduled and, when I looked, it had not published. It's up and fixed now, with a note of apology to those in my current time zone (I'm still in Ireland at the moment.) Thanks again! Beth Strand

  2. Good morning! Just finished hopping to these batik delights and came away with a smile on my face. I am glad it is not my job to choose the top creations each day. :)

  3. The great colors this morning really gave me a nice "wake up"! I've always loved batiks and I love them even more now!

  4. I've had so much fun with this blog hop each day and the pariticipants have made me smile. It is amazing to see all the wonderful creativity amongst all of these bloggers and these great men and women who come together enjoying the art of quilting, sewing and crafts. Thank you so much for letting me participate.

  5. Oh my my! What an honor to be chosen as a top twister... Thank you!! Very unexpected!

  6. A fun Monday morning - lots of color to make the day. I am amazed at all those flowers!!

  7. It's fun to be back in the groove this week.

  8. I am enjoying this hop, just not commenting very ofter, as I can't be on the computer very much. I am now taking care of our 3 month old grandson, who came 6 weeks early. Congrats to Grandma Jane. I know she will be thrilled with her win. Congrats Jane!

  9. I really dig those cool flowers! They are outta sight baby. It's definitely Flower Power Monday!!!

  10. I was a teenager in the 60's and all I can say is that today's hoppers submitted very COOL entries!

  11. Very cute projects today and that quilt was amazing too. Great job by all these groovy chicks! Gotta love the lava lamp!
    xo jan@sewandsowfarm

  12. Wonderful projects again today!

  13. Some wonderful projects today. This is a joyful blog hop.

  14. Gotta love those bright flowers...so cool!

  15. Love the flower power bag - it fits the hop perfectly and they are gorgeous in batiks.

  16. Enjoying visiting all the participants...those flowers are picture perfect!

  17. This is such a fun hop. 24Tangent@gmail.com

  18. I am really enjoying this hop and all the wonderful projects. Thank you for hosting!

  19. Wow is all I can say The colorful projects are beautiful. Thanks for hosting this blog hop and of course thanks to all the participates . Cant wait to see what tomorrow brings.

  20. Great choices, I love those flowers.

  21. What beautiful items! Congratulations Jane!

  22. Another beautiful flower power of a day! ;)

  23. Memories of my childhood in the 60s. Flower Power and Peace symbols abounded. Now I'm into batiks.A Fun and Hip Hop!

  24. Memories of my childhood in the 60s. Flower Power and Peace symbols abounded. Now I'm into batiks.A Fun and Hip Hop!

  25. Another fun day of visiting blogs and seeing all kinds of neat projects!!

  26. I hopped at then forgot to get on over here and see your picks! I told her she had me at the collection of kanzashi flowers. What fun seeing all those brightly colored beauties. LOL, I have been working on my wicked project and that fabric is kinda dark and spooky.


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