Monday, July 29, 2013

That Other Ladies Pattern! her first, since retiring...

Now why on earth would I be trying to showcase that Other LADY?
WEll I will tell you why, because I have been getting countless emails
on this monkey quilt....I have one, yes she made me one, I think
she may like me just a wee bit..
I love it, so I begged  her to think
of making a pattern for it...

Now that she is retired, I figure that is what I can do to help
 keep her busy... SHE CAN WRITE patterns, this way she will
be less competitive with me...

Ahhh come on you know she is...
And you  know I couldn't possibly be because I am telling you about
her first pattern... Who does that?

Well I do and here is why?
I think our role on earth is to help one another
especially when it is to lift someone up just a little higher...

And here are reasons why her pattern is pretty awesome...

#1 ...she has a unique method of putting this quilt
together that would make it sooooo simple, ( once you know how to do it)
for other strip fabric collections...

#2 She also does this amazing binding with a faux piping that is soooo 
frigging easy you will wonder why you are not adding it to all of your quilts...

I will be doing that ...yes I will! 
Now that I have the pattern wink...
She sent me the pattern...that was really nice of her...
I figure she is trying to keep me busy now too lol

                                    Her 1st Craftsy pattern!

                                               Here is where you can find her pattern...

I am so HAPPY for her !
cough cough...

Ohhhh just a friendly reminder too
it begins this WEDNESDAY...

I have my Mrs Claus Hat on....
and I have baked some pretty amazing shortbread
for the occasion..

FYI, for those who want to know who created the collection 
for the sock monkey...view here...
Quilting Treasures is the fabric manufacture!


  1. Looks pretty cute. I do love Carol. She is always up to something good.

  2. Awesomely amazing! and a wonderful idea to keep you both jointly busy {wink}

  3. Goodness, is there a ruffle on there? :)

  4. Congratulations to Carol on her first pattern. You begged Carol to write a pattern ... Carol wrote the pattern ... now you're blogging about the pattern. LOL Both of you are probably spending the same amount of time going back and forth. You both crack me up.

  5. yummy...we are nervous first time blog people tomorrow - send shortbread! hee...hee....

  6. I think Janarama said it all! You are quite the nice lady to have posted this here (and helped with everything else.) Thanks!

  7. I want those cookies! Yum, yum and you are so far away that if you even sent them they would be stale by the time I got them. Please eat one or two for me! Or three . . . (And that quilt is so very, very cute!)

  8. Wonderful to hear the news about Carol's pattern on Craftsy! Love the cover you did for her, and really love the looks of those cookies! Have fun at the hop,

  9. Great little pattern and on a cute topic too. who doesn't love the sock monkey
    Best of luck Carol with your patterns. You are sure lucky to have a friend in Mdm Samm, I think she is a great gal too!
    looking forward to the Ho Ho Ho Hop.
    in stitches

  10. Guess what I will be buying tomorrow, that darling Sock Monkey pattern! Keep poking her Samm.

  11. And the friendship grows....Great pattern Carol and Madame Samm wonderful of you to show how much you love to help friends and the like further themselves and reach for the moon.

  12. So wonderful with your friendship. Maybe I should dare to make a pattern too. I have something in my mind. This blog hoping has really made my creativity to increase so much. I am so happy for this way of reaching quilters all over the world.

  13. Oh, such a very sweet quilt !! and I just love the way you promote her... :-)
    It's good to have "friends" ... :-) What should we do without them???
    Hugs to the both of you.
    Regards from Sweden.

  14. You two crack me up too. I wonder what you will do to one up each other. Congrats to Carol.

  15. Yall are like 2 peas in a pod seprated by many miles....How wonderful for Carol!!!! Yeaaa on the pattern release. And that was a smart idea to keep her too busy to sew and compete with her un-competitor ( just made that word up) (I Wonder maybe it is a real word??) Have a great day.

  16. How wonderful for Carol (and YOU, ;)! She will love selling patterns on Craftsy! It is so much fun!
    Yum! Shortbread cookies!

  17. Yay for Carol and her first pattern! Her sock monkey quilt is so cute!

  18. I bought the 'other lady's' pattern. Just because you advertised it. Now that doesn't hurt anyone's feelings either way - does it? LOL Just kidding. I did buy it and bought it because I fell in love with yours! That's the truth!

  19. Hooray for Carol and her first published pattern! It is a darned cute quilt and the binding deal would be well worth the price just to learn her tricks. You are a good friend to be cheering her on like this.

  20. That is so cute!!!

    (smjohns63 at yahoo dot com)

  21. Good for Carol and with sock monkey's so very popular these days! In fact, I saw a pattern for a sock monkey quilt in one of my latest quilt mags. This one is at least as cute!

  22. What a great idea to get Carol to design and write patterns! Sounds like her retirement is opening the door to new "work"!

  23. You are both pretty nice girlies ! Her pattern is awesome. When I get home I shall purchase one as well.


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