Saturday, August 3, 2013

If you are HAPPY and you know it ....( special addition)

You know the rest....Clap your hands..

It is Saturday, I am up before sunrise and I could not get this HAPPY thought out of my mind.

I was asked the other day if I was HAPPY? Of course the person asking me knew very well the answer.

Did you know that we all are born with what we call a SET POINT, we are born with up to 50% of the HAPPY GENE... Another 10% comes from our situation, we love our home, family, job....the other 40% we call this INTENTIONAL ACTIONS, meaning we create another 40% by being involved in a community such as our Quilting community, we celebrate our friends, we surprise one another with lovely notes, gifts...

There are many medical studies on DEPRESSION, we  know what causes it, we know how to treat it, and we can recognize someone who is depressed by miles.
 Listen I used to sell many anti-depressants...
It is a blockbuster class of drugs...meaning it is worth billions to the pharma industry..

BUT do you know what the NEW DRUG OF CHOICE is today...?
PEOPLE want the HAPPY DRUG!. Is there such a thing?...welllll not really..
There are drugs that are mood altering..but they are not lasting...

Do you know what is LASTING....?
YOU! you are the DRUG!, Your friends, (sometimes family lol) but most of all YOU
is the DRUG. YOU can create the HAPPY GENE....you already have up to 50% in your
genetic make up.

If you ask people what they  want most of out of LIFE = it is to be HAPPY.

If you are reading this, this post today, you have basic needs...
YOU have a roof over your head, coffee in hand, ( well I do)
water, food, family friends....

YOU have the foundation....all you need is permission to be

Begin today...

Do something that will make you HAPPY..
Treat yourself to your favourite treat,
be it coffee, baked good, pancakes, go window shopping,
go on a date with a loved one, be it child or spouse or friend..
spend some time with YOU, sew up something for YOU....

Tell someone "they rock your world", they complete you,
they make you a better person...
I guarantee TODAY YOU WILL BE 

There is a flow to being HAPPY,
once you begin your spiritual passion
of gratitude you will be HAPPIER 
every day...

On a personal note, I could not be HAPPIER,
I am doing what I LOVE every day...I spend my day
with all of YOU, and my sweet family.
I was told many years ago, "LIFT someone else up
and your feet will never touch the ground..."
She was soooo correct! I have been floating ever since!

My happiness comes from being your CHEERLEADER!
If I had but one week to live, I would still be here writing this 
this morning...

Since I was introduced to quilting shy of 3 years ago....
I have been such a HAPPIER person...
Thanks to YOU! 

Let's begin our HAPPY JOURNEY today-together! 

( yes you can take this or the balloons graphic)

I am off to complete my HO HO HO project..
It will make me HAPPY!..
( happy to beat  inspire that other lady) 

Cheerfully yours..
and let's spread some HAPPY!

And from our sweet Deonn
and if this does not make you a touch
HAPPIER, than I am not sure 
you have any HAPPY in you wink...

Thanks Deonnxx



  1. I cant wait for Your ho ho hop project :) And I'm so happy today - I'm preparing my birthday party- It will be great weekend :) See you soon :) I wish You more happiness than ever !!! Have a nice day :*

  2. I am taking this badge and placing it on my page.Thanks for a pep talk. I am a happy person; feeling down this morning. Nothing wrong...just a morning with a headache; and this is nice to see and was great to read.

  3. Having lived through a serious bout of depression, I know of which you speak. I am blissfully unmedicated and I AM happy. What caused the change? I learned what things make me happy. Those are the things I concentrate on. I don't watch the news- it is a dark pit most days. I find that expressing my creativity makes me very happy. Sharing that creativity by blogging about it, making friends literally all over the world also makes me very happy.
    I continually tell people - you have to choose to be happy. Sadly some decide to live ruled by situations and let the external dictate the amount of happiness they have. I am so thankful that I have found the "secret" within myself.
    Have a very Happy, Joyous and fun weekend!

