Tuesday, August 13, 2013

WARNING, do not even think....

of licking your screen! 

Butter tarts ( centre) are to Canadians what Apple PIE( above) is to Americans...
Not sure what Butterscoth pie ( bottom) is ...but I do know many FRENCH love it...
and I am French. It is one pie that is always part of all of our celebrations.

My David is home this week, we are past the stage of travelling the world,
our idea of a  holiday today is day trips and enjoying our home and baked goods...

In fact yesterday we had a date...it was glorious, when we came home
I whipped up a  simple chicken salad with a side of sour cherries and then
 we feasted on one butter tart each....

( that is what we call them around here SAMM wiches ) 

WE always discuss what baked goods will be shared by our closest friends
and family...This was on the menu this week...

Apple pie....I love dish deep apple pies. I have been collecting deep dish pie plates
for decades. I prefer them to tin for many reasons. You can tell when the crust
is cooked to perfection. They cook evenly, and when you look at it ...It just shouts..
EAT ME. Note my cute pie lifter, a lovely gift from one of my quilting ladies...

Ohhh my choice of apples are Northern spies and some Granny Smith.
I do not sweeten my pies at all, just cinnamon and a hint of fresh grounded nutmeg, we all seem to prefer a tart pie around here. And really they are not as tart as you may think, the apples
are sweet enough to tell you the truth... once you have a tart piece of pie,
you will never want one that only taste like sugar! 

TART is IN! 

Now Butter Tarts, welllllllll ever since I was a wee tot butter tarts are one of those FRENCH Canadian treats that just shouts HOME, the ultimate comfort treat.  There is a lot of controversy with these melt in your mouth delicacies... Do want them runny or firm, raisins or not, nuts or plain. Maple syrup or Corn syrup?

Wellllll I am a purist,( natural ingredients)  I love them with raisins, I like them runny and with maple syrup and my family agrees. We all go a little over board when Mumm here decides to bake these treasures. They freeze well too. There is nothing like grabbing a frozen tart, they are sooo darn chewy. Although they are best when just cool with a nice cup of tea. ohhh and I forgot to mention the pastry. I use the same pastry recipe for all of my baked goods. Tenderflake Lard, there is nothing like it, so easy if you just follow the recipe and never touch the dough with your hands, this is what makes dough tough. Work it with a wooden spoon and be sure to refrigerate before rolling out the dough for a flaky and melt in your mouth feel.   So yesterday we had our first butter tarts of the season. David always shares, he thinks the world would be sooooo much sweeter if they had  just one of my butter tarts... Someday when I retire, ( hint) I may do just that..... share them that is....

And yes where would our summer be without at least one butterscotch pie. A recipe that has
been handed down from my Nanny's Nanny. It still comes out perfectly.
Only fresh ingredients, eggs, homogenized milk, brown sugar, pure vanilla...that is it, well 
besides the pastry crust of course. Again a favourite around here. WE joked yesterday,
that we should just diet on pies this week....NICE thought of course, but
I can only handle one sweet thing a day...and a small piece at that....
But my it is nice when company drops by and we have them all on our counter, 
fresh from our kitchen.....

and speaking of kitchen....I am sewing too besides eating ....

Today I am working on some new designs for some
TEA Cozies...which is why all this talk about pies and tarts..
We need some tea for all these sweets...

Now this is a tea cozy I completed, but I am now
working on some large patterns for tea cozies...welll
you just wait to see where these will be fitting in...

A kitchen blog hop, that I am working on with one
amazing over the top designer....
YOU will just love her...!

Now I must get some sewing done...
we have a hexie blog hop beginning soon...



  1. you made me so hungry! LOL. I had to laugh at your SAMM wiches. After we got married (41 years ago today in fact) I made a menu and posted it in our tiny kitchen. He had never seen the word sandwich written out, and argued with me about the spelling! He still calls them samm-wiches!

  2. Wow, I love home baked pies and yours sure look delicious. A kitchen hop would be brilliant.

  3. This is a very delicious post! Your pics tell such a yummy story. Enjoy your treats!

  4. Excuse me?? where is that recipe?? I was scrolling down, to find it?? Please may we have them, pretty please...

  5. Your pies look so delicious. The most common pies in Sweden are apple pies and maybe in the season for that rhubarb pies. My favorite is apple pie with whipped vanilla sauce. Your tea cosy is adorable and the tea pot, so cute. I am also enjoying my tea in fine English bone china.
    And I am busy sewing my hexagon project. My first is done, and this is the second and I have had so fun creating this project, which maybe will be a surprise for some of the blog hoppers.
    Have a great day, lovely Samm

  6. Yumm tasty looking pies. I might have to do some baking later. Pies and tarts are very popular here in the UK. Apple pies made with Bramley apples which are cooking apples. They are very tart and you have to add a little sugar but not much! We also love lemon meringue pies.

