Tuesday, August 27, 2013

DAY 6 of our Hexie Queen Blog hop with Connecting Threads as our Sponsor

3 more days of HEXIES.....
Welcome back....

I am sharing with you now....
MY hexie project won't certainly be done...
If everything goes well, I will have at least a sewing machine today..
So I can move forward on my hexie project...
We already know who wins with the continued
saga with that other lady...SHE DOES !
there I have said it, now I can be less stressed! 

So let's see who our HEXIE Queens are today.! 

Not surprising shy of 3 years of quilting I have never made a 
hexie till now....I did not understand the attraction to tell you the truth...
I was not thrilled about small hexies that I had to stitch together....
( cute but I was looking for something a little different)

Then came DEBBY, one of the Queens
of Hexies I have come to love and admire...
( Geta is another one, btw, a Queen of Hexies,
you will see why very soon)

So Debby came up with a solution to my HEXIE issue
with her half hexagon ruler/template
it is that first one.... connect with her if you want that one..
she has it on sale....$13.00  $10.00
She made all these rulers....can't wait to see
what else I can make with them....

I can barely wait till the last
day to show you what I came up with....
ohhh by the way I Love HEXIES now...
That Other Lady, doesn't ....I may win after all..
although I swear I could care less...wink..

But not toooo excited at getting to the end, when we are here to celebrate
and cheer our Hexie Queens Wantobees.....

And who will be our HEXIE Queens today....??
Take a peak at our list today..

Be cheerleaders for them...they do all this for YOU.....
It keeps the quilting industry humming and we
get to view some pretty impressive talent out there...

Check back later this morning to see ...

I know some "Queens"

Wow, today had some QUEENS who were can we SAY-- 
STUNNING QUEENS....take this lady's hexie...simple yet has impact,
her quilting just web of stitches...
a solid addition to our top 2 today..
It was her quilt ( on her blog) that had me thinking....
"maybe I do like hexies lol"

And reallllllly, is this not just WOW, now we have batiks
coming up....don't you think she may have to do get this finished
for then to show us it completed?
It is just stunning.... love the background...

And Queen of Creativity

And yes this just makes me smile...a lovely hexie smile to boot...her hexie project
that she did first by hand, coloured it and then created it...
and the playground photos..welllll it certainly brings out the kid in all of us..
OK, in ME....

Ladies you are alllllll Hexie Queens today....WOW 

Our sponsor is Connecting Threads
( take a closer look at this collection)
and they have sent 3 fat quarter bundles of
sun kissed harvest....

A perfect collection as we begin thinking of FALL HARVEST..
Peaches are in season here on the escarpment and there
is a sweetness in the air...
Almost as sweet as the winners of these bundles...

How to win..

1. participate in our hops..all those who do get a chance to win

2. be creative, be original, take great photos...you can win in our top 3 per day...
at the end of the hop..all those have another chance to win.

3. leave lovely comments....you can win too...

Thank you Connecting Threads, you are always a great sponsor
and you do have some pretty impressive collections...


  1. Really impressive projects today! That owl quilt is something else!

  2. WOW, some awesome QUEENS today! Can't wait to see what the rest of the Ladies have created, I know they will be stunning too... off to hop.

  3. yet another day of beautiful hand work.

  4. Great projects this morning!

  5. oh my gosh ! Thanks for choosing my Owl Quilt ! Everyone who participates in these hops is so talented and inspiring. oh wow. I can't stop smiling. You made my day !

  6. Great picks today, congratulations ladies. There were some fun projects to look at.

  7. Wow! What a day of beautiful things ! I have a favorite, but I'll keep that to myself, psssst...it's in the top 3 today.

  8. Some fun ways to use those hexies...great day!

  9. Another fun day of seeing what everyone has worked on and great picks!

  10. These hexie days are so fun! Great great projects every one!
    xo jan

  11. Only 3 days left:( SO sad!!!!
    I am So inspired though:) Guess I betetr get something started soon:) ha ha!!!
    The projects are just amazing!

  12. Very unique takes on hexi's today

  13. Great projects today - I love the circle of hexagons!!

  14. Love the projects today. This is such a cool hop.

  15. I am glad my post finally got published (ready since Saturday, appeared by mistake on Monday, rescheduled but pressed the Draft button instead of Publish. Ai, ai, ai... the witch is around the house too early this year!) Great projects from everyone!

  16. What a bunch of wonderful creative hexie queens we have. A day filled with lots of beautiful creations. Thanks everyone for the great eye candy...Samm I sure hope you are enjoying your wonderful new sewing machine.....

  17. now those 'queens' are pretty creative. Love the idea of using hexagons for a background with the owl.

  18. Congratulation to the top 3 ladies today. Awesome projects! Off to see the rest of the bloggers for today.

  19. Love, love the owl quilt! However, I'm impressed with them all!

  20. Love the picks for today! All of the projects are amazing and creative.

  21. Great day of blog hopping! Everyday of this hop I feel hexed and blessed by all these inspiring creations ... :) Pat

  22. What perfect choices for today. This hop gives us such a great chance to be inspired by so much creativity. Thank you.

  23. Hexies? Not me. Big mistake. This has been an eye-opening hop. I am ready to get started--immediately. Look what I've been missing. Each hop makes us more and more aware of the quilting world and I thank you.

  24. Loved all the lovely hexies today and approve of all your choices (hee hee) love ya.

  25. Oh, another hop almost to a close. Loved today! Just sew beautiful! I haven't missed the sign up for the Batiks. Have I? Been a little snowed under. Can't wait to see what you hexed up!!

  26. What striking pieces today---eye poppers! And sadly we are about to the end but pincushions start before we know it. I cannot wait to see what you have in mind for the batiks, what that 60s tie in might be.

  27. I've never been the queen of anything, but now I will hold my crown high and go clean my sewing room. Thank you for including me in your post today. I just knew that castle at the park needed hexified. I am so thrilled to be a part of these incredibly talented hexie makers. These projects have been off the charts.
    You have made me so much more accountable in my quilting projects and I want to thank you for inspiring me to push through me fears. YOU are a great lady and a fearless leader!

  28. What creative women we had today. Love the hexie quilt. Looks so simple but really awesome. Just one more day to see all this eye candy. You do a fantastic job on all your blogs hops.

  29. What creative women we had today. Love the hexie quilt. Looks so simple but really awesome. Just one more day to see all this eye candy. You do a fantastic job on all your blogs hops.

  30. Great choices. I love the creativity in all the hexie projects. I bet you have trouble sometimes choosing just a few.

  31. Thank you for all the trouble you went to, to make this Hexie Hop really hop! I've enjoyed it.


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