Monday, August 26, 2013

Day 5 of Be a Hexie Queen with Connecting Threads as our Sponsor....

3 more days of HEXIES.....
Welcome back....

I am sharing with you now....
MY hexie project won't certainly be done...
If everything goes well, I will have at least a sewing machine today..
So I can move forward on my hexie project...
We already know who wins with the continued
saga with that other lady...SHE DOES !
there I have said it, now I can be less stressed! 

So let's see who our HEXIE Queens are today.! 

Not surprising shy of 3 years of quilting I have never made a 
hexie till now....I did not understand the attraction to tell you the truth...
I was not thrilled about small hexies that I had to stitch together....
( cute but I was looking for something a little different)

Then came DEBBY, one of the Queens
of Hexies I have come to love and admire...
( Geta is another one, btw, a Queen of Hexies,
you will see why very soon)

So Debby came up with a solution to my HEXIE issue
with her half hexagon ruler/template
it is that first one.... connect with her if you want that one..
she has it on sale....$13.00  $10.00
She made all these rulers....can't wait to see
what else I can make with them....

I can barely wait till the last
day to show you what I came up with....
ohhh by the way I Love HEXIES now...
That Other Lady, doesn't ....I may win after all..
although I swear I could care less...wink..

But not toooo excited at getting to the end, when we are here to celebrate
and cheer our Hexie Queens Wantobees.....

And who will be our HEXIE Queens today....??
Take a peak at our list today..

Day 5: Monday, August 26

Sew Much 2 Luv  ( she has a new link, this is the correct one)

Be cheerleaders for them...they do all this for YOU.....
It keeps the quilting industry humming and we
get to view some pretty impressive talent out there...

I have the geek squad arriving this morning from APPLE
took hours this morning to load each of your blog to comment...
I can hardly believe this....I could not PIN at all..
so I will get that done later today ....geeeesh I am being tested lol

In the meantime, I could get some pics between hopping with my
browsers, it finally allowed me to add some photos...

I know some "Queens"

Yes this lady is the Queen of BIG hexies today...will you look at all those hexies...
sooo nicely put together..who knew HEXIES would have such diversity..

and then this lady create hundreds of tiny hexies...floating in a sea of black
these flowers have impact....she made even more hexie projects..wait till you see..
ohhhhh and I noted right away, this has 6 sides lol

And Queen of Creativity

Yes Queen of CREATIVITY this sweet hexie project keeper is a delight..
could it be the colour, could it be that wee hexie pin cushion, could it 
that it I JUST LOVE IT...yes that could be lol

Our sponsor is Connecting Threads
( take a closer look at this collection)
and they have sent 3 fat quarter bundles of
sun kissed harvest....

A perfect collection as we begin thinking of FALL HARVEST..
Peaches are in season here on the escarpment and there
is a sweetness in the air...
Almost as sweet as the winners of these bundles...

How to win..

1. participate in our hops..all those who do get a chance to win

2. be creative, be original, take great photos...you can win in our top 3 per day...
at the end of the hop..all those have another chance to win.

3. leave lovely comments....you can win too...

Thank you Connecting Threads, you are always a great sponsor
and you do have some pretty impressive collections...

Some good news finally...

I have my machine...not MY old machine, which I adored..
but I have a replica, I stitched up a  few things already  and I think
I may-- with a few added cups of brew - still do a pretty good 
showing on WED....If you don't hear from me....
you know where I will be....

YOU all have been pretty amazing...
some even wanted to lend me their machines and cameras..
QUILTERS have such HEART! 


  1. Hi there :) The link for my blog is incorrect. It is going to the old address and should be linked to Sewmuch2luv.com. Thanks :)

    1. fixed now...they will find you...

    2. Thanks so much! I didn't want you to think I was a no-show :) I don't want to be on "that" list :)

  2. Hi Samm a great walk down Hexie lane today....thanks ladies for sharing your time and talent and thanks to Connecting Threads for being our wonderful sponsors.....

  3. God morning to you all. :-)
    I already have the ruler, but did not use it yet...
    Sewing the old fasioned way with small hexies, but did not have the time to join this hop.
    My project will not be finished this year... :-(
    Following all you hexie queens, and are quite impressed!!
    Have a wonderful hop.

  4. Lovely Samm
    I hope that you will get your sewing machine today. And don´t bother about that other lady, LOL !!! It has been another good day with hexies and the time flies, this wonderful blog hop is soon over. Have a great day playing with your new machine

  5. Another great morning..I love viewing these projects over my morning tea.
    Can't wait to see your picks.

  6. After all that you do in blogland, you shouldn't worry about your hexies. We all understand, especially that other lady, and we'll look forward to your project. Hope your machine arrives today and life can get back to a normal state. I'm off to enjoy the hexie parade today and hope your day is a good one!

