Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Day 2 -Pin it Blog hop with Pbtex and Bird Brain Designs as our sponsors...

A warm welcome 
 to all you PIN Cushion ENTHUSIAST.(s)..
Yes that is what we are....aren't we?

I don't think I ever met a pin cushion I did not like
especially if it means, I won't be sticking my finger with stray pins.

WE were soooo excited to see many of you love the idea too...
EACH day you can view all of our PIN CUSHIONS here 

And big thanks goes out to KRISTEN who is 
our cheerleader for this novelty hop..
YOU can always count on her to be smiling
and keeping her Pins and Cues to herself..
She is just filled with smiles and has been a wonderful
cheerleader to us all...

Let's take a peak at our delightful line up 
are you ready? 

Be sure to check back in later to see who is our top 2 and most creative..
That is always a thrill for us all...
Be sure to cheer for all of our ladies, they certainly do this for YOU....
There is nothing nicer than hear cheers from your peers...

Top 2 today are...

Well you have to think, how many pin cushions do you know that lay eggs too..? lol
This lady always knows how to turn up the creativity one more notch...
her pin cushion even has feathers...

This lady did a tribute to her cat, her pin cushion is PURRRRFECT...
and it has pins in the cushion no less. Meowwwwww! 

Most creative goes to....

And that other LADY has done it again...she created this amazing wool bird,
and created some other pin cushions that really are amazing...OHHHH my
I better get busy, it looks like she may grab this win hands down..
LOVE the tomato...the stitching is really good! 

Our sponsors, count them 2...
PBtex.com and Bird Brain Designs..
WE thank them with all of our hearts..
We have 3 fat quarter bundles to giveaway!

LINK here to see PBTEX collection
of Always Blooming by Suzy Pilgrim Waters.
very pretty. 

              and Bird Brain designs..
and Robin has donated some very lovely patterns. 
take a peak at her 
wonderful collection of red work
and embroidery. 
Check out the tomato, pumpkin, flower ones and the comb
of honey...We will choose 5 winners for these...


  1. Just finished hopping to see all of today's pincushion inspiration! I am loving this!

    But now because of one special lady I have this song in my head...

    Oh, I wish I was an Oscar Mayer weiner,
    that is what I'd truly like to be,
    'cause if I were an Oscar Mayer weiner,
    everyone would be in love with me.

    Haha!! :)

  2. Sweet! Ya know, until you set up this Hop, it never even entered my mind that someone could make a pin cushion! I learn so much from you and your Ladies! :)

  3. Great second day...so many fun pin cushions; great choices!

  4. So many feathered friends in the hop today. These are just amazing!

  5. What a day, I've hopped around this morning, enjoyed myself as much as yesterday, what wonderfull pin cushions are made! And today I find my own picture on this site! What an honor, I am really blushing, and my cat pin cushion between two super cute birds... my, how daring! Thanks Mdm Samm for all the fun and thanks Kristen for being our cheerleader!

  6. Great hop(pin) today. So many great projects.

  7. It is really cloudy and grey here in Utah this morning. I am SO GLAD we have this fun blog hop going on to get me motivated to do what I have to do today. I have to laugh with delight at their creativity!

  8. Great picks..... I've got more hopping to do.... so many great pc's!

  9. I really love that these all get posted on Pinterest. It makes it easy to see everything at once and to visit each one as well. Thank You!

  10. So many great pincushions today. I have to go read my email now since I also posted mine and just got through looking and commenting on the others.

  11. I'm back from vacation! It's so much easier to check out all the blogs from home. Wonderful selection of pincushions. Looking forward to the rest of them.

  12. It's such a treat to see so many creative minds at work with these pincushions...loved them all! Thanks for adding my little bird to your page. :0)

  13. What a wonderful day for things with wings ! It's sew cool to see Clara Cluckmore sitting on her nest HERE ...Thank you !

  14. Such cute pin cushions! I'm going to have to make some of these! I love the little chicken.
    hulseybg at gmail dot om

  15. Fantastic pin cushions again today, I want them all!

  16. What a great day on the hop! I'm feeling so inspired and I'm so far from my sewing machine and fabric!

  17. I'm drowning in cute pincushions on the different blogs. Think I have to take a pincushion week to use the ideas brought to me these days. And it's just the second day. May be I have to take a month....

  18. Over the top creativity with all these pin cushions. The sky is the limit with pin cushions, I suppose. I didn't know, until this hop, the crazy things we could do with our pins. I'm inspired.

  19. I love this blog hop. It is sew fun with all the pincushions. And that other lady Oh my!!!!

  20. I love them all...lots of beautiful birds! :)

  21. The choices for the day are wonderful. I saw that cat this morning and I wanted to start singing the song from Lady and the Tramp, the one with the phrase...there is no finer cat than I am...

  22. Another fun blog hopping day. Owls are very popular, aren't they? So are other birds. Enjoyed all the sites with their creations. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  23. What a fun day!!! I can't wait for tomorrow's now :)

  24. Before this blog, I had only made one pin cushion, ever! Now I have seen so many that I want to make! Today I saw an arm chair pin cushion with little pockets on both sides! I just have to have one of those. My hubby agreed as I'm always dropping pins. Thanks for having this blog hop! There's no telling how many I'll end up making, but I'm guessing it won't be 50 owls like Bea has!

  25. It's amazing to me how many people collect pincushions. There are some very creative folks out there and this blog hop is really a good one! I'm enjoying the variety. :)

  26. The tomato and bird look fabulous. My fave pic

  27. Love your choices. That bird is so cute.

  28. This is like going to a quilt show for pincushions. Wonderful show!!

  29. Excellent choices! Just looking at today's list you knew that the competition was going to be fierce! I thought that other lady could have saved her vulture and the eyeballs in the jar for the Wicked Hop, LOL. What a talented group of bloggers you have gathered!


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