Saturday, August 31, 2013

Let's Twist to the 60's Blog hop Sign up Today with Mary!

Heck I didn't even know what BATIKS were a couple of years ago...
Soooo here we are doing a BATIKS blog hop
with Mary from I PIECE 2 MARY....

Here is Mary's PIECE   PEACE    SIGN...
She really is the perfect cheerleader for this hop...

mmmm something I just found out something very interesting about  MARY recently..
she has this great blog with photos of all the BARN Quilts
she has visited...she is full of wonderful delights...
I bet some of those BARNS were made in the 60's wink...

To make it even more exciting and to help MARY along, she says she does not remember
that decade....

So let's get you acquainted ...

LET's TWIST to the 60's

( I hate to even mention this...but The Twist was a dance by Chubby Checker
that was a hit at many street dances and clubs. When I was a wee tot,
my parents took me to a street dance and I twisted my heart out and made it to the newspapers
as the youngest TWISTER of our community. 
. Wish I still had that paper lol

 and Twister was a game that had
you twisting all over a plastic mat....
Mmmmm I do remember playing that game too....

If this does not get you into the MOOD to Twist with us....
I am not sure I know what will....

Here are some great links to inspire you...

YOU have to use BATIKS in your creation..

What is expected of YOU?

1. If you commit , commit, you never ever want to be on that LIST!

2. Please turn off your word verification on your day.

3. Add button to your blog...top right.

4. PLEASE add all of your fellow hoppers on your blog
and do not remove YOURS---some of us get confused!

5. Be a cheerleader for one another! I don't think there is 
anything as GROOVY as notes from your PEERS.

6. MUST create at least one BATIK project, you
can show others....

7. STAY on Message, we all drop by to see YOUR PROJECT
for that day...

OHHH write to MARY HERE.

Let her know in this subject LINE.


Let's have a GAS in SEPTEMBER!

OHHHHHH by the way..

Solid KONA fabric?
WE have a very special Blog hop in the new year..
I will choose 10 of YOU who ...
wellll that is a surprise...

LINE UP HERE and tell me...


  1. oooooohhhh pick me, pick me!cuz....

    Far out!....I have a kajillion ideas for the '60s...but *sigh*... I will have to sit my little bell bottomed butt outta this one...I know it's gonna Be A Gas...but our really BIG Quilt Show starts on the 26th so this little flower power mouse is gonna be wiggin out getting ready...that really bums me out...but I'll be peekin' in...ya dig?

  2. I LOVE KONA@! and I love the new year idea :) I'm on a mission to have every colour of Kona in my collection !

  3. I LOVE Kona.. when I want solids, it's the first brand I look for they are just awesome.

  4. Looking forward to cheering from the sidelines for all the 60's Twisters. It shall cheer me as I me getting ready for my eye surgery.

    I love Kona solids! I even ran a layer cake swap once to gather many different colored 10" squares. They are a treasured part of my stash. I use them in many different projects.

    Cheers! :) Pat

  5. I LOVE KONA@! And I just emailed Mary, hope I make the cut for the 60's blog hop!!! That's my era and it would be so groovy to be part of that hop! Thanks for all you do for our quilty blog-world!

  6. I LOVE Kona too! looking forward to find out more.

  7. Madame Samm, can I ask the charm pack of Tokyo from Red Rooster, is that a batik? It looks batikish to me but it could also be considered a filler too, very versatile, I love it. Plus I want to say that I will be loving Kona solids very soon, my mother bought me one of their 100 FQ boxes and I get to pick it up this fall when we go visit her. So I will definitely be LOVING KONA!

  8. I do love Kona and all their delicious colors.......

  9. I love Kona . I can't wait to see what you have planned.

    I am hoping I make the cut for the 60s Twist. I can't dance but I can sew and I have batiks. Half my stash is batiks. When I was in High School we made our own batik fabric and then had to make a garment out of it so I had a far out hippy chick maxi skirt. I wish I still had it.

  10. Love the Kona colors.
    Groovin to the idea of a 60's Sew-In Twisting with Batiks.I just read the slang terms and it was scary how many of them I knew. Age is showing I guess.

