Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 3-Pin it Blog hop with Pbtex and Bird Brain Designs as our sponsors...

A warm welcome 
 to all you PIN Cushion ENTHUSIAST.(s)..
Yes that is what we are....aren't we?

I don't think I ever met a pin cushion I did not like
especially if it means, I won't be sticking my finger with stray pins.

WE were soooo excited to see many of you love the idea too...
EACH day you can view all of our PIN CUSHIONS here 

And big thanks goes out to KRISTEN who is 
our cheerleader for this novelty hop..
YOU can always count on her to be smiling
and keeping her Pins and Cues to herself..
She is just filled with smiles and has been a wonderful
cheerleader to us all...

Let's take a peak at our delightful line up 
are you ready? 

Be sure to check back in later to see who is our top 2 and most creative..
That is always a thrill for us all...
Be sure to cheer for all of our ladies, they certainly do this for YOU....
There is nothing nicer than hear cheers from your peers...

OUR TOP 2 today 

This lady presented a stellar cushion looking like a 50's print..
that gingham will get me time and time again...
cathedral window never looked so good...

and slow and steady this lady always seems to pull the rabbit turtle out of her hat..
and she is most certainly in the PINK today...

and most creative

And I am a little concerned of any rooster who is sitting in TERMINAL CREAM CHEESE...
container but she looks harmless enough, as long as we don't eat her lol

Another wonderful day of very creative pin cushions..our PINTEREST board
is getting very full of inspiration for all you PIN Enthusiast...

Our sponsors, count them 2...
PBtex.com and Bird Brain Designs..
WE thank them with all of our hearts..
We have 3 fat quarter bundles to giveaway!

LINK here to see PBTEX collection
of Always Blooming by Suzy Pilgrim Waters.
very pretty. 

              and Bird Brain designs..
and Robin has donated some very lovely patterns. 
take a peak at her 
wonderful collection of red work
and embroidery. 
Check out the tomato, pumpkin, flower ones and the comb
of honey...We will choose 5 winners for these...


  1. I just finished hopping... and now want to make some more pincushions. lol

  2. Tough to pick today.... glad it's your job and not mine!

  3. Really enjoying the pin cushion creations! It is inspiring to see what quilters can do with a little fabric!

  4. Lovely, lovely, lovely! :) Checking to see if I am still a no-reply blogger, hopefully this has been resolved.!

  5. They had me laughing this morning...great pin cushions!!

  6. I want to make more pin cushions after toady too ! But you know which one has to be my favorite !

  7. Another wonderful day! I can see there must be a ton of fun sewing spaces out there with these great pincushions.

  8. After 49 years you think I'd learn "Momma is always right". Thanks for proving her right Madam!

  9. What adorable pin cushions today!

  10. Charming cathedral window cushion! Afraid I'm partial to gingham as well.

  11. I just enjoyed today - the little pill container was an excellent idea for a mini notions keep for traveling.

  12. Fun hop, great to see all the different pin cushions.

  13. Another day of fantastic pin cushions! Sew many great ideas to keep you looking at what you can use for a holder.

  14. Hi,what a fun HOP!
    What neat pin cushions>love that turtle!


  15. Phew! I've caught up with the wonderful creations. They get better and better,

  16. Wow all these pincushions. i love them all.

  17. I hopped all the way. I was on pins and needles all day waiting to see all the wonderful creativity.

  18. another wonderful day of creativity. such imagination all in one place. you have done it again.

  19. I wanted to apologize to anyone who visited my site today. I forgot to turn off the word verification. Thanks to everyone who commented/ emailed me about this! Let the creativity go on! :)

  20. Love all the wide variety of creativity! Some really talented gals out there!!


  21. LOL I had to chuckle at your comment about the rooster sitting in terminal cream cheese. Too funny! So hard to get caught up when I fall a day behind viewing all the lovely pincushions. The top 3 are mah-vel-ous darlink! ; ) I'm off to check out all the entries for today.

  22. Love the turtle!! And so bright, can't lose that in your sewing room... Nice pins today. Thanks everyone for sharing..

  23. great entries for this day. off to see the others.

  24. Love the turtle. What a cute pincushion.

  25. And another fun day to pinning, pin cushions to pinterest, LOL. It is fun to go up there and see the overview but only once I am done hopping and cheerleading. I hope you have had a good weekend "off".


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