  7. I have never heard of, much less had, a butter tart... but they look amazing! Wow! I am anxious to see what everyone does with hexies and I recently started basting some for the first time and am going to hoard them until I feel like using them!

  8. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmm apple and butterscotch are by 2 favorite pies!! You made them look so good too!!

  9. I think I need to drop over for tea. What a tasty post. Such a delicious start to the day.

  10. Yum! Beginning of baking season, I love it. Thanks for sharing your tarts and the Tenderflake Lard tip.

  11. Thanks for the memory of Butterscotch Pies...my Mom used to make them. Oh how I miss them both.

  12. sew what time will the tea be ready???? :)
    I do love butter tarts as well and I have never had a butterscotch pie. It may be a while until I have either, I am still trying out different g-free pie crust recipes to fine one that I like.
    And your cozy looks just perfect for you rosey cup
    have a great day Mdm Samm
    in stitches

  13. Oh my goodness! Give me about 11 hours and I'll be there for tea and tarts. Yum!

  14. I am coming with Carol!!!.... or maybe not... I don't think you could hog tie and get me back in a vehicle right now... lol

    I will just lick the computer screen and then go hop back in bed... My back is sore from traveling to Bama. uggh

  15. You temptress, you! LOL Hope that you and your hubby have a lovely week together...that is our idea of fun, too. I am off to scour the web for recipes...you have me hankering for a taste of a butter tart, or a butterscotch pie! :)

  16. I feel like I gained 10 pounds just reading your post !

  17. They look so delicious and the tea cozy looks lovely. I am baking an apple pie next week for a couple of friends. Isn't it wonderful to chat with friends while having some comfort food?!

    Have a wonderful week!

  18. Huh... you did not see that, I wasn't me licking the screen *whipe whipe* yummie what a candy on my screen! Enjoy your holiday!

  19. Oh my. It all looks wonderful. You do take the prettiest pictures, & I'm sure make the tastiest treats.

  20. I've just come in from a very busy day and what do I see but pies! Oh,my! I love apple pie! The others look equally good, but since I have an egg allergy, I stay away from them. Butter Tarts? That looks a lot like the filling for Pecan Pie without the pecans! I wonder if that is how Pecan Pie got its start?
    Enjoy your time with your sweet husband! It's time never wasted!

  21. Ok, when are you coming to visit...or can I visit you. Of course butter tarts will be mmmmmmm so very in demand. However, like Linda, I am allergic to eggs and so that has cut out quite a few yummy things. Meringue being a big no no :) Deep dish apple pies are big around here...and pastry is of course always made with lard. Love granny smith pies. Leftover pastry is used to make brown sugar, cinnamon, and raisin rollups. Sometimes I make pastry just for these. Hmmmm think tomorrow is going to be a baking afternoon. Ok...gotta sew now so can bake tomorrow mmmmm

  22. I am with Carol!!! Dessert guests ;). It is a good thing that my husband doesn't read the blogs I follow or he would be expecting beautiful treats like those you served up. The cup cozy looks super cute and it matches the cup so well!!

  23. OK...you got me hungry. I take mine with some Vanilla Ice cream.

  24. My husband likes tea.... I like pie..... I didn't realize we were such a perfect match.:)
    Is this the same recipe for the crust?


    With pie by your side I'll be your friend :0) any day of the week!!!! LOVE PIE! I ride my bike for PIE! I serve pie for birthdays! I eat pie for breakfast!! I have been thinking about peach pie all day!!

    I have not heard of butter tarts.... I'm off to investigate what those are all about.

    Can't beat loving from the oven :)

    Happy day to you.

  25. I made butter tarts for the family reunion this summer... 3 dozen. They never made it to the dessert table. My nieces and nephews kept coming into the kitchen and sneaking a tart. I eventually had to hide the box when there was only 3 left .. and get them out to my 2 brothers and favourite uncle. Not a family picnic without butter tarts.

    Tenderflake lard is the ONLY way to go with pastry ... nice and light and short. Have to have raisins ... really nuts are not appropriate :-) ... and runny is the best part of eating one .... except as you say a frozen one. MMMM all that gooey centre frozen.
    Can you tell I'm Canadian ... eh?


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