Friday, September 6, 2013

190 days left....

Did you think it was Christmas, NOOOOO , 190 days till schools out..
I survived my first week...welll actually the week is not over yet...
I may have spoken too soon ...

Seriously, I missed my first day of classes as I was away on business,
I get this call from my Tutor...." where are you"
" not there obviously" ...I laughed he did not...
Apparently I was to be in class on Monday...I was in the air somewhere lol
So I stayed up till 3 am to get my wee assignment done...

Like I said 190 days left lol

My trials of a couple weeks ago- kind of left me "out in the zone" 

Ok, what's with the buttons?...looks Christmacy...nope..
for our Wicked Blog HOP...
Wicked Wendy will be taking her Broom and sweeping you all up
on Saturday, like in tomorrow.... 

 Talk about SPOOKY,
Here is a rare treat....T-cup our main coon, decided to grace me with her 
presence... Actually this is one of her favourite quilts, she goes where it goes...
even if it meant a photo shoot was to take place...

 ( this was the second quilt I ever made- it was a Carrie Nelson schnibbles
I made it much larger, added a foot pocket, and some applique on the bottom
that says bedtime...I believe it was called Sundays BEST and the fabric
which I fell madly deeply over was called PURE. I have quite a bit
of fabric left like 30 yds...lol That was before I realized there
would be many more fabric collections that I would like more lol) 

I actually wanted to show you my new basket with  its very own custom ruffled
 ( Jan will be soooo surprised)
gingham liner ...( 9 inches of ruffle no less) When I have time to write the pattern
YOU may like this for any basket size...it has a little trick that even those
who can not sew like a pro will be using this for all their liners...

True story, ( like I would share anything different) I went to get the mail
down the street, and one of my neighbors who also has a bike like mine in PINK,
( she asked my David the other day, where he got mine, and she purchased the exact
one , except in PINK...lol
 She asked where I got the Ruffle cover....?
YOU know that story line..." well I made it" 
"Can you make me one" I thought NO, but said YES!

IN PINK...good grief...lol

OHHH Sumatra is more interested in where T-cup went then my story..
But we know if Camera is with me, so is she...

What is on to do list this weekend?...already completed my pin cushions...
that begins next week with KRISTEN...yeahh KRISTEN lol
She is doing a fabulous job in keeping us all informed and inspired...

This is a quilt for my oldest who happens to love Superman, when 
I complete it I will share the story then...
I sandwiched it all when I got back from classes...and I already
hand quilted half of it....Ohhh it will be a late night tonight....wink..

This collection of fabric is from Camelot FABRICS
Their superman/man of steel fabric is very GROWN UP lol
Same company that created that lovely FASHIoNISTA fabric collection...

Gotta run...full day today...
What will you be planning, looking for, sewing? 


  1. T-Cup has excellent taste in quilts. Is T-Cup playing hide and seek with Sumatra by hiding under the quilt? That is where my Butterfly would be.

    Your filmstrip Man of Steel quilt worked up beautifully. Enjoy the quilting!

    Looking forward to more ruffled baskets liners and the pattern ... :) Pat

  2. Love the ruffles. I think pink will be adorable.Man of Steel looks terrific. T Cup and Sumatra are gorgeous as always. Don't stay up too late, you might fall asleep in class.
    xo jan@sewandsowfarm

  3. I love the liner! Love the bike too, by the way. The story about your neighbour sounds very familiar.... I keep telling myself not to leave out any quilting magazines, pattern books etc. since my family and friends see them as order catalogues! LOL!
    I had one of my quilts hanging out of the window (to air out) and saw someone taking pictures of it! How cool is that!

  4. Love your bike and its custom basket. I am hoping for some sewing time after work today. My pin cushions are done, just need to photograph them. I am working on 30 blocks for the Molli Sparkles Broken Herringbone QAL. 6 down, 24 to go. Over-achiever that I am, I am doing a bed quilt for our bed. Can't wait for Wicked sign ups!!

  5. I love your photos of T-Cup and Sumatra and the quilt is very cool, (T-Cup has very good taste). The ruffle on your basket is lovely and the Man of Steel top looks terrific. I'm off to finish my pin cushions and get started on this months sewing projects.

