Thursday, July 25, 2013

OHHHHH my word.... have you heard.....That OTHER LADY...

Purple is her favourite colour by the way!
That  is me pondering 
how I am going to deal with....

is retiring...  Today, THURSDAY....will be her last day! 

She knows full well I return to classes in a few weeks...
I can barely keep up with her now...when she retires
she will be stitching and quilting  far more than I....

NOT that we ever compete with one another but really

I sketched this wee piece for her, thinking it may slow
her down for a bit...I can at least keep her in embroidery

What will be my back up plan???
Oh goodness me,  congratulation is in order...
don't you think? I can at least muster enough
good sense to wish her a great retirement...
cough cough cough....wink-wink!

I received this from a senior executive
 when I took an early retirement!
I think I will share it with that OTHER LADY! 

( translated from French)

"I can't see you retiring, you may retire your early morning wake ups
and early to bed but you will never retire your creative mind.
You will never retire your sense of humour. 
You will never retire your kind and warm heart.
And we will never TIRE of hearing what sunshine
you will continue to bring into other peoples lives."

I think it suits her to a T too! 

On a serious note....I do adore that OTHER LADY...
and whatever her wishes are that will be my wish for her...

 OHHHHH Rubbish...she is RETIRING!

Here are some balloons! 

There I have said it ! 

Can you believe she even beat me in posting with 
the news of her retirement...

SEE, I am in BIGGGG trouble :)

If this counts at all, I had this ready since this morning
( Wednesday morning that is...I think I won) 


  1. This is just the sweetest thing...thank you! I'll try not to put too much pressure on you. Not that we're competitive or anything! LOL

    1. YOU just has to beat me in posting didn't you...I hope you are happy lol

    2. See I am sooo upset I can't even spell....

      YOU just HAD to beat me in posting.....

  2. Oh my....let the retirement games begin....for Carol that is (SMILE). Dearest Madame, I wouldn't worry too much (yet)...I've heard once a body retires they're often much busier than when they worked...of course, that could mean that "other one" will be sewing more but just maybe Carol will now find the time to take up...oh I don't know...bug collecting? sky diving? But you're right...I'm sure there will be MORE sewing/stitching/quilting involved (for "her")....but on the bright side, I bet she doesn't look as cute as you in your schoolgirl attire *wink* - Congrats Carol!!!!

  3. Congratulations Carol. I hope you get to enjoy a long and busy retirement with loads of fun stuff to do! And Mme Sam..... You will get used to it too, I bet! Just keep suggesting loads of outdoorsie type stuff to her! Maybe gift her a painting class?

  4. Wonderful news! I love your idea of keeping her in embroidery patterns, and this first one is adorable. Congrats to Carol!

  5. Congratulations to Carol!! You are soooo gonna love this time of your life! We will all have to give Madame Samm suggestions to keep you busy so you don't have so much extra time at the machine. lol

  6. Well you are right on the ball with this stithery...good idea!! You guys keep us in stitches!!!

  7. Lol.....so much un-competition going on among friends. Congratulations to Carol on her retirement. What gorgeous little embroidery designs. Madame Samm How I look forwarding to reading your posts.

  8. Your post cracked me up! You are kind and funny! Thanks for starting my day great!

    Val @ myplvl.blogspot.com

  9. waa waaa waaa, a little cry fest and pity party here because it's not you???? nah nah nah nah (I'm helping Carol here) LOL

  10. I love the note you received from a senior executive when you retired. I think I would have cried.

    Uh-oh, Madame Samm ... look out for that other lady. This is going to be even more entertaining to read your posts and Carol's posts. Let the games begin. ; )

  11. I have been retired for over 3 years and I am so so thankful each day. I love Sunday evenings because I know I don't have to go to work, I get up to sew.

  12. Oh ! the mischief you and Carol will get into now !!!!!!!!!!

  13. Ahhh, wish I could retire. Maybe in 20 more years :/ So, many thoughts and ideas in my head while at the office, then I get home and crash. At least I have the weekends :)

  14. You and That Other Lady make my day!

  15. Congratulations Carol! Once you retire, you will wonder how you ever had time to work!!
    Enjoy every minute.


  16. How neat is that! I think it is wonderful for Carol. Retirement is such a great thing. Let the games begin!!

  17. Good plan to keep her busy with stitching up that cute little "Retirement Carol". You two make me laugh!!! Already sent Carol retirement well wishes.

  18. How wonderful for Carol! Yes, I can see you two going into a frenzy trying to keep up with each other!


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