Friday, September 27, 2013

Day 3 of Let's twist to the 60's with Batiks with Island Batiks and Reliable as our sponsors

                ARE YOU READY? To turn back time, to twist, embrace LOVE, PEACE....

 I am so ready to TWIST like we did last summer. ( oops sorry TWIST gotta away with me)
Mary from I piece too Mary is keeping the music on, the twister mat is on the floor and we are ready to show everything BATIKS. We certainly have something in common, white gloves, pearls, dresses...OHHHHh so us....We certainly would never ever been thought of as anything hippie... ( unless we are talking HIPS, which I certainly have.)

A couple years ago when I first saw BATIKS, my first thought...."sooo sixties"  and yes I expect
for all of our project designers to make me smile... Here is our GO-GO girls on todays line up..

and we have to have some giveways....Island Batiks sent over these
bountiful bundles...

remember this logo...you will be seeing a lot of them in the near future

 Island Batik.. they have such a wide variety of textures, designs, colours...welllll look and see.
thanks so much for being our sponsor....YOU add so much colour and texture to our quilting lives...

And as much my idealism of the 60's is more in par of  Jacqueline Kennedy style, I can certainly embrace the need for colour in our surroundings...

So as it goes...HOW CAN YOU WIN?

#1 for participating, all those who were in our hop have a chance to win one of these bundles..
#2 for being in our top 2 each day...top 1 and most creative...
#3 for leaving comments..

What a delightful end to our 60's week....looking forward to next weeks...I am feeling the groove, peace and all the love poured into this hop..

OUR NEATEST winner today is 

A message that should be adhered to ....MAKE LOVE NOT WAR--globally!
beautifully created and all those paper piecing batiks...oh my....
This lady just keeps shining as bright as her creations...

This young lady was not even around in the 60's  or was she lol
Her take on a peace symbol and the love around her is most reflective in this
glorious symbol...BRAVO ladies....what a great end of our week...

and most GROOVY creative PEACE...piece

And congrats to one of our GO GO GIRls who won this...just for signing up..thanks To Reliable Corp
for LIGHTING our lives.

JANE from Grandmama stories  OHHHH my you won, you won...there will be LIGHT in your life...
for at least 60,000 hours anyway....



  1. All the projects today are outa sight ! Wonderful job Amy, Bente, Debby, Frances and Gingini !

  2. Great choices Samm. :) blessings, marlene

  3. Bravo for these choices! Love all of the projects today and look forward to next week!

  4. Doesn't the song say....'Let's twist again like we did last summer?"......ha! looks like you all are doing just that!!....

  5. Great choices today, it was fun to visit all the blogs.

  6. I love the choices. So much fun visiting and remembering the great sixties. Thanks again

  7. Great blog hop, fun to see what everyone comes up with. 24Tangent@gmail.com

  8. Such great, colorful choices today! I feel like I've gone back in time!

  9. Yep, that would have been the ones I picked today though no offense to the other participants. Fun hop!

  10. Wow, some great additions today...I would never have entered this hop even if I had a blog. I would have been stymied on how to mput those two themes together...GREAT JOB LADIES!

  11. I am amazed everyday by the creativity in this blog hop! I could never have come up with anything close to this ... :) Pat

  12. I am in total ahhh at these projects. We sure have a lot of talent in this hop. Plus all the memories, what a great time I am having.

  13. So many groovy projects today! It must have really been tough to pick your favorites. Whew!

  14. Another day of groovy projects. I'm loving all the batiks!

  15. Fantastic projects displayed today!

  16. As the days before, wonderful projects. And some of them have put several big smiles on my face.
    It is a fun blog hop this one too. Have a great weekend.

  17. Thank I'm very happy to see my peace quilt here.
    Todays projects where all absoutely great and beautiful done!
    This is a wonderful hop, so glad to be part of it.
    Wish you a nice weekend!

  18. I love this fun hop and enjoy seeing all the creativity and wonderful ideas from other people do. Thank you for creating a lot of the blog hops. Sure would love to win some of the batiks.

  19. Love everyone's interpretation on the 60's.

  20. Great choices. Love the quilt and pillow.

  21. Wow so many beautiful projects. All of them were terrific and so creative.
    xo jan@sewandsowfarm

  22. This blog hop is really a blast from the past. Amazing projects!

  23. I always love your top choices. When I signed up for this hop I had no idea what to do or what designs would be stitched. It is wonderful how creative stitchers can be and how wide raging their vision is. Thank you for encouraging so much imagination.

  24. Lots of great projects this week Ladies! But where is yours Ms Samm?? Did I miss it somehow? Looking forward to the boys hop :)

  25. Love your choices they were ones that I loved. I am enjoying all the memories this hop is bring of the 60's. It was the decade I graduated from Nursing , got married and had2 beautiful children.

  26. Just catching up with Friday's hop schedule. Just love the NYB in batiks, but mixed with the peace sign - so represents an era - Woodstock comes to mind (yes, I was there).


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