Monday, August 19, 2013

He goes back to work tomorrow...and really I am not happy about it...I am

( if you want this, take it wink)  above...! 

No really I do....they are perfect HEXIES lol. I distorted them a bit lol
 Now that my darling David returns to his full time job tomorrow. I will get this HEXIE thing together...We had a few things that required our attention this week...and NOW .... well you know.....

 I am really working on getting it completed before my DAY...( which is at the very end ...AGAIN)....OHHHH speaking of order...where is THAT OTHER LADY??, When does she show her HEXIES....???

You know we kind of tied for the last hop...That did not sit WELL WITH EITHER OF US...

So I know she is pulling out all her talent from the universe.....I could feel her drawing from me....but I was soooo scattered, I am sure she could not catch me....

 I know Debby our Hexie Queen Cheerleader for this hop is more than ready....she has provided me with the perfect tool...finally I get what all the
 was about.... I think I like HEXIES...
YOU will too, you wait and see...we are just hours away...

At the end of this week, we will be announcing our
next hop...

It is all about BATIKS...
TEXTURE and 60's
( for some of you who may
not remember or even born then...
start researching...)

and our dear MARY from I Piece 2 Mary 
will be cheering this one..
I know she remembers that ERA! 
(  don't you Mary?)

special note..

Remember this?

Well I certainly do...Jan who was in our Ho Ho Ho
Blog hop created this  adorable tissue box cover...
I was soooo excited to find out where she got the pattern
I immediately asked her...

WHY in her head she wrote, cause it is hers....I then thought,
she has to make a pattern...yes she does...I want to make one....
So she did...

My next thought....I wonder how I can incorporate some ruffles lol

As always we are always pleased when one 
of our talented ladies creates their first pattern...

and you can also find her here...
in a new blog...

 Sooooo congrats dear Jan...
YOU made it, you are a designer! 

Not sure if it was a reward to having my David home this past couple of weeks,
I was soooo keen to "Play" with him....WE did so many wonderful things
together and although I  did kid about him going  finally back to work.....
shhhh I will miss him..

So today, we had some errands to run, before he is back tomorrow...
and he took a detour to a lovely bike shop.

He knows me soooo well, although I wanted this bike in a lovely 
buttercream, the one they had on the floor was much too large for my
5 foot frame...
Beside it was this one...very retro, no gears, you have to back peddle to brake..
( love that feature) wide seat, very comfy, and handle bars that has you sitting
perfectly straight beckoning me to keep a lovely lady posture....
( love the white walls on the tires lol)

I took it for a spin and nothing needed to be adjusted, the young teen who
was our "know it all" was shocked...LIKE It was made for this MISSY...
lol I think (they had all this planned) .....

Years ago on my darlings 50th, I had a bike custom fitted and designed for him
and we went to the bike shop to get some bike gear. Upon seeing the bike,
I said take it for a spin...When he returned of course he was excited but never
would have guessed it was already his..
The owner said as we were leaving..
"did you forget something?" David was perplexed, the owner said..
"the bike..it is yours...."
I thought my David was going to pass out...lol

Needless to say, what goes around comes around...wink...

 David added the basket and horn,
while I got dressed complete with a turquoise head band to match..
WE then went for a long bike ride...

Quite a few the neighbours just smiled and waved...
all welcoming our new MISSY to the neighbourhood..

All the time we took our tour, I joked about this Missy
being a perfect prop for quilts...especially red and white ones,
ok and some turquoise down the road...
David said " expensive prop" we just laughed....

Do you have a bike....? Does biking interest you?
What would your bike look like?

( I had this name tag done a long time ago) 


  1. Can't wait to see what you did to Jan's tissue box! Glad you had a wonderful fun filled week with your sweetie. I have to take a few days off and will miss the first half of the Hexie hop, but will catch up ASAP to see what everyone created!

  2. I can't wait to see all the hexilicious projects this week. I just put the finishing stitch in my project moments ago. Can't wait to see yours and that other lady's creations. She keeps saying hers isn't much, but I don't believe her.

  3. Going to be very interesting projects; I think!!!! And the next hop...yay!!!!!!!!

  4. Enjoy your alone time. I'm sure you will be sewing up a storm. Congrats to the newest designer. It looks awesome.

  5. Congrats to Jan, how fun!! And I look forward to seeing more of your pretty hexies :)

  6. I'm in the zone, too...the twilight zone! My hexies will be showing up on the 22nd, but it looks like yours have already beat me. Hmmm...maybe I can hurry and make something else in my spare time. LOL Congrats to Jan on her pattern! Very cute!

  7. Fractured hexies?? Oh boy--we are all toast is that is the case in the originality factor. The 20th and the hop start sort of snuck up on me while I was busy sewing! It is almost here and I still need to quilt my little entry! What fun. I am glad that you convinced Jan to do up a pattern for her cutie HO HO HO item!

  8. Oh, I can't wait for the Batik Hop! When will the sign up begin and do you have dates? I'm off for a fabulous adventure in Ireland and Scotland next month so I'm hoping I can still participate! pbstrand@msn.com

  9. My hexies and done, the pictures are done and my blog post is done. What more could I say as my day is tomorrow. But I will tell you, that I will never be a hexie queen, not even a princess. I have had in spite of that very fun making my hexies and I hope I could make you smile.
    Congrats Jan, how fun.

  10. Batiks I can relate too, but 60's???? That was way before my time! wink, wink :) Have a great day.

  11. If your honey bunny is working full time, I bet that means you'll be crafting a bit more ! I get more done when my honey is out and about ! ......I've noticed several hexie hints on some blogs, isn't this hop going to be interesting to see what can be done with a hexie !......Congrats to Jan !

  12. It will fun to see all the Hexie projects and of course I can't wait for the Batik signup, hope I make it as you know how much I love batiks! Congrats to Jan on a beautiful pattern and becoming a designer!!

  13. Still love your sense of humor Samm! It's refreshing! Miss , and think of you often, hope all is wonderful in your world. xoxox Christel

  14. Oh how you love to tease us with little snip-its of your blog hop projects (or maybe it's to worry that other lady). ; )

    Thank you everyone!

    Thank YOU Madame Samm!

  15. Oh I do love your bike! I wish I had somewhere that wasn't rough farm dirt roads to bike - but we live on a very busy highway. I have been wanting a new bike for a while but its always the same - no where close to ride!
    Have fun and BE CAREFUL!!!!!!
    We can't afford any injuries! lol..... That other lady would think she was Queen Bee then!lol
    xo jan

  16. Your bike is sew cute! I love that baby blue. I am almost ready for my day. Glad it is the 26th ;)

  17. Very cool prop .... errr bike ... oh and a horn too. Toot toot. It's beautiful and so very retro. Of course you had to have a headband to match the bike. ; ) What a great way to get a little exercise and to spend more time with David. I have a 7-speed bike, can't remember if it's called a cruiser or a comfort bike. LOL The frame is blue and silver with silver fenders and white wall tires. I'm not passionate about biking, like I am with sewing/quilting, but I do enjoy it. Love to feel the wind through my hair (even though it's a tangled mess afterwards), and to check out the yards in the area.

  18. I have a bike, but it isn't as cool as yours...you win! Oh, wait, we're not competing about our bikes are we? Missy sure is a cutie!

    1. Ok, I will take that...not that we were being competitive but a win is a win ..wink..x

  19. Little Missy is just perfect. I do have a bike but all the names I call her aren't fit to print. lol. I do love riding her though, just wish I had more time in the day!

  20. Your bike is just gorgeous. I can just see you riding along the road! I have an old pink bike but it hasn't been ridden in years, just hangs in the garage!


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