Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Last day of our Hexie Queen blog hop with Connecting threads as our sponsor

( p.s yes the sunflowers from Italy are yellow, they were supposed to be white...
they are over 7.5 feet tall)

I am likely your last stop of this delightful very inspiring hop
that Debby managed and cheered for us..
She was fantastic- in all that she does, she also 
inspired me to love hexies...Her half hexagon template
reallllly helped there.
I am HEXACTIC about them now....

She happens to be one of the most diverse designers 
in hexies as well...She can teach us alllll so much..
So to you my sweet, thank you for sharing YOU 
with us all...We are all better for it.

Here are some very delightful Hexie Queens in waiting...
that I share my day with...

Day 7: Wednesday, August 28

Sew We Quilt ( oh so me) 

AND now is my time to show and tell..
I had a very challenging week of past, all my plans
of creating a stop in your tracks completed hexie project
was meant with some setbacks...

As my project was fairly large and all I completed
was rows upon rows of hexes, without a machine
for count them 6 days...wellll I felt like a coke addict.
( not that I ever used either) lol but I was having
withdrawals...headaches, pains, itching fingers..
well you know, if you have ever been away
from your sewing machine for any length of time..

Maybe it is only quilters who get this?
But really I have never spilled so many tears,
since that other lady beat me on our last 2 blog hops...

I initially thought of a pillow but this corner of my kitchen is in reds, blacks and whites...
next idea.....

I thought of that too...it could be a new look for summer and would match
our indoor awning that is in blacks and white..
next idea...

Nooooo, I did not have enough time to get it sandwiched and quilted
since my new sewing machine only arrived late Monday....
but I did manage to get the borders and sashes on...
and I made ruffles...( they will be added on at each end) 
and I did get the photo shoot done...
and this week, I will work on completing my bed runner .

Sumatra my delightful side kick, was all game until it started to rain
and she dashed onto the deck under the umbrella and refused
to budge for anymore photos..

I was right behind her, with all of my props.....

This is the chenille bedspread that is on our bed at the moment...
It is called ginger...when I ordered it I thought it was pumpkin colour,
it is more a deep rich coral... I really wanted pumpkin...but this works..
I have always loved chenille...we have a few of these...
in fact another one just arrived today in a butter yellow with matching
shams...I think my next bed runner will match that one....

Well back to this hexie bed runner...I really like it...
I had some yardage from way back, I do believe this was cabbage rose
fabric, ( hexies) and some Lakehouse goods for the border
that I also been hanging on to....It was a perfect match for our 
summer bedspread ensemble..

I will continue working on this today and by the weekend,
I will have it all completed...I made ruffles for both ends...

( return later...I also have another hexie project, 
that try as I might I could not complete last night....
it will be here by end of day) 

Since we have a few days off before our PIN cushion HOP begins
with Kristen cheering for us... I have a little big of time...

And here is my giveaway...I happen to have DEBBY's ( like in our cheerleader for this hop)
 new calendar and included
are 12 months with 12 patterns for all the quilts inside....
and look a half hexie for someone who tells me, 

"I think differently about hexies now that......"

fill in the blank...

All of our winners will be announced on MONDAY...
we have 3 bundles of sun kissed harvest from our dear
friends at Connecting Threads..

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts....

Ohhhh and any day now our next hop will be announced...
I have alll kinds of informative and inspiring ideas to share 
for this one..
MARY from I PIECE 2 Mary..will be cheering us on for this one...

and the following week...

Wicked is back.....and WICKED WENDY
* why-knot-kwilt
will be hanging onto that limb,
swinging to the cheers....of wickedness....

And our top Queens today 

I do believe her hexies grow in good soil...they are gigantic...
makes for a lovely quilt and lovely photo to boot...
and will you look at that yellow binding...POP....

Simply put....CHARMING! this quilt with hexies all about just makes for a lovely
photo finish....and yes she too has yellow binding...and it is alllll completed...
YOU ladies were amazing...


And nobody would be surprised to see this lady in our most creative today..
She knows how to piece, sew, quilt, design, do videos..and how
to display her REGAL PIECE...I really love this..and look buttons..
you can keep adding on to them...She used these as pot holders..
isn't that something..