  11. I hear a LOT about Kona solids, but I have to confess - I have none and have never sewn with any - so I don't qualify. (Confession is good for the soul, but bad for the reputation) I hear that the hand is divine and the colors satisfy anyone and everyone. There's a hue for every single need. I think I'll go find a charm pack of them or a jelly roll today at a local quilt shop and see what all the fuss is about. But I have sewn with solids for years and have quite a lineup. Can't wait to see what you have up your frilly little sleeve.

  12. I LOVE KONA!!! I wish I had more in my stash. Sew many times I have been working out a quilt and thought I could use a solid in this or that color. A solids quilt is always very striking, I think. Can't wait to see what you have in mind.

  13. Thanks for rule #4. I m always loosing my place when someone has removed their name. For simple minds like mine the "you are here " note is ever so helpful.

  14. i love kona's solids. I use them all the time!
    hulseybg at gmail dot com

  15. I love Kona solids too. I am so inspired by the hexie blog hop that my next quilting projects will be lap quilts for my three grown daughters. Each one will be a modern quilt with an off white background and a different arrangement of appliqued hexagons in the bright wonderful Kona solids. I'll get to play with pretty colors, hexagons and custom FMQ. Can't wait.
    I haven't done a blog hop since It's for the Birds and I would love to do another one, especially a surprise with Kona solids.

  16. I love Kona cotton!! I buy the black and white 2 bolts at a time!:) Please include me!

    I have a really good idea for the batik 60's hop.. I am going to challenge myself to do something I have never done... Now we shall see if I swim or drown... lol

  17. I LOVE KONA@! I also love, love batiks and want to take part in this blog hop!! We are on vacation right now and I was so tickled to check my email/blog this morning at the motel and see that the blog hop has been listed. I remember the twist.......and the 60s!!

  18. I only use Kona snow to embroider on and maybe black to piece with, rarely. That leaves me out, right off the bat but I know you will have 10 happy campers quite easily!

    The batik hop--I can think of two batik items I could make but they sure would not have a 60s feel. Well, one might but it might be stretching it. I just don't know if I would want the resultant item living in my house either!! I hate to say this but I believe I am going to pass this round and then just be one heckuva a cheerleader saying to myself "why didn't I think of that?" I have a list of 8 things on it that need my attention over the next 4 months.

  19. I love color and I love Kona. I think I use a little Kona in every quilt. You can always find the perfect color! I'm in line!

  20. Wow, I am showing my age....I remember Chubby Checker. My mom had his records ( the small 45's) She taught me how to twist to them. This is going to be a GREAT hop. I am excited and have quite a few things in mind. Since Batiks are one of my favorite fabrics, I am going to have a ball!

  21. I sent Mary an email to play along and since I bought some batiks while shopping yesterday I can't wait to get sewing. Who doesn't love Kona...of course, I do!

  22. I emailed AND I'm SEW curious about the Kona solids, I LOVE THOSE and made a kona solid quilt recently for Mccalls ;) I have their color chart hanging on the wall, I am looking at it right now...

  23. Sent Mary an email early early this morning. Can't wait to do a bit of twisting with batiks. I loooovvveee Kona! ;)

  24. I LOVE Kona solids... Let me know if you find room for me on the hop!

  25. Great new hop. Look forward to see all those batik creations.
    I LOVE KONA@ solids, but must say never made a project with just solids. Sounds interesting.
    Have a wonderful weekend

  26. The batiks blog hop is going to be outta sight, can you dig it?
    I can't imagine any quilter who doesn't love Kona solids.

  27. I am a kona solid nut! Use it in most all my project! Fingers and toes crossed for that blog hop! You know you love me Madam!

  28. I love, love, love Kona ! Yum, Yum !

  29. I looooooooooooooooooooooooooove Konnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  30. Hi Samm! yes, yes, yes, please pick me for Kona's!!!!
    I'd love to participate, my hands are less full!
    Sounds wonderful!
    Take care, Leslie

  31. PS: I love Kona, they are so easy to work with, I look for a colour to add to every project I start, what can I say!
    Take care, Leslie

  32. I never had Kona in my hands but I'm sure I would love it, lol.

  33. I surely remember twisting in the 60's! I wasn't going to join any hops until after Christmas but just couldn't resist. Somehow, I'll get those gifts finished in time! I've emailed Mary to see if there are any spots left. Oh.... love your new Wicked header! ;)

  34. I'm in...pending Mary of course! LOL!! So you have a new idea rolling in your mind! Can only wonder, just who the 10 victims will be...oops, I mean lucky ones, and what's in store for them! tee hee

  35. I am signed up and raring to twist. I used to twist til my side hurt!! Oh no..telling my age...like you didn't know,eh. Will be there for Kona solids too!!!

