Monday, September 23, 2013

A typical MONDAY for me..

Good Day and it is a GOOD DAY- YOU are HERE!

...If you are new to our blog 
WELCOME. I  love the Fall for my mind races
ahead to all the BLOG HOPs that are stirring in my mind...

As much as this year has been very full, you can't even imagine
what is planned for next year! 

ANYONE and EVERYONE  can enter our BLOG HOPS,
all you need is a desire to create the project for the theme on hand,
a camera, and if you don't have a blog we can help there too...
WE will host your post and photos....

who are always eager to assist.... They truly are the BEST
and I am nothing without them! 

A typical day for me...ok, maybe a weekend!

I suppose you could say my days and NIGHTS are pretty full these days with homework, papers,
exams already coming soon, some canning on weekends, ( tis the season) ...

Here are packages ready to be mailed to our winners...IF ever you see a RED package
you just know it is filled with Goods from SEW We Quilt. I always add extras which more
than cover the cost to ship..Sponsors do not pay for shipping...but ask around, does that matter ( when you see what is inside) ....OUR sponsors are tops....I have sooooo many surprises coming up
for future sponsor giveaways...ohhhhh my!

                                                      These will be mailed out today....

Here are some of the canning we managed to do this weekend ( was afraid to put them 
all out here in case my barn wood collapsed ) ....6 jars of butternut
apple soups, 9 jars of marinara....Our canning pot was boiling none stop... This will
keep us till December or longer....Two weeks from now it is apple pies, I make over 2 dozen
pies, takes 2 bushels of apples that will do us till spring..There is nothing quite
as welcoming as coming home to a baked apple pie right from the oven...
My Nanny always said, keep your man fed, he will always come home!
Mine does with smiles! 


I make my dough ( always tenderflake lard, I cut up only SPY
apples, only cinnamon and nutmeg and a bit of tapioca, so it absorbs
apple juices....and I freeze the whole pie....
in tip plates and in large bags...I bake frozen, slow oven first
then 375 to brown crust...and that is it) 

we don't like sweet pies..ours are very tasty
and the cinnamon and nutmeg just makes them perfect...
EACH apple is diff't...but around here, SPY apples are BEST for PIES!

YOU will be creating DOLLS...
I have 2 I am working on for YOU, if you have never made one,
I will provide all the steps , you will be surprised at how PROFESSIONAL
yours will look like... you too will be able to say...

Park Avenue fabric collection found its way via Debby,
she said it spoke to her...." send to MDM SAMM" I am thrilled she did.
I could not wait to make it into a Tammy Bag....I took the pattern
and matched it for both sides....One to remind me of Debby and I...
and the other me SOLO....
LOVE it Debby, possibly my favourite one to date....

Ohhhh and I worked on my Batiks projects, oh there is sooooo much more than this...
fall colours, full of passion, and can it TWIST, wait and see....
Alll begins on WED of this week...

OHHHH and one of our ladies who entered our Twist to the 60's BATIKS
will win this...Winner will be announced on WEDNESDAY..that was just
for entering....Can you believe it...RELIABLE the company who supplies
us with all of our IRONS for giveaways, wanted to light someone's life with
their UBERLIGHT.... $99.00 VALUE

Ohhh and I designed a new button
for a BOY BLOG HOP that will be announced
this Saturday... Amy will be cheering for this one! 

So that is my full report for today....
I have got to get to my homework, and in an hour or so
I will slip out to do some mailings..



  1. Such a busy weekend! Looks like so much yummy stuff going on at your house.

  2. Busy, busy weekend and your sauce looks sooooo good! I would love to have a RED package come in the mail, how cute! I'd better get back to work on my Twist to the 60's batik project, my day is Thursday!

  3. When I read all that you do as well as being a student I wonder do you bottle your energy up ? If you do please sign me up for the next pretty red package of energy, organization and imagination you mail out.