WELLLLLLLL HEXIE princesses...

YOU all HEXED, as Pat 

shared HEXATIC performances

....YOU really turned

me into a HEXIE lover....

p.s that special extra project will be a bit delayed...
but soon it is coming soon...

Winners for BE a Queen HEXIE.

almost forgot about YOU

Congrats Queens...

Vickie Creative N. top 3

Little Lixie for participating

Cheryl for comments...
( I hosted you- please connect with me)

My winner for Debby Kratovil's calendar
and half hexagon is 
our sweet Susan


  1. Oh dear about the sunflowers - but Yellow is still a beautiful happy smiley kinda colour even tho' it should not be in your garden!

  2. Love your pillow and your bed runner. Glad to hear your machine arrived safely but curses on the sunflowers, lol! Managed to check out all the wonderful hexie projects, but alas wasn't able to leave many comments, but will be back in the swing of things for the pin cushions!

  3. Oh Mme Samm, again a wonderful and lovely project! I love the soft colours with the white together, so romantic and still so fresh. The ruffles will surely add even more to this touch. I never thought of sewing half hexies but now I might have to try this too. It's a perfect match to your chenille. Really just beautiful!
    And to answer your question: I think differently about hexies now that..I've seen all those great and inspiring projects of all the hexiequeens -it has broadened my hexie-horizons!
    So glad that you have your machine again and the yellow sunflowers look great. But white would have been really interesting.Have never seen some.
    Hugs Martina

  4. I like to think that your Italian white sunflowers just have a buttery suntan. We just never know what we are going to get in the reproductive world, eh? Your sunflowers are amazing and make a beautiful backdrop. You never cease to amaze me what you accomplish. With all your setbacks this week and you accomplished this much, I am absolutely in awe. The hexies are amazing and I love the fabrics. They are so romantic and are perfect with your spread.
    Now to answer your question: I think differently about hexies now that... I've been wowed by amazing queens of hex that introduced me to many, many ways of "skinning the cat" - I mean constructing the hexies. The queens were encouraging and made me realize I could conquer some method and they wowed me with projects that absolutely have inspired me and made me think about trying something out of my comfort zone.

  5. Sunflowers are supposed to be yellow..... And they will give a pop of sunshine in your white garden and sunflowers make everyone happy.... and (fill in the reason why you should not be upset about the non-whites). I love your bed runner. Love it. It would have worked as a pillow too, maybe you should add that on (once you have recovered of course....).
    To answer your question: I think differently about hexies now that I have seen all the possibilities and read all the stories of first-timers (and the more experienced hexy-fiends) on this hexed hop. All the different tutorials were really helpful. I was on the fence before, but have now selected a pattern to start my very own hexy quilt! Thank you so much for the hop, once again.

  6. I love your fabric choice.
    The reds and the white are so beautiful together.
    I hope there will be never spilled a slip of coffee on it ;-)

    Thanks for the fun hop!

  7. I love your cushion and your runner - before this hop the only hexies I'd seen were the tiny EPP ones - I don't have the patience for those!! But I love the large machine pieced ones - right up my street! I'm going to look for a hexie ruler here in the UK!!

  8. Its lovely - this has been a great hop hasn't it! my fingers are still recovering too...

  9. Your bed runner is beautiful! So elegant and classy to match your ginger chenille bedspread. Well done! Thanks for another great hop! I think differently about hexies now that I have seen the amazing creations done by all the very talented quilters in the hop.

  10. Your bed runner and pillow are so delicate and fresh looking. Love the colors. I just can't stay away from your fascinating hops. Do I feel differently about hexies? Perhaps a bit - now that I see they can be constructed in several ways and that they have multiple uses. Thanks to your hoppers for the insight. swalker287(at)gmail(dot)com.

  11. Wonderful hexies, beautiful colors. I think differently about hexies now that I have seen there are easier ways to make them than just English paper piecing. Thanks so much for another fun hop. Can't wait for more!

  12. Just gorgeous! Love your photo shoot. It has been a wonderful hop and I've enjoyed each and every stop that I've managed to visit. I think differently about hexies since I saw so many different techniques and esp, since I started working with the Lucy Boston pattern. I still prefer to make them by hand, however.

