Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My ruffled thread catcher...

I know....Ruffles...
I needed a thread catcher to match my Tammy Bag...
So I cut what I thought was a decent size piece of fabric...
I don't know maybe 10 x 8 , not sure...I did not measure...then I thought,
I need a ruffle...stitched one up from a folded 2.5 inch strip of gingham
( so as to match my Tammy) I had an extra hoop circle..and a cardboard
coaster ( that was a perfect fit..)

Ok, Looks terrific, exactly what I wanted...but I have no idea
how I did it...Since I only stitched it at night....the only sewing on my machine
was the seam and edges...the rest all by hand...( ruffle too by hand)

Before I knew it, out came this...how I did I do is anyone's guess...
the ruffle fits in perfectly, no seams to see...
it twist and turns perfectly...

So if you know how I did this..please.....

NOW I should be working on my HO HO HO...
I am....but I needed a thread catcher first...

 ( the balls that my thread are in are called thread keepers...
I have  few hundred, they are perfect for presencia threads..
My DH drilled a hole in each one so I can just pull thread through)

( it looks like a cute footstool or PIN CUSHION, now there is an idea....
WE do have a PIN CUSHION hop coming up this Friday for sign up...
( by the way, this is a twist and turn thread catcher...Daryl
has a pattern for it..search comments...
what I am not sure is how I added the ruffle to look like this..???)
This not a pin cushion, this is the same as above a thread catcher collapsed! 

You do know we have no scheduled BLOG HOPS for JULY?
so I will be showing a few things of my stitching, sewing, quilting world
looks like..

Take my hexie station! Yep...don't you all have one of these?
I am fairly organized..ok, some would say a bit obsessed..I think I just
like to find everything in one spot...hence a hexie station...

 The bottom tray is for my clips..where are they?
WEllllllll in a container that was too big for the slat..
so I am searching for something...

( and yes this is a utility tray I think I got it at Home Sense)

Ok I am blaming it all on the heat...It is so hard to concentrate
when humidity levels are over 40 C.
I feel lucky to have accomplished this...:)

Has it been too hot for you too?
What are YOU doing this month?

p.s I did in fact get a hold of the person Tracy who has this on craftsy..
She shared that she learned how to do it at a guild meeting..
no one seems to know where it originated...

I had received the pattern from someone awhile ago..
and could not for the life of me figure out what it was called or where
I saved the file...I just put this together..and again, did not measure anything,
added the ruffle...have no idea how I did it lol

So Daryl apparently has a link to her blog for it in the comments.
and there is a link to craftsy for the pattern too...

Thanks for everyone's feedback...now if anyone of you
could make mine again and show me how to do it 
I would be forever grateful wink..

Another clue surfaced
I spoke with Peggy and Shannon who created a pattern for this type of thread catcher.
but they too are not the originators of this pattern...

So you can get it on Craftsy for FREE or with these ladies for $9.00

Thanks to all who sent me some valuable insights wink...


  1. Yeah! You need to remember how you made that! It is adorable! How can it collapse? Or I guess I should ask, how does it stand up?

  2. I love that thread catcher! I aso want to know what you have your threads in? I wish I could get organized like you but weare all unique! I am just messy! Going to the beach this week to visit family and play in the ocean! Sew sign me up for pincushions while I am gone! Would hate to miss it but no (boo hoo) internet!

  3. ha! I giggle when all the North Americans talk about how hot it is. My husband had ice on the inside of his boat last night!!! I sensibly stayed home with my electric blanket - it is so cold on the other side of the world. Keeping my fingers warm stitching for HO, HO, HO....

  4. Very cute Madame Samm and who does not need a thread catcher. Love your hexie station. I tried not to get hooked on making them but it was very hard not too. Have a great day.

  5. I love your thread catcher - I hope you can remember how you made it - I'd love to make one!
    It's very hot here in the UK too!

  6. It got pretty warm here yesterday, 88 degrees, but it's been so rainy this summer, the sun was a welcome sight. We are saturated with rain and the humidity is pretty high most of the time. That's why we have A/C. A good time to sit inside and sew. Got a whole quilt quilted and bound yesterday. Five more to go! Woo hoo!!

  7. What a lovely trio you have now. The thread catcher and the pincushion are awesome. You gave me an idea to make the same to accompany my Birdie Tammy. It is a great idea. You have made my day, lovely lady

  8. Your organizational skills are over the top!! Wish I was as clever!

  9. I made a few of those collapsible thread catchers. I even taught my applique group how to make them. Here is the link to my blog which has the link to the site: http://patchouli-moon-studio.blogspot.com/2012/03/collapsible-thread-catcher.html
    I did change one thing in the construction of my thread catchers because it made sewing a bit easier, which I mention on my posting.

  10. I have been traveling...buying fabric and using my BFF's long arm machine...6 quilts complete, WHAT FUN!!! Headed home today...gotta get my HOHOHO finished and HEX started!

  11. love this!! I'm doing lots of hexies too, and doing some ahhhh's (you'll have to look to find out what they are) lol

  12. love your hexie organizer - brilliant! Your thread catcher is adorable and collapsed it looks like Miss Muffet's tuffet! "They" do say that sometimes it's best to just do something and not think about the possible complications - this is proof "they" were right!

  13. Love your thread catcher and your organizational skills! One day I will learn to do hexies.
    Not liking the temps this week....much too hot......

  14. You are one smart cookie ! Love the gumball machine thingies that hold the thread ! Now I have to have a thread catcher ! You inspire us SWEET WOMAN !

