Saturday, September 14, 2013

Be a "FAN" of your own life!

I do get a lot of mail and I mean a lot.......
 sometimes it 

me in my tracks.... Can we have a CONVO ( conversation)?
We all have PET PEEVES, you know things that bother us...

Well I have 1
( I have really more than that, but today
I only want to bring up this 1 up wink...)

I am not into FANS!

OK, maybe this kind especially for all those who are in a heated
state, or going through menopause, or those who just like
the vintage look of this.... ( I like the vintage look) 

But I am really talking FANS as in people who idolize
a celebrity or sports figure...
Which of course I am neither and if I was, I don't think 
I would appreciate it one ioata.

It really bothers me to think some think I am not approachable,
that I am scary..( ok, sometimes I am when it comes
 to managing this blog with efficiency) 
I really don't appreciate anyone thinking I am better than they are!

IN FACT when it comes down to it...
86% of you have been QUILTING many more years
and in fact decades longer than I.  ( 3 yrs july) 

Many of you  are far more creative than I...( that other lady comes to mind)
among a few others, Cherry, Linda, Mary, Lynn....) 

I don't have GROOPIES  PYs...
in fact if I did I would be the first to tell you 
to STOP THAT lol
 GROOPYS of any kind are discouraged here at SEW WE QUILT.

I share very little about myself, some of you think you know me...
But here is something I have struggled  with my whole life..


I used to cry to my NANNY, "I hate that people follow me, dress like I do,
say what I say, copy my blank........I hate being a leader"

She used to set me aside and remind me of this countless times in my life..
"It is your lot in life ma petite puce ( little flea) 
just remember to always be a moving target."

It took me years to understand that...

The problem with me following ANYONE is I don't like
to mingle, socialize, go out at all...
I really love my space and I get to share it with a darling man
who mirrors my needs and aspirations.

When I had my career, I did so much of it, because it was in my job
description and now, it is NOT lol

I think it has a lot to do with my upbringing...
I always enjoyed being by myself or with my Grandparents..
They too were LEADERS but loners...

So THIS BLOG has evolved into a place that I GO TO....
to celebrate YOU, to organize themes, to cheer for YOU,
to inspire YOU, to give YOU an opportunity to grow
in your sewing and creative world, to provide a safe home
free of worries, drama and politics... to meet LIKE minded

I hope I meet all of your NEEDS, because that really does
bring me JOY. YOU all do teach me soooo much..

To be a better leader
To be a better LISTENER
To a better organizer
To be a better everything...

.... please do not put
me on a pedestal, I guarantee I will fall off someday,
Do not think I am better than any of you..
Because I am not...

IF YOU LOVE what we do here...join us
you will be welcomed with encouragement
and warmth...

"I will always be BEHIND YOU,
Gently moving you Forward..."

YOU so MATTER to me...

JOIN us in our hops..you will know what I am talking about...

Here are two HOPS which still have a few spots left..

( ironically today, I have joined some dear ladies
for a sew in day, so unlike me...big step wink) 


  1. Bravo for you dear. It is when you are EFFICIENT and PRODUCTIVE that others think that you are better than they are. Go figure. I understand your position.
    Stay on task and allow everything else to fall where they may.
    This won't be your most popular post, I am sure.
    Have a wonderful day:)

  2. Bless you, Samm. I do understand!

  3. Well; I think you are fantastic....leader or follower. But I do understand where you are coming from. You just keep doing what you do so wonderfully for and with us!! We love you...and the way you treat us. Don't want to lose you for sure...enjoying all this hopping with you!!!
    I have been quilting for over 25 years; and I have learned more since the 31/2 years I've been blogging than I would ever have imagined possible...please don't stop.

  4. Well said, though now I have to figure out what to do with the pedestal I had you sitting on and my t-shirt that says "I'm one of Madame Samm's groupies." LOL! I love your blog because you (gently) push me to try new things! Enjoy your out-of-the-norm social outing. :O)

  5. I live Carol's comment! Gave me a smile this morning.
    Samm, you said it all so well!

  6. We all have our strengths and our weaknesses..... and neither of these traits make us better or worse than someone else. We just need to celebrate our uniqueness and be proud of who we are, warts and all! As you are always known to say "you are special!"

  7. My granddaddy loved his basketball and enjoyed watching Michael Jordan play but he always said he did not agree that they should put him so high on a pedestal above everyone else. Granddaddy said "We all put our britches on the same way, one leg at a time".

    Thank you for this safe haven Madame Samm!

  8. Madame Samm I have learned so much from your hops, I enjoy each one even if I do not always take part , there are so many talented people out there and I have to say your encouragement has helped me to say , yeah I can do that and even share it so please keep on doing what you do so well and enjoy your day sewing with friends.