  13. I love your bed runner, it's beautiful. Thanks so much for showing me how easy Hexies can be. I have never tried, now I feel like a hexi adventure. It's amazing how we can be afraid to try something we are unsure about. Thanks to you and your blog hop. Wow.. I'm going to try when I finish my current quilt.

  14. I think of hexies differently now that I have seen every imaginable project under the sun from bowls to bed runners. Wow! Great hop and thanks for the chance.

  15. I think differently about hexies since seeing all of the different ways others appliqued in various places on a solid background. I love the look and simplicity of those quilts. There is definitely one in my future. Thanks again for a great blog hop.

  16. I have recently become addicted to making hexies, but had no idea where I was going with them, until I followed this hop. Now I still don't know where I'm heading as I have so many ideas in my head!

  17. I think differently about hexies now that I know I can sew them by machine, because hand-work is too hard on my eyesight. Oh, and there's half-hexies that make it even easier. Thanks for the great blog hop.

  18. Your projects are beautiful, I love the pillow! This hop has been inspirational and a lot of fun!

  19. Awesome projects... love the pillow and the tablecloth!! I am itching to start a hexie project after the hop - thanks for the inspiration from everyone!!

  20. Madame Samm let me first say for all you have been through your bed runner looks wonderful and I am sure it will scream "Madame Samm" when it is finished and I look forward to seeing it.
    Now for the answer to your question..."I think differently about hexies now that......" Before I truly believed that the only thing to be done with them was making grandmother's flower garden designs and that is just not my thing. But after seeing this blog hop and knowing the half hexie ruler is out there plus seeing what all of our ladies did with these hexies I am no longer in the dark and am really looking forward to using the ruler and making oh anything from pincushions to bed runners, wall hangings to table toppers and well you get the picture. You could say that I came in from the dark and into the light on hexies all because of all of these ladies and their hexie projects. So "thank you" to all of you that were in this blog hop it has been a special one for me and now I am looking forward to designing something with hexies and I will keep you posted on it. Thanks Madame Samm for putting a wonderful gift package together...a calender is a great gift at least for me I do not know where I would be from one day to the next without one so I will keep my fingers crossed.

  21. Dear madm Samm,
    your hexi top looks terrific!
    I love the modern look with the white hexagons and the sashings, really beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing your ideas and for the chance to win.
    I have always loved hexagons, and now I know that hexagons have so many possibilities, not only flowergardens.
    Have fun with your new(?) sewingmashine ☺

  22. I'm totally amazed you were able to get anything put together at all Samm - and not just anything but this gorgeous bed runner. I love your fabric choices...almost makes me want to change colors in my bedroom! I'm so glad your machine came in. :) blessings, marlene

  23. I think diefferently about hexies now that I've tried it...has been a fun hop madamm. Your bed runner is delightful; and can't wait to see the finished piece. thanks for another wonderful time.

  24. It is hard to know just what color things will be when they give them funky arty names. On my monitor it looks like a lovely coral. Your hexie piece is gorgeous, no matter how you end up using it. Of course we will be back to see your 2nd one, just like T waiting for daylight. You both have our curiosity aroused.

    okay "I think differently about hexies now that......" now that I have actually finished something that uses them! I toyed with some pieced designed ones back in the early 90's and collected charm shapes but it did not take then. THX for the giveaway opportunity but thanks more for being you.

  25. Great photo shoot as usual! I enjoyed this hop very much and I'm looking forward the next ones. So glad I stumbled upon your blog.

  26. And a lovely runner it is Ms Samm. It's ok that you didn't get it finished in time, that wasn't YOUR fault! It will be just as gorgeous in a few days ;)

  27. Your hexi top looks terrific, and I don't understand how you managed without your machin....
    The colour matches perfect, and I look forward to se the finished one. :-)
    About hexies; I think different about them after I very carefully studied the ruler I have, and all the diffent blocks I can make with it. My be for next hop with batics??

  28. In spite of your troubles, you DID manage to give us something great to admire! Love the bed runner and will look forward to the finished project. Thanks for another great hop with lots of great inspiration! You rock and so do all of the participants!

