Friday, August 2, 2013

DAY 3 of our HO HO HO blog hop with Timeless Treasures as our Sponsor


            Original post introducing HO HO HO    

Oh yes it is time for our HO HO HO
and you all must be ready to GO GO GO
I know WE are excited to see what you have done
So let's go shouting and have some FUN!

EVEN if you cringe at the thought there are only
144 days till well you know...
( the countdown is on our top right of our blog) 

Here is to inspiring you all
and leading you into CHEER! 

CHRISTMAS CAROL is our HO HO HO cheerleader.
Lynn calls her the HO Christmas Mistress! ( suits her) 
And she sure has caused quite a bit of excitement since she retired..
She really is one of those cheerleaders who never disappoints...
And if you see our HOPPERS today..she is at the top of the list...
She will be pulling the sleigh for us all and I will
be giving away the presents at the end lol. 

Who is leading today in Christmas Spirit...
let's take a look....?

Be great cheerleaders, they do this for YOU,
leave them a comment and let them know
how much you enjoyed their SPIRIT and CREATIVITY!

 let's celebrate our top 2 today 

We couldn't possibly have a HO HO HO without some, now could we?
This Santa is a perfect addition for out top 2. 
Don't you just love the fabric choices she made?
And doesn't it go perfectly with her background on the lake....
Yes is does...Christmas Cheer is welcome here...yes it is...

Doesn't it look like STAINED GLASS....?
Now this is a very large christmas tree...she must have a 10 footer,
do you think? lol Look at those corners, looks at the colours she chose...
absolutely delightful...and she made 2 of them...take a peak at her other

And most CREATIVE GOES TO.....
( well today we have 2 of them) 

 This just stole my heart... My dearest friend just had
a new baby boy, as soon as I saw this hat, I just went mushy....
this ladies fine crochet certainly put us in the winter season...
her photos picture perfect....

ARE YOU kidding me, is this not a piece of art work..?
One thing you can be certain in our home during the holiday season
is having poinsettas....
I would love something like this on my table to place them on...
absolutely stunning...would make for a great tree skirt too...
if you have a teeny weeny tree of course

Our sponsor Timeless Treasures have come out with these 6 Packs....TONGA TREATS
ohhhh you gonna love these...6 inches of glorious Christmas Fabric...In time for our Christmas season that is right  around the corner!  This is what YOU can win at the end of our hop...

YOU can Win...

#1 By being in our hop...all those who are part of HO HO HO
 automatically get a chance to win ONE bundle.
#2 Those who are in our top 3 each day, for outstanding presentation and most creative.
#3 All those who leave comments...YES YOU can win too! 

Cheerfully yours..


  1. I just finished my hopping for today! Such fantastic Christmas goodness to feast on today! Now I am heading back to bed for about an hour or so. Then it is off to the movies later this morning with the granddaughter and her friend Jordan. :)

  2. I was on blogs who hops today :D I,m impressed :) And I'm happy already for real Christmas :D Hugs - Agnieszka

    1. Congratulations to all winner !!! Great work :D Today is my birthday and my friend is one of most creative today :) This is the best birthday gift for me :)

  3. Some beautiful work Ladies,looking forward to browsing on the hop today.

  4. Wow!!...Have we had a great 3 days of Christmas spirit; or what!!!

  5. I am so honored to be selected as one of the most creative today! Thank you!

  6. Great picks and such a nice variety of projects each day!

  7. Great choices. Everyone is so talented!

  8. What great picks - all so deserving and certainly inspirational. Great Sponsor. Judy C in NC

  9. Thank you so much for all words ! I'm happy to could be next to so many great persons . You are all the best !
    Congratulations for Your friend baby , all the best for tiny baby boy. I'm very happy because of my son's 2 birthday today. To Everyone who has birthday today I wish all the best !

  10. Wonderful choices! Wonderful work.
    I'm vacationing in the Chicago area but still finding the time to check out this blog hop. The internet is a bit slow at times (RV park)so I usually have to wait until I go into the city to get faster service.

  11. Another great day with Christmas projects. I am astonished over all the creativity among the bloggers and they give me so much inspirations.
    I am so full of Christmas mood in spite of the hot weather outside.

  12. Wonderful choices for winners....another great hop! Kudos to you and to Carol! :)

  13. Feeling more inspired than ever!!

  14. Thank you for sponsoring your blog hops. I just want to go and sew. Maybe later. Off to work I go.

  15. Ooh, I loved that hat, as well!! Good top picks!

  16. another festive hopping day. love all the projects again.

  17. FYI: 52 quilts in 52 weeks link isn't working on any of the blogs I visited on this hop so couldn't see what was created there.

    Another fun and creative day.

  18. Every stop on today's hop day was eye candy presents. I would think I found my fav, then at the next stop I would have rethink it. It's a good day !

  19. Beautiful creations and great picks!

  20. Wow!!! Those are all such gorgeous pieces of work. This is so much fun!

  21. I love your blog hops. So many talented quilters. Thank you.

  22. Thank you Madame Samm for having the foresight to think up these blog hop ideas. It sure does inspire to see all of the creativity going on! Lots of eye candy!

  23. Another great Blog Hopping day!I don't envy your job. Too many great projects to choose from
    xo jan

  24. Another fantastic and creative day of Ho ho ho! I also can't get 52 quilts in 52 weeks, keep getting error message.

    1. I went to Carol's, and finally got it to work!

  25. A lovely, diverse day of fiber artistry!!

  26. Yep, another great day of viewing beautiful projects! The talent that comes to these blog hops is amazing and inspiring.

  27. The tree skirt is magnificent!
    And I would love to win some fabric. :)

  28. I am honored to have been selected for special recognition today. But I think all the participants in each of the hops really "bring it". It is such fun to strut our stuff under your wing. Have a wonderful weekend and be back at it on Monday!

  29. I wish it would snow today! :-)

  30. Another great day today,Madame Samm. There are so many creative ladies out there and their projects are so beautiful that they have had me ooohing and aaawing. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  31. They have all been so busy! The projects are very creative, the fabric choices are lovely and... well, I've got to start my own Christmas projects now!!!

  32. Another great day of projects Samm - so many beautiful things! blessings, marlene

  33. HOly moly, today's top pick's/most creative are out of this world beautiful. The baby's snowman swaddler(?) is adorable.

  34. Love the top pics. What talent we have showcased in this ho ho ho hop.....

  35. These hops always give us so much inspiration! Just wish I could find time to do some of them.

  36. Enjoying the hop. I intend visiting all the blogs today even though its Saturday and I have heaps to do!

  37. This hop just gets better and better. Makes me want to start sewing for Christmas..

  38. I love that little yarn snowman; something about pompoms that just make a work fun.

  39. really creative entries this day. yes, the round wool is gorgeous and the little corchet hat is too cute.
    Love the tree skirt. Love that Santa face too. Oh, I just love them all!!!!

  40. Gorgeous creations! Thank you for sharing.

  41. Loved seeing all of the projects, I think they are all wonderful, thank you.

    (smjohns63 at yahoo dot com)

  42. Lovely choices today. It's difficult to be later in the hop--so much to live up to because there are so many great quilters out there! lol Really enjoying this Christmas in July!


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