    1. Gene...I love what you had to say: We do have to make the effort to learn what makes us happy. We do have to choose to be happy. I'm a glass full kind of girl...yet, life's bumps have taught me we all are responsible for our own happiness. You rock!
      Val from myplvl.blogspot.com

    2. Gene-I agree with you totally. After an injury to my neck and suffering from all the pain, I lived in this dark, depressing world for a while. The medication helped me through the day, but it also left me feeling like a zombie. I finally said I had enough. I think Happiness has to come from within and once you find that happiness, you can get through anything. i am a happy person today because I do the things that make me happy. Sewing and creating takes my mind to a happy place.Because I am a happy person, so are the people around me. Thanks Madame Samm for your happy blog post today. Have a wonderful and HAPPY weekend!

    3. Joyce, I did the medication for a while, but hated the way I felt. So I stopped taking it and found my bliss.

      Valerie, thanks! we do learn from those bumps don't we. Well if we are willing to learn..

  4. I too am overall a happy person and it is the best way to live. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. I think of myself as an all around happy person. I have been told by many business owners that they have never failed to see me walk through their doors without a smile on my face. When I worked at a bank, the branch manager would sing "You are my sunshine" when he saw me. :)

    Yes, I have had my bouts of mild depression... but I eventually got a divorce... and viola! The depression went away! I walked around allowing him to control me but once I found "my backbone" as my sister called it, I began taking control of my own life and destiny.

    You have no idea how just standing up and being in control of your own life can bring such happiness over your whole soul.

    Have a fun and happy weekend everyone!

  6. You hit it on a nose, I do go through depression and since I am retired it occurs a few times a year and exercise really helps. I been through the pill part, it works when you have it really bad but I hate the side effects. Thanks for all you do and I am happy when I do something for some one else.

  7. Have a fantastic day! The Christmas Spirit is still wondering around......

  8. Love your Happy post today! I'm usually on the happy side, with occasional slips to the darker side. Before reading your post, I was doing just what you suggested..... telling someone how much they made my life better and what a good person they are. I was hoping to cheer them up, but as will all forms of giving, I was the one that really got the cheering up! You have a delightful day and my thanks to you too, for all of your positive thoughts, uplifting posts, and great cheerleading!

  9. I love your happy post and of course I am happy. I am retired and doing what I love to do, sewing, meeting friends and I am so happy that I have found you and your quilt community. I am happy been to our local quilt guild meeting today, planning for our quilt exhibition next year. What more
    to say.
    Have a great weekend lovely Samm

  10. What a great post to read this morning with my coffee!
    Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement - I think I might just have to sew ALL day long to feel happier! *snort*

  11. I'm in total agreement with you Samm. I'm happy practically everyday. So long as I have my family, sewing and internet friends I have the world.

  12. Thanks Samm...I am putting the smiley on my blog and forwarding this post to my daughters. WIth smiles! Val from myblogspot.com

    PS I am new to quilting also and have found that it has been my happy outlet in adjusting to empty nest. (I'm so grateful for my supportive, awesome husband)

  13. Thanks for the lift :) Hope it comes back to you tenfold! I would love to put this smiley on my blog!

  14. Having just moved into our new house 2 days ago and seeing the mountain of boxes everywhere coupled with renos that need to be done immediately and the fact we have no running water, I was finding that dastardly "D" trying to push its way back into my life. Then CJ, my youngest, piped up with a huge grin and announced "I love our new house!" That gave me the shake up I needed to look at things from a different perspective! Bummed out mood...you're NOT welcome in our home, don't let the door hit you in the fanny on the way out ;)
    Thank you Samm :)

  15. I have those "slips to the darker side" like Jeanie, but most of the time they don't last long. We're all searching for that happy place in life (hopefully, we can all find it...with or without meds.) Thanks for your uplifting post!

  16. I am going through a dark time right now...But I do know their is a light at the end of my tunnell....I do choose to be happy and will be again. Just that cancer and surgeries really take a toll on a person. I just recently decided to start doing things for me each day....Regardless of how tired or weak I feel I am gonna do something that just benefits me.