  29. Oh No, Yellow Sunflowers, what are you going to do? I am just amazed at all of the things you complete and this time a six sided hexagon, for sure a winner! and lovely as a bed runner, you get me so excited about making one of those, I think I will try to make one for the next hop I sign up for. To answer your question, I thought I really only liked the paper pieced method of hexies but after seeing so many different possibilities with the machine sewing kind, I will have to give those a go too! There were just so many beautiful projects and all inspirational.

  30. Love the colors you chose :)
    I think differently about hexies now that...... I've seen so many different uses for them! Wow! I have added a few new projects to my to-do list after this blog hop! Thank you for organizing such an inspiring event!

  31. First, I love your bedrunner. I love the clean lines, I love the modern flair, I love that you used fabric you had on hand and I love that you shared it with us in such beautiful photography. And only a quilter would stand in the rain to get the perfect shot, poor Sumatra, I can't blame her for not wanting to get wet! I cannot ait until we see the finish! Now there are two reasons that I think differently about hexies now, and they are opposite reasons at that, First I love the hand sewing that goes along with making those little flowers. I didn't think I would like the hand sewing but I do, especially the small flowers. 2nd, I like that you CAN machine sew them if you want to. I haven't tried it or a half hexie ruler, but I think it is pretty awesome.
    Also, thank you for picking my Ring Around the Rosie as a top pick for the day. I think someone ought to pick YOU!

    xo jan

  32. Your bed runner is so cute. Thank you for giving us this hop, really great. And I think different about hexies now that I've found that it is possible to sew them by machine. I have many new projects on my to-do list.

  33. Your bed runner and pillow are both just beautiful! Wow! Hard to believe you managed to get those done through all the "distractions" of late!
    I think differently about hexies now that I've seen all the beautiful projects in this hop!

  34. Love the incarnations of your lovely project.

  35. Hexed and Blessed again! Thanks for all the hexilerating inspirations. I think differently about hexies now that I have zigged and zagged around and have been hexed and blessed! ... :) Pat

  36. Well; I am so honored to be chosen today!!!! We saw so many beautiful projects, I am so inspired to do more with hexies...I love our 'most creative' for today. It is just adorable!!!! Thanks to all the participants and our leaders...love you all!!

  37. love your bedrunner.. and everyone today and throughout the blog hop out-hexed themselves. lovely projects throughout.

    Thanks also for the chance to win the lovely calendar.

    happy hexie day now I need to go get started on my pin cushion before you hex me out of the blog hop for not getting it done. I have idea just need to get it in action. well it is in partial action. mind stage wink wink

    happy day to you

  38. I think differently about hexies now that I've seen so many ways to make them. Thanks for opening up a whole new hexie world for me! Your bed runner is just gorgeous in hexies and those fabrics. Shame on Sumatra for not wanting to endure the rain with you for more pics. LOL P.S. I'm soooo glad you have a machine again.

  39. Well you have done it again! In spite of the adventures of the past week,all is turning out well. Your bedrunner is wonderful. Love the color choice,it goes so well with your cover. You are an inspiration to all of us. As the saying goes, "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade". You have the sweetest lemondade!

  40. Love your bed runner- until this year would never have attempted anything involving hexagons let alone half hexies as you did- am going to given this a try for my bedroom! I think differently now about hexies now that I have found them, tried them and discovered how much I love them!

  41. Your bed runner and cushion are beautiful!! The colors are so delicate and yummy! Thanks for another wonderful blog hop and I can't wait for the sign up for the batik blog hop!

  42. So beautiful, such a lovely site to visit love all your colors and designs

  43. Lovely. I think differently about hexies now that I have seen all the wonderful, different and unique ways that you can use a hexie.

  44. Your bed runner is beautiful! I think differently about hexies now that I have seen all of the great work this past week, I am inspired to finally try them! Thanks for the giveaway. vickise at gmail dot com

  45. And an "énorme merci pour toutes tes idées et ton engagement", Madame Samm!!!!!! You are great, and so are your cheerleaders!

