Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Who will be our HEXIE Queen(s) Today...Blog hop begins today...with Connecting Threads as our sponsor

Not surprising shy of 3 years of quilting I have never made a 
hexie till now....I did not understand the attraction to tell you the truth...
I was not thrilled about small hexies that I had to stitch together....
( cute but I was looking for something a little different)

Then came DEBBY, one of the Queens
of Hexies I have come to love and admire...
( Geta is another one, btw, a Queen of Hexies,
you will see why very soon)

So Debby came up with a solution to my HEXIE issue
with her half hexagon ruler/template
it is that first one.... connect with her if you want that one..
she has it on sale....$13.00  $10.00
She made all these rulers....can't wait to see
what else I can make with them....

I can barely wait till the last
day to show you what I came up with....
ohhh by the way I Love HEXIES now...
That Other Lady, doesn't ....I may win after all..
although I swear I could care less...wink..

But not toooo excited at getting to the end, when we are here to celebrate
and cheer our Hexie Queens Wantobees.....

And who will be our HEXIE Queens today....??
Take a peak at our list today..

Tuesday, August 20

Debby Kratovil Quilts   

Hillvalley  Quilter 

Be cheerleaders for them...they do all this for YOU.....
It keeps the quilting industry humming and we
get to view some pretty impressive talent out there...

First, let me add this first day was exceptional and ALLLLLL of the participants
deserve crowning....
It took 2 coffees to choose our top 3 today...

OUR Queens today

Who ever said BIGGER IS BETTER, must have been referring to this! 
This quilt by a pretty talented Quilter, is 84 inches square....( is that correct?)
it is big, take my word for it...she is likely buried under the weight of it all..
look at the hand hexie quilting too....yes today 
she is crowned HEXIE QUEEN 

And this Romanian quilter is used to her title of HEXIE QUEEN,
I know no other quilter who has taken HEXIES to it's own level...
BE it HEXIE Adventurous, OUT OF the BOX, her colours
her style her BAG....is heading to PARIS soon...
say bye bye hexie bag, she will have to it tied to her...


Tellllll me right this moment, this quilt just does not make you smile from
ear to ear....it is brilliant. it is eye popping and yes most
deserving of our QUEEN OF CREATIVITY today...

YOU make us proud ...yes you dooooo all of you hexie PRINCESSES!

And this is just our first day.....
egads....where is that other lady?

Our sponsor is Connecting Threads
( take a closer look at this collection)
and they have sent 3 fat quarter bundles of
sun kissed harvest....

A perfect collection as we begin thinking of FALL HARVEST..
Peaches are in season here on the escarpment and there
is a sweetness in the air...
Almost as sweet as the winners of these bundles...

How to win..

1. participate in our hops..all those who do get a chance to win

2. be creative, be original, take great photos...you can win in our top 3 per day...
at the end of the hop..all those have another chance to win.

3. leave lovely comments....you can win too...

Thank you Connecting Threads, you are always a great sponsor
and you do have some pretty impressive collections...
we kiss you with hexie kisses! 


  1. Yay! It has begun :) I love hexies and I love Connecting Threads! Thanks for organizing another great hop!

  2. Looking forward the hexie inspiration. Plus I'm excited to be part of it.

  3. Off to visit everyone on the list - I have been playing with CT's Harvest line - just love the basket weave and the faux burlap.

  4. Yay, was so looking forward to seeing what everyone made! Glad Hexie day is here!

  5. Sweet inspiration...bring on the hexies!

  6. Great first day!! I love Connecting Threads too.

  7. I confess I am a hexi lover. My late Grandmother and mother started a hexi quilt each for my sister and I almost 30 years ago. After my Gran passed my mother never really got around to finishing them so now I am teaching myself to sew Hexis so I can help her finish mine before my daughter (3yrs) is old enough to help too, though that would be kind of cool for 4 generations to have worked on the same quilt.... no I am not going to leave it that long ;)
    Looking forward to lots of hexi-spration.

  8. Counting the days, Madame Samm, to see your projects! Thank you for this fun event!

  9. Good morning! Have you missed me? I am still in Bama with my family and about worn out from all of the going! I have seen more people this trip than I have in a good long while but it is because I have done all of the running. Next time I come home, they will have to come to where I am planted.. I am getting too old for this stuff! ha!

    I took a quick hop around to all of the wonderful hexies this morning but do not have time to comment this a.m. Daughter and son in law have their home up for sale and we have done nothing but do the bags back in the truck shuffle all week long while we have been here... Today is no exception... They have 3 showings today with the first one at 9 a.m. so we have to get showers and get out of the house. So we have to reload our bags back in the truck once again... We have done this since last Wednesday....ughhh... but I do hope they sell their home so they can build a bigger one for their "hopefully one day" expanded family..

    It may be when I get home next Sunday before I can comment but I will try to hop early each morning before we have to pack the truck back up... :)

  10. What a great start, all of today's projects are fantastic. Thanks for these great hops!

  11. I was blown away by all the amazing hexie creations today. Who knew there were so many ways to use those little hexies!

  12. Oh I just love those top 3 veeery much too! Such beautiful hexies on every blog! My wish-to-do list will grow and grow. Crazy! But fun, lol!

  13. Just love the hexie line up! I have my grandmother's hexie quilt and ladies...... you have sure come a long way since those days! Hexies are not just hexies anymore!

