Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 6 of our HO HO HO Blog hop with Timeless Treasures as our Sponsor

                                                      Original post introducing HO HO HO

Oh yes it is time for our HO HO HO
and you all must be ready to GO GO GO
I know WE are excited to see what you have done
So let's go shouting and have some FUN!

EVEN if you cringe at the thought there are only
139 days till well you know...
( the countdown is on our top right of our blog) 

Here is to inspiring you all
and leading you into CHEER! 

CHRISTMAS CAROL is our HO HO HO cheerleader.
And she sure has caused quite a bit of excitement since she retired..
She really is one of those cheerleaders who never disappoints...
And if you see our HOPPERS today..she is at the top of the list...
She will be pulling the sleigh for us all and I will
be giving away the presents at the end lol. 

Who is leading today in Christmas Spirit...
let's take a look....?

August 7
In The Boon Docks ( she may be on tomorrow)

Be great cheerleaders, they do this for YOU,
leave them a comment and let them know
how much you enjoyed their SPIRIT and CREATIVITY!

Our top 2 are...

Don't you just love this log cabin runner...and the kissing Claus in the centre...
really feeling that spirit of HO HO HO

This lady provided the light we needed this morning...what a gorgeous
stained glass peace...she also did a pretty amazing skirt...you will see...


Goes to this Birthday girl. This is a special edition all the way from Denmark.
I love all the colour strips she added to this pretty amazing Christmas quilt..
the balls the perfect addition...

Our sponsor Timeless Treasures have come out with these 6 Packs....TONGA TREATS
ohhhh you gonna love these...6 inches of glorious Christmas Fabric...In time for our Christmas season that is right  around the corner!  This is what YOU can win at the end of our hop...

YOU can Win...

#1 By being in our hop...all those who are part of HO HO HO
 automatically get a chance to win ONE bundle.
#2 Those who are in our top 3 each day, for outstanding presentation and most creative.
#3 All those who leave comments...YES YOU can win too! 

Cheerfully yours..


  1. Am having a delightful time hopping along! So inspirational!

  2. I love that so many people are using this hop to finish up some UFO's. Great motivation!

  3. Just finished hopping this morning... Love your picks this morning... Everyone is really bringing some fabulous pieces to the hop!

    That Bronwyn Hayes stitchery over at http://www.aroundthehomestead.blogspot.com/ was so delightful... Need to go look at that ladies website.. :)

  4. Some lovely pics this morning Samm! Heading off to see what the rest the Ladies have done.

  5. This is a fabulous blog hop. I'm really enjoying visiting everyone.

  6. So much fun and so many great projects to see!
    Is there any way we can have a favourite project of the hop??? Perhaps you could choose a shortlist and then we could vote???

  7. Just another wonderful day in the neighborhood. Great projects that have filled us with incentive to get our projects started...great pics for the top 3 but that has to be a hard decision. Have a wonderful day.

  8. I am loving the Pinterest boards. I usually see them first and it gives just a hint of the fun to come!

  9. It's hard being in the hop toward the end and following so many beautiful projects! (I post tomorrow.) The good thing is that I don't post the same day as you do!!! :) Great projects today!

  10. I love today's top picks, I fell in love with that candle and the other two are just beautiful as well!

  11. sew many lovely festive items on the hop again today.

  12. Wonderful projects again today! Such a treat to see all the Ho Ho Ho ideas.

  13. Enjoying my tea and thee...another great morning! I'm looking forward to two more days of Christmas inspiration.

  14. Oh! How I wish I had been part of this blog hop! For sure I would have had a few Christmas gifts ready! This was such a great idea, Mdm Samm!

  15. I love the fresh ideas for Christmas decorating.

  16. Lovely and gorgeous projects.

  17. I'm really enjoying all of the projects from this hop. The creativity from the participants all over the world is really amazing.

  18. One more day of wonderful projects. It is sew fun to hop around. And the top picks were amazing.

  19. I really enjoyed the Blog Hop today. More so because it has been a wet, dreary day today.

  20. We had some great works today, didn't we? love your picks.

  21. I'm really not ready to work on Christmas projects, but I do wish I could get a head start this year. I always say I am, but it never seems to happen. These are all wonderful projects.

  22. lovely choices Madame Samm! love them all

  23. Great projects, so much inspiration! Thanks for having the hop!

  24. The Tonga treats would look good made up in today's beautiful projects!

  25. Love your choices today... I really like the quilt. The time is going by fast and Christmas will really be here before we know it.

  26. lovely pieces. I thought that the god jul quilt was outstanding, the runner cute and the candle stained glass just plain elegant. Loving this hop and will be sorry to see it come to an end, more than the previous ones. Maybe because Christmas is such a magical time of year and who wants that to end?

  27. Thank you!
    I'm very grateful to se my quilt here.
    It was a great honor to be in this hop,
    and every participant did great jobs.
    I wonder; did you have trouble by pinning my quilt to the pintresboard?
    I can't find it there....

  28. Very nice. Congratulations to the top crafters. I love how the candle looks like stained glass.


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