  46. I love chenille too and pets and rain, so that pic with your cat just melts my heart!! Your blog is engaging and your projects are awe-inspiring, thanks :)

  47. Your birdies will eat the seeds, no matter what colour the sunflowers were. Do they sell "moonflower" seeds? They should come in white. LOL
    Love your bed runner in the making. The photo ensemble is oh so pretty. Can't wait to see it done.
    I never thought of hexies as anything other than a grandmothers flower garden block/quilt. Who knew the variety of wonderful projects that were out there in the minds of quilters. Great hop.

  48. Your bed runner is beautiful.
    I think differently about hexies now that ... I have seen that they can be made modern and now that I have seen that it isn't impossible to complete a full bed quilt in 1 inch hand pieced hexies using Grandmothers Garden format. My Late Grandmother and mother started 2 of them for my sister and I when we were little girls (almost 30 years ago). My mum hasn't been able to finish them on her own so my sister and I are teaching ourselves to EPP so we can do it together with her. Having seen some of the heritage heirloom quilts over the hop I now see that even though the fabrics grandma and mum started with are very 1980s the finished quilt will be beautiful in it's own way and treasured for it's special history. Plus it doesn't have to be the only hexi quilt I ever make or own - I can do something fabulous and classic and modern and me too. The wonders of quilting never cease :)

  49. It has been a great hop. Thanks for all you do for all of us. I am anxious to see your bed runner with the ruffles on.

  50. I think differently about hexies now that I have seen so many new and different ways to do hexies. I can see that they can be vintage, modern , twisted, turned, halved and manipulated in sew many ways. They can be hand sewn, glued, appliqued, and quilted in many different ways. I have been so inspired by this hop that I am going to give this a try. Thanks so much for sharing.

  51. I love your pillow and bed runner!!! What great color choices! As for me, I think differently about hexies now that I have place yo-yos on them!

  52. Your bed runner is so feminine and soft. Your chenille bedspread reminds me of the ones on our beds when I was little. I remember Mom would put them in a big pot of boiling water and Ritz dye if she wanted to change the color to match the room ! When the walls got painted, the bedspread got dyed. My favorite one had a basket of flowers in the middle of it and was so thread bare you could see the quilt beneath it. The Queens of the day have some beautiful creations ! What a fab hop...I'm still not going to make a Grandmother's flower garden quilt though ! LOL

  53. You made such a lovely feminine bed runner. It would look great as a pillow too...perhaps you could make some pillows for the bed as well? Don't mean to buy you more work though, lol.

    Oh I am so looking forward to the '60's batik hop...I already have some ideas for this one. I have some ideas for the wicked one too. I hope I get in on those 2 hops.

  54. I think differently about hexies now that I have been inspired by their versatility. I hate to see this hop end.

    Your bed runner is just gorgeous. I love the color, but it does not look pumpkin to me either.

    Todays hexies were fabulous too. It is always fun to see such creativity. Thanks for another wonderful hop.

  55. Oh, Mdm. Samm - your bed runner is absolutely beautiful! Did you drag your mattress outside again?? Sumatra loves it when you do... another fantastic project... seeing that you did not have a sewing machine for a week or so... (so sorry that happened!) Can't wait to see your adorable runner with your signature ruffles on it! Love the colors, and that melon chenille spread is delicious too. What a beautiful way to wrap up a fantastic hop!
    Hey, that's a fun surprise, to see my topper in your fave pics! I think differently about hexies now that I see so many possibilities with this versatile shape!

  56. I think differently about hexies now that I have seen the creations from all of the blog hoppers who joined this hop. I only thought of Grandmother's flower garden patterns, but wow these ladies have outdone themselves...thanks to all of them for their creativity!

    1. HI Rose if you see this...perhaps next time leave an email so I can respond..you are a no reply blogger..how to fix that is on the side bar of this blog...till then...

  57. Ooooo! Love the photos, love the projects and love chenille too Samm. Perhaps the sunflower color is effected by the soil pH levels, like Hydrangeas?

  58. Hexies are wonderful...what a great hop! By the way, love the colors of your bedrunner...and that chenille...wow! I have four chenille bedspreads, love them...one is even from my grandmother! Thanks for another inspiring hop! :)

  59. Love your hexie runner. It is lovely. Thanks so much for sharing. "I think differently about hexies now that I've followed this hop". I'm still not sure about the time factor, but the variety of projects has totally inspired me. Thanks again.

