Saturday, August 24, 2013

Quilters have...

   It has been a trying week to say the least, still no machine, no camera....what is a girl to do...?
Well she works on her mac and creates quotes  that remind her that our world is still a welcoming,
warm, generous place....

Don't you just love this quote? ( you have permission to grab it)  It came into my head and heart sometime last summer, I had it on  the side bar for awhile but it was not as pretty as this...Being that RBD's GINGHAM has been my focus this year, I thought this was a perfect reminder that I already printed off and placed in my Quilting Studio that looks pretty empty without my sewing machine, ott light, notions....

That will change soon, a new sewing machine is on route, should be here on Monday. I am soooo behind in my sewing, that I am sure THAT OTHER LADY may have won, despite her hexie project
was really an octi...But really does it matter? NAHHHHHh we all relished her enthusiasm to create
something she really did not like and then because she wanted to ROAR......she created this....
pretty darn cute if you ask me...and it's body is GINGHAM, yep.....She knows how much I love GINGHAM she just had to come up with a new pattern with GINGHAM. Not that we are competitive at allllllll but if I had a sewing machine, I would make let me see......A MOUSE....yes I would because we all know LIONS are afraid of mice...or is that Elephants? lol

Ok, had to research this-- LIONS are afraid of HUMANS, and then elephants, rhinos and hyenas...welllll I could whip up something in that area....

In the meantime if you feel like ROARING like a LION at the shortcomings in our world...join me
and check out That Others ladies newest pattern.....

I am really worried, since That other LADY retired, she has made 2 patterns. What is our world
coming to? lol

( hold on till next week for our newest blog hop announcement.....it is coming)


  1. Well, having 3 little boys at home, I know now what I can sew them for X-mas!!! Not placemats, no, but roaring Lions! The name of my youngest one ist Lionel, which means... well, little lion! LOL! Love your hops! Magnifique!

  2. Your quote made my heart smile!

  3. Lindo leão!Eu só queria saber por quê todo rinoceronte é rosa nos desenhos animados...?Seu endereço por favor!!!!!!!!!Tenho que te enviar os vestidos de crochê!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PoR FAVOR!!!!!!

  4. Beautiful quote Mdm Samm! Happily grabbed!!! And how exciting to have a shiny new machine on the way - sew looking forward to meeting it :-)

  5. Hey there Madame Samm I am so sorry you are still bummed...believe me I know what it is like to be without a sewing machine but in the last oh maybe 6 weeks or so I know what it like to get one, mine was not brand new but it was new to me and it is one of the greatest feelings to have one back...so just try to focus on Monday and hopefully that will get you through. I don't know whether you saw it or not but I order your bed runner pattern and hopefully will have it done my Christmas...it is a great pattern....take care and try to focus on the good that is coming.....yours in friendship....Sharon

  6. I love your saying...it is so true...and it looks marvelous in red gingham. Thanks for sharing my pattern! You are, and always will be, the queen cheerleader in motivating all of us to try new things.

  7. Great quote and so true! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. And the lion is soooo cute.

  8. Truer words have never been spoken. YOU without a sewing machine? GASP!!!!!!!!!!! Your camera, ott light and notions are gone too? Carol's lion quilt is absolutely ADORABLE. She's one creative lady, for sure.

  9. Oh my gosh that lion quilt is so AWESOME, I just love it!!
    smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

  10. Have we had the sigh up for 'Batiks' yet???

  11. If you had known this would happen....you could have taken a vacation! I hope everything comes soon and you get back in the swing of things! Sweet hugs!

  12. What? No machine? I thought you were getting one yesterday! Blessings, Marlene

  13. Oh my---no machine?? I have accumulated 5 of them over the years, use them all for various applications and just got a serger with my bday money. And an old treadle is up in the attic garage waiting for me at my parents but my husband doesn't know about that yet.

    Poor you since you do sew for the fabric company and the hops. Did yours just die or in the shop??

  14. Lovely Samm, I hope that you will receive your machine tomorrow and will soon be sewing again. And you have motivated me to create quilty things that I don´t think I should have done without your cheer leading in the blog hops and your challenges.

  15. Oh my goodness I missed something. Did you get robbed or did your machine break or get struck by lightening or something? What ever happend I am so sorry you are now without a machine. I know that feeling and it is not a good one at all. I know my serger is gonna die on me soon....It is old as the hills and I bought it as a floor model way back in 1999. And have had it srviced and fixed many times...Boy the prices on sergers have sky rocketed just like all machines. These technologies we just can't live without...And to think wha tour poor grandmothers had to use and sew on....

  16. What a sweet sentiment and a beautiful visual too!
    Congratulations to Carol! It seems she's having a great retirement so far. I see this competition becoming bigger and bigger!


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