  14. Ahhh, hexies, how an you not love them? And what fantastic items the hoppers have come up with!

  15. These are winners for sure. I am going to love this hop.

  16. Woo hoo, hexies! I'm new to the art of hexagons, so this will be a great learning experience!
    brandizzle7133 at yahoo dot com

  17. What do mean 3? They were all winners. What a great start to another wonderful blog hop.

  18. I have to tell you, their projects were amazing! In my mind I had picked the same ones you did (I came here after visiting the other blogs, for a change!). My day is soooo much more colorful now!

  19. What does it mean to participate in the hops?

  20. Today was a great start for the hop, so many creative ways to use hexi's. If this is any example of what's to come I can't wait to see what the rest of the hop holds. I am in love with todays choices. I need a bag like this one and I'm still smiling over the I Like to Quiltblog quilt.

  21. What lovely projects. The sun kissed harvest fabrics are amazeing. Thank you to connecting Threads.

  22. I'm excited - still finishing my project for Friday - but excited! I hadn't seen the sun kissed fabrics yet...sew pretty!

  23. great choices today! but my fav? the tote!!! LOVE that!! great start to the hop!

  24. A fantastic start of the hexie hop. And your picks were the same as mine. My favorite is Geta´s tote.

  25. I do not envy you one little bit! Nope - I would not want to have to pick from all these terrific projects! Great choices.
    Amazing work.
    Don't fall off your bike. lol...
    xo jan

  26. Most creative? WOW! We are off to a great start.

  27. Yeah! It starts today! I couldn't wait for the Hexie Hop!

  28. Great choices for today's top Queens! So many great projects to start this blog hop off right!

  29. Oh yes, great hexies today! Did you see the excuses THAT OTHER LADY can use, wet carpet, packing, fridge doctor, and an ice cream cake? BTW, I heard through the grape vine, she is hexie ready, LOL!

  30. Just when you think you've seen it all, you haven't. Wonderful hexies!

  31. Yes, I can see why you needed two cups of coffee to make your decision. Lovely creations by all the participants! Looking forward to the coming days of hexies but oh how I wish I wasn't on the same day as that "other lady"(lol)!

  32. We couldn't start the hop better; can't wait for more!
    Thank you for sharing my bag, Madame Samm.

  33. Wow! Such gorgeousness all in one post - I love them all!!! Geta takes my breath away with every project.

  34. Wow, what a great first day. The creativity is awesome. I'm in love with all the projects. Great job ladies!

  35. Such pretty hexies! The fabrics are great.

  36. Replies
    1. Hi Cissa....as you are a no reply blogger..perhaps next time you return. please leave email...then you can win giveaways as well...

  37. Amazing first day of the Hexie Hop! Everyone did a brilliant job of inspiring us with their projects. Wow!

  38. Wow THANKS I'm very happy to see my flowergarden here ☺
    It was a great day and everyone of todays projects was awesome!
    Thanks to everyone for sharing and thanks to the nice sponsor for the chance to win the gorgeous fabrics.

  39. all the projects today were fabulous. I really like the purse and the folded hexies nice.

  40. All of these were wonderful today. The quilt made by the creative queen really does make me smile :)

  41. Oh, thank you!!! I always wanted to be queen for a day. Lol! I should tell the hubby and maybe he would rub my feet and make me dinner. Enjoyed all the projects of the day. They all deserve to be queens!

  42. Wow some gorgeous projects today. They were all so wonderful. Can't wait to see tomorrows.

  43. I couldn't choose my favorite if I had to!! WOW!!! I am liking hexies more and more and it looks like I am going to have to try them!!

  44. What a wonderful start to another blog hop!!! I enjoyed all the projects today and I am looking forward to tomorrow.

  45. Estou amando o que vi até agora!AMO hexágonos a muitos anos,e faço todos os dias um pouco.Parabéns pela iniciativa! A cerca de cinco anos ninguém ouvia falar...Quando me viam fazendo dizia que era "coisa de velho",mas gostavam das minhas peças.Bora incentivar!!!!Beijo GRANDE!

  46. Wowzzers ! Soooo many wonderful hexie creations today !

  47. Beautiful picks. I'm off to look at all the others.

  48. Connecting Threads is my FAVORITE! Love their American-made fabrics and threads.

  49. Awesome choices. Loving the hop.

  50. Wow what a wonderful first day for this hexie blog hop...it is just wonderful. All of you ladies did a fantastic job to bring us in to this world of hexies. I had a wonderful day and enjoyed it very much...thanks to all of you.

  51. Those are all "hexiecredible"! That ruler makes a big difference. Nancy Zieman showed us how to do that at a BL event I went to in January.

  52. I'm coming late to the party, but I'm all caught up now! Great projects!!!

  53. wowie! What can we all do to top this wonderful 1st day's showing. I had to wait to come hop today as I was busily quilting my entry and a donation quilt while I had the machine set up and then binding on a full sized bed quilt too. What a treat though I scurried by the post with day two selections so I can get caught up, LOL.

    Connecting Threads is sponsoring us this time---woohoo! I love them. I'll update my blog post with the full schedule.

  54. The hexie projects are really incredible. I want to head to Paris with that hexie bag!

  55. I am so glad you picked Amy's quilt she worked so hard on it! So glad to be part of the hop! Thanks for all you do!


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