  17. Thanks for the Happy Day! Yes, Must get past the Dark side.

  18. I just emailed you a "Happy" clip art photo, since I can't post the photo here.

  19. Great post and it is sure to be uplifting to many. Thanks for sending your Happy thoughts to us.

  20. I love you! This is a fabulous post and a great reminder to be positive! I've had past battles, taken medication and had cognitive behavioral therapy. Our minds and attitudes are the key to happiness and the knock on effect of positive thoughts can be incredible. A very HAPPY day to you :)

  21. What a beautiful post. Amen sister!! I am naturally a happy person but for the past 6 years, I've been even happier because I'm retired, have a stash of fabric that I will never use up, several quilt shops that are within a 50 mile radius and family and friends who understand my need to sew and create. It doesn't get any better than that!!
    I try to always say things to brighten someone's day. A kind word or a smile can often lift the spirit.

  22. Samm, you always make me happy! It's true - surrounding yourself with positive people - sharing simple moments. Like this one. ;) http://youtu.be/4eq87GtUptg

  23. What a wonderful post and I am clapping my hands with a smile on my face! It doesn't take a lot to make me happy :)

  24. What a fantastic post!! I have put the happy face with a link back to your post on my blog!!! Thanks you so much!!!

  25. I found that doing for others makes me happier a long time ago. It doesn't have to be something big--just something to bring a smile to their faces. Wouldn't the world be a wonderful place if we all were striving to improve the lives of others? Thank you for your post, Madame Samm. We all need to be reminded sometime. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face today.

  26. YOU are the very best cheerleader dear! I believe we make our own happy. Thank you!! Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts and Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  27. Thank you so much! I am generally a happy person but I have to say, you made my day with your insight and always your inspiration!

  28. I agree 100%, no need to reply to my message (you get a whole lot of e-mails, phew, my mind just boggles at the thought), just wanted to let you know that reading this blog makes me HAPPY!

  29. I always wondered if there was a Happy Gene. Thanks for confirming it! I got it! I wonder if quilters have a larger percent of the genetics. LOL OK, it is the friendship, sharing and helping each other. But who can resist the happiness of sharing with loved ones that stitching a blankie with love can give. Goodnight Happy Ho-Ho-Hostess.

  30. Love your Happy Face....sure made me smile today! blessings, marlene

  31. I'm clapping my hands ! What a great post Samm, Thanks for being our CHEERleader and being sew uplifting !

  32. Every day, every moment, we, you, make a choice. Do I want this to knock me down, or will I make the choice to not let it bother me that much. The we can also find little things, inexpensive, or free, to do that puts a smile in our hearts. I like to watch the surfers, watch the people enjoying the beach, take a walk, or my favorite, visit a quilt shop.

  33. Today (Saturday) was one of those dark days when I spent to much time thinking about the what ifs. I have vowed to forget all of those and just live, laugh and be happy, and tomorrow will be bring a whole new day of happiness! Thank you Samm for all of your encouraging thoughts, you mean the world to all of us.

  34. I am up early today(Sunday) and am feeling happy. I had to work yesterday, so I missed this post. I choose happiness. I know depression is real for many, but for me, happiness is a choice. Any day I wake up and choose happiness, I can usually override the negative things I run into. 35 years ago when I first met my husband, he told me I was an eternal optimist. I have never forgotten that assessment and I revel in it. It's another beautiful day here in my neighborhood. Good morning!

  35. Love your post! I'm up early doing what makes me happy, coffee in hand. I look forward to seeing your Ho! Ho! Ho! project... I spent yesterday working on hexies :) Thank you again for the wonderful post, it was awesome!

  36. Samm. Great post! You are right: happiness is a choice, tho sometimes our bodies can't always catch up with that (being tired, ill, sick). I have found when I am slipping into the dark side to stop, count my blessings (and name at least 5, if not 10) which picks me up right away. Always choose to do something for someone else every day. It will lift my spirits! Life is a gift - share it!

  37. What a great post! I saw a little sign once (I'm sure you've seen it) that said "If you woke up tomorrow with only the blessings you have thanked God for, what would you be left with?" When my granddaughter was with me a few weeks ago, she was feeling homesick and depressed - after all, she had been away from her mom and dad for 2 months! That night, I told her that to help her go to sleep, she should list each thing in her mind that she was thankful for. The next morning, she said "Nana, I'm not sure it worked. I fell asleep halfway through my list!"
    There are things to be genuinely sad about and losses that can leave us grieving for the rest of our lives, but how well you demonstrate that being happy is a choice! There are certainly times when I need to remember that.