  60. I love the table runner...the photos are gorgeous. Thank you again for inspiring us to grow and change. I love your new buzz word. I am definitely a "hexatic."

  61. Ahhh for someone who was without a machine for awhile, you sure managed to put together a GREAT project. Love your bed runner! Congrats, and you my dear really should have been a pick of the day! :-)

  62. I never thought I would get on the hexie bandwagon until I took part in the 2012 Block of the Month Club with Amy Gibson on Craftsy. She made me see that hexagons can have a place in modern quilting.

  63. LOVE your projects! How do you get it all done? Love the fabric choices and it's so nice of Sumatra to model for you :) (I'll bet she thinks you made it just for her :)

  64. I think differently about Hexies now that I have seen them in full size quilts. I hadn't seen all the precut hexies used in so many unique ways.

  65. I think different about hexies now that I see them in a more modern setting:) Just awesome inspiration yet again!
    Thank you SO much!

  66. Oh, of course your bed runner is so hexazing. I love it! The colors and layout are just beautiful. Thanks for another amazing hop! I totally enjoyed looking at all the lovely creations that everyone had. Hope you have some smooth sailing weeks to come. ;). I'm all geared up for the pincushion hop. Sew excited!!!

  67. Cute bed runner.Marvelous what you can achieve with a machine for only a short time. I knew very little about hexies but now feel ready to attempt a stitching project. Thank you.

    1. HI Frances if you see this...perhaps next time leave an email so I can respond..you are a no reply blogger..how to fix that is on the side bar of this blog...till then...

  68. I LOVE the bed runner! What a great hop this has been ! There are so many VERY talented gals out there!!!

  69. It is so sad that this blog hop is over. It has been a very fun hop Thank you lovely Samm once again for leading all the fun. Hugs from me in Malmö. Sweden

  70. Samm. This has been the most awesome hop because of the incredible variation on projects and the creative ways folks have taken the idea and made such gorgeous projects. I think your runner is so lovely and fresh. Can't wait to see it finished. Thanks for loving my humble little half-hexie so much. I have just passed along your sweet comments to my master template and she is blushing in the template box. She always wanted to be a Rock Star (she listens to my music); she'll settle for being a Block Star! Thanks for lifting us ALL up!

  71. I think differently about hexagons now that I've seen all the possibilities on this great blog hop!

  72. I think differently about hexies now that I am addicted to them, instead of just being a shape they are an integral, happy part of my life. Thanks for a fun blog hop and giveaway.

  73. Despite the roadblocks you had, YOU were still able to create a beautiful bed runner. It's a perfect match for your coral chenille bed spread. The ruffles will add a fantastic touch to an already awesome runner. Looking forward to seeing it finished. Sumatra looks quite comfy ... love that cat even if she doesn't like the rain. : ) I think differently about hexies now that I tried hand piecing them. I won't be doing that method again ... EVER ... nope, uh uh, NEVER EVER. However, I will eventually try them with a half hexie ruler since I prefer machine sewing over hand sewing.

    Thank you for all you do to make your blog hops so successful and for encouraging us to try new things. We won't know if we like doing something until we try it.

  74. I think differently about hexies now that I have seen so many things that you can turn them into. Simply beautiful projects. Well Done everyone!!

  75. Well as usual another successful hop and I love your to be bed runner itis very romantic looking and will look beautiful on that lovely coral chenille spread. By the way where do you get them I haven't seen ones like that. Thanks again Samm what would all of these ladies do without you cheering them on and coming out with new ideas. Love ya Sandra

  76. I think differently about hexies now that I've seen all the different techniques and approaches to the six sided wonder. Next time I take on a hexie quilt, it will be without scars on my fingers. Giggle, giggle

    Your runner will be a beautiful addition to that lovely chenille bed cover. I, too, love ruffles and that will take the runner over the top. I can't wait to see it.
    Thank you for being the blog hop queen. You have rocked my little quilting world.