  36. Hurra I'm in and I have and idea in my mind too.
    I'm so looking forward to this hop.
    I know the Kona solids, wonderful fabrics to work with.
    You can say that I LOVE the Kona solids!
    Have a nice sunday!

  37. I love Kona. I have just started designing a quilt that will be sew using Kona Cotton Solids (only solids).
    All the best,

  38. I love Kona Solids, and maybe at that point next year I'd be comfortable enough to actually join in on a blog hop! I work well with deadlines, it gives me meaning in my crafts :)
    brandizzle7133 at yahoo dot com

  39. I've grown to really like the look of solids in the past 3 years and Kona's certainly top the list. Regularly keeping an eye on the quilts made in the modern quilt movement has helped me see how great they are in quilts and not just with an Amish look. Love!

  40. I love kona, well I really can't say that, I don't believe I have ever used it. But I would love to give it a chance to be loved by me!:-)

    My NH residents and I were feeling groovy yesterday and tie dyed a tshirt and a pillowcase and a few towels with Kool-aid.

  41. I love Kona solids. I have been slowly adding them to my fabric stash. I have been loving some of modern looks of the quilts as of late and solids are so wonderful for that. I also have some Kona that I have dyed for making prim dolls. My muslin/whites is a whole other stash, it's separate from my quilting stash. Can't imagine what you have in mind but I'm up for a challenge if I should be chosen.

  42. Hello, I am so glad you stopped by my blog! First because you left such a sweet comment, but secondly because I found your great blog and I am now your latest follower!
    Thank you for being there in more ways than one!

    1. Hi there again, just want to let you know I keep trying to "become a follower" and for some reason Google just isn't showing it when I click the "follow" icon. It just keeps bringing me back to the sign in page...been trying now since this morning and still it doesn't look like I am following you (or at least my little profile photo isn't showing so not sure?

  43. I am excited to Twist! and I love Kona cottons! They are my go to background fabrics. I have seen some great solid quilts made from Kona fabrics, but I have yet to make one myself, but I did use the lovely canary yellow to make a suit for the Mayor of Whooville. You can see it here: http://quilteddelights.blogspot.com/2012/06/mr-mayor.html

  44. KONA is truly my go-to fabric for solids..My favorite? KONA White. Yep, not very colorful but nothing makes a color POP like being up against the soft bright white of Kona fabric. I just want to "pet" it when I get it. MY local Hancock's places it on sale for a little over $6 per yd and I try to buy up enough t last for awhile. I also asked Mary to include me in the Batik "Happening". Have NO idea what I'll make but it will be GROOVY Baby!
    Gmama Jane

  45. Goodness I'm gone for one day and look what you post! :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kona!!! LOVE IT! Can't wait to see what you are up to..and I need to get signed up for this Batik hop! Happy Sunday!

  46. I LOVE KONA!!!!. I completed my Be a Hexie Queen quilt with Kona. I have quite a bit in my stash but I could always use more.

  47. I loved to twist and won a twist contest at the y's Saturday Night dance ( yahoo) . Blessings Sandra

  48. I love Kona, too! I just finished a quilt inspired by native American rug designs in all Kona. It's wonderful and feels like it will really last.

  49. I have just started sewing with Kona but I do love it. I have a nice picture up on my blog. lol.. for the photo workshop. Now I am off to email Mary to see if there is room for me to Twist.
    Love the new header too.
    xo jan

  50. I would like to join the blog hop for batiks if that's still open?

  51. I won't be able to twist my schedule around for this one. But I signed up. I am so sorry but I need to be taken off the list for this one. I emailed Mary but I am not sure she got it. Just wanted to let you know too.

  52. I love Kona@ there are so many gorgeous colours to choose from


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