Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day 3 of Be a Hexie Queen with Connecting Threads as our Sponsor

Not surprising shy of 3 years of quilting I have never made a 
hexie till now....I did not understand the attraction to tell you the truth...
I was not thrilled about small hexies that I had to stitch together....
( cute but I was looking for something a little different)

Then came DEBBY, one of the Queens
of Hexies I have come to love and admire...
( Geta is another one, btw, a Queen of Hexies,
you will see why very soon)

So Debby came up with a solution to my HEXIE issue
with her half hexagon ruler/template
it is that first one.... connect with her if you want that one..
she has it on sale....$13.00  $10.00
She made all these rulers....can't wait to see
what else I can make with them....

I can barely wait till the last
day to show you what I came up with....
ohhh by the way I Love HEXIES now...
That Other Lady, doesn't ....I may win after all..
although I swear I could care less...wink..

But not toooo excited at getting to the end, when we are here to celebrate
and cheer our Hexie Queens Wantobees.....

And who will be our HEXIE Queens today....??
Take a peak at our list today..

Day 3: Thursday, August 22
Julia Plunket (hosting her here)

Just Let Me Quilt ( is that , that other lady? yes it is by golly)

Be cheerleaders for them...they do all this for YOU.....
It keeps the quilting industry humming and we
get to view some pretty impressive talent out there...

top 2 

If you look closely enough you will note this Queen of Hexies created an illusion..
her hexies look like they are halved... so cool and even though she clearly 
shared she made an error, you would have to ponder over at least one coffee to notice...
I think it adds such character...

Now really how could you overlook this one....wait till you see this Queen of Hexies 
other photos of her actual model spread out on HER quilt. 
Really I love idea...wish I had thought of that lol

And our Queen of CREATIVITY...

And if this does not strike you as WOW, then you can't possibly love PINK...
I just love this idea of a wedge pillow and there is some chatting that
she will soon have her pattern available...welll she better or I will have
to fly out and GRAB this one...
Katherine's pattern is now up here!

Our sponsor is Connecting Threads
( take a closer look at this collection)
and they have sent 3 fat quarter bundles of
sun kissed harvest....

A perfect collection as we begin thinking of FALL HARVEST..
Peaches are in season here on the escarpment and there
is a sweetness in the air...
Almost as sweet as the winners of these bundles...

How to win..

1. participate in our hops..all those who do get a chance to win

2. be creative, be original, take great photos...you can win in our top 3 per day...
at the end of the hop..all those have another chance to win.

3. leave lovely comments....you can win too...

Thank you Connecting Threads, you are always a great sponsor
and you do have some pretty impressive collections...


  1. Great choices today. I'm feeling hexed this morning! (in a good way!)

  2. I love that pillow - must make me one for reading in bed! all the hexies are fab!

  3. I am in love with that pillow All the hexies are great Thanks for sharing

  4. Wonderful projects today. I love looking at all the hexie projects, but it's still too much work for me to make hexies. I would have ended up on your LIST for sure if I had said I was going to participate in this hop, lol. I'm glad to be just a spectator on this hop.

  5. Another great day and just lovely choices for top. I really do love that Americana mini, even if she stresses over the 'mistake' - I think it is brilliant!

  6. Lots of great projects today!
    I especially love the pink wedge pillow!

  7. Madame Samm, you ALWAYS pick the best queens....although they ALL have done a marvelous job in this hop. I sure do enjoy these...and here I have only just discovered you by chance in the Tammy Bag hop....but I sure do check on you every day now!!

  8. Love the hop, very pretty fabric in the Sun kissed harvest.

  9. Yes...that litty quilt needs to be in the show! Cute hexies again today.

  10. another day of beautiful hexie projects.
    Happy day to you

  11. You have connected us with very inspiring artists. The creativity just doesn't end. Thanks for providing us with such great enthusiastic people.

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    1. Sew Me Something Good has an awesome pillow ! I am enjoying everyone's hexie creations, there are so many inspiring, talented people in this world.

  13. So many great projects. I don't like to say my favorite but it is stunning.
    That Sun Kissed fabric is gorgeous too. Connecting Threads is a great sponsor.
    Have fun on your bike.
    xo jan@sewandsowfarm

  14. This blog is the best fun!! So much inspiration and eye candy!
    Thanks to all who participated!


  15. Wonderful day of hopping and I am caught up with hopping anyway. Binding, still a yard away looks like. Hope you are having better luck finishing up your entry than I am, LOL.

  16. Gorgeous picks for the day. Can't wait to see what everyone else did today ... so off I go to check them out.

  17. Thanks Madame Samm for the kind words. This blog hop is another amazing journey or creative projects by everyone!!

  18. One more wonderful day of blog hopping. I have been out all day and was longing for hopping and enjoying all the creative projects. I love all your picks today, and even if I am not a cat person, that cat with the flower garden is so adorable. I just love it !!!
    I am longing for tomorrow and more eye candies.

  19. Great day today.
    Congratulations to the top 3,
    wonderful hexi projects!!!!!

  20. Great picks and great projects along the hop! Hexies rule!

  21. wow, isn't that kitty-quilt with the real Kitty too cute??
    I love the 'quilt-with-the-error' it took some searching to find it LOL, but I think it's not a mistake, it's the prerogative of the maker to add a personal touch.
    Have a great day
    dutch greetings
    Oh yes, almost forgot, Madame Sam, did you see that cute, ghastly, hexagon needle book that other lady made? ROFL

  22. fabulous picks. I am loving that pink pillow.

  23. The picks today are wonderful. I love the pink pillow and can't wait until she posts the pattern. Did you see that cat's eyes on that quilt? So fantastic and real looking. Can't wait to see what tommow brings.

  24. Every day brings a new set of wonderful projects.

  25. Love to check out all the great projects. ;). Can't wait to see the creativity the rest of the hop.

  26. Oh, I watch Project Runway every week, but I just now noticed the hexies on the wall of their sewing room. :)

  27. Fun blog! I'll be back, Madam!

  28. Thank you so much for your kind words on my quilt! I am so happy to have that kitty applique finally having the flowers it needed! You're always such an inspiration! pbstrand@msn.com

  29. great choices. the kitties should get a photo bombing prize.

  30. Day 3 has been so much fun. Can hardly believe all the inspiring, beautiful hexie projects. Wahoo!

    A lovely surprise to find my pillow among the Hexie Queens. Thanks so much! I'll have to tell my hubby that I want my pillow back.... (yes, all that pink wasn't a deterrent... looks like I need to sew another one specifically for him ;o)


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