Friday, August 30, 2013

Fashionista at it's Sewing BEST!

Worth sharing- prior to designing dolls and then getting into
quilting just 3 years ago, I designed in the fashion area.
I designed fencing jackets, channel suits and made quite a few
 Cashmere wool,  50's styles winter Jackets...
La Modele...( model) of a DOLL! 

And even though I worked full time in Big Pharma
my nights and weekends were completely absorbed 
after my wee tots were tucked in for the night and house was all tidy,
I would sneak into my sewing room and sew for hours....

My nickname at the office was The FASHIONISTA....
Although I was a very conservative dresser, I loved
classic styles with a hint of colour! 

So turn the clock ahead to the present and you
would see why this lovely collection from 
Camelot FABRICs moved me..


Jackie-  Jacqueline Savage Mcfee
Ohhh my she is talented...

WE will be hearing a lot more about this lady! 
and Camelot Fabrics....

With some downtime between hops, I thought I would show you what I designed with some of
Jackie's collection..... First the Tammy Bag which is soooooo perfect for all my threads, needles, scissors... my collection of notions can all be tucked into this fancy project bag....
Some of you are well aware how much we can tuck into these large project bags...

Remember this thread catcher...I had no idea how I added the ruffle...
welll I then figured it out...but thought this was stilllll too large for a thread cather...

See how it folds down...but it really does not stay down.....so I came up with a smaller
version and a wee addition...( it will be revealed in the pattern) 

And then I thought, I have to make a smaller  THREAD CATCHER to match...and of course she would have ruffles...I will have the pattern completed by this weekend.... I wanted something smaller to catch those threads and something we could all BUTTON down and add on  to our Tammy Bag....
She is made with a 3 inch hoop, she is sooo tiny she stands up on her own, and can hold quite a bit
of snipped threads... Let's call her Ruffled -Thread Catcher!  
I am also working on a matching needle keeper with a wee metal frame...ohhh you will just fall to pieces when you see this...It will be up within days....you wait and see...

So just something to tie you all over till next week...I have one or two surprises as well...

So hang in tight, let's PIN away with our PIN cushion hop right around the corner....and tomorrow...
we will announce our next hop with Mary cheering us on... Again she will be holding  a PEACE sign...

And congrats to EMMA and SANDRA
who each won the OBOLS...

Emma you won the large one!
Sandra the smaller one, with something extra too!


  1. Beautiful Madame Fashionista and not at all surprising that you found time to do so much even when your wee tots were at home ;) Thank you for sharing your beautiful works with us!!

  2. You are a busy lady! I am seriously drooling over the fabric with the pink flowers on it! One question: do you make your ruffles the old fashioned way with two rows of gathering stitches? Just curious. Your ruffled items always make me smile.

  3. Love the Fashionista line and the gorgeous Tammy bag you made. And La Modele is adorable!

  4. I looooooooooove that fabric. How perfect with your bag. Do you ever miss making dolls? La Modele is so charming and fun. :)

  5. So amazing you worked for big Pharma. So did I .........and you still found time to support your creativity. Well done you!! Wish I knew how a long time ago how important it is to have a creative outlet. Many thanks for all the joy you bring into my home. Have a great weekend......Marie (mlismore@optusnet.com.au)

  6. Fantastic fabric, but you would work with nothing less now!! You are always a busy lady...and I am so anxious for the announcements...

  7. I am looking at those ruffled thread catchers and wondering how you made them so "you" I've made the more traditional way and think I might know where in the process it could be done, LOL. HMMMM Mine do twist flat so it must be the extra flounce preventing it. Regardless how sweet are both sets of Tammy's and catchers.

    Love La Modele. I did a few dolls back in the late 90s for my nieces but nothing like your lovely! wowie there.

  8. How could we not love that Fashionista fabric...it is beautiful and looks great as a "Tammy." Your doll is absolutely adorable!

  9. Lovely Tammy bag. Useful thread catcher. Darling doll. Great fabric line.

  10. I love the blog's new header, totally wicked! The Fashionista fabrics are fantastic!

  11. A most lovely Tammy bag, again... and matching thread catcher... You are just you, it's written mdm Samm all over it. ;-)
    I'm not surprised at all to learn that you used to be a designer as well, not at all!
    Great fabrics.
    Wish you a creative weekend.

  12. Oh course, love your Tammy bag set in Fashionista. Beautiful. The crocheted hankie is so dainty setting with it. ;)

  13. Sew sweet! I love this Fashonista fabric line and it looks splendid in your fashionable sewing accessories. The thread catcher is so cute and very useful. Looking forward to the needle keeper. Thanks for brightening my blog hopping day! ... :) Pat

  14. Hummmm...I see a Twist to the 60's in your La Modele!!! :-) Is she batik? LOL!!

  15. And when do we get to sign up for Twist? My mind is in overdrive and my project starts today!!! Be a scared... be really scared! hahahahaha

  16. I luv the Fashionista line...it is gorgeous. Your Tammy bags and thread catchers are sEw sweet! Luv your coffee mugs...they are always beautiful!! Happy stitching, have a wonderful weekend!!

  17. As much as I'm in love with the Fashionista line - your Wicked Witch on your header is even more gorgeous! :) blessings, marlene

  18. .Congrats ladies on your wins. Beautiful projects. That fashionista is very pretty. Love those Tammy bags

  19. The Fashionista fabric is beautiful. La Modele looks like she could have attended Woodstock. ; )

  20. What beautiful fabrics! Man, you've worn "a few" hats in your life so far, huh? :-) Ah, the Tammy bags are to die for!

  21. I waited for weeks to find out what is that gorgeous line of fabric; now I can't wait to add some to my stash; you couldn't use a better fabric for your little projects; love that you have even a matching mug, Madame Samm!

  22. Is there anything you haven't done Samm, ihave never known anybody as talented and creative as you. To top it all off you are such a beautiful person with a big heart. Blessings Sandrra

  23. Oh I need a threadcatcher to match! My Tammy bag is always ready to go!

  24. What another amazing bag! I love, love, love the thread catcher and I'm just sure I need to make two or three. ;)

  25. Very nice fabric! Great to see the wicked witch. Man, time is going to quick this year.


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