  9. And we love you just the way you are! Ma petite puce... I love that one!:-)
    You know, each and every one of us here, are on a level playing field and no one should feel different! I have always said that the internet is the one place that you can meet and bond people with "like" interests. There are no preconcieved notions, no likes or dislikes based on what you can see, cause we really can't "see" anyone. No one has to clean their house to have us over, and we don't care how anyone else chooses to live. It really is just all about our love of stitching and sharing that knowledge and inspiration!
    Pedestals are for pushovers... in the end they, well we all know what happens! LOL! So quilt on Sister... 3 years, 30 years, who cares. We are all in this together! Ok, let me get off my soap box, now. Not pedestal, I said soap box! :-)

  10. dang ... I wonder if I can get a refund on that ol' pedestal I had you on?!?! The t-shirt I bought where Carol did so .... maybe Carol and I can form a "non-groupie" club or something .... heehee ... enjoy your day of sewing, dear lady!

  11. Oh, my, love all those extra pedestals, giggle! And Carol's groupie shirt...too cute! Always nice to have you along with us, sharing our addiction, er, passion, for sewing, quilting, and lots more in between! Enjoy your day out!

  12. Long live the level playing (quilting) field. we are all good at different things. You dear Samm are a great organiser of blog hops, others are great cheer leaders and still more are good at taking part while we all visit and leave lovely comments. It's what makes the blogland quilting family work and work so well and long may it continue. If there was someone who is better than the rest of us and needs a pedestal unfortunately I can't contribute towards it as I've spent all my money on fabric and thread for the next exciting hop.

  13. I love Carol's comments ... hilarious. Looks like there will be a clearance sale on the t-shirts and pedestals. LOL We all have our own unique and special talent, but that doesn't mean any one of us should be put up on a pedestal. We ALL learn from each other, no matter how many years of experience we have for whatever our interest is. Great post "Little Flea". Hope you're having a ton of fun at your first sew-in.

  14. You not only organize well, you have a great gift for words. In the mean time, I have cancelled my order for the tee shirt.

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  16. I think in this area we have a lot in common. :-)

  17. 1. I don't think, I KNOW, that I would not have shared so much of my passion for sewing if I did not have these blog hops that you organize so well to participate in. I would have stayed under my little and isolated shell.
    2. These hops bring me so much joy. I live in a very rural and isolated area. I feel like I truly have friends I get to visit EVERYDAY! This is also thanks to you doing all this for us!
    3. I think we are all in this to share our passion for creating. You provide us with the most outstanding outlet in which to do that. I HAVE LEARNED SO MUCH FROM YOU AND MY FELLOW CREATORS!
    4. I hate comparisons! I forgot who this quote came from but I love it and it is so true " "Comparison is the thief of Joy"! AMEN. As far as I know - we were all created equal!
    5. We all love and respect you and I am not taking my pedestal or T-shirt back! :)
    xo jan@sewandsowfarm

  18. Thanks for your great organizing skills in keeping this blog going for US and pushing ME to challenge myself in sewing, quilting, and creativity.

  19. Sometimes we just need someone to believe that we can do it and push us to try something just a little bit different or maybe out of our realm..and you have been that person! Thank you, thank you, thank you :)

  20. Thank you for reminding me why I faithfully read your blog. It is the inspiration from everyone who participates in the blog hops and the stories that they tell. I truly appreciate this community and look forward to many years of amazing inspiration!!

  21. I would rather consider you a friend for a lot of us out here creating. Super organizational skills and quite the eye for drawing and a heck of a gal maybe. That okay, LOL?

  22. I too consider you a dear friend who I am lucky to have in my life.

  23. You are a darling and a joy to many of us who have been blessed by your compassion and warmth, and you give so freely to all. I think you can see by these comments that you are valued so very much. Keep on doing what you do so well! :)

  24. Yaay! You had a sew-in day! I hope you had a wonderful time! I am glad to read that you did something for yourself, hopefully a relaxing something! Don't let your classes stress you out, but you seem to have an awful lot of energy. If I am a fan it is for that reason mainly since I seem to have less and less of it as the years go by...but I still try to do my share. Gotta go make a Tammy bag for a dear friend's b-day now...hugs...

  25. Bless you!! I have been so sew busy that I have not read your blog lately and wondered what you were up too!!...I need to blog hop soon but I have quilts I must finish so I can OPEN up my silly little Quilt shop...and finish a Doll quilt for my swap...but you know what I think about you almost everyday!...nope, not on a pedestal!!...just wish we lived close so I could come over for coffee!!...SEW!!! we sew....opps.....sew we quilt....:) you do wonderful stuff though, you REALLY do!! and again, thanks for my Reliable Iron!! shot of steam right to ya!!:)

  26. I just love your passion to help others and to push us to do more . But I don't believe you are better then me just different, now where did I put that pedestal and shirt.tee hee. When you get my age you forget where you leave things. Bless you dear friend Sandra

  27. Thank you for being you! Hard to add more to what has already been said. XXX's and OOO's.

  28. I hope you enjoyed your new experience..

  29. I won't put you on a pedestal, but I will say you inspire me. Your sense of humor delights me. Your hop ideas push me to try new things. Your product recommendations show me some great things I might miss otherwise. I too, would rather be at home just sewing and puttering around the house with my hubby. I am not social. We must be cut from the same pattern. Happy you are here for us, dear Samm.

