Friday, July 19, 2013

PIN it Pin Cushion Blog HOP

I love COLOUR and when it comes to me by way of a PIN CUSHION
I am in LOVE. If this does not inspire YOU all to join in creating
your One of a KIND Pin Cushion... I have no idea what will..

Mary Winegar  of IPIECE2 Mary,  created this 2 pound pin cushion..YES 2 POUNDS...
let me just say this..." it will not fall off the arm of my chair"
And yes I have a cup that matches perfectly. And Mary has inspired me to think
LINEN, WOOL for some of my next pin cushions...She has an excellent eye for  colour...

You have lots of time to prepare for this hop, it begins in September 10-17th.

Kristen from Meadowbrook...will be our cheerleader for this one...
Kristen has been part of many of our blog hops and she is one 
accomplished quilter. She also has been our top 3 on many occasion...
She always brings me a smile when I see her Avatar.... 
Her Smile is Captivating...

So if you are IN to PIN IT with your own unique design
for our Blog hop
Please let KRISTEN know...
kkking69 at yahoo dot com

She will require:

1. your name
2. your blog name
3. your url link to your blog

Guidelines are pretty straight forward:

1. Create a NEW pin Cushion ( at least one) and you can show past pin cushions too
( although only new ones will be judged)

2. Place button on your blog, so your friends will know and will be cheering you on

3. Turn off word verification on your day ( you will get so many more encouraging comments)

4. Be a cheerleader for those who cheer you on, there is nothing more encouraging
than comments from your peers.

5. If you commit, commit, if you drop out for any reason, ( beyond reason)
YOU will be PLACED ON THE LIST...( you do not want to ever be on that)

that has been downloaded by the thousands at Crafty...
it is FREE pattern...and really requires minimal sewing..
YOU do need a GLUE GUN....ahhh that other LADY 
does not do well with a GLUE GUN....wink..

Code link on side bar...



  1. Sounds like a great hop! Mary's pincushion is sweet & heavy = perfect combo. Love that sunflower.

  2. Just sent my email. This is another thing I have been wanting to do. I guess I just needed a push.

  3. I love the pincushions that you have on your pictures. And I have arlready sent an email to Kristen. It should be so fun to create another pincushion.
    Have a great weekend lovely Samm

  4. hmmmmmm, ruffle and gingham, so you, so lovely. Also love the simplicity of the purple flower. Off to sign up. Woke up at 3 AM with an idea. Up again at 5 to sign up. Didn't think to sign up at 3. It's gonna be a long day at this rate. Maybe I'll come up with another idea or 2.

  5. Well... it is tobacco priming time on the farm so it was a 4:30 kind of morning around here. ughh... but so glad to be putting it in the barn! :)

    I thought I would be in here by myself so early in the day but I see I am not alone... More early birds than me today. lol

    I have sent the email and have my pincushion idea ready to go. :)

  6. Very pretty Madame Samm...I have sent Kristen an email.....

  7. Your pincushion is so pretty, Madame Samm! Love it.
    I have sent Kristen an email, too. Looking forward to creating,showing and hopping!!


  8. http://meadowbrook-kristen.blogspot.ca/ Here is Kristen's link..

  9. I'm sending my email now. Love this one and I can't wait to see what everyone creates.

  10. I'm in...and I promise I won't be using a glue gun for it! Love that 2 pound pin cushion!

  11. Pincushions are one thing I am always making because they are fun to make and use and give. So I am in on this blog hop.

  12. I love that pincushion! I so wish I had time tp participate. I will just have to be happy with checking out all the lovely pincushions.

  13. Of course, I just can't resist! ;). I have yet to sew a pincushion. Oh, the possibilities! Sent her an e-mail!

  14. I'm so excited! Received my email from Kristen and I'm in...of course, I sent the email off at exactly midnight! Can you tell I really wanted to be in this blog hop?

  15. oh another fun hop, who dosen't love pincushions ☺
    I hope that my mail will reach Kristen in time.
    Gorgeous pincushions in your post, I love sunflowers ☺
    Thank you for always challenge us.
    Wish you a nice weekend!

  16. Ok... don't laugh, I have never made a pin cushion! So... I am signing up! Should be fun!

  17. I love your pincushion it's so cute. I've always wanted to join in one of your blog hops but my internet can be a bit of a pain and I'm always worried it won't work on the day I have to post. I wouldn't want to be on that list LOLLL Is there any way round it?

  18. I have a question... I don't have to make up my own design for the pincushion, do I? Just make one for this blog hop....
    anybody can reply ! :)


  19. Oooh I have been waiting for this hop too...... Excited from England!

  20. This will be a fun one! I love pincushions!

  21. This will be a hop of endless possibilities !

  22. Lovely flower pincushions! Certainly do get my creative ideas flowing. I was thinking that I might just cheer from the sidelines on this one as I am unsure about having anything new to add to the pincushion world, when the image of just what I want to make popped into my head. Email sent! Looking forward to all the pretty pincushions ... :) Pat

  23. A girl can never have too many pincushions!! Love to be a part of this one!

  24. Yes, I'm in! Thank you, Kirsten!

  25. I just know that I am going to regret passing on this one especially since I am guessing that there are going to be some wonderful creations to see. Well, I CAN still be one heck of a cheerleader!

    I have GOT to get caught up on some other things here at home and that is all there is to that! I am tired of seeing that stack of quilts sitting on my armoire waiting for me.

  26. Love this one! This will be fun!

  27. this should be a cool one....it is so hard to say no....I'm having a very hard time. ok I'm giving in....

  28. Hopefully I'm in. I sent an email to Kristen a few minutes after the Blog Hop was posted, but haven't heard back from her yet.

    Very pretty pincushion Mary made you, but 2 pounds? What the heck did she fill it with ... buckshot? LOL

    Madame Samm, the sunflower pincushion is so you.

  29. Sounds like fun! A girl can't have too many pincushions!

  30. The pincushion is filled with sand! I have a lot that are filled with sand! Thank you for the story today. I have signed up for the pincushion hop! It does sound like a lot of fun! I have a lot of pincushions I have made. It is true, you can never have too many! You just never know where you will be sewing! Have a great weekend.

  31. Hoorah! I adore pincushions! I hope I don't get stuck but can come up with an idea or two.
    Looking forward to all the fun.
    xo jan

  32. Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I am back blogging again, and you were one of my followers. I am Sue from country-blossoms.blogspot.com I am looking forward to catching up with you again, and trading craft and other stories. Hugs from Sue x

  33. Olá! Quero participar deste desafio! um abraço.

  34. Im trying to find your LINK FOR THE SUNFLOWER PIN CUSHION ... Cant seem to locate it on your blog. I LOVE IT. Can you send to me? Thanx, Carol


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