  15. Your thread catcher is the perfect companion to your Tammy! I also love your organized Hexie center!
    We have rain this week to cool off our heat, but that also raises the humidity. Ugh! Just a couple of months until cooler weather and fall inspiration!

  16. I want a ruffled thread catcher, so you need to figure out how you made it...it's so cute! Hexies still scare me, even with that wonderful organizer you've made. It will be a 105 today with a chance of rain. Ugh!

  17. Ohh love your thread catcher..It is magnificent....Everthing you create looks fabulous...

  18. These are both just adorable....just like you! They make me smile just to look at them! I'm working on my art journal today! Gathering ideas! Hugs!

  19. Your thread catcher is an adorable baby sister for your Tammy bag. You are really "sew organized" with your Hexie Station. I have the same type of beeswax thread conditioner for hand sewing. We are having the longest hottest heat wave of summer this week ... good weather for staying in and sewing ... of course, any weather is a good time to stay in and sew ... :) Pat

  20. Your hexie station is perfect. Great choice of the container. Your thread catcher is adorable. Love it. Stay cool and sew on! Have a great day.

  21. That is one cute thread catcher. You know how to do it right.

  22. Your thread catcher is adorable. I love the ruffles. I like the way you organized you Hexie station. I have mine in plastic containers and in a tote bag that I had made. I grab that bag when I sit on my porch and swing. Well, it is VERY hot here and humid. Guess we just have to except it for it is summer. I am busy, busy, with family, gardening, canning, etc. Also getting ready for the HO HO HO hop. Hope you are staying cool and having fun today.

  23. Cute thread catcher, Samm! Wouldn't be yours without that pretty ruffle. ;o)

    Awesome hexie station. Yikes! Just the mention of that heat has me looking for shade and a cool drink. ;o) Stay cool and happy sewing!

  24. Such a fancy smanchy thread catcher ... you always seem to add just the special touch to your projects. The addition of the ruffle is perfect! Love your idea of using a cutlery tray for a hexie station. Brilliant idea.

  25. I adore the thread catcher and that hexie station is something else! My hexies are precariously balanced in little piles next to my sofa - some have even made it into colour co-ordinated baggies as I am busy beavering away on my hexie project! If it helps its really hot in England too at the moment! far too hot for housework anyway!

  26. Well done on the ruffled thread catcher, making a distinctively Mdm Samm version. Color and fabric coordinated with Tammy.

    How did you do it? Well, the ones I have made started with a fabric tube that sort of slip covered the hoop in the middle of the tube. Then you sew on a base unit by hand. I am guessing that you could have followed a similar path.

    UGH, the weather. I have often said that I did NOT move South from the Midwest for the summers. We are starting into our 17th year here, today actually, and I could have stayed in IL if I wanted to sweat and be miserable. I met someone outside the library one day and we had the usual talk about the weather. She said she was from South Florida but she thought it was worse here because at least in Florida, you could get some breeze off the ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

  27. Hi Samm! The thread catcher is just like the one I sent you a while back - without the ruffle! I have the pattern if you want it! Or I can send you the name of the gal who sells the pattern!

  28. http://www.craftsy.com/project/view/thread-catcher/3856 Some ladies thanks to
    Carrie, Mary and Glenna for the link

  29. That is just too cute Samm! I love your hexie station too. It's so nice to have supplies organized. They look so pretty you can't help but work.

  30. I found the link to the pattern - here's the link www.goinsewin.com. The pattern is the "Goin' Sewin' Tote - $9.00 - I'm sure they'd appreciate your business!

  31. Another cute one Samm - but I have absolutely no idea how you did it. :) What a great organizational idea for your threads, etc. I've not allowed myself to get hooked on the hexies so I'm working on the Ho Ho Ho hop! blessings, marlene

    1. Hi Sweet Lady, another cute design from that amazing brain of yours.. My bedroom is in attic of old house (restored ) it was 91 today and even with window AC it is now 83. My brain stopped working window AC not very efficient. I am making a machine cover for my friend's birthday and working slowly on a block go month. I also entered block of month on Craftsy because it is mystery done in Belle fabrics. That and my grandson keep me busy

  32. Thank you for the link for the thread catcher! Love your Hexie organizer, alas mine is holding silverware, LOL!

  33. Love your thread catcher and that hexie station is sooo fabulous! My hexie are traveling around in a clear tote. Not to stylish, My hexies might get a complex if they see how others travel. *haha*

  34. I had a good chuckle as I read your post. Guess what I'm in the process of making? Yep, a thread catcher. Mine is not completed and I don't have a pattern either. :) Mine won't be collapsible but I'm putting some boning into the top edge so it stays open. Once completed it will hang from my sewing table. I love your ruffle and since I still have time to add a ruffle, I will. Thanks for the inspiration.

  35. I love the yellow thread catcher someone made it is very nice...it seems to have a square bottom which I would like better I have made the round Craftsy one & I dont really like how it came out...kind of looks too home made for my taste...do you have directions for the yellow ruffled thread catcher?

  36. I love the yellow thread catcher someone made it is very nice...it seems to have a square bottom which I would like better I have made the round Craftsy one & I dont really like how it came out...kind of looks too home made for my taste...do you have directions for the yellow ruffled thread catcher?

  37. I love the yellow ruffled thread catcher...it has a square bottom & I like it better than the round one...do you know where I can find those directions...I have made the free one from Craftsy but I dont really like it it does not look professional...atleast mine did not come out so great...the yellow one looks so much more professional...of course it does not hurt that the fabric is gorgeous...thanks sew much...love your info...

    1. I am not able to reply to you as you are a no reply blogger..please leave your email….
      not sure which yellow thread catcher you are referring to? the one above is red and round not square///


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