Thursday, August 8, 2013

DAY 7 of our HO HO HO blog hop with Timeless Treasures as our sponsor

                                                      Original post introducing HO HO HO

Oh yes it is time for our HO HO HO
and you all must be ready to GO GO GO
I know WE are excited to see what you have done
So let's go shouting and have some FUN!

EVEN if you cringe at the thought there are only
138 days till well you know...
( the countdown is on our top right of our blog) 

Here is to inspiring you all
and leading you into CHEER! 

CHRISTMAS CAROL is our HO HO HO cheerleader.
And she sure has caused quite a bit of excitement since she retired..
She really is one of those cheerleaders who never disappoints...
And if you see our HOPPERS today..she is at the top of the list...
She will be pulling the sleigh for us all and I will
be giving away the presents at the end lol. 

Who is leading today in Christmas Spirit...
let's take a look....?

Be great cheerleaders, they do this for YOU,
leave them a comment and let them know
how much you enjoyed their SPIRIT and CREATIVITY!

apologies for being sooo late...we did not have a BLOG to see it here lol

OUR TOP 2 are...

Now this lady is a possible one of the best intricate, precise quilters and designers
that I have come to know...She not only made this tree skirt..she made many others..
it is a delightful pattern, looks far more complicated than it is....one I will be getting today...

HOW can you turn your back on anything Amy Bradley designs..
I love what this lady did too..the snowflakes, the most colourful collars
and bow ties on her penguins..most certainly worthy of our top spot today..
love the pillows too.

Most creative goes tooooooo...

This lady knows about detail...can you believe it...they are all paper pieced and pieced,,
and they are pockets..an advent calendar that would be perfect for a quilter in your life...
something to look forward every day...love this...love the idea....
an advent for grown ups lol

Our sponsor Timeless Treasures have come out with these 6 Packs....TONGA TREATS
ohhhh you gonna love these...6 inches of glorious Christmas Fabric...In time for our Christmas season that is right  around the corner!  This is what YOU can win at the end of our hop...

YOU can Win...

#1 By being in our hop...all those who are part of HO HO HO
 automatically get a chance to win ONE bundle.
#2 Those who are in our top 3 each day, for outstanding presentation and most creative.
#3 All those who leave comments...YES YOU can win too! 

Cheerfully yours..


  1. Scese Christmas dolls. Thank you for sharing.ute t o

  2. Oh i am sorry there went something wrong. I love your cute Christmasdolls. Thank you for sharingh s

  3. What a great works today in blog hop :) I was there, I saw, and I'm more than ever in Christmas mood :)

  4. Just one more day to go, and I can´t believe it. This has been such a fun blog hop, as all the others I have followed. And I am in Christmas mood, it will never be too early to start Christmas project. So many lovely projects today and the ladies are so creative.
    Have a great day, lovely Samm!!!

  5. So glad your technical issues are resolved! Computers.....can't live with them, can't live without them! Loved todays line up!

  6. You're back...YAY! I was going through withdrawals! LOL

  7. It's good to know the problem is not on my side, lol. Sorry!

  8. I have missed you!!! Good that you are back!!! Such a crazy internet world!!!

  9. Great choices today! Can't wait to see what you show us tomorrow!

  10. Glad to see all is well and you are back in blogland. Lovely projects today.

  11. As always another great blog hop. It's put me in the mood to start Christmas sewing and I started pulling fabric today.

  12. I was wondering what was going on with your web page when it would not appear. Glad everything worked out. Great choices as usual.

  13. Sorry for all the problems you had today. I am so happy everything is back the way it should be. The choices for today were great. I loved all the projects that were out there. I really hate that tomorrow will be the last day.

  14. Glad to see you are back and I really enjoyed the blogs today!!

  15. Some really spectacular projects again today! Hard to believe that tomorrow is the final day.

  16. That sounded like a very nasty person was messing with you. Glad that they weren't successful. That is just so mean spirited. Any how, glad you are back up and running and that you picked such great examples of todays offerings. Simply great.

  17. Thank you for doing these fun events.... I feel I was a winner by just getting to play. Its a great way to lift our spirits too.

  18. excellent choices. Love the tree skirt pattern and wish I had had it when I needed one recently. (Got another to make but she wants it scrappy--like the one you admired)

  19. Great choices for today! You have done an amazing job with all of this.

  20. Such an absolutely wonderful plethera of gorgeous projects today. So many great designs.

  21. Thank you for organizing such hops. I've enjoyed every blog I've visited.

  22. We missed you while you were gone today. Glad everything is worked out and your back in blogland for your reveal tomorrow !

  23. Love your blog, thank goodness we don't have to lose you! I have already planned too many Christmas projects!!! Helen

  24. Perfect choices. Love the advent calendar, too.


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