  4. A boy blog hop...that sounds fun. I do have 3 boys after all...

  5. I just love all the blog hops you put on. A boy blog hop sounds super fun. But all the canning looks so good. Have no idea how you freeze apple pies. Would that be only the filling you freeze. You have a very busy weekend.

  6. Such a busy weekend but its fun (:
    Can you please share this doll
    Pattern with me..thank you❤️
    Hugs x

  7. Love that Tammy bag! Would you share you're apple pie filling recipe? Do you can your filling or make the pie and freeze it whole? Blessings, Marlene

  8. I look forward to the Batiks - I don't work with them , so looking for some inspiration to try. And a 'For the Boys' - yes!

  9. Your Marinara sauce looks yummy! And your Batik project looks very intriging! Have a day
    xo jan@sewandsowfarm

  10. Our local JC offered a quilt class for about 5 years or so and I took it every semester that it was offered. The teacher always came up with different projects and it was a fun class because it made you think 'outside of the box'. She is the only person I have ever met who may match you in energy, Madame Samm. I admire people who can accomplish so very much while I am still sitting back wondering what to do next! I am going to try your method of making a list the night before and using 23 minute increments of time...

  11. What a busy time you have had. the sauce looks yummy and I love apple pie.I love your tammy bag and the 'For the Boys' sounds fun.

  12. Busy, busy! Your butternut apple soup sound interesting. I just received a butternut squash from my aunt and might have to try something different. Love the BOYS button! ;)

  13. Your Tammy is sew chic, the shoe clasp is adorable ! Lots of fun things coming up in the hops ! I'm thinking you already have your "For the Boys" project completed.... black and white and red all over, wink.

  14. It has never occurred to me to freeze soup in canning jars. What an excellent idea :) I am looking forward to moving into "apple country" and making pies again. I used to do as you do and freeze them. :)

  15. Wow. With your schedule how do you have time for canning. Park Avenue fabric made up a gorgeous Tammy Bag.

  16. What yummy work you have been up to. The new Tammy bag looks fabulous.

  17. Butternut apple soup sounds so yummy. I love butternut squash, is it easy and do you freeze in jars for soup. I like having things in my freezer too. You is a busy lady as usual love your bag, fabric is cool. Hugs

  18. I got tired just reading about all you did ... wish I had half your energy. Your batik project looks very interesting ... it kind of resembles a heart. Very pretty red packages. I'm surprised they actually make it to the recipients ... if you know what I mean.

  19. Loved seeing all your weekend projects. And that Tammy bag is awesome - so glad that fabric was a perfect match for you. I can't look at red and white and not think SAMM! Making dolls? Not me, but my daughter Hilary was a doll maker in high school and we have ones that look like Paul McCartney, my husband, and thank God, NOT me! Can't wait for the Boys Hop - with two grandsons, I have to get beyond all the girlie quilts.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. You are a busy girl. I don't know where you find the time with school, blogs, life and now all the cooking! LOL! It sounds delicious though! Fun blog hops ahead. Looks like I am going to have to brush up on my doll making skills! :-)

  22. Yes, you ARE busy! Can't wait for the doll hop! How fun!!!
    As usual, your photos are wonderful this morning.

  23. Everything looks and sounds so yummy ... food and fabric creations ... thanks for sharing. I am looking forward to seeing all the batik creations from the sidelines, as I did not get my own project done to sign up this time around. Thanks for running these inspiring hops ... :) Pat

  24. I forgot to mention that I noticed that you matched the design of the fabric on your Tammy Bag perfectly! Not always easy to do!

  25. The future looks great! Your foods look delicious. Loved the - keep your man well fed. :)

  26. Wow and wow and more wow. You made my mouth water talking about the pies. I want some of that now.

  27. You have what is called "good busy." Wow! A doll hop? That sounds like fun. Looking gorward to read about the Boy hop too. Good tips on the pies…Thanks.


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