Monday, August 5, 2013

Day 4 of our HO HO HO blog hop with Timeless Treasures as our sponsor

                                                      Original post introducing HO HO HO

So we begin our 2nd week in the HO HO HO spirit..
I can almost count on it , it will be a HAPPY week...
Oh yes it is time for our HO HO HO
and you all must be ready to GO GO GO
I know WE are excited to see what you have done
So let's go shouting and have some FUN!

EVEN if you cringe at the thought there are only
141 days till well you know...
( the countdown is on our top right of our blog) 

Here is to inspiring you all
and leading you into CHEER! 

CHRISTMAS CAROL is our HO HO HO cheerleader.
And she sure has caused quite a bit of excitement since she retired..
She really is one of those cheerleaders who never disappoints...
And if you see our HOPPERS today..she is at the top of the list...
She will be pulling the sleigh for us all and I will
be giving away the presents at the end lol. 

Who is leading today in Christmas Spirit...
let's take a look....?

August 5

Be great cheerleaders, they do this for YOU,
leave them a comment and let them know
how much you enjoyed their SPIRIT and CREATIVITY!

Our top 2 today are .....

This lady took a Christmas card and made this mini quilt...great fabric choices 
and you just want to go right in and kiss him he is sooo cute....

The detail in this ladies fabric choices makes you feel like you can walk in and join Summer SANTA
on his sandy beach...Truly a piece of ART....is that a PINA COLADA in his hand lol


Ok, maybe it is roosters that is on my mind these days..but really can you believe this?
It is stunning...HE is way too beautiful to eat...but I could see myself
basking in the warmth that went into this fine piece of piecing and quilting...
WOW! He is all decked up in Christmas colours....perfect for all seasons,
but delicious for a Christmas dinner too...

Our sponsor Timeless Treasures have come out with these 6 Packs....TONGA TREATS
ohhhh you gonna love these...6 inches of glorious Christmas Fabric...In time for our Christmas season that is right  around the corner!  This is what YOU can win at the end of our hop...

YOU can Win...

#1 By being in our hop...all those who are part of HO HO HO
 automatically get a chance to win ONE bundle.
#2 Those who are in our top 3 each day, for outstanding presentation and most creative.
#3 All those who leave comments...YES YOU can win too! 

Cheerfully yours..


  1. I just was on hopping blogs :) What a great projects :) I'm impressed :) Have a nice day and nice hopping today :) Hugs- Agnieszka

  2. Day 4 was great! I love, love, love Marianne of Ruffhaven's Mondo bag!

  3. Have been on all the blogs! delightful creative stuff on each and every one of them.

  4. great works, and the snowman is cute

  5. What darling picks today!! Can't wait to see what the rest of you Ladies have done. Have a great day all.

  6. WOW!! That Christmas rooster is rocking it out of the house this morning! er er er er!!!!

  7. WOW!! That Christmas rooster is rocking it out of the house this morning! er er er er!!!!

  8. I've looked forward to this hop! I love Christmas quilts and projects! Happy Monday my friend! I'm off to go visitin'!!! Hugs!

  9. Love the picks! I'm not done hopping yet, but will get to them all soon. Ho..Ho..!

  10. Your choices for today are great. We are fortunate to be able to see all these wonderful projects. Blog hops sure get our creative juices flowing!

  11. There were some great projects today. I love Vickie's rooster quilt!

  12. those winning quilts today are gorgeous. happy monday to you Madame

  13. Another day, another load of wonderful projects by so many talented people.

  14. My favorite The Christmas rooster, Santa on the beach and the cutest snowman that I have ever seen. I love, love your choices today Samm.
    I think I must make me a snowman too. As all the other days a great Christmas show. Now I am going to take a bike tour in the warm and sunny summer weather, far from the Christmas feeling, that we have here.

  15. Wow what a wonderful day in this Christmas in August hop. Ladies you are all doing a wonderful job and I love going to each one and seeing the wonderful things that are already for our soon to come holiday season. Thanks for putting all this good energy and incentive out there to get us started a little early on doing our own holiday treats. Madame Samm and Carol you have done an amazing job as always putting this hop together, so thank you! And to our sponsor, Timeless Treasure well you knew it would be a hit and you came in to sponsor us with some delightful gifts and it is appreciated.

  16. I'm ready to start singing Jingle Bells and stringing the lights! Great day!

  17. What neat projects today and your picks are perfect!!

  18. I have a couple of greeting cards I have saved that I thought about making into quilts. One day.
    The first two are really cute. I do love that rooster quilt too.

  19. I totally enjoyed today's posts and Christmas projects...such fun to see what people come up with!

  20. Today was a real treat ! I had fun visiting everyone's blogs. But for reasons unknown I could not comment on all the blogs. I'll try again later.

  21. I love that rooster too! The colors are wonderful. The Christmas projects are so much fun to see.

  22. Since I'm not really in the mood for Christmas, because Summer has finally showed up a few weeks ago, but I do like your choices for today! :)

  23. Another great day of Ho Ho Ho! Some new and unique items showed up today, but that is what this hop is all about!

  24. Great choices for today! The rooster tops it all in my opinion, and I know it would look great in my house! :-)

  25. Lovely picks today. I only did a drive by last night. Will have to go make comments later.

  26. The Christmas rooster is amazeing. So creative to have come up with this design. All of the projects I have seen so far are gorgeous.

  27. The picks for today are great! Love the rooster, the quilting on it is amazing. Great talent from all of the participants.

  28. Oh my goodness that snowman quilt is so cute!!!

  29. Great picks for today. I love vickies' quilt. She always amazes me with her creations. I found some things that I am wanting to try. But first, I need to find all my old Christmas cards. Have a wonderful evening!

  30. Love the Snowman, heck I love them all.. Getting harder to pick. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Great choices again Samm! That rooster is amazing and the snowman so darn cute and the beach scene incredibly creative....there are some very, very talented quilters out there. blessings, marlene

  32. Wonderful Christmas projects till now, I saw them all today ho ho ho...
    My blog post is ready too, now I can think of hexagons *lol*

  33. I think you picked my 3 favorites today or the ones that made me smile the most anyway! Still lovely entries to see on each of the blogs! I have been working on hexie stuff today, not sure one idea is going to work out but only one way to find out! LOL

  34. love, love, love that snowman!!!! but they are all really worthy for the top! 3 more wake ups and it's my turn!!! yeah!!!!

  35. Another day of great choices! I'm on vacation in the USA and sometimes the internet connection at the RV park is a bit flaky and slow. A few times it took for ages to get a comment sent.


  36. Oops! I almost forgot to check my blogs tonight. I love Mr. Snowman! Makes me feel a little cooler than what the temperature is outside!

  37. Another great Christmas cookie creative batch of crafty projects again today. I am in love with that rooster! Just Delicously gorgeous!

  38. Great choices. I love the snowman and santa on the beach too.


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