Thursday, August 15, 2013

No really-- I was not looking forward....

to doing my hexie project 
( another oil painting NOT, lol just software tool at it's best) 


from Debby Kratovil....she has it on her blog now

 if you want this one template ruler that will do many blocks....connect with Debby
She will sell it to you for $10.00 ( reg price 13.00) 


Just write to her and say you want todays DEAL
you need this HALF HEXIE RULER..yes you do....
She will send you a pay pal invoice 10.00 plus shipping! 

The one that made this...can also do the above...
Now I did show Debby the real photo of my hexie project 
 and I feel soooo experienced now...
LIKE I can actually say I am a GROWN UP Quilter.
I made something she had not seen before...
She really loved it...
Soooo can you imagine what THAT OTHER LADY
will be thinking when she sees this..

I am not telling you what I made with this..but let 
me tell you , I had a dream of what Debby's half hexagon
could do for me...and I could not get up quick enough
and cut my pieces to show you...

and there is no hand sewing ....nope..all machine ! 

So Imagine....a half hexagon ruler that can make 
more than one project. 

now my problem will be how I not show it to anyone
else till my day.....which is always the last one....

Thanks Debby, for offering up such a great template ruler...
I am really excited to see what everyone will be creating...

YEP loving HEXIES.....

p.s Debby will extend the sales she had the other day 
and apologizes for the confusion on how to order...
So if you need any of the rulers, ( check the post 2 days ago)
She will help you out...


  1. Looks like a great tool. I love hexies too.

  2. Inspired in your sleep.... It was a great idea and I love the results! Brilliant! For sure, that other lady will have to put her thinkin' cap on to come up with anything to top that! Madame Sam, I hope you don't mind if I share it with a link back on my facebook page at http://facebook.com/sewfreshquilts. It's too sweet not to share!

  3. That Other Lady needs to go take a nap so she can dream up something this cool. :)

  4. That is looking great. I love the colors you used. It is exciting to see what all of the hoppers are making.

  5. lol I remember you talking about how you did not like hexies! I have seen some really great projects using that half hexie ruler, and I am loving that Mellow Yello sneak! That would make an excellent runner!

  6. I love hexies, but not the handsewing. Wish I had this ruler when I made my hexie quilt. lol

  7. Your project looks very pretty....both of them have fantastic bright color

  8. My hexie project is nearly done. But i can't say that I love hexies. It is not my cup of tea.

  9. Oooh I love that herringbone pattern...I think I'm going to have to try this ruler out!

  10. What a great template! I've got mine ordered :)

  11. ooh! I like that! I just bought 44 one inch hexies to use and then glue at the "joints" instead of basting threads, but this is cool too!!...I did not realize you were doing hexies so soon...I have been wrapped up in a "swoon" quilt and making classroom flag banners for our daughters first real teaching job....5th grade math....really! and she is blond...really!!....bless her sweet heart! ...so too busy to go on a "hop" but I will be a cheerleader or atleast in the "booster band!".....nice job!!....

  12. Mine is on its way!!! I can't wait!

  13. Looking forward to seeing more! Great ruler Debby!

  14. I really LOVE hexies...so much so I've been making a grandmothers garden quilt for over 25yrs - yes, the same one...lol...I thought this hop would be my incentive to finish...sometimes I'm soooooo delusional...I will be lucky to finish something hexie in time (what? I'm on the FIRST DAY???? Just kidding, I knew that.) You can always sneak me a peek of your project...I won't tell...I won't share...no matter HOW MUCH that "other one" offers me....and the rumors that I can be 'bought'...well okay, maybe they ARE true...just to be safe you'd better NOT show me afterall....LOL -

  15. Well you have a chance as that Other Lady will have to check out her boxed fabric, LOL! Love the look of the half hexies.

  16. Oh, working on mine the last 8 weeks with a small break in between. And I still have to bind it! Eeeekkk! And I am on the first day. It might be completed. ;). Of course I always look forward to what you have dreamed up.

  17. Very pretty hexies! Beautiful textures and colors in the fabrics. Looking forward to seeing your creation and all the inspiration in the hexie hop... :) pat

  18. Sssshhhh don't tell Debby I bought one at JoAnn's a few weeks ago. Sorry. I love my hexie ruler.

  19. Wow, didn't think I needed yet another ruler but now I am thinking that I do! That braid looks really cool!

  20. Dear
    Oh dear, I think I need this ruler....
    I am anxiuos to see your hexie project. Loving hexies.....


  21. Love hexagons too. Might have to get me one of those templates.
    I was also wondering if you know where I can get the pattern for your quilt which was on Pinterest named great colors. It has a green background, rectangles which are joined in the middle by a blue sashing. I would love to make this quilt!!!

  22. I love your gray and yellow project - can't wait to see what you have dreamed up next!
    See ya wednesday.
    xo jan

  23. . Love your fabric colors....Waiting oh so impatiently for the full reveal.


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