  38. love your happy attitude - life is too short and there's too much tragedy, violence, sadness and poverty to let it all get you down! I have a nickname from my oldest sister, Pollyanna and I consider it a high compliment! thanks for all you do to spread sunshine around the web!

  39. Dear madame Samm, I love your post, it makes me happy. I choose to be happy and try my best to make the people around me happy too. Smiles, Millie

  40. Madame Samm, you have divine timing, my dear. I was just talking to my daughter about this very same thing. My husband and I were talking about it last night. I sat down, turned on my music and pulled up some blogs to read. What music started right as I started reading your post .... Three Little Birds by Bob Marley. You know the one... "I said don't worry, about a thing, cause every little thing, is gonna be alright."

    Thank you for bringing it home and bringing me a smile. Have a happy day! :)

  41. I was at JoAnn last Friday before we went to grab a bite. There was such a long line at the cutting station. The lady before me was so nice to let me go ahead of her and we started chatting about traveling. I was feeling a bit down the whole day and that cheered me up a lot. When I got to the cutting table, the lady who was cutting looked at me and said "Thank you so much for being happy! That is really contagious!" Then at the restaurant someone brought us homemade chips to munch on while we were waiting for our dinner! We had such a happy waitress too!

    Short story long, your post reminded me of last Friday!! Thank you :)


  42. Thank you dear Samm for the "Happy" you bring to ALL of us every day!

  43. You are spreading the happiness you are incredible person. :*

  44. Thanks for the Happy post and for all your cheerleadering! Love it!

  45. YOU, dear Samm, have made me HAPPY!! It was NOT a coincidence for me to find you blogging at "Stash Manicure" back when I first began blogging. It was late one night and after I read your post I remember thinking what a unique character had to be behind the words. I dipped my toes into the water of being a guest blogger and well...what can I say...I haven't looked back. Every time I look at my Blog Banner I think of the eclectic little lady behind the design and I have to smile. Yes...You make ME Happy as well as hundreds of others. I read all kinds of blogs but none are as committed as quilters. Decorators come and go, fashion changes, but the beauty of quilting and the quilters behind the needles are forever! The newest show, Duck Dynasty, has it's Patriarch saying he is HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! yOU SEE THE PHRASE ON tSHIRTS, BUMPER STICKERS , and now I think I may put it on a Quilt. Thank you Samm for being the wind beneath our wings!
    Gmama Jane

  46. Inspiring message!! You are a wonderful cheerleader! I want to use your happy icon on my blog as a constant reminder to "Be Happy." About 4 years ago I became involved with a couple online quilting groups hosted on a social media that today does not exist anymore. It was the place I learned more about quilting, made friendships that exist today (we recreated our own group via facebook) as we couldn't stand being apart. We had to hunt someone of them down as we didn't have contact info. Anyways, it is pretty wonderful how happier I have become with having this online quilters community. Overall I don't get depressed but may have a day or two I feel down. Those are the days I either go do something for someone else or just do something with my hands and pray. Again thanks for a great message. I have recently reread your time management messages and have been implementing them for a little over a week. I'm getting stuff done!

  47. Thank you for reminding me...and actually I've been really happy for the last couple of weeks. Hugs!!!

  48. Madame Samm thank you so much for allowing us to borrow your be happy sign...I have posted it on my blog and hope that is what you meant by borrowing your sign...thank you..

  49. Madame Samm you are such an inspiration! I sometimes forget to do things that make me happy because I'm always doing things that I think will make OTHER people happy. Sometimes that makes me happy too, but more often than not it becomes a chore. Your wisdom is infectious! Thank you for all that you do!


  50. You always make me happy Samm because you are such a happy person and it just.flows from you like a beautiful stream. I know that since I have gotten to know all the beautiful quilters on the blogs my joy comes daily for all the wonderful things I have learnt from them.
    Blessings Sandra

  51. Thank you for this inspirational happy post! Such a great reminder.

  52. This is going to be my happy day. With hubby on chemo, me facing surgery for the first time in my life, it' time to change my outlook and be happy. Thank you Madame Samme.


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