Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Day 5 of our HO HO HO blog hop with Timeless Treasures as our sponsor

                                                      Original post introducing HO HO HO

Oh yes it is time for our HO HO HO
and you all must be ready to GO GO GO
I know WE are excited to see what you have done
So let's go shouting and have some FUN!

EVEN if you cringe at the thought there are only
140 days till well you know...
( the countdown is on our top right of our blog) 

Here is to inspiring you all
and leading you into CHEER! 

CHRISTMAS CAROL is our HO HO HO cheerleader.
And she sure has caused quite a bit of excitement since she retired..
She really is one of those cheerleaders who never disappoints...
And if you see our HOPPERS today..she is at the top of the list...
She will be pulling the sleigh for us all and I will
be giving away the presents at the end lol. 

Who is leading today in Christmas Spirit...
let's take a look....?

August 6

Be great cheerleaders, they do this for YOU,
leave them a comment and let them know
how much you enjoyed their SPIRIT and CREATIVITY!

Had a few browser challenges this morning, those 
I missed to comment..will try later..
Took me forever to get around this morning...

OUR TOP 2 Today are..

HOW she always manages to pull another one out of her mind, hands and sewing machine
is beyond me....I never tire of zigzag...and I just love this one..bold, bright 
and downright Christmacy!  Well done again and again...
btw it is lying in a Christmas tree? 

and YES I did note the gold threads, and will you look at all those bright
choices for presents...how can anyone ever get tired of this colour scheme...
This lady made this very tiny present quilt to perfection..

and most CREATIVE

Not your traditional red and green, but this has soooo much impact
and it is bold, but not too bold, bright but not tooo bright..
CREATIVE oh yes...this lady will most certainly be surprised to see her
creation HERE...bravo! 

Our sponsor Timeless Treasures have come out with these 6 Packs....TONGA TREATS
ohhhh you gonna love these...6 inches of glorious Christmas Fabric...In time for our Christmas season that is right  around the corner!  This is what YOU can win at the end of our hop...

YOU can Win...

#1 By being in our hop...all those who are part of HO HO HO
 automatically get a chance to win ONE bundle.
#2 Those who are in our top 3 each day, for outstanding presentation and most creative.
#3 All those who leave comments...YES YOU can win too! 

Cheerfully yours..


  1. I have a question for you.... Not related to this post or hop.... Is it OK to shoot you an e-mail?

  2. We are up super early this morning so I just finished hopping. My sister and niece have had to make a NC run to pick up my great niece and nephew from a summer stay at their dad's. And they are coming for breakfast! My sister has never been here so I am super excited!

    The projects this morning are all delightful!

  3. All three picks are stunning and all so different. Love the creativity of this hop. Judy C

  4. I'm about half way through the goodies this morning an ready to put up my Christmas tree!

  5. It is really hard to pick just three but the three you did pick are wonderful. Boy everyone is so creative and what a large dose of incentive this has been......have a great day.

  6. Lots of beautiful projects today! I need more time in my day to make them all.

  7. All we need is some snow to feel more like Christmas. Lovely creations were shared by all today.

  8. Oh, this great Christmas inspiration makes these 105 degree days more bearable! Can't wait for Christmas!

  9. I am most surprised!!!!! Thank you ladies...I love being part of this fun hop...and all the rest of them too... lol

  10. Oh, that zig zag quilt makes me want to make one. Fun projects.

  11. Just wanted to get my comment in early. Thanks for holding these bloghops it is so much fun!

  12. those little presents are super cute! Great picks for the day!

  13. I love the chevrons too. And the other picks are also my choices today. It has been a very good day today too, as every day. This blog hop is sew fun!!! Back to work on my hexies.

  14. I love tche chevrons ! They are great ! Great picks ! Have a nice day :)

  15. oh my, I think I see a chevron quilt in my future! love it!!! 2 more wake ups!

  16. Like you, the zig zag quilts always get me and this one is gorgeous. Great choices for today.

  17. Great inspiration! Love the tiny present!

  18. Wonderful goodies again today! There has been some amazing FMQ during this hop. Congratulations to everyone, you are all winners.

  19. What beautiful Christmas items everyone is showing! I love your hops because I get so many ideals.
    hulseybg at gmail dot com

  20. Lovely projects in this top off yhe day

  21. Magnificent picks today! That chevron quilt is awesome.

  22. Love all your picks today especially the quilted mini with the presents!! So cute..

  23. Another fun day of hopping! How do we manage to top what we have seen the following day---somehow it happens though. I love that we are seeing some new participants join in this round and hope they will come back and share again.

  24. Love the picks for today, Madame Samm. But I hate to tell you, I am really tired. Why? Because I already have a list a mile long of things that I want to make. This is just from the talented ladies that have already shown their projects. And the week isn't even over yet! How am I going to get everything made? LOL. Have a great evening.

  25. I love Timeless Treasures and I would love to make a zig zag quilt.

  26. HoHoHo oh me oh my...too many favorites for me to decide. another awesome day of hopping

  27. Thank you, it was such a fun quilt to make. I went driving around the area looking for a Christmas Tree to lay this quilt on, MJ did offer to pull ours out of the basement for me if I really needed it.
    I love the little packages, the detail is wonderful as are the ornaments on the wall hanging. Wouldn't want to have your job. On a daily bases there have just been so many wonderful projects I wouldn't be able to choose just 3.

  28. Loved the zig zag quilt! Maybe after seeing all these great projects will inspire me to finish my Christmas UFO (won't say how long I've had it!) Thanks again.

  29. Another stunning day of projects! Love the zig Zag qulit!

    Thanks for hosting...

  30. Once again, another day with superb projects.

  31. I love the chevron quilt. My sewing center teacher showed us how to do that.

  32. Thank-you so much for having this hop. I am being so inspired creatively by all the beautiful projects.

  33. HAy, Hay Hay! and Hi!
    Yep been in the hay field all day - so I am very late hopping around today but boy am I glad I did. I just love all of todays projects!
    3 more minutes and I can start on tomorrows! lol..
    xo jan

  34. Loving ALL the Christmas eye candy !

  35. Lovely picks of the day. There are so many talented people out there in blogland!

  36. I love the creative choices. They are so unique and special.


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