  6. Love your bike! The kitty girls are just precious and the man of steel quilt is awesome. Have a fun weekend. :)

  7. I love that brown/blue quilt! and it is perfect with your delightful blue bike and fancy ruffled basket liner! I would need a pink one too, hint hint...lol

    The Man of Steel quilt worked up quite nicely... your grandson is going to love it.. I better not show it to Parker! I have my cleaning lady coming today to get this house back in ship-shape. It has had company for almost 10 straight weeks!!! It needs some tender loving care..and it is getting it today! Then I am off upstairs to make my pincushions. Tomorrow I am loading a wallhanging for my mother in law on the Gammill. I finally have my studio ready to use again and it is going to feel good to quilt something! :)

  8. Too cute!! The man of steel turned out fantastic!!

  9. School, ruffles, and quilting...busy lady! Sweet photos of those kitties and ruffled basket. :O)

  10. Your bike is sew cute with the ruffles. I have a bike too, but with no ruffles on the basket. I am also busy making those pincushion and could you believe it, on is hand sewn over paper. Of me who don´t like sewing over paper the EPP way.
    Have a great weekend lovely lady

  11. The ruffle is so cool on the basket liner. What, no red?? Man of Steel is looking good! Your kitties are so pretty Thank you again for yesterdays post. We can create our own Barn Quilt Trail!
    Have a great weekend.

  12. Your little ruffled basket liner looks adorable on your bike! Brings back memories of my first bike when I was in the second grade! I would have loved a basket like that!
    Your oldest will love the Superman quilt. It's wonderful!
    Good luck with your classes!
    I'm in California with grandkids again. I hope I can find a sewing machine so I can do some sewing. I brought some along and also have a small pile of stuffed animals that need repairing (they have dogs that got into them!). My grandson brought them all in to me and asked me to do them. Of course, I said, "Oh, yes, I can fix them!" I may have to amputate a leg and reattach it, but I'll get it done!

    1. Not MY leg, but the stuffed animal's. :)

  13. Detention for you for missing class LOL. Like the quilt on the bike .What is it called?

  14. Hi Samm - what's the brand on the bike. I recently noticed Jane bought a pink bike with a basket and we have been looking to buy me one. We live in a relatively flat area now, and it would be the perfect thing for building back my stamina. Only two months left with these "devil drugs" and their evil side effects. Love that quilt and of course you would have ruffles on your bike cause you is special. Judy C in NC

  15. Ha! I just love the bike, basket and ruffle. My first thought was of you riding the bike with kitty in basket...can't you just hear the wicked cackle...."you and your little cat T-cup too?!" These movie references come out of the blue and surprise even me. My bike is black and copper coloured, and the bar is lower so I can ride comfortably and safely with my long skirts. You know I am going to have to seek out a basket for my bike now as well. Harumph...like my husband didn't think I was looney enough...now a basket, and of course eventually a ruffle.....

  16. You ditched school on your first day? ... and already counting down the days until school is out. Now that's hilarious Madame Samm. Ruffles on your bicycle ... I would expect no less from you. LOL T-cup has excellent taste in quilts, it's gorgeous (the quilt AND T-cup).

  17. Your super hero quilt is awesome. I see Sumatra and T-cup having fun in the sun. Even your sunflowers are admiring your ruffled basket. Enjoy your classes and don't forget to sleep!

  18. Your super hero quilt turned out AWESOME!! I love the design, well done.
    I am looking forward to the Halloween blog hop!
    Be well my friend,


  19. Your babies are just so adorable,why do kitties love quilts so much? Mine is just all over me and quilt when I work on one.
    Love your superman quilt my grandson would go crazy for it. He was down at Comic book fair in Toronto dressed as CaptainAmerica. This is my son's boy who is six and they were so impressed at how quick he got onto new video games that they gave him all sort of free things plus went and bought him a game. I will look forward to seeing it quilted. You are one busy lady when do you get time to ride that beautiful bike. Blessings Sandra


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