  30. Hmmmmm.....is being a moving target kind of like "keep 'em guessing"? Great advice!

  31. Hello Madame Samm it's been awhile but I'm still stopping in off and on to catch up with all you are doing. It am sure it's hard for many people to not put you on a pedestal but it's nice for you to bring us all down to earth. Loving your energy and enthusiasm!!!

  32. Since I started to follow your blog and participated in your blog hops, I think that my creativity has started to bloom and is still blooming.
    I love these blog hops and the inspirations they give me. I have told several of my Swedish quilt friends about your blog and most of all the power the blog hops gives, but unfortunately, we are very few, I know three, that are participating in the blog hops.
    They can´t imagine how much fun they are missing and most of all the creativity power.

  33. Share the light... share the light... Some of us are better at this than others, but hopefully we will all learn in the end. I bet you were laughing more than having to undo many stitches while with your girlfriends! :-)

  34. I like all those little jokes you put in there. Hopefully I got the message :-)

  35. I missed something. Don't we all come to this thriving site because of the great cheerleaders, inspiration, fun and also to encourage others?

  36. Dear Madame Samm ... I thank you for your enthusiasm and your efforts to create and organize and share and encourage. I have sew much fun with these inspiring blog hops. I love everyone in this global community of creative quilters. I love you! I am no one's groupy ... not now ... not ever. If someone is trying to make you feel like you are on pedestal, don't listen to them. Just be you, sweetie, that is all you need to be ... {{{{{quilty hugs}}}}} :) Pat

  37. I thought of you today when I saw the cutest red gingham fabric with ants printed all over it. It's fun to find something that reminds me of someone I've 'chatted' with, either in person, or, in blogland.

  38. Madame Samm you provide a place of respite for seasoned and new quilters to be inspired. Your genuine love for all of us in cyberspace is much appreciated! Carry on, you do good stuff without even realizing it!

  39. You are who you are; that's what I love about you. You are real and it shows through in your blog. Thank you for all you do for all of us! I know I don't say "thank you" enough.

  40. You are who you and we wouldn't want you to be anyone else. We are all enriched in your endeavors to bring us together as a community of quilter/crafters. This site is just plain fun. It brings smiles to my face and it challenges me to "give it a try". Thank you.

  41. Thank you for being YOU, YOU matter, YOU is good. I appreciate YOU.

  42. Hope you had a great sewing day. Good for YOU! Thank you for cheering us on!

  43. I can't help but appreciate you. You cheer us on and make us better. But, then again, we all cheer for each other. I hope I haven't offended you, but I do think you are pretty great. I like cheering for you and all the wonderfully talented participants of these awesome blog hops.
    Thank you for showing great support.
    Oh, I want one of those shirts, for sure! :-)
    From one loner to another, how did that sew in go?

  44. Oh my Dear Samm,
    I began blogging very soon after you did. I had recently retired and had NO Idea what I was doing, where I was headed, much less begin blogging about my quilting!? I THOUGHT I wanted to tell family stories but with your encouragement, I found out that my stories and my quilting were intertwined with one another. Who Knew? I didn't!... until I happened upon a blog named "Stash Manicure" administered by a very Unique lady with the name of Madame Samm. Everything about you fascinated me.,,who was this incredibly talented, gifted, and *different* person? You wrote differently, you thought differently, you created differently and I loved it all. I wanted my blog to be as interesting as yours but all I ended up with in the design process was, in the immortal words of my youngest daughter, a HOT MESS.

    Then what to my wondering ears should appear but my fairy godmother who simply said, "take a peek"...I did, and my Beautiful new Blog Banner, button and autograph magically appeared on Grandmother's Stories! Several phone calls and 3 1/2 yrs. later I possess a beautiful friendship with that fairy godmother, the lovely Madame Samm.

    I don't put anyone on a pedestal but my Wonderful Lord Jesus but I must admit I admire, respect and love you dearly even after having never met you, Samm. The odds are that we may never meet given our introverted/loner personalities and that's OK with both of us. You must accept the fact that you are a leader in your own unique way but those of us who follow must learn to respect your privacy and your wish to lead from behind. I read a story this morning which ironically made me think of you before I even read your blog.

    A very successful CEO was talking before a large group of top level managers about styles of leadership and management. An up and coming young professional wanted this man's secret to success...how did he get people to follow without browbeating or using a dictatorship style of management?

    The CEO laid a string on an overhead projector so the audience could all see his demonstration. The man placed his index finger behind the string and began to push. The string obviously began to bunch up and go in no specific direction. He then proceeded to straighten the string and take his index finger but this time he Pulled the string from the front with a slow gentle motion and the string followed behind, slowly, straight as an arrow, directly behind the Leading finger, all in the same direction.

    WE (me and all the followers of Sew We Quilt) are the string of quilters/sewers/crafters being gently pulled by YOU, our Kind, Gentle, and Caring Cheerleader, Madame Samm!! If you were on your pedastal you couldn't pull us all forward, now could you?

    Blessings Dear Samm
    Gmama Jane (IHCP)

  45. Gmama Jane, said it all and said it right!


You think they are just words...they are sew much more than that...your wee messages tell me, you are kind, smart and important...