Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 4 of Be a Hexie Queen....and Connecting Threads as our sponsor

Not surprising shy of 3 years of quilting I have never made a 
hexie till now....I did not understand the attraction to tell you the truth...
I was not thrilled about small hexies that I had to stitch together....
( cute but I was looking for something a little different)

Then came DEBBY, one of the Queens
of Hexies I have come to love and admire...
( Geta is another one, btw, a Queen of Hexies,
you will see why very soon)

So Debby came up with a solution to my HEXIE issue
with her half hexagon ruler/template
it is that first one.... connect with her if you want that one..
she has it on sale....$13.00  $10.00
She made all these rulers....can't wait to see
what else I can make with them....

I can barely wait till the last
day to show you what I came up with....
ohhh by the way I Love HEXIES now...
That Other Lady, doesn't ....I may win after all..
although I swear I could care less...wink..

But not toooo excited at getting to the end, when we are here to celebrate
and cheer our Hexie Queens Wantobees.....

And who will be our HEXIE Queens today....??
Take a peak at our list today..

Be cheerleaders for them...they do all this for YOU.....
It keeps the quilting industry humming and we
get to view some pretty impressive talent out there...

I know some "Queens"
top 2

As soon as I laid my eyes on this I went WOW....She is a MODERN QUEEN.
I don't often lean to anything modern looking but really, the colours,
the pattern, the depth .....welllll it just pulled me in...
YES most certainly we have a MODERN QUEEN in our MIDST!

And this lady creative a FRESH HEXIE look, simple, to look at, not to make I am sure..
otherwise I would be whipping this up like an egg white...
but adorable nonetheless...ohhh yes most worthy of a Queen's tote...


and this one...yes this one...WHY? well for us it was obvious...it is a CROWN
for a A QUEEN....does it look like one....ok, now this would be something I could whip up..
but I am not sure I will have any time.....

( will get to everyone later in the day for comments....)

Our sponsor is Connecting Threads
( take a closer look at this collection)
and they have sent 3 fat quarter bundles of
sun kissed harvest....

A perfect collection as we begin thinking of FALL HARVEST..
Peaches are in season here on the escarpment and there
is a sweetness in the air...
Almost as sweet as the winners of these bundles...

How to win..

1. participate in our hops..all those who do get a chance to win

2. be creative, be original, take great photos...you can win in our top 3 per day...
at the end of the hop..all those have another chance to win.

3. leave lovely comments....you can win too...

Thank you Connecting Threads, you are always a great sponsor
and you do have some pretty impressive collections...


  1. We are getting some fabulous projects during this hop

  2. A crown fit for a queen. Love it!

  3. This hop was great. So many wonderful projects! I just bought a hexie ruler so I am anxious to begin a project . Thank you!

  4. Spot on with today's top three. They are all awesome.

  5. Each day there's so much inspiriation and today is no exception! Wow.

  6. I am so enjoying all the hexi inspiration. Thank you for all the hard work is putting this together.

  7. I need that bag pattern! I love it, is there a linmk and I just missed it?

    1. not sure which one you mean? they are not our patterns ..these are the winners today....you can check out their blogs....and I could not answer you as you are a no reply blogger..

  8. Another lovely day with hexie projects. This has so far been a very fun blog hop and I am speech less of seeing so many wonderful projects with buckets of creativity. I am enjoying every day. Have a great weekend.

  9. So many beautiful hexies...what a sweet variety of inspiration!

  10. another day of wonderful eye candy! What a talented bunch of hexie queens and ladies in waiting. I can't wait to see how Pat quilts her hexie piece!

  11. Beautiful choices. I love the butterfly, hexie, tote bag.

  12. Absolutely fabulous projects for today! Really love the pin cushion.

  13. I love seeing so many creative projects. The ideas are endless!

  14. Hexies rock! Can't wait to see more & your's.

  15. I never knew there were so many ways to use hexagons! Another great hopping hexie day for sure!
    can't wait to see what everyone has up their sleeves for next week.
    xo jan

  16. WOW! Great hexies today.. Love the colors of that lunch bag and little pouch. So much creativity out there.

  17. Another wonderfully hexie day! Ohh, can't see what the rest of the hoppers do with them!!

  18. Your choices for today are right on! I can't believe the creativity and skill of all the hoppers! Am enjoying all that I see.

  19. Oh I am late seeing all those great hexies of the last two days, just coming back! But wonderful relaxing to hop to everyone and say ah, oh, wow!! Amazing what all those queens come up with.

  20. Another hexellent day of projects! So glad I had a chance to finally get to read all the blogs.

  21. Did I miss something? What happened to your sewing machine and camera?

  22. Great projects! I'm still being on hexie tune and made myself a hexie trivet.

  23. I love that pincushion! And I just ordered from Connecting Threads again today! Their fabric is always FAB!


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