  77. I think differently about hexies now that I have done some for myself AND have seen how many wonderful things can be made from hexagons. It has been a wonderful hop--thanks for your part in making it successful!

  78. Love your projects and thank you again for all you do! I think differently about hexies now that I've made a few. I used to think they'd be time consuming and tedious but now I realize they are the perfect "pick-me-up" for times when I have to sit still and try to listen without dozing! pbstrand@msn.com

  79. I think differently about hexies now that I have seen more projects made that I would actually do, such as the triangle pillow and some of the mug rugs. I'm also intrigued by the hexie stamp that you're able to just sew with your machine along the inner lines, so cool. This has been a great learning experience!
    brandizzle7133 at yahoo dot com

  80. I love your bed runner. I really don't understand bed runners. But I know they are a popular design trend right now. I also like that a bed runner can double as a table runner.

    Thank you for organizing this hop. I have a new admiration for hexagons and I will probably tackle a flower garden type Art Quilt one of these days.....but not yet.

  81. Love those colors for your bed runner and your bedspread. This has been a lovely hop and a lot of inspiration. I have never sewn a hexie block but I think I just may try it. I am looking forward to seeing your finished bed runner and other hexie project. Thanks again for another wonderful blog hop.

  82. The bed runner is lovely--beautiful fabrics and beautiful sewing. I think differently about hexies now that I have seen so many gorgeous quilts and hexies used to make so many different designs. I always loved the Grandmother's flower garden quilts. Now, I can see so many more possibilities and will definitely be trying some of them! Thanks, again, for another great hop!

  83. Beautiful bed runner. I love the colors even though you wanted pumpkin. I think about hexies differently now knowing I don't have to hand piece unless I want to (which I sometimes do) and don't have to do Y seams unless I want to (which I don't). Thank you for another wonderful hop. I am on pins and needles waiting for pincushions, my addiction, and wicked, witch is sew much fun!

  84. Pretty bed runner! I am still loving the big hexies the best!

  85. All you quilters did a great job (clapping). I love hexies more now from seeing so many different ways to do them and use them.
    smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

  86. You did a great job. The potential is all there and time will get them all done. I'm waiting to see that promised ruffle. I don't remember any other ruffles this past week. It will set you apart. Glad things are settling back to normal.

  87. You did a smashing job with Hexatic ! Love the fabrics as well.
    What a great job everyone has done!!
    I can not really say that I feel much differently about hexies. I have always been partial to them, however, I HAVE begun to employ some of the great inspiration I received as a result of this wonderful blog hop.
    So thanks to you and Carol and of course Debby for all you did for us.
    I hate to see it end. (the blog hop)..


  88. Gorgeous bed runner! Another great hop comes to an end =*( But.......already planning for the next few. I can't wait!!

  89. The different hexagon projects I've enjoyed through this hop have inspired me to get back to my GFG piecing.

  90. Sigh, so sad to see this blog hop end. The projects have been amazing!! What is so amazing is that hexies don't have have to be traditional nor do they need to be small. As always, your project is beautiful despite your setbacks. Looking forward to the next hop!

  91. Beautiful hop and gorgeous pieces Samm. Always so many talented people.

  92. I feel differently about Hexie's now that I have seen so many beautiful and creative projects in this wonderful blog hop. I can't wait to make my very own Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt.

  93. Madame Samm, your bed runner is sooo beautiful and I absolutely LOVE the colors. Even with all the troubles you had, you came through beautifully. Thank you for another great blog hop.

  94. Even though your project isn't "finished" doesn't mean it isn't beautiful--it is.

    "I think differently about hexies now that:

    * I see what can be done with different sizes
    * that they can be used in more ways than just Grandmother's Flower Garden
    * they can be sewn by machine as well as made by hand
    * they can made by combining half hexies.

    I have been inspired to try making some hexie items.

    Thanks for another wonderful hop. Looking forward to the next one.


  95. Hiya Madame Samm!!! I think different about hexies now that I have seen them set into so many different projects. I was familiar with Grandmother's Flower Garden, but hadn't imagined them in separate flowers, used in modern quilts, and put together so many different ways. You are the best when it comes to creativity, and I love your bed runner. Thanks for sharing and for having the giveaway. Blessed be, hugs!!! Pam

    pamspretties57 at gmail dot com

  96. I think differently about hexies now that I've enjoyed all these days of new ideas.

  97. Your bed runner is so pretty. I used to think hand sewing hexie was the right way but I think differently now that I have machine sewn them.