  7. I hope you post pics of your new machine, I'm sorry you lost your old sewing companion. I'm thinking my new sewing companion needs some stitch fixing. :/
    Wonderful projects today. Enjoy the celebration of your pretties today ladies ! I think your awesome !

  8. Great projects! I hope you love your machine!

  9. I get so excited to see the hexies that I usually check in the night before, just in case...well actually I do that for all of your bloghops...they are just too good! The people who join the hops are so very talented!! Thank you for coming up with the ideas and for doing the work of the hops. I love them!

  10. Another great hexie day. Thanks

  11. Another beautiful hexing day. I hope your new sewing machine arrives today. ;) You've been in my thoughts.

  12. I may have to make a hexie quilt after seeing today's offerings. Beautiful projects!

  13. I love that tin with the hexies on top. Of course red is my favorite color too so I especially enjoyed seeing that. I was away for a few days and couldn't see all the hexies so am looking forward to catching up on the projects.

  14. What great picks today and it was fun to visit all the blogs and see what everyone had made!

  15. These hexie queens had me hopping and hexing today! All are just sew adorable!
    xo jan

  16. No, I can't win because I had eight sides, not six (which, yes, I noticed you commented above about the "six sides".) LOL! Goodness, I'm hyperventilating just thinking about NOT having my machine. Hope yours arrives soon.

  17. Hooray!!! Thanks Madame Samm for electing me Queen of Creativity today :*) If I had a tiara, I would be wearing it today! I'm so excited that you liked my little Hexie Project Box and pincushion. That came out of one of those inspired moments when my eye just happened to fall on the box while I had the hexie in my hand sewing down the center hexie.... and it just clicked .... I love it when that happens, don't you?

    I am so sorry you are having computer problems - what a pain in the royal patootie! And in the middle of a blog hop, too!!! But you are handling it very well, with your usual regal dignity and charm =^..^= Hoping those geeks get it fixed quickly!!!

  18. I am "hextatic" today to see all the wonderful inspirations from these fabulous hexie queens of the day! Congrats and thanks to all! ... :) Pat

  19. Oooh! Love the large, small and the dotted hexies! Very pretty.

  20. All top picks today definitely earned that honor. They can count. LOL Just kidding, of course. ; ) The hexie project box is fabulous.

  21. Another wonderful hexie day today!

  22. I want to apologize for not being a good cheerleader for the great hexie Blog Hop!! I have had to get several Oxen out of a few ditches around here and I dare say I may have logged on to my computer no more than 3 times in 2 weeks. Hopefully, Fall is coming and I can get back to my coveted blog hopping and Cheerleading!! The Hexies are beautiful and although I've not worked with them very much, I do love the look!
    I do hope you, Dear Samm, are feeling well and looking forward to some cooler temps in your neck of the woods.
    Gmama Jane

  23. Boy, it is hard to keep a good woman and a quilter down. Things have surely been daunting for you in recent days but with the help of IT you kept plugging on the computer. I hope your machine arrived as promised.

    THX so much for the top two selection for my vintage looking Juggle quilt. I certainly did not expect to be picked when I saw the group I was included in. So many talented quilters and crafters involved in this hop plus always good to see a new (to me anyway) face joining in. I already have an idea of two for the batik hop should I be allowed to join in.

  24. Wow, today's ladies are over the top with talent. Thank you, so much for having a hexi hop. There are tons of queens out there.

  25. Some pretty projects out there.

  26. Such great hexies today! Especially love the hexie cover for the circular box...so cute!

  27. Who knew hexies could be so vesatile? Great projects again today!

  28. I am so glad I got an early start to my hexie blog hopping today. Another wonderful day of projects.

  29. another day of wonderful hexie hopping.

  30. Once again great choices for todays postings. Who would have thought that Hexies were so versitle?

  31. Everyday they just get more creative with their designs, Iam so enjoying this hop and have even joined a Craftsy class to learn make them

  32. I love the big hexies the best! If I was going to attempt a project with hexies, it would surely be the big size! :)

  33. Great picks of the day Madame Samm. I really love that large hexagon quilt.

  34. I have never made a hexie anything but I am feeling the power!! Nice job ladies on the projects today.

  35. I have never made a hexie anything but I am feeling the power!! Nice job ladies on the projects today.

  36. Very lovely choices. Haven't made hexies, but they make some pretty things.

  37. It is so cool to see my creation on this blog. Thank you so much for picking it!!


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