Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Quilting Judge in Bulgaria, could that be MOI?

Just recently I was asked to be a Quilting JUDGE for a gathering of quilters in BULGARIA.
Me a quilting judge in a far away country. Am I even qualified? lol 
One of SIL is from Serbia, so I was well aware that Bulgaria was a Neighbouring country.

Boriana was a winner last March for our Banner Quilts.  Hers was the one on your far right.
This was a time when I would  change the banner each month
with themes and Quilts...

Her Behind the SEAMS story...

Hello Madame Samm I am so deeply honored to be chosen, thank you, here is my story of my Spring quilt
Winters in my country are long and freezing. Usually, at the end of March I am really fed up with all that snow and cold and my soul starts dreaming about blooming flowers, summer dresses and sand beaches. Last April I was looking through the window and I noticed that the lilac shrub in the garden starts bursting into bloom. The blossoms were so fine and lively and smelled so sweet and I was thinking…oh could I have this moment forever.
Same day, going out for shopping, I went to a fabric shop just to have a look. And there I saw some new fabrics in lilac and light green. Looking them, the picture of the lilac shrub under my window came in my mind and I knew I need these fabrics for a quilt that will capture the spring feeling and will keep it in my house forever.
So, here it is, my Spring quilt with modern design and cheerful colours. I made it in one weekend without stopping for breath.
I hope you like it as much as I do..
My name is Boriana and I am from Bulgaria. 
Here is my blog

Here are just a few of the quilts that I got to view 
and the ones that stood out for me. 

The winners have not been announced yet...
There are 2 other judges on the panel as well.

Are these not striking?  EACH one has a story, you can feel it with your heart
and soul.

I am very proud to be thought of as a quilter, really I am...
Never in my wildest dreams would I  have thought "quilter" 
would show up in 
my Curriculum Vitae.

I never ever forget what an impact an INTERNATIONAL Quilting BEE
has on so many quilters in our world. 

How fabric all pieced and stitched together
can bring sooooo many HEARTS together, 
Even to a  small country like BULGARIA.

How QUILTING is our BOND! Our Passion! 

My heart just swells at the thought...I will be a wantobe quilter
till the day I leave this earth. Bet many of you feel the same too !

Very modern, simple , and I adore the simplicity of just black and white..
no surprise there lol

This is actually Boriana's all that paper piecing, those perfect points, 
it looks very complicated to me....

I actually smiled when I saw this, it was fresh, clean, and will cut you UP
if you are not careful. ( I am very accident prone when it comes to scissors lol)

This caught my eye immediately. I love the dots, the swirls ...
very whimsical, soft and spring like, would you believe this was the back..
my backs should look so  good..
Her is the front...and by golly they are well you know..wink...

Now this reminded me something of a Carrie Nelson design. 
I loved the colours this quilter used. Each section frames the centre so perfectly! 

And this one, welllll I just love it...thinking of KONA for the new year
this one most certainly inspired me...

There were soooo many more quilts to view...perhaps with permission
I will get a link for you to view them too...

Bulgarians have a lot of talent, heart and many stitches to bring to tie us all 
in a united front.

Perhaps WORLD LEADERS could learn something from us...
Perhaps we should arm them with needles and threads to patch us all up
instead of tearing us apart with disastrous weapons. 
( I know I am very seldom political in any way)

Thank you Boriana and all the delightful quilters...
Thank you for letting me play a small part in your quilting world.
Thank you for stitching part of my heart with yours...

ME a JUDGE lol 

 WANT to be part of our next hop.. LOVE BATIKS....
LINK .It's all HERE

Let Mary know... here...

She will need your name,
your blog url
and blog name..
If you don't have a blog
we will also host for you..
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  1. what very beautiful pieces of art for you to view in your judging! What an even more beautiful picture you paint of an international quilting bee ... the world around we are not so very different when we stitch so carefully with love ... thank you so much for sharing and thank you so very much for leading so very many cheers!!

  2. What an honor to be chosen as a judge! Love the ones you have shown so far. Boriana's pped quilt is lovely.

  3. How exciting to be a Judge and a very hard job, I hope you can share the link there looks like a lot of inspirational quilts were shown.

  4. What an honor you have been given....the quilts are just lovely and I do hope you get to share more..

  5. I am not astonished at all. You are a super and lovely quilting lady. Thanks for all the showing all the wonderful quilts in this post.

  6. I know I could not have chosen! But I must say that black and white one is my favorite unless its the mariners compass. Or maybe the....nope, can't choose. :). Blessings, Marlene

  7. This is a fantastic showing of quilt artistry at it's finest! I do hope you get to show the other quilts too. I am like Marlene, it is hard to choose a definite favorite from the ones above..

    Congrats on being asked to judge the show! I know you had a wonderful time!

  8. Boy!! You said it all there....beautiful quilts and beautiful words.

  9. Oh how wonderful to see what quilters are doing on the other side of the world...if we get to view it that would be a bonus!

  10. What a lucky group to have you as a judge for those beautiful quilts...tough choices! I like your idea about world leaders. Too much violence out there! They should just learn to quilt and relax a little.

  11. Beautiful quilts and congratulations to you.

  12. You are the perfect choice to be a judge. You cheer for everyone. How do you choose, from such wonderful talent, a winner? Good luck with that.
    Keep spreading that global love and maybe the world will listen.

  13. Congrats on entering the world of judging! They have chosen well! Have fun with it!

  14. I think quilter should rule the world we are such lovely people and there would never be a war. We would just have a big quilting bee. I think the were lucky to get you as a judge you have wonderful taste and I loved what you picked.

  15. I just realized that it's National Sewing Month! We should have a party!!!

  16. Beautiful quilts! I would love to see more! ... :) Pat

  17. Their quilts are stunning. They all look so well done. What an honor. I bet it wasn't easy picking a winner.

  18. What wonderful quilts! You will be a great judge! (You've certainly seen your share of quilts so that will help you!)

  19. Wow! That is so wonderful but honestly I'm not surprised. Enjoy the experience.

  20. What a lovely surprise. I really enjoyed what you wrote about weapons and world leaders. I am mor econvinced than ever that our country really needs a madame president or Madame ? title what ever they call all the world leaves for all the countries. If we had more females in charge I really do believe we would have bettery countrys and more world peace in our lives. I think women have been made to be more nutureing and supportive and a lot more tolerant than our male counter parts. And besides if a female leader got nasty all of a sudden we would know to just ignore her for a week beacuse she was just being hormonal, PMSing or either outta thread or fabric or for some reason her favorite quilting magazine is late arriveing in the post this month.


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