  98. Your bed runner looks great with the chenille bedspread! I love chenille bedspreads! Thanks for the inspiration!

  99. I think differently about hexies after your blog tour and seeing all of these inspiring hexie projects.
    Thanks for all you do

  100. I thin differently about hexies now that they are faster and easier by machine. Great post - you do make me laugh. Uh oh I can hear a sad boy...good-bye

  101. I thin differently about hexies now that they are faster and easier by machine. Great post - you do make me laugh. Uh oh I can hear a sad boy...good-bye

  102. oh, I just love your bed runner. such pretty colors.
    and look at the projects from the "queens", just fabulous!

  103. Your bed runner is fabulous! Love those colors.

  104. Your half hexie bed runner is looking gorgeous, Samm! Such romantic fabrics give it such a summery feel. Just lovely.

    Wow! What a fantastic finish to this hex-tastic hop!

  105. I have to say that I think of hexies differently after this blog hop. I've not jumped on the hexie yet, but after this, I see some in my future. The very NEAR future! I do love the look and can't wait to try some of these wonderful ideas. Thank you for the hops. They are so fun, and so are you! :) LOVE your bed runner!

  106. I think differently about hexies because I tried then for this hop.
    Love your bed runner. It will be awesome with ruffles...perhaps a matching pillow with ruffles all around....
    Think of your sunflowers as a little pop of sunshine in your heavenly white garden.

  107. "I think differently about hexies now that......" I've seen epp'ing without sewing through the paper too. Makes it so much easier to pop that sucker out! No more sewing through papers for me!

  108. Love the bedrunner and your model is gorgeous! I'll admit I don't think much differently from hexies a month ago - I'm just as obsessed now as I was then :)

  109. I think differently about hexies now that I participated in the "Be a Hexie Queen Blog Hop" and got my hexie on with" Meet the Lorax"! You bedrunner is lovely! Can't wait for "Wicked". I missed out last year!

  110. I wasn't home yesterday and was curious to see your project, Madame Samm; love the bed runner with its calm color palette and the narrow sashing between hexy rows. Looking forward to see it quilted; now I must try stitching hexies by machine! Thank you for the hard work for this blog hop.

  111. I think differently about hexies now that I have seen all the wonderful projects. I have dabbled in hexies but nothing like this at all it has opened my eyes to what can be done. What a great idea to just sew random hexies and store them aways for just in case!

  112. I think differently about hexies now that I sew hexagons. Thank you Connecting Threads for introducing me to hexagons when I purchased a wallhanging quilt kit from your store sometime in December 2012 that required a row of hexagons on two edges of the wallhanging. The wallhanging was titled "Annabelle ....(something)...(I can't recall..lol). That was my first encounter with hexagons and I've had the hexagon fever ever since. I love it!
    Sorry for the delayed comment. We're on vacation and this was the first chance I got to comment on the last day of the hop.

  113. Hexies still scare me, but I have loved seeing the wonderful things you ladies have done with them! :)

  114. "I think differently about hexies now that......" ...I've made some hexies. OR ...the hexie queens have shown their stuff!

    What a lovely bed runner. The colors really go with your chenille bedspread; good thing it didn't work in the kitchen.

    Thanks again for another fabulous hop, MS, hexie queen, organizer with style, cheerleader...I so appreciate you.

  115. Hi! What a beautiful project! luv! luv! luv it! I really like those colours! I feel different about hexies now because I love the traditional hand pieced flower projects, I am an original member of the monthly swap. But now, I am amazed with all the different, creative ways to make and use the hexie shape!
    Thank you and Debbie for,this swap! I think it,has been great for a lot of people!
    Take care, Leslie

  116. What a sweet and feminine bed runner. I love the soft pretty colors. Thank you for picking one of my projects to be queen for the day. It sure is exciting. As for your question~I think differently about hexies now that Debbie has inspired you to love hexies. HA HA I hope that is right!


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